Anne Marie Waters in Copenhagen: “How Dare You Unleash That on European Women?”

Translation of the signs in the photo, as well as I can manage:

  • Top left: Died for freedom — RIP: [names of two men killed by an Islamic terrorist last year in Copenhagen]
  • Bottom left: Danes not dhimmis
  • Middle: Mosques — No thanks
  • Bottom right: There is no “but” in Freedom of Speech

Long-time readers of this blog are aware of my esteem for Denmark. If only I had discovered the uniqueness of Denmark when I was still young, while I still could have learned that mouthful of mush they call a language, I might have moved there and gone native. But even in my dotage I can appreciate what makes Denmark different from all the other countries of Europe west of the Elbe.

Denmark is still a nation. Danes feel themselves to be Danish, and they’re proud of it — insofar as they can be proud in a national culture of Janteloven. They fly the flag (Dannebrog), revere the royal family, and cherish their national tastes and quirks (candles and licorice come to mind). And for the English-speaking traveler, Denmark is an ideal destination, because just about everyone there speaks English.

One of the differences between Denmark and the rest of Western Europe is that the Danish police actually do their traditional job: they uphold the law, and protect Danish citizens from crime and violence. In the following video you’ll see the police holding back the “anti-fascists” who are trying to interfere with yesterday’s PEGIDA march in Copenhagen. Notice that they keep their backs to the marchers and their eyes on the lefties — they know they don’t have to worry about the law-abiding citizens taking part in the march; the violent troublemakers are all on the other side.

The same is true in other parts of Europe — you see the police keeping their eyes on the antifas and their backs to the PEGIDA people. However, in Denmark the police aren’t restrained by their political bosses from arresting violent leftists. Tommy Robinson was punched by an antifa on yesterday’s march, and responded — as is his wont — by punching the fellow back. In Britain the leftist would have been let off scot-free, and Tommy would have been arrested, but the Danish cops actually arrested the antifa thug. What a difference from London!

Many thanks to Henrik Clausen for recording this video, and to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading it:

Here’s the brief but rousing speech given by Anne Marie Waters, one of the three PEGIDA UK guest-speakers, who fires back at the antifas for abandoning European women to the Groping Jihad waged by Muslim immigrants:

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

14 thoughts on “Anne Marie Waters in Copenhagen: “How Dare You Unleash That on European Women?”

  1. I wish I could have been there! By the way, the intermittent chants by the lefties is “Ingen racister i vores gader!” (No racists in our streets) and “Nazisvin!” (Nazi pigs).

  2. And for joining PEGIDA, Anne Marie has been removed by cowardly UKIP from their list for the London Assembly. Shame on them. They don’t deserve someone as courageous as she undoubtedly is. They should be backing her to the hilt not stabbing her in the back.

    • I left UKIP of my own accord 6 months ago for similar reasons. Whilst so many of the foot soldiers and local activists were wonderful, dedicated people many of whom remain close friends to this day those higher up the chain were increasingly self serving hypocrites there only to maintain their own sinecures and advance their personal ambitions.

    • Yep. Indeed shame on Ukip. Pandering to those who hate them in any case… Looks like they’ve been taking lessons from the David Cameron school of spinelessness.

    • That’s a generalized term that came into use during the Cold War. Countries aligned with or part of the USSR were “east of the Elbe”, and the others were “west of the Elbe”. The Elbe formed part of the border between the DDR and the Bundesrepublik.

  3. Baron, I think it’s pretty clear that constitutional monarchies – though irrational – tend to be a very stable system of government. They probably work because they mirror real human family relationships. The different generations identify with ‘their’ royals. Old people grieve when the grandmother or grandfather dies; young people rejoice when there’s a marriage and especially when there’s a new baby.

    But constitutional monarches are beyond personalities. It doesn’t really matter if Prince Charles is a bit queer talking to plants. The monarch has no real personal power. It’s the system that’s good. Again I admit it’s irrational that the monarch should be chosen from one family. But it works!

    In Australia the republican debate has risen again after the coup against Tony Abbott by long time republican Malcolm Turnbull. Interestingly, a tabloid ran a poll today and the anti-republicans won.

    If you consider this post completely off-topic and don’t post it I don’t mind in the least. These thoughts just sprang to mind after reading your comments on Denmark. And as you know, our (Australian) Mary will be queen of Denmark one day. I’ll never forget her father’s relaxed aplomb as he escorted her down the aisle. He looked amused that his daughter would be the future Queen of Denmark.

    Enjoy again:

    • Happy Australia Day, Maryanne! All full of how Australia was invaded (which it was–but that doesn’t stop its present residents from seeking to protect their borders and prevent further invasions, such as the one in Europe) and how lots of rich people want a republic. Can’t we just enjoy being Australian in Australia without all these people spoiling it?

    • I’m unsure how you mean a constitutional monarchy is irrational — as if to say that a more rational form of government trends closer to democracy, or absolute monarchy.

      Philosophers as old as Plato and Aristotle thought monarchy was the best form of government, and democracy the worst form of government (remember, Socrates died by the will of sophists aka politicians, Plato wrote scathing remarks about them, and Aristotle turned his back on Athens to tutor Alexander III as a philosopher-king).

      And yes, monarchies historically have worked better. From ancient societies up until the 16th century, monarchies have had the greatest success rate in the history of civilisation. This very site which looks back to a time when medieval Europe prevented an Islamic invasion. Medieval Europe saw itself as a proud family with a strong Christian tradition, and despite family feuds beginning to break it apart, it was still strong enough to fight off the Ottomans.

      You simply cannot say that today in a post-WWII democratic world, where despite the lame attempts of organisations such as the UN, NATO, and the EU to heal the world and make it a better place, it’s no more effective at doing the job as a Michael Jackson pop single from 1993.

      One of the major cancers the western nations are facing are career politicians. They’re slimy. They’re selling our nations to the enemy. One wonders just how we’re going to get out of the mess.

      • I sure do fancy me a Queen Margrethe II to preside over things. What a woman! And the marriage of her son to a lovely young Australian commoner only made me like this family more, especially as the couple took up their royal duties and began producing heirs for future generations to admire.

        On her father’s death, the new Queen chose as her motto, God’s help, the love of The People, Denmark’s strength. To which I add, “Amen”. As the Baron has mentioned on occasion, were he a younger man he’d have long since decamped to one of the few sane countries left.

        I’ve given up on anyone translating her “authorized biography” into English, though I did “review” the book back then, in 2005:

        That was 10 years ago – almost. I’m probably the only non-Dane who knows Her Majesty’s birthday and has plans to celebrate her 75th, come April. Candles and licorice at least.

        I was searching for Danish licorice flavors in cyberspace and came upon this recipe calling for pork, celeriac and licorice:

        I fear the Baron would run…(at least as far as the cupboard where he keeps his Danish Akvavit).

        • Some of the ancient Celts had a pretty interesting system. A king is selected for 7 years, then he is ritually slaughtered to ensure continued good fortune for the land
          Absolute monarchies work great as long as the monarch is wise, just, not inbred, still young enough to lead his troops into battle if necessary and really does have the best of the land and the people at heart.
          It’s a disaster when you get an insane megalomaniac tyrant who exploits the people, starts wars for his own personal satisfaction and squeezes the land dry to fill his coffers.
          Not sure I like the hereditary part, as it tends to calcify things. See first paragraph.

          Democracy really isn’t looking too good right now, selling out an entire continent for oil and The Cult of Multi.

  4. There should be demonstrations all over the civilized world on February 6th! Thank you to those brave Pegida folks. They give us all hope for the future.

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