“The Flawed Policy of Inviting Migrants into Europe”

Petr Mach is a Czech economist and currently a member of the European Parliament. In the following video from the floor of the EP, Mr. Mach raises strong objections to the European Union’s migration policy, with a special emphasis on the irresponsible importation of jihad fighters from the Islamic State.

He addresses his words to Federica Mogherini, the former Italian foreign minister and now High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript (times based on the original program):

20:10   Petr Mach — We cannot accept migrants, for our own safety.
20:14   Mrs. Mogherini, Mr. Chairman, those terrible terrorist acts which took place in Paris,
20:18   what is happening in Brussels, is the result of
20:22   the flawed policy of inviting migrants into Europe.
20:27   And I am quite saddened by just how far this politics of
20:32   multiculturalism has gone. I had the opportunity recently to meet with
20:36   the commander of the Kurdish Home Defence in Syria. And she told me
20:41   that when they had freed one Syrian city from Islamists, they had found a camp there
20:45   where people from Europe were being trained to fight, not alongside
20:49   the Islamic State, but so that they would return and wage war in Europe.
20:54   And now, migrant quotas are being forced upon us!
20:58   We cannot accept migrants for one and only one
21:03   reason: and that is our own safety. If we wish, for humanitarian reasons,
21:07   we wish to help someone, let us create refugee
21:11   centers in Turkey, and those we have vetted, we may let through into Europe.
21:16   We are dealing here with the greatest security crisis,
21:21   and you, Mrs. Mogherini, have decided to harm our main ally
21:26   in the Middle East, Israel, and are forcing it to label products
21:30   that these are Jewish products from the West Bank! You wouldn’t dare
21:35   [force] Russia to label Crimean products, or China
21:39   to label Tibetan products, or Turkey to label
21:43   products from the North Cyprus Turkish Republic!
21:48   You dare [to do this] to Israel and I am ashamed of this policy!
21:53   And in Malta, in Valetta, you agreed amongst yourselves that Africa will be sent gracious gifts,
21:57   hundreds of thousands of Euros, in order to carry out there similar nonsensical
22:02   projects, like the ones that are being financed by subsidies here in Europe. Why don’t you instead
22:06   promote the loosening of the [restrictions on] trade with African countries, so that they would not be bound by quotas
22:10   on oranges, quotas on figs, quotas on dates. Why do you prefer to send them
22:15   gracious gifts [through which you] wish to further destroy their economies?

6 thoughts on ““The Flawed Policy of Inviting Migrants into Europe”

    • Oh my. How the so called European Union has destroyed European Union and now are reaping the whirlwind of invasion by killer hordes. How did such a bunch of [redacted] homosexuals and [redacted] femninists get their droopy limp loser limbs on the levers of power and keep them there so long? How could ISIS not be massing? Right now we don’t seem to be able to tell our [redacted] from a hole in the ground.

  1. I agree that we need rather more people like this man and Farage and others. I think that they are there but haven’t yet summoned the courage to stick their heads above the parapet. Maybe Le Pen’s recent good showing will provide some encouragement.
    I have to laugh at the EU’s titles. Catherine Ashton – a never elected individual who managed high paying appointments with no experience and simply on the coat-tails of the Labour Party was the first “High Representative…….. foreign…” yet NO experience in diplomacy, government, foreign affairs, and still unelected. The title reminds me of Gilbert and Sullivan and , to be honest, the participants act just like the characters satirised in G&S.

  2. He looks and sounds wimpy. As if asking for permission from the neurotic feminist crazy.

    • Compared to the Czech anti-islamic activists from Bloc Against Islam (Konvicka, Hampl), he is wimpy and he is mocked for that wimpiness.

      Sadly enough, this kind of wimpiness would still pass for enormous courage in Germany and perhaps Britain.

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