The Russian Military Presents Evidence of the Oil Trade Between ISIS and Turkey

The following RT video shows a presentation by Russian military officers about the oil trade between the Islamic State and Turkey.

Yes, I know this is Russian propaganda. But is not dezinformatsya. That is, it is presented in a way that serves Russian interests, which means it is designed to do maximum damage to the Turkey and the United States. But the information it contains is not false; these facts have been widely available for more than a year, for anyone who cared to look for them.

There is no doubt that the NSA and the CIA already possess the same information, and probably a lot more. Officials at the highest levels of the US government are well aware that President Erdogan and his family are doing a lucrative business with ISIS and providing the terrorists with a level of financing that they would otherwise have difficulty obtaining.

It may even be official (albeit secret) US policy to prop up the Islamic State in this fashion, in order to serve state interests that mere peons like us are not allowed to know. Interests that presumably intertwine with those of Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimeen.

Take a look at what the Russians have to show us. They say there is more to come — they are doing a time-release with this stuff to have the maximum effect:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

5 thoughts on “The Russian Military Presents Evidence of the Oil Trade Between ISIS and Turkey

  1. I knew this was the reason that SU-24 was shot down as soon as it happened…Erdogan was pissed that Vlad has interrupted his gravy train.

  2. The neo-Nazis like to say that America is ruled by “ZOG”, the “Zionist Occupation Government” but I’ve started to refer to Ear Leader’s administration as “MOBROG”…Moslem Brotherhood Occupation Government

  3. It is obvious that Obama has been assisting, supporting ISIS. The lack of effective force being applied to ISIS, the warnings ahead of air sorties against ISIS targets, the ridiculous command by Obama for _zero_ civilian deaths from the air attacks – when Obama has never had any problem accepting – even _ intentionally causing – “collateral damage” of civilians and civilian infrastructure during the drone attacks he has ordered or approved.

    Obama is in favor of a universal caliphate being created, as his love of islam and muslims far exceeds anything he feels concerning the citizens he took and oath to protect and defend. He has assisted the muslim brotherhood in every way he could, including having members of it in his own administration, and he has extended that assistance to ISIS as well.

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