We Are Patriots, Slavs, Lions!

The following video shows footage from an anti-Islamization demonstration held in Prague on December 12. Of particular note is an inspiring speech delivered by a patriotic young woman, who talks about the need for Czech nationalists to overlook their minor differences and unite against the destruction of their nation and their culture.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


23:34   “Czechs, come with us!”
23:39   “Czechs, come with us!” 12.12.2015. – Rally for our culture
23:53   “Czechs, come with us!”
24:59   “Czechia for the Czechs!”
25:32   “Czechs, come with us!”
25:50   …Jana Homolkova and some of you may know me. I am not a member of any political
25:54   party, but I am an activist. Primarily, I am
25:58   a twenty-year-old girl, a proud citizen of the Czech Republic, a loving
26:02   daughter and sister – I am one of you! I am not indifferent to the fate of
26:07   of our beautiful country, of our home,
26:12   nor of the citizens who are holding on, and I do not like how light-heartedly
26:17   our so-called ‘government’ makes decisions about us. “Right on!”
26:26   There is so much I would like to tell you, but I will focus
26:30   on just one thing: us! Before the first rally
26:35   I attended, I had never heard of any of the organizers, leaders
26:40   or speakers. I did not go there because of who was organizing the rally,
26:44   nor for the speakers. I went there for the underlying reason!
26:49   I went there for myself and my family. Since then, some things have changed.
26:53   And people have started to decide whom to follow, whom to side with.
26:58   I tell you, don’t side with anyone while siding with everyone!
27:02   We are all constantly talking about unity, we all
27:07   say ‘one for all and all for one’. Despite this, we manage to bicker
27:11   over minor and silly things. Each one of us is an individual and this includes
27:16   some differences in opinions. Despite this, we all have something in common:
27:20   We are people, patriots, citizens,
27:24   we have our families and friends, we have a common language, but
27:28   the main thing is that we have a common goal – and that is what
27:32   our main focus should be! “Right on!”
27:42   If now,
27:46   out of nowhere, we were to find ourselves in a state of war, we would have to rely on someone whom we do not know at all,
27:51   that they would have our back, and that someone, completely foreign to us, would have to
27:55   rely on us to cover their back. In that moment,
28:00   all of our differences of opinion must be set aside.
28:04   It is clear to me that, within every group, small differences will come up. The important thing is
28:09   that we manage to overcome these and create a whole. And I firmly believe that, yes.
28:14   They may call us racists, xenophobes, fascists,
28:18   extremists – and God knows what else!
28:23   Yet we know who we are! We are patriots, Slavs, lions! Our ancestors
28:37   Our ancestors have handed down to us a beautiful land, filled with woods,
28:42   meadows, brooks and vales, and I firmly believe that we
28:47   will hand it down to our descendants, free and safe!
28:57   I know this situation is difficult for you. But, let’s realize that
29:01   for them, our motherland is just a piece of land while for us, it is home!
29:06   And, if we are to fight together for ourselves and our families,
29:10   it will cost us a bit less strength, but it will give us that much more meaning.
29:15   It is a paradox, but, once, long ago, one Arabic
29:20   traveller said that the Slavs are against Muslims, and, should they unite, there will be no-one
29:25   who could defeat them. So, I ask just one and only thing of you:
29:30   Let’s truly unite!

5 thoughts on “We Are Patriots, Slavs, Lions!

  1. A true lioness if ever I saw one. Whilst there is youth like this young woman in Europe there is hope. What a contrast to our youth in the UK who appear to fight their “battles” in the past like the leftists in university insisting on the removal of a Cecil Rhodes statue because it is colonial and “racist” and yet still prepared to benefit from scholarships paid from his charitable foundation. God bless this young Czech woman she has made my day!

  2. There’s an opinion piece on the cyber front page of Der Standard (Austrian newspaper) today, claiming that Poland will be Europe’s land of crisis in 2016.
    The unwritten implication being that Poland is too ‘right-wing’, better knuckle under and take a few million Arab settlers like everyone else.
    Guess they didn’t see this…….

  3. “one Arabic traveler said that the Slavs are against Muslims, and, should they unite, there will be no-one.”

    Not only against Slavs, but against anyone who hinders muslims from earth-cleansing of any other people and religion, except their own, and become masters of the universe.
    That’s why this intense irrational hatred for the Jews, who are being slaughtered on daily basis while the west either never mention or find an excuse for the criminal’s crime.

    Who took whose land by sheer sword? Does the west ever ask itself why all the lands west, east and north of Saudi Arabia are muslim? And why the west is now helping the muslims to invade the whole of the world?

  4. The Economist has also featured hit pieces on Poland, due to the success of the PiS (Law and Justice Party).

    The Poles saved Europe in 1683 (as readers of this essential blog well know). May they save Europe again!

    God speed, Poland!

  5. The Slavs unlike the Western Europeans do not suffer form short memories,historical revisionism, and the stupidity of collective guilt, they have been invaded throughout history and have been sold out politically many times with false promises,by their own and outside politicians. They are not going to take this Muslim occupation by migration (BTW which we the enlightened all recognize as a set up) laying down. I get first hand reports from friends in Eastern Europe verifying as fact most all of the reports, articles, and comments on this site. Most are way less affluent than their Western European counterparts, they lived under Soviet Communism for over 4 decades and I assure all they are not looking forward to a rerun of Ottoman domination and Sharia Law.

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