Anonymous Generosity

Someone in Australia sent us cash in a delightful envelope featuring official photos from the Queen’s 60th jubilee. There was no visible postmark on the envelope, so I can’t say exactly when it was mailed. The cryptic name of the sender listed on the back of the envelope was nowhere to be found in our email archives, so I can’t send him/her/it a thank-you note.

To our anonymous benefactor Down Under: Thank you so much for thinking of us in the dead of our winter and the height of your summer! You know who you are, but I sure don’t. May your summer be lacking in wildfires and your neighborhood lacking in culture-enrichers.

4 thoughts on “Anonymous Generosity

  1. That’s nice Baron, “Your neighborhood lacking in culture-enrichers”. Fortunately, the land down-under is not much afflicted with multi-cultural ideology as US and Europe is.

  2. Salomon, there is no shortage of culture-enrichers down here, something around four to five hundred thousand I believe, which is no small number compared to a twenty three million population, so I would say that according to the (enrichmentometer) we are doing our bit unfortunately.
    We seem to suffer the same affliction as most of the west, an infestation of the PC loony left.

  3. You see, us white anglosaxonceltic people are good people. That’s why God loves us. As He loves the Jews.

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