Resisting the Cultural Enrichment of Corsica

The recent outburst of “Islamophobia” in Corsica brings to mind what Kepiblanc wrote back in 2006 about the fierce patriotic spirit exhibited by Corsicans:

The Corsicans are a proud and independent people, so they fly their flag everywhere, be it on buildings, ferries, sports facilities and even Coca-Cola cans. But this flag isn’t the “Drapeau Tricolore”, it is something very different, indeed: A decapitated (!) black head on a white backdrop.

The history behind this unusual symbol goes something like this: All throughout its history Corsica has been plagued by Muslim pirates, mainly the Moors. Hence the local saying: “Nothing good comes from the ocean”. So in order to defend themselves they built watchtowers all along their island’s vast beaches (the concept was later copied by the Irish) and erected spikes with cut-off Moorish heads in order to deter the enemy. Sometimes they paraded those spikes around the island, and the idea had the desired effect: Although surrounded by hostility on all sides — African Barbaristans to the South and Dhimmi-nations to the East (Italy), North (France) and West (El-Andalus) — Corsica is Muslim-free territory, even today (Please don’t tell the EU).

Alas, in the past nine years the town of Ajaccio on Corsica seems to have acquired its share of cultural enrichment, just like mainland France and the rest of Europe. Enough so that it has its own enriched no-go zones, joining the ranks of Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Malmö, and other prominent European cities. The “youths” of Ajaccio decided to attack some firemen on Christmas Eve, but the native inhabitants did not take kindly to this display of exuberant diversity.

The following video report is from the independent French news service TVLibertés. Many thanks to Nathalie for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


2:33   Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tensions are running high on the island of Corsica. The media and politicians
2:38   are unanimous in their condemnation of the Corsicans’ attitude, but are quick to forget
2:41   why Corsicans are angry in the first place: Violent attacks against firemen.
2:47   The system is going on the offensive against Corsica. French media and politicians
2:52   have been united since this week-end in their denunciation of the racism and hatred exhibited by the inhabitants of Ajaccio
2:56   against Muslims.
3:00   And according to Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Corsica has even become the stage for the first French pogrom.
3:03   But the demonstrations that have been taking place in the city over the last few days
3:07   have targeted the delinquents who live in the city’s suburbs.
3:10   The demonstrators shout.
3:48   On Dec. 24th some firefighters and policemen were violently set upon by aggressors armed with iron bars.
3:52   Some of the firemen feared the worst. In response to this, a few hundred inhabitants
3:57   of the city decided to meet up every day in the district of the “Jardins de l’Empereur”
4:01   where the attack took place. Some of them decided to target
4:05   an illegal Salafist prayer room.
4:37   In spite of the prefect’s ban of demonstrations until Jan. 4th in the wake of the protests,
4:41   people did not let up. Prevented from proceeding further by police forces,
4:46   the demonstrators walked up to the prefecture and ventured into the hearts of other immigrant
4:50   districts of Ajaccio.
5:11   “I’m sorry, but as in every demonstration, there are some groups….some hooligans…
5:15   There are some people who say things they shouldn’t be saying. We are here to put a stop to that. Unfortunately,
5:19   it’s hard to do with 600 people; we do what we can, so today
5:23   we’ll pass on the message, and tomorrow if need be, and the day after tomorrow, and every day after that if we must.”
5:28   “I understand they arrested someone, one of those who attacked the fire fighters.
5:32   That’s good. I hope they arrest all those responsible.
5:36   Because it’s not natural to bludgeon people who are here to save lives, is it now, sir?
5:40   Because as they were there being beaten to a pulp, maybe there were people elsewhere who really really needed them.”
6:00   Still stunned by the Independence Party’s victory during the last regional elections,
6:04   the French politicians and media are vigorously condemning people’s reaction.
6:08   Attacks against firefighters and policemen have become a common occurrence in France,
6:12   but Corsicans will not allow them to go unpunished. In spite of the repression from the judiciary,
6:16   the demonstrators in Ajaccio are full of determination, and warn the delinquents:
6:20   They will not allow the situation to become as bad as in the rest of France.

11 thoughts on “Resisting the Cultural Enrichment of Corsica

  1. It is typical of the mainstream media to express sympathy not only with Muslim thugs, but with thugs in general while rubbishing ordinary citizens who stand up to thugs. It shows the destructive and criminal nature of the ruling elites. They instinctively feel that they have more in common with hooligans, thieves and parasites than with honest hard-working men and women who do something useful in life.

    Another typical trait of the modern elites is their rootlessness – they seem to have no attachment to their countries and cultures. Should any conflict arise between the indigenous population of their country and some aggressive aliens, they would support the aliens – be they Muslim, Voodooist or devil worshippers.

    • “…typical trait of the modern elites is their rootlessness…”
      Reminded me of Spengler who wrote “…world-alien stupidity-
      for their is nothing stupider than the rootless urban intelligence.”

  2. It’s so wonderful to know that not ALL Europeans are brain-dead politically correct chumps. Shame on those politicians and media people who are condemning the Corsicans. And bravo to the Corsicans. As the video showed, they know what they’re up against.

    May I add my thanks to Nathalie for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling, and to GoV for the news. We English speakers wouldn’t know about this without your work.

    • Well done the patriots of Corsica! Plenty of police to subsequently curb the demonstrations but where were they when the firemen were being so cowardly attacked by Muslim youths? No doubt the leftist liberals will soon be demanding that the Corsican Flag should be changed as it might “offend” the sensitivities of the unwanted new arrivals too. Forget PC and look after your OWN citizens first!

  3. “….people who say things they shouldn’t be saying.” And that is Europe’s attitude in a nutshell. The same attitude we are seeing here in the US more and more.

  4. I fear that in any conflict between indigenous Europeans and invader immigrants, the entire government enterprise: local, regional, national, and international (NATO, EU) will militarily support the invaders.

  5. It looks as if the choice is between allowing firemen to be beaten up and allowing their attackers to do this with impunity, or having the police beaten up by the “hooligans” who are intent on defending the firemen (and themselves), which, of course, is something the police are mandated to do.

    Time to get rid of the word “racist” from our lexicons. The word has now become a meaningless cliché, and is not relevant to rational discussion of the current situation in the world.

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