Tomorrow Belongs to Them

Matt Bracken sends an amended version of one of the photos included in last night’s post about the hijinks of boisterous “youths” at the border between Greece and Macedonia:

Mr. Bracken has a theory about why these “refugees” are so angry: “They are enraged at the prospect of not penetrating deep into the heart of Europe in time to participate in the Great European Jihad of 2016.”

11 thoughts on “Tomorrow Belongs to Them

  1. Or they could just be peeved at forking out thousands of dollars in smugglers’ fees, only to be kept away from the Promised Land of Germany by an army of infidels… But who knows? And they have plenty of time to reach the Promised Land before 2016.

  2. I cannot see why Germany, which had invaded both Macedonia and Greece and subjugated their peoples except for those it transported to death factories, should be protected from invasion. Let the Greeks and Macedonians do what muslims do: extract passage money for administrative purposes from the invaders and pass them on to Germany. It is ludicrous that Germany should be protected from catastrophe by its former victims. Let the Germans be victims of an imperialist triumphalist subjugating murderous culture they had partnered with in the past (The Mufti) and in the present (the German-Iranian alliance to produce nuclear weapons).

    • The Germans of today have nothing to do with the evil of the past.
      If you say that the sins of the father stay with the family I am reminded of a certain german word. It was used by the Nazis to wipe out entire families because one member of the family dared to fight against the Nazis:


      Please begin to look at the bigger picture.

      Have you forgotten the old sentence:
      Either fight together or hang seperately?

  3. Forgive my ignorance, but what is the meaning of that two-fingered salute? Two fingers raised in a V shape? Is it V for victory or some Muslim salute?

    • It used to be the ‘peace symbol’ during the 1960s. But I don’t know how it’s being used now either.

      • It’s the Muslim ‘open doors’ and ‘open everything’ The cops say “Spread ’em”.

    • Maybe it’s a “V for Victory” sign, like Churchill and others during WW II? You know: we’re not in Africa/Saudi anymore; we’re almost to Germany! Their kind of victory.

  4. ‘Open or Die’. It would be interesting to know the thought processes that were gone through on the way to reaching the decision on that banner.

    • Not really clear to me. Do they mean”open so we don’t die” or “open or you’ll die”. Not clear from thr looks on their faces.

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