26 thoughts on ““A society in denial, complacent, naïve, soft-bellied, in decadent decline”

  1. Thank you, Mr. Condell. But a couple points must be clarified. First, the Muslim invasion is not illegal. The Islamic horde was invited to Western Europe, the borders were opened and Muslims took advantage by the millions. Second, you’re correct that women must use the ballot box — but will they? I don’t think so, as Western European women have been cowed into accepting that they are enlightened, forgiving, and willing to accept rape and humiliation to further the cause of globalization. In other words, women will “accept the alternative.”

    I side with you, Mr. Condell. I hope there is rioting in the streets and freedom fighters everywhere crush this tyranny. If not, the majority has spoken.

    • Modern feminists are mean girls who could change things via the vote their “foremothers” fought for so bravely. But they won’t. Because men deserve all this. Men are bullies. Women have dozens of zero tolerance zones. They may lie in bed at night thinking up new ones, but they’re not contemplating voting. However, many just love Bernie Sanders because he’s ‘cute’ and he wants to take money away from rich people.

      Voting is too much trouble what with Pilates classes to attend, plastic surgery appointments, and…shopping. Endless shopping. Not to mention their smart phones. The latter probably have a higher functioning IQ than these women do.

      But their absence from the voting booth is a good thing. If you’ve ever listened to them talk about politics (they don’t do economics; their eyes glaze over) you know they’re voting for the Mommy Party, the one that wants everyone to feel good and thinks we should eliminate competition because it involves the pain of losing. They truly feel their way to decisions and are sure that process they use is “thinking”. Since that’s what they do and every other woman they talk to does the same, then everyone else must feel the same way.

      Except for the mean rich people – of course no matter how much money *they* may have, they’re never rich, or never rich enough. They love puppies and ponies and rainbows and famous ‘personalities’. They truly believe bad people cause bad things – e.g., anthropogenic climate change is caused by the Koch Brothers.

      Modern men aren’t saints – except when compared to the women of their cohort.

        • Lynch me if you must, but I’m starting to think no one – male or female – should be allowed to vote unless they have either served in the military or own property or have had at least 2 (of their own biological) children.
          The more I look at this situation, especially the current ruling class of Europe, the more I get the impression that what we have here is a generation (or 2) of people who have either no stake in the future or who actually hate their very own offspring, so either way, they don’t care if their world implodes when they’re gone.

          In regards to women – particularly those over 25 – I could write reams upon reams upon reams, most of which would be deleted, leaving a pixel salad like the one you get when your digital TV goes haywire.

          Current case in point, ripped from the headlines, as it were: According to ABC Nightly News with David Muir, American Ashley Olsen (30-something) got herself killed after having consensual sex with an illegal Somali immigrant to Italy, with whom she got drunk and high in a night club in Italy.
          I’ve known TONS of Ashley Olsens, European and American.
          Hatred of daddy runs strong in the White female ca. late 20th/early 21st century.

          • Wolfie
            I agree, but change the terms slightly: served in the military or *have jobs and pay taxes* or have had at least 2 (of their own biological) children. Many decent people cannot afford to buy a home now. One more of the blessings of mass immigration.

          • I would come up with a much more general rule:

            Cannot vote those dependent upon government – not including the armed forces – for support, save if such dependence is in no way a product of their current choices (i.e., the disabled).

            My target would be: civil servants, those on benefits, etc.

            My general idea would be that if you choose to be a civil servant, you are there to serve, not to rule, and that by so doing, you should lose your vote while you are so employed.

            That would go a long way to fix things.

          • Ha-ha . . .

            The state will provide “refugees” with all they need to qualify as voters the moment they land on the “welcoming” shore. You’ll soon find out what it’s like to be a minority. Democracy only works where the tax money stays on side of the horizon of the point from which it is collected. Beyond that, it’s a scam. Go read Mencken and Hoppe.

          • Rhodesia had a qualified franchise which enabled strong, effective Governance. Unfortunately, the West (UK & USA) forced them to change to an unqualified franchise, and the rest is history.

            Regrettably no Government will take back voting rights once they have been conceded, they would rather let their countries fall to dictators, either through the ballot or the gun.

          • The military doesn’t want conscripts, and not everyone would be suited, though there may be a case for some form of public service as a qualifier for citizenship and voting rights (Heinlein thought so).

            Not everyone can afford to buy property (and many of my fellow Brits are far too obsessed with the idea).

            I have no children, but not by choice; this doesn’t mean I don’t care about the future of my culture, or I wouldn’t be here.

      • Spot on! Most of them are utterly clueless and all of those are on the Left!

        The young American woman murdered in Italy this week by a criminal, African, illegal immigrant drug-dealer is a poster child of the feminization of Western culture. It’s all about FEELING WARM AND FUZZY, predicated on the myth that all people are nice (except the mean conservatives).

        It’s all about young women having fun on drugs and alcohol in nightclubs which is the shortest way of trashing one’s body, mind and soul.

        It’s all about being protected from reality – demanding the right to remain ignorant, which however, doesn’t protect them from being raped or murdered.

        No wonder the Left doesn’t like Christianity which demands responsibility for one’s actions and severe moral self-judgement. Like the feminine Obama, they’d rather get by with a collection of talismans in their pockets and reduce reality to the hip and cool superficiality of a fake Hollywood movie.

    • There are numerous studies indicating that women are less xenophobic, less racist, and more accepting of foreigners, including more willing to help foreigners in need. 75 percent of converts to Islam in the US and the UK are women. It follows that a feminized society will be more tolerant and accepting society, while a masculinezed society will be more nationalist society. There are plenty of studies showing that women have more liberal voting patterns, are more supportive of affirmitive action in order to fight “racial inequality”, are less willing to support deportation of illegals, etc.
      It is not a coincidence that Sweden, the most feminized country on the planet, took more refugees per capita than anyone else.
      So women are not going to fix your islam/third world problems. In many ways, women caused your problems.

      Men evolved to protect the perimeter against males from other (mainly patriarchal) tribes (chimps do the same). Having women involved in decisions about the perimeter results in what we see – open borders, multiculture, diversity, “tolerance”.

      Women, for the most part, care about resources and smoothing conflict over. They evolved to fill that role. Stockholm Syndrome is far more pronounced in female captives. Women were frequently taken captive by (or in some cases traded to) other groups, and so they evolved to smooth things over with distant groups (whereas their male kinfolk were simply killed).

      So, women tend to vote for resource redistribution and being nice to everybody (including those who aren’t in their group), and for helping everybody in need, regardless of their group (say hello to refugee crisis).

      • Women also have far less to fear in regard to their very survival or the propagation of their genes.
        If the woman is reasonably attractive, young & fertile, she’ll be some jihadi war bride, and as long as she keeps her mouth shut, she’ll survive and have babies. Future soldiers of Allah.
        Older, less attractive women might be used by the Caliphate as domestic servants.
        They’ll probably find uses for young boys, while men will just be killed.
        A small number of blonde/redheaded types might be kept alive to supply sex slaves to the Sultan’s harem.

      • > It follows that a feminized society will be more tolerant and accepting society

        It also follows that such a society will be short-lived.

      • I’ve noticed that women are lately becoming considerably more vocal in opposing the Influx, and all its fruit.

        But yes – generally, women are by nature (eg disregarding recent “advances” due to feminism/GLBT) more the “caring and sharing” of the sexes, whereas men are the soldiers and breadwinners – eg the ones who care most about security and money. So women will generally be more Left, while men will be more Right. Besides, the survival of their genes, unless they’re exceptionally ugly, is more or less guaranteed – whichever man they end up being with. (see Wolfie’s reply).

        But if a strongman comes, who promises to sort things out, the chances are that women will fall in line behind him. See Putin, or indeed a certain former German leader with a moustache.

  2. If things get as bad as Condel anticipates, with open civil warfare – and I believe that this is a real possibility in some countries- democracy as is now practiced has to go. When the dust settles, in whatever new polity is established, the wicked and/or moronic cannot have a right to participate in the new polity’s affairs, and this exclusion should extend down the generations, to make it real exemplary. This should be impressed upon leftists now, while they still have a chance to avert their destruction and our regret.

  3. This situation is less a betrayal of women, but more a betrayal of society as a whole. 20 years ago I lived in Germany, my daughters went to school there up to and including the first two years of Gymnasium. This was the time of the first social experiment, namely importing Turkish laborers into Germany and the onset of the multi-culture concept.

    One of the subjects taught in all schools and participation required by law was “Ethics”, a thinly disguised version of Liberal Progressive brainwashing, which taught the basic principles that Europeans were bad, colonizers, oppressors of downtrodden people everywhere and that to have pride in nationality was to be considered as being a pariah in modern society.

    Germany, indeed most of Europe at the time and still today had and has massive declining birth rates within the indigenous population, problematic for the future, who was going to provide the taxes for countries with a massive over 60 population, where were they going to find the money for pensions, social security etc. My personal opinion is the fact that the overwhelming majority of so-called refugees are young men is no mistake, rather a calculated drive to foster mixed couples (Muslim and indigenous) where the cultural background of the stronger party encourages large families.

    The first social experiment seemed to be working reasonably well, integration was not full or completely accepted by both sides, but there were no overt or serious concerns, any incidents which occurred could be seen or blamed as “adjusting to a new culture” and would disappear within the next generation, anyone person, official, police officer or reporter who might disagree were and are ruthlessly crushed under the “racist” slur.

    Satisfied with this success, the lure of thousands of “Asylum seekers which they could import was like Manna from heaven. With the concept of the “Noble Savage” in mind these “Refugees” were welcomed with open arms. I truly think that Merkel and Co., were shocked by what happened, they could not in their wildest imagination within their fantasy proglib bubble have imagined that the poor “Refugees” would pay them back in such a manner instead of being grateful and thankful for what they were given. It remains to be seen how long they can keep playing the “racist” card without a civil revolt, and how quickly the immigrants realize that they should keep their noses clean until they have more majority and power.

    • Interesting what you say about “ethics”. Funnily enough, leftists in Poland are preoccupied with wanting schools to stop teaching religion, and to replace it with – you’ve guessed it – ethics…

    • If anyone really did or does have plans to deliberately ‘cross’ Swedish girls with Iraqis, for example, those people need to be burned at the stake.
      I’ll be happy to light the match.

  4. I have to verify what Pat Condel said in the early parts of the video. I don’t see any of this in the American mass media.

    And that in the town I grew up in elderly Roman Catholic women still used at least a scarf when going outdoors and wore long black dresses.

    I know it’s a cliche but this does look like the Roman Empire in the early stage of decay. Around 250 C.E. I’ve watched a lot of documentaries about this. Western civilization has become decadent since the end of WWII. Their young people are willing to die and we worry about high school foot ball causing brain damage in later years.

    Pat uses clear strong language.

    • And yet, none of the current European leaders ever played high school football.
      Their mothers probably rushed them to the (‘free’) hospital when they got a paper cut while reading ‘Das Kapital’ or ‘Der Steppenwolf’.

    • Edward Gibbon- Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire;
      “The temple of the Christian world, the church of the Resurrection, [187] was demolished to its foundations; the luminous prodigy of Easter was interrupted, and much profane labour was exhausted to destroy the cave in the rock, which properly constitutes the holy sepulchre. At the report of this sacrilege, the nations of Europe were astonished and afflicted; but, instead of arming in the defence of the Holy Land, they contented themselves with burning or banishing the Jews, as the secret advisers of the impious Barbarian.”
      Ever get the feeling history is cyclical?

  5. Once again, Pat nails it. Yes, the Enrichers see a population which is weak and bows in to their (almost) every demand – so they intend to take full advantage. 15 years ago, while I was working in London in one of its transport hubs selling bus tickets, in large part to Enrichers, my supervisor said “They’re coming because they see us as a soft touch”. Back then, I saw it as something amusing – with stories of people rinsing the system and getting free housing, etc showing up mainly the patheticness of the British government.

    A decade and a half later, this has stopped being funny. As Pat says, it’s downright dangerous.

    Although my favourite Pat Condell video remains “The invasion of Europe” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIcltV7r-nM . Uploaded weeks before Paris, but predicting the “serious bloodshed” that was to come as a result of the Influx – as well Europe becoming “more dangerous for women” (months before Cologne)…

  6. Not sure I agree with Pat’s trake on European history. Otherwise, strong stuff as usual from Mr Condell.

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