When B-List Celebs Invoke the End of the World

Let’s take a break from jihad for just a little while…

The following piece by Henryk Broder from last month’s Die Welt examines the climate activism of various German celebrities in the run-up to the COP21 conference in Paris. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

When B-List Celebs Invoke the End of the World

by Henryk M. Broder
November 25, 2015

German actors are calling in a video for participation in the climate demonstration in Berlin. Celebs from Wolff’s Precinct, Sunny to Deadly and Scene of the Crime act concerned. Is this supposed to be satire?

We hear from actor Jürgen Heinrich, known from the series Wolff’s Precinct: “Climate change — I know that should interest me. I should do something. The right thing.” He hands it over to his colleague, Tobias Schenke, alias Dr. Leo Sturm, medical examiner in the ARD early evening series, Sunny to Deadly, The X Files: “But the earth is big. Damned lot of people. Where to begin?”

And that is also being asked by Jeannette Hain, most recently Hallorvorden’s daughter-in-law in Til Schweiger’s tragicomedy, Honey in the Head: “Whatever I do, it is just a drop on a hot stone.” Maria Ehrich, Princess Anneline in the film version of The Little Mermaid, is also hovering on the edge of despair: “And everything is getting warmer. The icebergs are melting and I pull my blanket over my head and act as if it were only about the polar bears and not about us.” What an error!

Julia Hartmann, single mother in Why I Kidnapped My Boss, tells us what it is about: “The number two. Two degrees.” Andreas Hoppe, inspector on Scene of the Crime, beside Ulrike Folkerts, takes up the thread: “That is the maximum temperature rise we can manage. Anything over two degrees and the catastrophes will be unstoppable.”

Known as an attractive hostage

Jennifer Ulrich, fondly remembered by many TV viewers as the attractive hostage in a sequel of the series Alarm for Cobra 11, ventures a prediction: “We will see waves of refugees — compared to them, the present refugee numbers are a joke.” “But not only that,” continues Tobias Schenke, “Cities will go under, cities like Hamburg, London and New York will sink into the sea.” And now Loretta Stern of Soko Leipzig[1] is allowed a sentence: “It’s not just about polar bears anymore!”

“It’s about all of us,” cries Andreas Hoppe. That is, we all have to stand in the way of types who stop at nothing to get rich. “They dig, they drill, they frack through the entire planet for money,” laments Jürgen Heinrich. Andreas Hoppe can wait no longer” “It’s time for us to stop them!” For: “We want to live on this planet. We have nowhere else to go. This is our home,” confides Jennifer Urich.

What you have just read is not a scene from the “today show” on ZDF. It is a three-minute-long clip in which “known actors” call for participation in the “climate demo” in Berlin in November. One day later, the UN climate conference begins in Paris. In Berlin, as in Paris, it is about bare survival. Hamburg, London and New York must not sink into the sea. Dinslaken[2] either. Let us counter that. Let us stop breathing, heating our homes, drilling for oil. Let us rather watch Special Commission End of the World in its efforts.


1.   Special Commission
2.   Famous as romantically picturesque.

15 thoughts on “When B-List Celebs Invoke the End of the World

  1. Climate change fanatics almost always seem to be people with no virtue who are trying to signal how virtuous they are.

  2. Dear Barron, I sincerely disagree. It may be that the anthropocentric climate change scenario is all hokum. However, the direct damage to the human race wrought by fossil-fuel transportation is undeniable. Just look to Beijing which was forced to cancel all motor vehicle emissions for two weeks so they could hold the Olympics. Look at the veritable epidemic of brain disfunction in the young, ADHD (the so-called minimal brain damage) to deep Autism, all of which have become ten fold more prevalent in two generations. There is credible evidence to surmise that nano-particles emitted by internal combustion engines at street level are responsible for setting up inflammatory nodes in developping brains of the fetus and the infant. one in eighty children in the US is now Austistic, essentially a retard who will contribute nothing over his life-span. one in five is on Ritalin. THAT is by far the bigger problem, and its is solvable by simple fiat : abolish all ground-level particle emitters in favor of the viable, present alternative: Electric transportation. That does not touch heating, or flying , but it will clean the air in No Time. How do I know that? Because in Israel almost all vehicular transportation stops for one day a year, the Day of Atonement, and particulate levels fall ten-fold, in One Day. Lets make it a Moon Shot: No more fuel-combustion transportation by 2025. If GM, Toyota, Ford Cummins, John Deer etc.. know that by 2025 they will not be able to sell ICE engines, they can do it, and it will be cheaper in the long run than the five per-cent well-to wheel efficiency fuel-combustion dead-end. I know this can be done because I am doing it daily. Driving an electric car, riding an electric motorcycle, and using my own roof to generate the electricity.

    • Wow! You have really swallowed *all* the Kool-Aid the Green Blob has dished out, haven’t you?

      In one paragraph you’ve managed to come up with a laundry list of all the evils of fossil fuel consumption. And then, at the end, showed us all how righteous you are by “doing your small part” to save the planet. And nary a thing said about the millions whose lives are “nasty, brutish and short” because of energy poverty (BTW, China’s problems are *not* caused by pollution. They are caused by Communism and it’s inherent failures).

      Here’s a couple of sites you should try out for a few weeks:



      Both are hard-science based sites that explode the myths and lies the Green Machine has been peddling for decades.

      Then read this book by James Dellingpole: 

      “Watermelons: The Green Movement’s True Colors”

      The warmists are interested in two things only: a) draining first-world nations of their money to weaken them and b) implementing a one-world governmental structure a-lá Agenda 21

      If you are really willing to do a bit of digging for the facts behind all the obfuscation of the Greenies you will get to the truth behind the multi-trillion-a-year dollar scam that is the Glowbull Warming movement.

    • Oh well done you! Off the grid, are you? Your friendly roof supplies all the electricity you need for heating house and water, even at night? In the winter? And enough power to charge your electric car?

      Funny, that; because the car companies need a giant, very expensive battery just to run a small electric car about 80 miles, so they would surely be interested in knowing how you manage to store all that power–because they can’t.

      Or is your car not a hybrid, but one of those pure (only) electric cars, and are you connected to the grid and just plug your car in for ‘clean power’ which just comes from a little plug in the wall? So many ‘greenies’ seem to think they’re saving the planet doing this, completely forgetting where the power is generated, and how, using what.

      You make some good points re China and ADHD, and we all know damned well (or should) that we must cut down on pollution, but the world-ending scenarios in the above article are horrifically over-stated, e.g. the oceans are going to rise and drown us all—when? The local Institute of Ocean Sciences informs me that IF the oceans have risen at all it might be between 2–4 MILLIMETRES! And by the way, that has been over the last TWO HUNDRED YEARS!!

      The Arctic winter ice fluctuates as it has since the last ice-age, and Antarctica is NOT melting, so where will the water come from to raise the oceans? Yes, glaciers in temperate lands are receding, but they have been since the last ice-age.
      Why all the screaming now?
      Money. That’s right, money. Just ask Al Gore and David Suzuki.
      I could go on about this, but what’s the point, it just raises my blood pressure that human beings are so cretinously stupid as to believe that imposing carbon-taxes and buying ‘carbon credits’ from Africa while throwing billions of dollars at that useless continent will do anything to stop the sea rising–for all practical purposes it isn’t; or to stop the Earth from warming–it’s called WEATHER, and it runs in cycles.

  3. I thought it was bad here but lordy, lordy, it’s not THAT bad yet in the you beaut land of Oz.

    How embarrassing for Germans. Cringe-worthy stuff.

  4. Nothing new here.
    In the US, we have experts on world affairs such as Barbra Streisand, Sarah Jessica Parker, George Clooney and Brangelina Pitt-Jolie.
    Wonder why no one has asked Caitlyn Jenner how to stop global warming or prevent crime.

  5. I’m sorry, but this article makes no sense to me. I understand, I think, that these are the views of some starlets in Germany voicing their opinions but even (especially) with the multitude of references to roles played in some German theatrics, their meaning is lost.

    Also I get that there is some sarcasm in the last paragraph, but that is also lost on me due to the lack of context (in a broader sense).

    This may be an accurate translation of the original article but it is a poor translation of the intent of the original.

  6. Nevertheless, poisoning the air and the seas is not good for humans or the creatures we depend on. Precipitate rush to windfarms, no; sorting out carbon capture, and abolishing gratuitous waste of energy (eg businesses leaving their doors open), yes.

  7. I spent my younger years reading Asimov, among others, so I believe that if we just had smarter people and better (or more focused) scientists, many of these problems can be resolved. Unfortunately, we have somehow morphed into a nation of dimwits, with dimwits leading us, and science seems to have been hijacked in the direction of polical correctness, although I’m not sure by whom. Although I can take a reasonable guess.

    I would give a lot to see someone smart and honest and capable, to lead our country and unleash the pent-up potential of America to solve problems, instead of just wringing their hands about them and then just doing more PC crap (sorry, can’t think of a better word — magumba?), as if that will help anything at all.

    We sent a man to the moon, for heaven’s sake. We can do better than this if our government would just step out of the way, or better yet, help the effort. Maybe I’m wrong, but it does seem as if we have lost our spark lately and as we know, fish (and countries) rot from the head on down.

  8. Henryk M.Broder is a kind of satirist/journalist in Germany and I personally think that he is convinced of the senselessness of their protest against anthropogenic warming of the earth´s climate. The best critics of that development in my mind are Björn Lomborg, a Danish scientist and Freeman Dyson a British one. One should study their arguments carefully before uttering nonsensical statements.

  9. Anything but fighting the islamo-socialist takeover of the West.
    No, keep fighting imaginary enemies. And while you’re at it, make sure to Check that Privilige™.
    What next? Aliens? “Nazis”? Teletubbies?

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