Zeman: “You All Know How the Roman Empire Ended Up”

Miloš Zeman, the outspoken and politically incorrect president of the Czech Republic, has been featured in this space a number of times. Most recently he shared podium with Tommy Robinson, among others, when giving a speech to a group that opposes the Islamization of the Czech Republic.

In the following press conference Mr. Zeman elaborates on his earlier statements, which have repeatedly gotten him in hot water with the press and other gutmenschen throughout Europe. When taking reporters’ questions, he discusses Turkey’s inherent incompatibility with Europe, and why it is unsuited to be a member of the European Union.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Nonetheless, in closing, I’d like to tell you something
0:04   which may, perhaps, surprise you. I would like to,
0:08   for the first time in the history of these press
0:12   conferences, thank the Czech
0:16   media for the objectivity of their reporting
0:20   in at least one, quite specific,
0:24   area. In the town hall meeting in
0:28   Bylinske High School, I was answering the question of one
0:32   student, whether there is a threat of terrorist
0:37   attack within the Czech Republic.
0:41   First I joked that if I knew this,
0:45   I would be, rather than the President, the Director of the Secret Service,
0:49   and a successful one at that. Then I answered
0:53   seriously that a terrorist attack cannot be ruled out
0:58   in any European country, including
1:02   the Czech Republic. That was all.
1:06   It was with certain surprise that I was met,
1:10   the following day, with the reaction of certain politicians,
1:14   who had accused me of fear-mongering.
1:18   And I would like to say, to the contrary:
1:22   He, who does not ‘get’
1:26   this danger, in any European
1:30   country, is an irresponsible fool,
1:35   and not a politician. We ourselves, of course,
1:39   at the Prague Castle, are preparing for this possibility.
1:43   And I stress — possibility, not certainty!
1:47   By receiving and installing various
1:51   camera systems and other safety
1:55   measures. So, even if certain
1:59   politicians obsess over commenting over each and every
2:03   statement of the Republic’s President, I’d like to
2:07   send them the message that I thank General Sedivy,
2:12   who, as a true expert in this area, had confirmed
2:16   that the security community cannot ever rule out
2:20   the possibility of a terrorist attack, and that we ought to
2:24   in our own interest, in the interest of our citizens,
2:28   accept preventive (?)
2:32   measures first in order to
2:36   prevent such an attack, and secondly
2:40   should, God forbid, something really
2:44   take place, that the losses
2:49   resulting from it should be as low as possible.
2:53   He who prepares only following a catastrophe is
2:57   acting foolishly. He who accepts preventive measures,
3:01   and here I would like to cite the ecological principle
3:05   or preventive caution, is acting wisely.
3:10   Thank you for your attention. Thank you, Mr. President. Ladies and gentlemen, now there is room for your
3:14   questions. Please, put your hands up.
3:18   Here is Czech Radio:
3:22   Here is Czech Radio: Mr. President, just a few tens of minutes, upstairs, you had
3:26   spoken with citizens about Turkey, regarding
3:30   should exit the EU — or rather, that it should not be in the EU. Would you please expand on
3:34   this thought? Thank you. I think that, in the EU
3:38   even not long ago,
3:42   the stand of representatives and experts was that
3:47   the membership of Turkey in the EU was roughly
3:51   balanced. Unless I am mistaken, the former French
3:55   President was not enthused by this idea.
3:59   The current German Chancellor Angela
4:03   Merkel, even just a few years ago, spoke
4:07   about so called ‘strategic partnership’ with Turkey,
4:11   which is just a polite phrase, de facto refusing
4:15   full membership of Turkey in the EU.
4:19   I admit that, currently,
4:23   these opinions are shifting, in regard
4:28   to roughly two million migrants
4:32   on Turkish territory, where
4:36   Turkey is being offered, among other things, roughly about three billion
4:40   euros for keeping these migrants
4:44   in its territory. From this, the Czech Republic,
4:48   as you know, would be responsible for about 700,000 krona.
4:52   I have, in one TV programme,
4:57   sort of compared it to the
5:01   fall of the Roman Empire, because
5:05   the Romans had paid “tribute”, or bribe,
5:09   for the barbarians not to enter their territory and start
5:13   plundering said territory. If you have studied
5:17   history, you know how the Roman Empire ended up. You know
5:22   that the “tribute” did not save them.
5:26   The number of migrants looks
5:30   high. However, if you compare it with the whole
5:34   of the Turkish population, it is only a few
5:38   percent. Besides, these migrants are
5:42   of the same faith as the Turkish populace,
5:46   so they can be much more easily integrated
5:50   than if they were to enter European territory.

23 thoughts on “Zeman: “You All Know How the Roman Empire Ended Up”

  1. Satan has taken hold of Angela Merkel’s soul- Merkel is the most evil person of 21st century. Due to Merkel Germany and lot of Europe is gone to muslims. Europe is in
    it’s last death throes. Central and Eastern europe should at once break free of European Union, and should seek military protection from Russia to save it being overrun by islamic invasion and take over- Turkey is behind the conspiracy to send tsunami of muslim refugees and eventual islamic rule over europe. [Non-white] refugees have crazy lust of white women- due to large scale miscegenation soon the recessive white race will diappear from europe- miscegenated mixed race will convert to islam, a few remaining whites in europe will escape as refugees to the only white race country Russia. This is the inevitable fate of Europe.

    • Unless it is stopped. That means changing the rules and the rulers – as oft times before.

    • The governor of Chechnya is a Chechen warlord, who fought Russian Army in 90s. Now Moscow pays tribute to him so that some resemblance of quiet life persists and unbelievers are not beheaded at least on public. Chechnya, Dagestan, some other [redacted] hole which name I don’t even remember, are ethnically clean entities, Russians do not live there. During ramadan, muslims slaughter goats in the parks and on children’s playgrounds in Moscow.
      I would not look at Moscow for protection.

      • Just don’t go to Moscow, there are other areas of Russia that have almost remained the same for centuries.

  2. President Zeman may be a drunkard ex-Commie, and (possibly) mega-corrupt, like other ex-Commies, but on the subject of the Religion of Peace, he “shoots from the hip” like no other. And in such a calm, undisturbed way – as if he’d never heard of the Guardian, “Islamophobia”, or the UK twitterati with their mass petitions to ban Trump. His speeches should be prescribed reading for all Guardian readers (and writers) – perhaps they could serve as some much-needed shock therapy.

    • I know nothing of Zeman’s past or private morals, but what I am sure of is that he has more common sense than Obama, Merkel and Hollande put together.

    • As a Czech I have to add few notes to your comment on Zeman:
      1. ex-commie – he joined the Communist Party in 1968 during Prague Spring, when he hoped the party could be changed. In 1970 he was expelled from the party because he didn’t agree with the Warsaw Pact armies invading Czechoslovakia. Definitely not a typical commie story.
      2. corrupted – he is often accused of being bribed by Russia which is a standard argument of Czech (I suppose all central European) pro-EU journalists against every politician who doesn’t blindly follow Brussels policy
      3. drunkard – maybe in the beginning of his presidency, but as he admires Churchill, he simply can’t be a teetotaller:-)

      Personally, I didn’t vote for Zeman, because I didn’t like his too positive attitude to the Euro currency, but as he is now much more critical to it, as is the most of the Czech population (about 70% of Czechs don’ t want the Euro to be introduced in the country), and because of his attitude to Islam, I will probably be voting for him next time.

      • Thanks for the clarification. My view of Zeman is based on: a) what I read in “Gazeta Wyborcza” (Poland’s most notorious liberal/PC/pro-EU propaganda rag, that’s nonetheless widely read as it’s also Poland’s most well-known and “reputable” newspaper), b) wikipedia, and c) what I know about virtually all ex-Commie politicians, as well as some friends of my family who belonged to the Party pre-89. It would seem that both extreme wealth (mostly thanks to connections, or corruption) and love of alcohol runs in their bloodstream – although many are very decent people on a personal level.

        That said – if I was Czech, I’d probably also support Milos Zeman, due to his opposition to the “new Moscows” in Brussels and Mecca. (however – isn’t the Czech president chosen by parliament, rather than through a popular vote?)

        • As sometimes I read Gazeta Wyborcza to practice my poor polish, I would probably recommend to avoid reading articles on Czech politics in this paper – at least those, written by Czech journalists. They are usually hired from Czech mainstream newspapers like MF Dnes and they produce probably more propaganda than journalism.
          Of course, I totally agree with your characteristics of Gazeta and also with what you say about ex-commies. But Zeman is really different – I think that even though he was a member of the Communist party for two years, mentally he is still not and never was a commie. All he does now is try to act as the head of a sovereign nation, fullstop.
          To answer your question – Zeman is our first president chosen by popular vote. Both the Czech presidents before Zeman were chosen by parliament, but the rule was changed before the last elections.

  3. He has an attribute the PC idiots lack – realism. Speaking of the demise of the Roman Empire, in the end people welcomed the barbarians because they had been suffering under the increasingly heavy taxation burden applied to Roman citizens. Many citizens even tried to give up their citizenship to evade the taxes, but they weren’t permitted.

    Roman governance was unwieldy and too expensive to maintain! All Welfare Sates ought to take notice of that point!

    • Talk about suicide , if Turkey is admitted into the EU, what may I ask will stop corrupt government workers from issuing Turkish passports in record numbers for a ‘slight additional fee’.

      • You definitely have a point here. And who the holders of these fake Turkish passports will be? ISIS operatives, among others?

  4. Bohemia and Hungary voluntarily elected Hapsburgs as their kings solely in an attempt to gain help against the Turkish invaders, and then found out that they couldn’t withdraw voluntarily, hence the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Zeman, as a Czech just about has to know that bit of history.

  5. Hi Baron, or anyone else, I need a little advice. Very often I will invite Muslims I ‘meet’ on the comments section of various posts, to have a private discussion via e-mail on the subject of Islam. Most accept, but as soon as they realise just how much I know, they disappear. My last recent mark, Mohammad, before he vanished, did bring up something that I need advice on. I did mention to him that in his own words, Mo said ‘I have been made victorious through terror’. He scoffed at me asking just where had I seen that as he had never heard of it. I quoted him ‘Sahih Bukhari 4:52:220. He retuned to me and stated that many of the Hadiths have been cancelled as there were too many of them and he thought that this was one of them.
    My question is this:- The Qur’an cannot be……we all know the rest, what about the Hadiths? Can these be cancelled by mere mortals? I’m not too well up on the Hadiths and if it’s of any relevance, I’m in the UK. Thank you in advance.

    • Hadith aren’t canceled. They are considered reliable or not reliable, depending on the chain of authority. The collections of Bukhari and Muslim are the most reliable, and are referred to as “authentic hadith”, because they enjoy a “consensus of the scholars” — that us, no legal scholar in any of the four schools of Sunni Islamic law disagrees.

      Sahih means “authentic”, which tells us that the hadith you quoted is considered reliable by all Islamic scholars. If your correspondent is not dissembling, then he is ignorant about his own faith — which is true of a lot of Muslims. Their ignorance helps keep the whole murderous system up and running.

      • In my experience, any and all criticism – however polite and informed – of their ideology or culture is met with extreme hostility, or, in the case of ‘nerds’, with absolute silence.

  6. President Zeman is right about Turkey’s EU membership. If Turkey joins EU, not only the EU will collapse – that would not be so bad, after all – but all what remains of European culture and civilisation will be expunged. And, of course, it would lead to terror against the remaining Christians and Jews of Europe. If you do not believe it, look at what’s been going on in Asia Minor since Turks occupied it.

    • They don’t need to join the EU. Just get visa-free travel, which they’re due to get end of next year. Then the current influx may even be a drop in the ocean, by comparison.

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