Zeman: “We Are Facing an Organized Invasion”

The video below shows the Christmas address broadcast by Czech President Miloš Zeman to his fellow countrymen. Mr. Zeman is unusual among Western leaders, not just for the absence of bland platitudes in his brief message, but also because of his frank words about the current “refugee” crisis. The President is willing to tell the truth to the Czech Republic in a nationwide television broadcast: What Europe is currently experiencing is not migration, but a deliberate invasion.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:22   Christmas Message from the President of the Republic, Miloš Zeman, 2015
00:26   And so, in foreign relations,
00:30   there is just one dark
00:34   stain: that is the migrant
00:39   wave. These politicians,
00:43   who close their eyes to
00:47   the fact that this migration wave
00:51   has still not yet spilled over [into Czechia],
00:55   [who say] that there is nothing to fear, are just a bit
01:02   reminiscent of one mayor of Prague. This mayor,
01:06   at the time of floods, stood on the bridge,
01:11   and said: the situation is more than
01:16   excellent [safe]. And two hours later
01:20   the water had flooded the Prague metro.
01:24   Sometimes I feel like Cassandra,
01:28   who gave a warning before the Trojan Horse
01:33   was dragged into the city, but I am deeply
01:37   convinced that what
01:41   we are facing is an organized
01:45   invasion, and not the spontaneous movement of migrants.
01:49   Those who are standing up for
01:53   migrants speak of empathy and solidarity.
01:58   Empathy, if possible,
02:02   with the old, the infirm and primarily
02:07   with children. But the vast majority
02:11   of illegal migrants are young
02:16   able-boded men without families. And I ask:
02:20   why do these men
02:24   not take up arms and fight for the freedom
02:28   of their own country against the Islamic State.
02:33   Their escape objectively strengthens
02:37   the Islamic State, and I cannot imagine
02:41   that in the time when the occupation
02:45   our young men were escaping – they were escaping so that they
02:49   could, in Great Britain,
02:54   they received social support. They had escaped so that
02:58   they could fight for the freedom of their country.
03:02   And that, of course, is true for
03:07   even for those who leave the countries where
03:11   there is fighting, because their departure
03:15   sentences these countries to further
03:19   backwardness.
03:24   During preparations for
03:28   the demonstration
03:32   in support of the migration, at the anniversary of the 17th of November,
03:36   someone [from the organizers] had informed
03:40   the news services that,
03:45   on a banner at this demonstration,
03:49   the following sign will be displayed:
03:54   ”This country is not ours.
03:58   Refugees welcome”.
04:02   Somebody had advised these organizers
04:06   that this sign is exceptionally stupid, and so
04:11   they replaced it with a somewhat less stupid sign:
04:16   ”This land belongs to all,
04:21   refugees welcome.”
04:25   And to close my Christmas message,
04:30   I would like to tell you two clear sentences:
04:34   This country is ours.
04:39   And this country is not for,
04:43   and cannot be,
04:47   for all.
04:51   My dear friends, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

7 thoughts on “Zeman: “We Are Facing an Organized Invasion”

  1. As a Czech by birth I am lauding President Zeman for speaking the truth. On the Czech Presidential Seal there is a noteworthy motto: “Pravda Vitezi” (Veritas Vincit).

    The Czech President is acting consistently with this creed.

    Mr. President, the Truth Will Prevail, indeed. And you are the harbinger of it.

  2. A direct, honest and heart felt message to his own people which can only be applauded. However the quisling troika of Merkel, Hollande and the porcine Cameroon will do everything to make sure that this speech will be largely unreported by their respective tame media outlets and if it does appear anyway, make sure it is derided as xenophobic and racist. God bless the Czech President and his people. German, French and UK citizens should hopefully get to hear this speech and form their own positive opinions of the Czech republic’s brave stance against this unwanted influx of hostile and backward third world economic migrants.

  3. Lu, absolutely, it’s not arbeit that macht Frei. It’s the truth, as Jesus said. If only muslims knew what Jesus told us maybe many if them would forsake their blind following of satan and come to the light. However those who hate Jesus will be destroyed, that’s for sure.

  4. I like this guy! He has a good mind and he speaks freely! GOD BLESS HIM!

    Have a few Czech ancestors and am sure proud of this heritage. Sometimes I think my love of embroidery is in my genetic make-up… from my Czech, Hungarian, Slovak and Lemko( Carpatho-Russian) ancestors.

    Love of sewing fancy historic clothing, oh that has to be from all my French ones. OO La La!!

  5. As a forth generation Czech American I am also proud to own him. I am inclined to think that what Czechoslovakia went through with the Munich betrayal, for their alleged oppression of those “poor” Sudaten Germans, who had full citizenship, voting rights, etc. has had a lot to do with their current skepticism. The Sudetans were the Palestinians of their day after all.
    I do feel sorry for the Palestinians. When they get massacred in their refugee camps located in Syria, nobody sticks up for them because that can’t be used as a pretext to attack Israel.

  6. Everywhere in the world one sees a mosque, or “a barracks full of soldiers for ali” as Turkey Erdogan insists on calling these hostile alien settler outposts, the preparation and planning for creating as much wreckage as possible in our countries goes on. Maybe a few mini wars on the home front over the past seventy years might have kept us on our toes? Either way it’s a self-imposed Balkans here we come kind of day dawning.

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