The Unbearable Lightness of Being Michael Moore

Michael Moore is a well-known stalwart of the Left whose superior intellect and girth have crowded out lesser American progressives. His latest escapade involved holding up a “We Are All Muslim” sign in front of the Trump Building in New York City.

In the following video Tundra Tabloids has a little fun with Mr. Moore’s image superimposed over various clips of high-spirited Muslims and their Islamic hijinks:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

3 thoughts on “The Unbearable Lightness of Being Michael Moore

  1. Michael Moore. . . amazing! What motivates him to raise such a heinous sign? What is he thinking? Can someone ask him how to explain such a behavior? What’s his goal and direction? Why is he so servile? Why don’t people despise him for holding that sign? Probably many people love him and what he does, while many dislike trump for his honesty?

    Has humanity always been wretched like this… not knowing what’s right? And think of their foes as loyal friends?

    What can you say. .. speechless at human eccentricities and perverted equivoque and empty rhetoric?

  2. Christians are being enslaved or slaughtered in the middle East and Africa simply because of their faith. I would suggest that this odious leftish clown depart for the nearest Muslim state and proclaim that “We are all Christians now” and his final fleeting thought going through his brain might just be ” duh, that was dumb!” Why do these so called celebs feel the need to make these stupid proclamations which are contrary to their own upbringing and that of their countrymen?

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