The Rooms Are Too Small, It’s Too Remote, And the People Are Mean!

When a group of Eritrean “refugees” were shown their latest residence — a resort hostel in southeastern Switzerland, just across the border from Italy — they were unhappy with their new accommodations. The place was too small, too far away from the city, and besides, they were tired of being moved around. However, the manager of the place had no sympathy for them, and managed to engineer an attitude adjustment on their part.

Note: The original video was in Romansh, and was subtitled in German. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:01   In the Valley Mustair a new asylum home had been opened, it’s a privately owned vacation house
0:05   for schools and large group camps, the “Chasa Muntanella”.
0:09   Today the first 14 Asylum seekers have arrived. They were living in the former Hotel Rustico in Laax before.
0:18   Once they arrived in Valchava, a big surprise took place: they did not want to step into the new accommodation.
0:24   Armond Schlegel reports.
0:28   Today 1:30 pm. Werner Braun, the manager of the asylum home, welcomes the 14 refugees from Eritrea.
0:34   He welcomes them with an apéritif. Everything seems to be OK.
0:40   Even the mayor showed up to welcome the refugees.
0:43   But then they say that they don’t want to stay here. They won’t go inside,
0:48   they won’t get their luggage, they demand to be brought back to Laax or Chur.
0:56   “We want to go to Chur, Chur is good.”
0:59   “Big city.” “Yeah.” “And here?” “It is small here, that’s why.” “Very small?”
1:04   “Worse! Way worse! Very very bad.”
1:12   They feel they are being treated unfairly, because within one year they had to change accommodations four times,
1:17   to make way for other newcomers. They ask why it’s always them.
1:23   “Okay! Now you go and unload your crap over there, but SUBITO (Italian for IMMEDIATELY)!”
1:28   The manager is disillusioned, but nothing helps.
1:32   “You don’t play games like that with me, you know. Absolutely not.
1:37   What they are doing right now is totally out of place.”
1:44   Just two hours earlier, no one would have even thought of such a scene. Everything was ready.
1:48   Werner Braun reached out to the Canton on a private basis.
1:52   He felt zero apprehension waiting on the refugees.
1:57   With joy! With joy. It is a good feeling. We have put in a lot of hard work hours until half an hour ago.
2:08   Last week the Canton informed him that they would accept his help and
2:13   now he is looking forward to the arrival of the first refugees.
2:17   And now this surprise, and a bunch of tough negotiations and phone calls between the Office of Migration and everybody.
2:22   “You want to sleep outside or you want to sleep in the house. So please take your things and go in the house and sleep there.”
2:29   They have no choice, and everything seems to be okay in the end. More refugees will soon move in,
2:33   and the people of Val Mustair will be informed this coming Thursday.

57 thoughts on “The Rooms Are Too Small, It’s Too Remote, And the People Are Mean!

  1. Mr Braun will have to watch his back. These peaceful guys enjoy bloody revenge just like we enjoy swiss chocolates. He should never remain alone and unarmed with them.

    • If I were him, I’d be taking down those stuffed heads with wicked-looking antlers and hiding them.

      • Are you kidding? Those hunting trophies are a daily reminder that in rural Switzerland most households have hunting weapons. Besides the Swiss are mandatory doing a stint in the army up until they are 36 years. Between anual exercises they keep their kit and weapon at home.
        Those rural Swiss are well armed well trained and as the video shows take no [redacted]nonsense from nobody. Those migrant ingrates better watch their step or they end up on the same trophy wall.

  2. Not enough people there for them to steal from OR commit terrorist acts and even less places for them to HIDE .

      • You are not paying attention. Not enough White girls with high self esteem. Imagine – this is just the beginning. Not a single politician or leader in the west had even nearly fallen due to any of this. Anthony seems nervous. Haven’t seen George around much. Obama is one strange bizarre dude to have rule over US resources at a time like this.

        • The low self-esteem girls aren’t the problem – assuming they even exist, for which I cannot find any evidence in real life.
          The problem are the high self-esteem girls (read: all of them) with severe family (daddy) issues who will do just about anything (or anyone) to hurt their dad as badly as they possibly can, And, of course, the brainwashed GoodPeople, who will sacrifice EVERYTHING to their mortal fear of being called ‘right wing’ or worse.

      • EXACTLY that. Not enough night-life.
        Not enough opportunity to inflict misery and rape on the native population.
        I have zero sympathy for these interlopers — let them go home and abandon their lust for white flesh.

  3. Moreover, the canapes were mediocre and the waitstaff had a surly, decidedly un-deferential attitude. Why we pay top dollar to come to this place is beyond me. Oh wait, we’re getting all this for free.

  4. I am livid. Why is this being allowed to happen? Valchava is a beautiful little town and the residents there deserve much better. I would happily go to Valchava (yes, as a refugee) and kiss the ground I stand on. I would eagerly contribute to the village in any way that I could.

    Forced integration has never worked. (Obama’s plan to forcibly integrate American neighborhoods is liberal madness. The homeowner’s associations and gated communities are wetting their pants over this.) Now there will be resentment in Valchava. This once peaceful and idyllic community will not be safe and now there will be crime. What liberal lunatic decided to forcibly integrate the world?

  5. I feel sorry for the good-hearted people of this small town, which will likely be ruined now.

    Funny thing is, I, a citizen of a Western country, wouldn’t be so upset at the thought of moving to such a small town in Switzerland. I’m not seeking it out actively, but if someone dumped me there, I’d deal with it and figure that it’s possible to adjust and enjoy the nice sides of such a place. I certainly wouldn’t [micturate] all over the locals like that!

    I hate to say it, but Somalis seem to have the hardest time adjusting to the West. The Somali community in a place like Ottawa has HUGE problems, and trust me, it’s not the “natives” in Ottawa that are causing it. Same thing in Minnesota, which is also a pretty nice place generally. I’ve seen a friend of a friend, who had to work with them a lot, turn FROM being a good-hearted accomodating open-minded kind of a person into a racist, as a result. He’s embarassed by himself, but he just can’t get it under control because the experiences were too strong. He’s not really a racist, but rather, he has a beef with their *culture*, in my opinion.

    • Wellll, Somalis? Most are not even potty trained.

      I hear you could follow the trails of these ‘refugees’ through Europe even if you were blind–as long as you had your sense of smell….

      Have to agree with you Ingrid; what liberal lunatic turned these sub-human savages loose on beautiful, largely unsuspecting Europe? (and coming quickly to USA and Canada!)

      • Peter35: There’s no need to resort to obviously racist name-calling like sub-human, savages and the like. People are people and we are on this planet together. But to forcibly integrate disparate cultures almost overnight is hideous. It’s like somebody has an agenda that isn’t moving fast enough. And, to make matters worse, these people are being enticed with welfare handouts like children led to candy. In other words, these economic refugees are pawns in a larger game of global domination. And who is the pied piper? Never mind other obvious agendas like bombing the hell out of theatres.

        • I take nothing back–that’s what they are. The only thing worse is the lunatics responsible for enabling this destruction of Europe.

          As for calling me a racist–go ahead, doesn’t scare me. Millions of people are going to become racists very soon–or lose their countries.

          • Let’s not insult animals. People are indeed people, but a lot of people are bad. And a lot of people mean a lot of other people harm. And a lot of people are simply incompatible (unless by force) with a lot of other people.
            The notion that humans are somehow ‘superior’ to other animals may be Monotheistic, but it is also false. If you study animal behavior, you will find that humans act basically the same, the main difference being that we make everything artificially more complicated than, for example, apes, dogs, gazelle, etc. The basics are the same.
            Protect your own pack or someone will drive you off or kill you, murder your offspring and take over the pack.

    • Good fences make good neighbors.
      The social-science model breaks down boundaries, boundaries that are essential for proper order and peace.
      Too much Marxist-infused TV programming and movies will by design tear down our natural suspicions of others who simply, for example, do not understand that when you queue you DO NOT push the person out of the way using your body bulk to get in front of him.
      That’s an obviously minor example of the cultural differences which our “betters” demand we pretend don’t matter so that said betters can “feel” their superiority over the hoi-polloi who must suffer the ERASURE of their own culture.
      There is no cave large enough to hide said betters from us when the time comes to mete out to them their just reward. And I’m not kidding.

  6. Are the newsreader and the proprietor of the building really speaking the ?
    Romansch is a Romance language that is “a descendant of the spoken Latin language of the Roman Empire”. The language in this video sounds very un-Latin-like, more like Swiss-style German, which also needs subtitles to be understood by speakers of standard German.

    • It’s Romansh. An Italian-speaker told me she could could recognize a few words here and there. The translator, who is Swiss, also understood at least some of the Romansh.

      • Mark Spahn, you’re far off.

        MOST of the video is spoken in “romansh”, or to be precise and write it in dialect: “Rumantsch”. It’s “Rumantsch Grischun. It is a language of Switzerland, one of four. Currently there are about 1000 people left in the country who still fully speak it. I grew up speaking Swiss, italian and french in my social life, and German for school from first grade. Rumantsch came a little later when my sister was dating a man from Chur for a few years and all he spoke was Rumantsch.

        Here’s a translator from German to Rumantsch, if anyone is interested. I couldn’t fine one for English to Rumantsch.

          • I think the 1000 figure is a bit low. Romansch is also spoken in the western parts of the Italian province of Trentino-Alto Adige. Once you leave the German-Italian city of Meran/Merano where the streets signs are bi-lingual and head into the hills towards (eastern) Switzerland the street signs in the towns and villages become tri-lingual: German, Italian and Romansch.

          • That indicates that Soros likely had “internationalist” parents. Why am I not surprised?

    • When I lived in Munich, I sometimes heard Romansch on the radio, and it sounded to me somewhat like a German-Italian hybrid.

  7. It’s beginning to look like an attempt at colonization. It’s almost unimaginable really if it were not for the fact that this catering and grovelling to is going on right in front of our eyes. I hope these Islamic chappies and their fellow travelers understand that they are in serious danger’s and not to get too carried away too soon. I hear Mother Nature calling again.

    • I’m sorry. But “beginning?”
      Ok. Then. Welcome to the reality of the past 15 years or more.

  8. It may not have been the accomodations which repelled these Eritreans. They may have been herded along to a bathtub for a complete scrub and wash down which they vehemently refused.

    Sort of like when you try to give your cat a bath!

    People living a mile downwind from these “refugees” are quite aware when a truck or bus dumps a load of them. Even the pigs get restless and the goats turn with the wind to their tails.

    • I remember one winter, it was too cold to take the dog down the beach and throw sticks in the water as per usual, then shampoo him when he came out, so me and my dad thought it would be a good idea to wash the dog, a golden retriever, in the bath. We go him wet and shampooed him up, then he escaped and ran down the stair and hid under the windowsill … just try catching a wet, shampooed, golden retriever when he’s streaking past you like a bullet …

  9. It’s white genocide. Nobody in their right mind wants these ugly arrogant alien young spongers who will never be productive citizens. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

    I just don’t understand why our treasonous ‘leaders’ are doing this. Why?

    • I understand completely.
      But I don’t think the Baron or Dymphna wish to permit me the space to explain it to you, as it would consume a very long paragraph in its introduction.

  10. Let’s try a timeline that takes place over a few decades:
    – 11 Sept. 2001. The World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks (false flag?). Which cause,
    – Invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan as retribution. Which results,
    – In social and economic disruption of various third world nations resulting in,
    – The “flight” of countless “refugees” who happen to be mostly young males, well-dressed, carrying wads of cash and expensive electronics. Causing,
    – The economic and social imbalance of Western nations causing the unwashed masses to,
    – Desperately appeal to self-proclaimed god-like beings (aka heads of state) to end this carnage. These protected humanoid-like creatures are more than happy to end the devastation — after inviting the Muslim hordes to their countries — but they expect total compliance in return. And so begins the control and domination of the unclean by governments and corporatists.

    Hitler was a mere man-child spewing pablum compared to these devious, monied fanatics. None of this is by chance.

  11. The lunatics have taken over the asylum. Welcomed with aperitifs and canapés but baulk at collecting their own luggage and actually entering a decent looking accommodion because it doesn’t suit them. I would just love to see their homes in Africa that they left behind. Nothing to offer but always making demands, these are not refugees they are ECONOMIC migrants. Arrogant, self-seeking, self-entitled future citizens of Europe. Perhaps they would prefer Germany where they might even get to take a “selfie” with Frau Merkel.

    • “Arrogant, self-seeking, self-entitled…” They are being what they are and thus their only product is chaos. As Frank Zappa said, “You are what you is.”

    • I wouldn’t even call them economic migrants, that still suggests that they’re going to contribute upon arrival. They are global parasites, hoping from one 5 star welfare scheme to the next.
      What kind of people do the leftists bringing them in think they will become when they are feted from day one with hotel accommodation, free clothes, money and so forth and no expectation of ever having to do anything to earn all these things?
      What ever happened to that school in Lübeck that was going to have its students clean and cook for parasites? Where is the part of that scheme where the parasites are expected to clean and cook for themselves or even get a job?
      It’s not just that they’re bringing in a hostile culture into the West, it’s this idea that these people will never have to contribute, never have to accept our culture, but boy oh boy are we expected to accept theirs.

  12. I was wondering whether you could feature the Islamic position on taking women slaves and having intercourse with them. The following QA site provides all the authentic references.

    (In memory of Kayla Mueller and the millions of Hindu and Christian women who fell into the hands of Islamic savages)

  13. The verminazition of Europe, it will never be the same BTW most of these small towns and villages were like Mayberry RFD almost free of serious crime, places where folks knew most everyone, and did not have to lock your door every moment.

  14. Third World dictators greedily squander the GDP of their nations and spend no money on schools and health clinics (promoting birth control) so there is an unsustainable population of young men who, fifty years ago would have died during childhood, but now they are uneducated, have no job prospects because of their corrupt leaders and WE have to pick up the bill!

    We ought to deal with Third World dictators and FORCE them to look after their own populations, of threaten to bomb the living daylights out of them!

  15. This guest house is BEAUTIFUL; in a gorgeous location! It would hurt my feelings
    if visitors turned their noses up at my home here in the Tennessee woods like
    that. – This is horrible behavior, sure does say something about the Muslim
    religion. – Why are there mostly young males in almost all of these photos coming
    out of this influx of Muslims? – I don’t want to mistreat anybody; but I don’t like
    rudeness in anyone. It’s like rabies in a dog. Welcoming such behavior is not
    right nor constructive.

  16. Absolutely unbelievable. As a former east-block citizen, where I had a pretty good life in the former Czechoslovakia – although it was behind an “iron curtain”, I also spent more than 20 years in Canada – where I studied and eventually married a Canadian. No ONCE I would dare to complain about things in Canada, I was thankful I could live in such a beautiful country, although it was never easy, to assimilate, coming from a different country. Coming from the “east” to the “west”.

    For a few years my standard of living in CA was actually much lower, than it was in Europe for me, as I was starting from the scratch. No free handouts were ever given to me. I had to make my own way to have a good living. I was proud to become a “Canadian”, although I always said, I was only an “artificial” Canadian.

    Watching these people from totally different culture, and I don’t care if I will be called a “racist”, also people of different race, background, values, history, everything…….things and things are being HANDED for FREE to them, living quarters, transport, food, accommodation, in the heart of beautiful Swiss Alps, and STILL not having enough, …it makes my blood boiling.

    There was NO smile from these people, no thank you, no happiness, just repulsive “entitlement” attitude. WE DON”T LIKE IT HERE ! WHO are these people ? Why do they think that Europe must accommodate their wishes and demands ?
    They sound more like a “wealthy tourists” checking their new “all inclusive hotel resort”.
    I, personally, would LOVE to spend some time in beautiful Alps, would offer volunteering, would THANK profusely to Swiss people for everything.
    But, that’s me, I am not an African, no Moslim, just an average hard working European person, as many others.

    • I lived in this beautiful country / Switzerland / in my youth. I have been living in Canada for last 39 years now / beautiful country too./ I’m surprised and sad by stupidity of some Swiss people. I will NOT accommodate these freeloaders instead I pack them into bus and throw them out of Switzerland /same day/

  17. Thank you Maria, for being happy to have been in Canada and appreciated it. I too cannot understand those supposedly refugees who complained about a place in lovely Switzerland, which many of us would have been thrilled to have been welcomed to. At something like $150/night!

  18. I would add at this point, “DON’T LET THE BACK DOOR HIT YOU WHERE
    THE GOOD LORD SPLIT YOU!” as those ingrates swarmed out of my guest
    house (if I had a guest house, that is).

  19. Funny to see it dawn on Mr. Braun that this might be a big mistake. Like the city folk who visit the woods near me and think bears are friendly. Anthropomorphism is always a mistake.

  20. GOV and Mr. Montana, this post is one to follow with updates. Please keep us informed how the people of Val Mustair respond to the news they have been blessed with such cultural enrichment. Let us know if Herr Braun’s “With joy. With joy. It is a good feeling” multi-culti disorder has been cured. Thank you.

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