The Mujahideen for the Islamic State: Let Them Come to Berlin

The following article about Islamic State proselytizers in Berlin was published recently by the Berliner Zeitung. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

Islamists Openly Recruiting for the Islamic State in Berlin-Spandau

Loyalists of the terrorist army “Islamic State” apparently loudly tried to recruit for new members. In the subway on Line 7 they sang fight songs and distributed flyers.

A spokesman for the police confirmed to the Berliner Zeitung, when asked, that the incident at Subway Line 7 took place around 11:30pm between Rohrdamm and Spandau stations. According to one witness who reported to the police, seven men were singing in Arabic in the subway car. The song was identified as a so-called ‘Fight-Nasheed’ for violent jihad. They then proceeded to involve passengers in discussion in Arabic, and passed out flyers in the size of DIN A5 [5.83″ × 8.27″].

Police have requested surveillance videos

The witness, who did not speak Arabic, asked two Arab women, who confirmed to him that this was a recruitment in process for the Islamic State. The witness then filed a complaint with the police. “We are now investigating because of open support for a terrorist organization,” the police spokesman states. He says that they have requested all the surveillance videos of the subway car in question from the Berlin Transport Authority (BVG).

This is not an isolated incident, as the police have ascertained over and over again that militant Islamists openly recruit for IS and for fighters to engage in the war against the “kuffar”. They are known to use three mosques in the city and the Internet as well. It’s because of this that two 21 year old men are in court this week because they were planning an attack on the Israeli Embassy . One of the two had recruited for the Islamic State and praised their violent actions. He radicalized himself mostly on the internet.

Islamists also tried to recruit for potential members in front of several Berlin refugee camps. Officials have watched these occurrences numerous times especially in front of the LaGeSo, the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Security.

Number of Salafists is growing rapidly

The amount of radicals in Berlin is growing rapidly. By the end of September, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution counted 670 followers of Salafism — an ideology which lives the lifestyle as the prophet Mohammed preached, who is said to have lived in the 7th century.

From these Salafists about 350 are considered ready to use violence. A large portion of them are reporting to the Islamic State. More than 100 of the radicalized fanatics traveled from Berlin to Syria and Iraq to fight the kuffar there.

6 thoughts on “The Mujahideen for the Islamic State: Let Them Come to Berlin

  1. Mrs Merkel is already tap dancing with her own coalition on this “humanitarian issue.” I am honestly surprised that the Bavarians, especially, haven’t initiated action to oust her. She is playing with fire. I am trying hard to find a “rational” reason why she should adopt this lethal approach… But, then again, the whole of “united” Europe is acting incoherently and against the very basic preferences of the overwhelming majority of the people in member countries (note I did not say ‘Europeans,’ I said ‘people in member countries.’ We still prefer our national labels to ‘European’ a name which is quickly becoming synonymous with appeasement and suicidal thinking.)

  2. To the remote islands off western Eutope move the Muslim crazies who will strain to make a Islamic Hell on earth. Nothing like a good demoralized local population for progress in the seemingly amoral and fast regressing Christian Western world.

  3. Let me guess: The police let the Jihadists pass but arrested 2 ‘right-wing extremist neo-Nazi skinheads’ for ‘inciting violence & racial hatred’, amiright?

  4. Anyone who thinks ISIS and Islamists in general are just “freedom fighters” that are under control, are in denial. They need to be eradicated – now!

  5. being around the world for a few times, and also hosting several guests in my homeland, I think I know how normal people try to be nice and avoid unpleasant behaviours when abroad. Why the people in the photo do not want to act like a sane human-being and live their lives, especially now that easy residence in a wealthy country has been granted to them? the reasons I may think of:

    1. they know nothing about manners.
    2. they know pretty well that they will not be charged for such activities.
    3. they are paid to do that.
    4. all of the above.

    • I think the REAL reason is that they have Islamic computers in their brains stuck on default mode of ‘Kill the Infidel’! The Muslims have never been any good at technology. They are psychological slaves incapable of original thought or invention.

      On the other hand, their enemy – the West – has been mentally castrated by a combination of Marxist smugness, indolence and passivity.

      I think the computer brains have the advantage.

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