“We Are Surrounded by Threats and by Fear”

Of the member states of the European Union, the nations of the former East Bloc are the most sensible and politically incorrect on the topic of immigration. And this is true of those nations that were not even nations, but Soviet Socialist Republics, from 1940 to 1991 — Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, among others.

The following article from Tages-Anzeiger features a Latvian theater director who doesn’t subscribe to the PC zeitgeist concerning the open-borders attitudes of Western Europeans. The German variant is known as Willkommenskultur, whose detractors use the word to mean, roughly, “bleeding-heart liberal migrant-loving madness”.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation. The translator includes this note:

Apparently Alvis Hermanis’ letter to the Tages-Anzeiger has made waves. He is now being accused of being a racist bigot. Arif Pirincci knows all about that.

The translated article:

“Do You Believe That 40 Million Polish Citizens are Neo-Nazis?”

The Latvian theater director Alvis Hermanis doesn’t want to produce in Hamburg — as a protest against the German Willkommenskultur.

Quite a few German theaters are strongly engaged for the refugees. The Deutsch Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, for instance, made room for the housing of sixty refugees. And the Thalia theatre rearranged their repertoire and created a “refugee café”; recently a few young refugees were given the opportunity to speak in the piece “Ankommen” (Arriving). At the start of the season, the Thalia called on people to donate. “Theatre is a social space. Artistic work is born from the social. That is why so many different activities go hand in hand here,” Joachim Lux, the director, said recently. “Through big, common themes we can create a sort of insight […], the theatre is part of all of this.”

Alvis Hermanis, Latvian director, cancelled his theater project “Russia. Endgames” at the Thalia theatre. He wrote up his reasons for tagesanzeiger.ch/Newsnet. It shows how even among artists there is a divergence of viewpoints on the refugee situation and how it is being handled. His explanation is as follows:

“I asked to cancel my production in Hamburg for very private reasons. I am working in Paris at the moment, and I live in the area where one of the massacres took place. Daily life here is like living in Israel. Permanent paranoia. What makes it worse is that members of the Jewish community of Paris are the first ones who leave our city. We are surrounded by threats and by fear. We have all been traumatized by what happened three weeks ago. I am the father of seven children, and I am not ready, to work in yet another potentially dangerous city. As we already know by the way, some of the people that participated on 9/11 came from Hamburg. We know that even the German government changed their refugee policy after the tragedy in Paris. And we now see the price to be paid, to finally see the admission of the connection between immigration politics and terrorism, which cost the lives of 132 young people in Paris. Does Germany still subscribe to the taboo that immigration politics and terrorism cannot be connected with each other? After I spoke to people from the Thalia theatre, I understood that they are not open for divergent opinions. They identify with this Willkommenskultur for refugees. Yes, I do not want to be a part of that. Am I allowed to make my own choices, to have my own opinion? What about democracy? I do not believe that my political views are more radical than the opinions of the majority of Europeans. We do not support this enthusiasm to open up all of the EU borders for uncontrolled immigration. And especially in Eastern Europe we don’t understand this euphoria. Do you really believe that for example, forty million Polish citizens are Neo-Nazis?”

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  1. It is strange but I just read an essay by Maria Schmidt in Hungary Today titled “On the way to self-destruction”. It is worth 15 minutes of time to read and think about. Don’t know a lot of Eastern European history but it seems people from that region have suffered a great deal of oppression from many different sides. It is refreshing to read about people like Mr. Hermanis who will still speak up and tell the truth. It is scary to think that he is being persecuted for speaking openly about the elephant in the room.

  2. “I understood that they are not open for divergent opinions.”

    It is not only important to hear divergent ideas. It is important to hear them all and then apply the most logical reasonable one.

    When we were in school. . . .

    I always use that sentence. Why? because in school we were told, and pupils are told that everyone is free to think the way they deem correct and and insisted that that would lead to critical thinking. Absolute freedom, which is as dangerous as not being free.

    But some wise teachers would add, “of course you can’t say one can jump onto the pavement without equipment, from third floor, 10 meters high. That opinion is not valid.
    So you can’t cram 800 people in a 6″ by 6” room.
    A country can’t absorb unlimited number of invaders. Valid opinion.
    A continent can’t accept 4 million invaders and survive. axiom.
    Welfare money is limited. Having sex with 4 wombs (pleasure), producing unlimited legions of invaders and clothing them and feeding them is (painful.) axiom.

    Invaders will produce unlimited jihadis surpassing traitors’ unlimited idiocy.

    Did prophet Daniel mention something about increase of knowledge and abysmal stupidity?

  3. 27,410 muslim atrocities since the Trade Towers came down, and still the backlash has not started….
    I’m beginning to wonder if it ever will, because if it doesn’t, our future will be as slaves, workers to support our muslim overlords; the descendants of the evil Ottoman Empire Carly Fiorina so admired.

  4. Multiculturism only works if people share the same religion. Looks at russia and china, their muslims population have been there for ages but still not integrated and giving problems.

    • Multiculturalism can only work if people share the same RACE. Like the europeans who created America, South Africa, Argentina…

  5. I hear in Poland some theatres and plays promoting porn and hate of Christianity are being axed. I’m sure Mr Hermanis would be more than welcome to stage his plays there, if he so wished.

  6. I used to think that the ultimate goal of the German and French governments (the twin turbos that power the EEC/EU) was to turn Europe into a sort of ‘second coming’ of the United States, for which they needed open borders, a common currency and a large, non-native, culturally and ethnically foreign underclass, among other things.
    Never mind that the entire basic premise of the United States is fundamentally different from that of Europe.
    Now, I’m kinda starting to lean towards more sinister reasons for the genuflecting European leaders are performing towards a Middle East which has wanted nothing more than the total destruction of the Occident for well over a millennium, perhaps even longer.
    Could it be that Mrs. Merkel – Time magazine’s Person of the Year, and not without reason, although it isn’t the reason they give – is trying to finalize what used to be known as the Hooton plan, only not limited to Germany, but including all of western and northern Europe?

    • The pioneers and elites of the EU have always had bigger things in mind. From the beginning, they were aiming to institute global peace by creating an organized world, for which an organized Europe would be the pattern, or the kernel. EU institutions work closely with the UN, to promote and to shape the UN’s global agendas.

      As far as I can see, EU leaders tend to be globalists, without much loyalty even to European civilization, much less their national cultures.

  7. Why does Alvis Humanis even have to ASK permission not to work in Hamburg? Why can’t he just tell them to ‘get [redacted]!’

    The Marxist Self-Destructs are still fighting illusory battles against a non-existent Conservative Establishment, like Don Quixote tilting at windmills, but a lot less charming.

    Americans are arming themselves. If I lived in the EU I’d take up the sport of knife throwing!

    • Ah yes, he “asked” because in this case, it’s part of being courteous. European Courtesy. It’s not quite dead yet.

      “So I sincerely ask you to please accept my…”, that kind of stuff. Alvis Hermanis is old school.

  8. The most annoying part of the oncoming fight will be the necessity to fight one’s way THROUGH the {redacted} Willkommenskultur/Gutmensch/multi-kulti/Loretta Lynch/unarmed Bobby/ARMED NSA/antifa-Facist/progs just to get one’s way TO the actual {redacted} enemy–who has been trucked/bussed/flown into our midst (at OUR expense, to boot.)

    Welcome to the fight.
    “Buddy, can you spare a clip? ” (Yeah, I KNOW they are called “magazines”–the contents are cartridges, not “bullets”, as well. SOME poetic license is allowed.)

    • Western traitors are harping day and night on “freedom and democracy” while they are depriving us of REAL freedom and Democracy, and depositing us under the rule of islam, gradually, subtly. So much love for islam and so deep hatred for Judaeo- Christianity.

      “Readers who are interested and/or trained in philosophy and theology will want to examine this essay closely. It helps explain the post-modern mess that the West finds itself in today, following the strands of ideological self-destruction that weave their way through the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, Marxism, Bolshevism, National Socialism, and Secular Humanism. The Islamization of Europe may be viewed as the fulfillment of a dream that was shared by Adolf Hitler, but which began long before he arrived on the scene. ”

      If someone does not get horrified when one reads the above paragraph, after understanding it, then the situation is hopeless.

    • Spot on!
      Flintlock. . . you are perfectly right. “Those traitors” install invaders over us to be our Übermensch race.

      The guard is the thief.

  9. The euphoria sounds like the start of WW 1 when the populations joyously marched off to the appalling slaughter.

    • As we merrily traipse through the tunnel of life, some of us see the light at the end of the tunnel………………..

      ……………….we see that it’s the approaching freight train.

      • Hey! That is my line, from a C&W song I wrote and tried to sell to Conway Twitty, “The light that I thought was the end of the tunnel turned out to be an oncoming train, Oh My!”
        Speaking of oncoming trains, the pronouncements coming out of the White House are just as frightening. I hope that I can be clear of the tracks before the white house express comes chugging by.

        • That’s a run-away, rogue train. The criminals driving it don’t need no stinkin’ tracks; they can roll right over you whenever they want to…right now they’re begging us to give them an excuse to want to “come chugging” – not “by” us but right over us. We’re just bitter clingers taking up room they need for their refugees.

  10. The way I see it, the European’s can only be saved IF their survival instincts are triggered following a few thousand of their own being slaughtered. Words cannot convince the brainwashed, only the sight of blood and tears.

    • yes. but its not a few thousand but a few millions to change thinking. Eg there have been 3k death in 9/11 and it got only worse.

  11. Europe can’t saved. We see decline in scientific and cultural life already. French becomes second language in Israel. Even if immigration is stopped now, we have passed the point of no return. Moslem population will continue to increase by natural way. Moslems don’t need to be a majority to take over a country because the opposition will always be divided and moslems will always act as a solid bloc.
    For the Europeans there are 3 choises: civil war with elimination of ALL moslem population, emigration or dimmitude. My guess, some will emigrate, many convert and majority become the dimmies.
    In Australia we are not as bad as Europeans, but the trend is the same. It will just take longer. I will not, but my children will have to make a choice. They will emigrate to moslem-safe country. For a number of reasons I chose Thailand. Yes, they do have moslem problems, but they will never submit.
    Next year I am going to Europe. The place my ancestors and I were born, grow up, educated and lived. I will go the last time in my life to say goodbye to Europe I knew and loved.

    • there is another way than those you mentioned. We change for a few decades from a democratic to an autocratic system rooted on anti-muslim ideology. Reconquista 2.0.

      We are still more and have the key personnel in tech and economics. People can and will change. They only have to experience a key event like the detonation of some nukes in european cities.

    • Sorry Joe Six, but I’m o.c. when it comes to grammar. [Strictly speaking, since you used “would have” in the second clause, the first should be in agreement, i.e., “If we HAD wanted their culture”…]

      If we want their culture, we will go to them.
      If we wanted their culture, we would go to them.
      If we had wanted their culture, we would have gone to them.

      You can find “went” at the link below: Notice it only applies if the action is complete, e.g., – I blew them all up when I went there.


      Yeah, English verbs are cruel and senseless.

      • Dymphna, as I was poised to enter Year 4 of elementary school, my State’s education department finally succeeded in abolishing the teaching of grammar to students. Which had hitherto commenced in Year 4. You know how it goes: grammar is hard for the not-so-bright kids, so rather than damage their self-esteem, let’s have all the kiddies say and write “Yes, we has no bananas” and not teach them it should be “have”. This egalitarian decision from circa 1969 has resulted in my having to play autodidactic catch-up for almost half a century. Often professionally embarrassing. Feel free to correct me whenever I get it wrong. Please.

  12. My guess is that as the Muslim attacks become more frequent and more bloody and the authorities still do not permit Germans to either protect themselves or fight back there will be eruptions of outright rebellion against said authorities, almost like a bubbling cauldron — sporadic eruptions all over Germany. How could that not happen? The pressure will be intolerable. You are being attacked by murderous Muslims and suppressed by the very government that is pledged to protect you?! People won’t stand for that. As to the unavailability of weapons…expect mutinies by local police and even by units of the army. Up against the wall the survival instinct kicks in — hard. If not human nature has been repealed and it hasn’t, not yet.

    • Germans, Austrians and Swiss in particular tend to be very law-abiding, ‘correct’, authority-trusting and obedient. Not to mention thoroughly cowed into submission by one police state after the other going back as far as the 18th century. Which may hurt them very, very badly yet again.
      Things would have to get completely intolerable for German police or military to go against their leadership.
      Rebellion like you describe seems more likely in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Scandinavia, maybe Britain. And certainly eastern Europe or the Balkans, if it comes to that.

  13. Unfortunately members of the Thalia theater group have been lobotomized by Cultural Marxism; Jewish in origin, with the purpose of destroying Western Civilization. Unfortunately again, they lack the wits to realize this. I was about to add …along with their Chancellor, but have realized now for some time that her actions were deliberate and the product of depraved, self hating mind. Will their brains ever work properly again? Only when they begin to suffer the assaults, rapes and assorted other low-civilizational “enrichments” from Islam they are bound to experience. Let’s hope it is not beyond the hour, so to speak, at that point.

  14. “Theatre is a social space.”
    This is sooo right! I never really liked theater. Even when we – forcibly, of course – were made to visit a theater in primary school. And that is so socialistic: you make people do things ‘to better them’ they don’t want to, you make them say they liked it, while they in real life don’t. You make them (well, my parents of course) pay them for it too. You can’t find something more socialist than theater. Ordinary folks don’t like nor visit theaters often. But they pay through the noose for them.

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