A Rose Blooms in Cologne

In the wake of the New Year’s Eve Groping Jihad in Cologne, a group of women decided to do their part to help solve the crisis… by fighting against German “xenophobia”. They went around handing out roses to culture-enrichers, while getting it all on video to make sure no one missed their virtue-signaling.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Last Friday In Cologne some 100 women distributed roses
00:04   to “refugees”. It was in response to an action by “refugees”
00:08   who had, in several German cities after the attacks
00:12   on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, distributed flowers to women.
00:16   The initiator of this response action is the international social movement
00:20   ”Abass” (?). With this gesture in front of the biggest refugee center in Cologne,
00:24   the members of this movement want to fight (German?) xenophobia
00:28   The women condemn the violence of New Year’s Eve (really?),
00:32   but they want to build bridges and overcome fear. With this action
00:36   they have touched quite a few (people).

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  1. Why don’t they just move to Troy and welcome in those nice Greeks and their wonderful wooden horse. Hey, the Romans invited the Goths into Italy in 376AD and the Angles and Saxons into England in 449AD after which, in due time, both groups then turned on their hosts…and the rest is History.

    • Actually, it was the Britons, who were Romanized Celts, who invited in the Anglo-Saxons as mercenaries. The Romans themselves had departed a while before that.

  2. I don’t want to be the first to comment, but it looks like a good initiative with a strong message — don’t rape the women, deflower them. Bouqet style.

  3. Actually, according to the Venerable Bede, it was Marcian, a Byzantine co Emperor with Valentinian, who invited the Angles and Saxons into England to help defend against the Picts who then allied with the Picts for the easy pickings of knocking off the local Britons but what’s a few Roman Emperors and Barbarian tribes between friends. Lol.

    • The local patrons of the Anglo-Saxons were Britons, the rulers of the kingdom or kingdoms that were formed by the Romanized Celts when the Romans left. Yes, the enemy was the Picts, but also other pagan Celts who threatened the areas that had been civilized under the Romans.

      I’m jotting this down from memory, mind you — I haven’t checked any sources. But as I recall, Hengist and Horsa were hired by a Briton who ruled in the south of what is now England.

  4. Gob smacked!
    I know that there is a psychological explanation for this stupidity women wanting to preserve themselves by offering their genitalia to the only ‘tough guys’ left in Europe as a means of furthering at least 1/2 of a genetic line that goes back 150,000 years.
    Even accounting for that, these women are ill on a very deep level, they are culturally broken on a fundamental level, begging to be debased as even animals are not debased. This is an earth shatteringly repugnant morality lesson that breaks the boundary of surrealism…..
    The Germans have now lost everything, we are watching an entire culture commit suicide and Frau Merkel is handing out the Zyklon-B

    • You’re close, ensitue. These women have incredibly low self-esteem coupled with a childlike world view and a deep sense of undefined guilt. In other words, they want to be liked and given eternal hugs. Another news source had an excellent take recently on a famed psychiatrist’s analysis of Frau Merkel and why she’s destroying an entire continent. “Ultimately,” he said, “(Merkel) will have a nervous breakdown and go mad.” The question is, how many will be forced to drink the kool-aid with her?

      • Sounds very much like my “Europe full of teenage girls” hypothesis, and it’s not just the women acting like teenage girls. They’re just acting a little more like teenage girls than most of the men.

        Similar to teenage girls they have no idea what message they are sending.

  5. Further studies by Gildas say it was a local king, Vortigern who was responsible for utilizing the Roman foederati policy of inviting allied kingdoms to settle in Roman territory as mercenaries to take on the locals’ enemies. Oy vey…the mists of History.

  6. Looks like it pays to be a groping, abusing, illegally-border-crossing enricher. Yes, you may get maligned by a (tiny) section of the media – but in return, you’ll get a throng of pretty young ladies throwing themselves at you. All you need to do is give them a bunch of flowers…

    Now, what would happen if some Pegida members were to hand out flowers to Muslim women, as a “gesture of peace”??

  7. The modern version of the shmoo. (you have to remember L’il Abner. Oh that’s right, it’s definitely non-PC)

  8. I understand that the next big German public festival is on 8th February, this will be interesting whatever happens.

    • Fasching/Carnival has already been cancelled in at least one German city due to the New Year’s Eve/Silvester attacks and the confessed inability of that city’s forces to protect the public.

      See http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3400972/German-town-cancels-annual-carnival-fears-Cologne-style-sex-assaults-women.html for more on Rheinberg’s no-argument/no-fight cancellation of a 1,000-year tradition.

      For those not glued to the Christian (East or West) calendar, “Fasching” often takes place on Rose Monday, the day before Shrove Tuesday (pancakes in England), which itself is the last day of eggs, butter, cheese, meat before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.

      In other countries (e.g., Brazil), the pre-Lent period is called Carnival (< carne vale, farewell to meat); in New Orleans, of course, it's Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday–again, use up all that butter, etc.).

      Many Orthodox begin Lent this year in mid-March, since Eastern Pascha will be on May 1 of the regular calendar.

      But Fasching has *always* been looked forward to with great anticipation; it's (previously been) a terrific folk & fun festival. sigh….

    • Possibly the Peruvian Incas, who welcomed their Spanish conquerors in as new gods, feasted them and gave them women and fed their horses, etc (this all from memory). The difference of course is that the Incas didn’t have the Internet and have half an excuse for their suicidal stupidity.

  9. ” With this action they have touched quite a few (people).”

    Not as many as the “refugees” touched on new year’s in Cologne!

    • Let’s rephrase that: “With this action, quite a few (people) have [been shown to be] touched.”

      Yep. Touched severely, in the brain. Unbelieveable.

    • In terms of eco-destruction, the importation of Cane Toads into Oz was comparatively small beer. Rutile mining companies who scoured the sand dunes of a 1000 mile stretch of eastern coastline from the late 1940’s through 1960’s for titanium, decided to re-stabilize the exposed mined-out sands not with Australian native dune species as would be logical, but with “Bitou bush” a dune plant imported from South Africa. The hardy, aggressive, Bitou bush strangles and displaces all other vegetation and thus destroys native fauna habitat:

      “Bitou bush has now infested about 80 per cent (or more than 900km) of the NSW coastline, extending 10km inland in some areas. It has become the dominant species along about 36 per cent of the state’s coastline.”

      In human terms it is analogous to a peaceful, prosperous people introducing into their habitat an alien people with a violent, supremacist, expansionist culture from foreign various countries … hey … we’ve come full circle!

  10. Why are these left wing, deluded, self-loathing women doing this? Do they honestly believe that these third world barbarians are going to show them, or any other German women, more respect as a result of this fatuous exercise? Absolutely devoid of any notion of national pride whilst a once great European nation goes down the toilet!

    • Female suffrage guarantees the defeat and then the destruction of the West. Socialism, the political expression of the female principle – one aspect of which is tolerance for the intolerable – already controls western societies, every one of them, and cannot be dislodged. Therefore there will not be a fight to the death with Islam. If there is any hope it will come in extremis, when, up against the wall, western societies jettison the utter nonsense of female participation in the public square and fight for the little that is left.

    • Sadly I’m beginning to agree with you.

      Men have about a 60% bias toward reason, women have about a 60% bias toward emotion. The bias toward reason vs emotion before women’s sufrage was sufficient to make large scale emotional manipulation more difficult, but now with this eliminated centralized emotional manipulation using propaganda becomes much more of a problem.

      This could be taken care of rather easily without eliminating women’s sufrage altogether though. Just don’t let anyone vote unless they register to be drafted in wartime regardless of whether they are male or female. Any men or women who don’t want to take the risk won’t get to vote. Things will work out much better for the average person in such a society.

      • Ha, ha . . . Do you really think women won’t register for a wartime draft? Of course they’ll register; figuring that reason will protect them from ever having to face the possible consequences of their actions. Most people will register, because most people have practically no idea of what war really entails . . . until it’s too late.

        • No, of course quite a few would register, but fewer than men, and the ones who did register would be much more likely to be desirable voters compared to the average. The point isn’t to exclude all women, it’s to exclude all undesirable voters. Bring on the shield maidens!

          But I think you’re right that simply registering for a theoretical possibility probably isn’t sufficient enough though it would still be quite an improvement. A better idea would be mandatory and at least minimal military training rather than just filling out some paperwork.

          Something like this might happen one day but not until after WWIII, and only if WWIII is bad enough.

        • Sure they will .. and then they´ll suddenly get pregnant.
          It´ll be a miraculous baby-boom as happened in the US forces during the Irak invasion.

          • Yes, I’m sure that would happen too. It’s not like everything has to go perfectly as some might imagine but a statistical bias toward greater responsibility among voters would be an improvement even if not all are perfect.

  11. This campaign is no doubt funded by a Soros-like cane toad. The aim is to destroy nationalism so that the international financiers and their political friends can govern the world,

    • According to Steen, an organization called Avaaz is behind this stunt. Steen says it’s funded by Soros, but I don’t have any confirmation of that yet.

  12. Remember Fritzl, the Austrian horror who locked his kids +20 years in a bunker and raped them? That very same Fritzl got cartloads (literally!) of fan mail from women who wanted to marry him.

    Sometimes you have to realize that (some) women are not rational. This is one of those times.

    • There appears to be a social instinct whereby anyone who gets lots of attention is perceived, especially by women, as having high social status. And social status = attractive so it doesn’t surprise me. What you describe is the female equivalent of men chasing after a female serial killer just because she has big boobs.

    • SOME women?
      Name the dating site, they ALL tell the same tale (Well, haven’t been the gay sites, so I’m not sure – but I’d bet good money on anything pointed at dating women.)
      Women seek social proof. They don’t want the stalwart man who stands alone. They want the man who could have any woman, but magically chooses to be with her….
      And she pretends he doesn’t have some on the side, too.

      A man going somewhere alone? He’s creepy. (Night clubs especially.)
      A man with a group of friends? Life of the party? A clown entertaining the entourage?
      Like catnip to a cat….

    • It’s not new because it previously would have been called orthodoxy and challenging it would have been called blasphemy. But people now are under the delusion that they aren’t following a de facto religion (neo-Marxism or “cultural Marxism”) simply because it isn’t called a religion and has no real name aside from “political correctness”.

  13. Most of the commenters on this thread are kind of talking around the point, but not actually getting to the point.

    I agree, Nimrod, it’s an orthodoxy. Let’s name it. Multiculturalism which is a kind of incoherent doctrine but which posits that all cultures are of equal value and equal worth. Multiculturalism and cultural relativism posit that since all human beings are basically alike, all want basically the same things for themselves and their families. After all, we are all brothers (and sisters), right?

    The incredible naivete of this view does not prevent its being taught in our universities and presented in our mass media.

    These naive women do not exist in a vacuum. And their views do not differ much from most of their men folk.

    • P. T. Barnum didn’t think so (remember “There’s a sucker born every minute”).

      • Einstein stated, “Only two things are infinite, the universe, and human stupidity. And I’m not sure about the former.”

  14. Psychologists have proved that emotion beats logic every time.The media show a child dead on the beach,and emotion hits millions followed by leftist loons clapping islamic surpressers who bring sharia law with them into Europe.A previous comment is spot on that they tolerate the intolerable but are intolerant of the tolerant ie christians ,and jews.Would our forefathers have said that some Nazis were moderate,so why the insane ideology that most Muslims are peace loving.It is not politicaal correctness it is just blatant lying.There seems to be no truth anymore.

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