Opinion Terrorism in Austria

The original source of the following interview was www.info-direkt.eu. It was translated from German into Dutch by E.J. Bron, and has been translated from the Dutch for Gates of Vienna by El Rubio.

The translator includes this introductory note:

This is an eye-opening interview that Dr. Eva Barki gave to the Hungarian news site “Magyar Idok”. I find it very interesting, as it shows the European mindset on the whole migration mess, and why they have so much trouble dealing with it.

The translated interview:

Dr. Eva Maria Barki: Opinion terrorism in Austria

The Dublin III convention and the Schengen system are dead, and the refugee convention of Geneva should be scrapped — so declares the Viennese lawyer Dr. Eva Maria Barki to “Magyar Idok”. The specialist in the field of populations’ and refugees’ rights sees it as an urgent problem that at this time a deliberately planned and well-coordinated invasion is taking place, and that one may count on 950 million people coming to Europe between now until 2050.

Europe does not have a ready answer to this challenge. Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Juncker only entertain opinions that are dictated by Washington. Mrs. Barki emphasizes that in Austria there is much evidence of opinion terrorism: it is forbidden to have an opinion against migration. Those who nevertheless do so seriously risk losing their job.

You were born in Austria, but maintain close contacts with Hungary. What is the origin of those close contacts?

My father was Hungarian. He died when I was only six months old. But I received a Hungarian education, even though I spoke German with my mother. As an only child of Hungarian descent, I was much interested in Hungarian history at school, and discussed the topic a lot with my history teachers. When I became a lawyer, I was the only one in Vienna who spoke Hungarian, and was therefore able to represent many of my countrymen juridically.

You are a specialist in the area of populations’ and refugees’ rights. During your participation in international forums and international organizations you often are against the mainstream and for Hungarian interests. Where does this passion come from?

I don’t just defend Hungarian interests, but mostly what is the truth. I also stand up for other populations.

You have focussed for decades on the migration question: who is according to your terminology a refugee, and who an economic migrant?

Wars, civil wars, and other war activities, armed conflicts and armed rival clan activities are no reasons for asylum. This only exists when there is individual persecution, meaning a case of individual political persecution. That is why, according to the refugee convention, not even 3% of the arriving migrants would qualify as refugees with the right to obtain long term residency. Besides that, it is utterly questionable that the majority of these people want to reach the richest countries of Europe only, when a true refugee, who fears for his life, should be happy to reside in any country in which he feels safe.

But in Europe there is Angela Merkel…

Regrettably, she is the undertaker of Europe. She purposefully invites migrants and destroys not only Germany, but also Europe.

How many migrants can we expect?

Every year there will arrive millions of people, the immigration wave has not seen its peak yet. According to Professor Gunnar Heinsohn of the Army-demographic Institute of the NAVO Defense College, 950 million immigrants will arrive by the year 2050, just from Africa and the Middle East.

How many?!

950 million.

No economy exists that can carry that. Who benefits from such an invasion?

It concerns a purposely well-prepared, well-coordinated action. The American military strategist Thomas Barnett, an advisor to a past American Secretary of Defense, wrote in his two books that Europe should absorb 1.5 million immigrants every year. According to him, this would create a society in which there would be no more differences between nations, cultures, religions and national identities, and where a large part of the population would have an IQ of 90 or below, capable of working but not capable of independent thought. The United States does not understand our societies, which have grown over time, our history, and especially not our culture and traditions, and totally does not understand how a well-organized society is supposed to function.

The countries with the former utmost important goal of immigration, such as the United States, the rich Gulf States and Australia, turn away — and rightly so — from unlimited immigration. How is it possible that anybody from those countries has the nerve to dictate what Europe, what Hungary should do?

One has to make clear to the governments that immigration — in addition to other factors — is one of the most important instruments that will destroy the European social system, and it will destroy Europe’s ability to defend itself at the same time.

What will happen to Europe?

It will become a bipolar continent, in which the Central European countries will play a major role. The Western European countries will, together with the United States, descend into chaos because of loss of values; the moral crisis seems to have reached a point already that seems irreversible. On top of that we have the economic and political crisis.

Is there a connection between migration and terrorism?

Yes, that is why it is a big problem that the European leaders — the German federal chancellor Angela Merkel and the president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker — are operating under the unrealistic pretenses of false-humanitarian and false-solidarity, and are not protecting the citizens of the continent.

One can not call the Austrian Social Democratic chancellor Werner Faymann a squeaky-clean example of honest speech and consequences For example, he protested against the Hungarian border fence, but when Austria started protecting its borders, this fence was transformed into “a little gate with side-parts”.

The Austrian chancellor just repeats the mantra that Angela Merkel has told him to recite; the German federal chancellor and the president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker just regurgitate the dictates from Washington. And in American politics, the financial oligarchy and the weapons industry, with their lobbyists, still have a huge amount of influence.

Not only are the trained “soldiers” and terrorists that are coming with the stream of migrants to Europe a threat, but also those belonging to the second and third generation of migrants who live here as EU citizens. Whereas their fathers and grandfathers were content to live in peace and have work, have clean water coming out of a tap, a roof over their heads and food on the table, apparently their offspring do not see this as acceptable and do not want to integrate. Why would that be so?

They do not want to and cannot integrate. They belong to a totally different culture, they have a different mentality and different motivations.

But this works for almost everyone in Canada.

Canada is not confronted with the same volume and composition of migrants.

Is Jihad — with its goal of global domination — an intended part of the migration?

Yes, that is the case, especially in Syria.

In several European countries authorities knew already for many years who the terror suspects were who departed to Syria to participate in “bomb-making 101”, but nothing happened to take them out or liquidate them. How is that possible? Is that amateurism? Or do you think that is smart statesmanship?

The migration problem shows that this interpretation of the country’s laws have failed. The situation has already become uncontrollable. The authorities do not dare to combat the increasing criminality, and when they do, they are forbidden to make it public because of fears that it will spark open resistance. And when the victim turns to the courts for justice, he is told that one has to take into account their culture and habits. I am afraid that civil war will come — especially in countries such as Germany, France and Italy — if terror activity commences in various places. What will happen afterwards? A dictatorship, but we won’t be able to say if it is going to be a far right or far left dictatorship.

One has to expect huge people masses in the future, but how can we stop these?

The border fence is the right measure. The attraction will disappear when the inadequate 1990 Refugee Convention of Geneva is scrapped; that’s why it has to be done away with. Then the people smugglers won’t be able to promise their clients that they can claim asylum in Europe. And of course the outside borders of the EU need to be effectively protected by the army.

What do you think of the binding quotas? Slovakia and Hungary expect that the European Court will say no to Brussels’ dictate.

I am afraid that the European Court will decide against the interests of the member states, as has happened so many times before. In reality it is European policy that says that people from war zones have to be treated in the same way as political refugees; that is the problem. One has to make sure that that policy is thrown out.

When the migrants are assigned to the different countries — although this will probably not go ahead — they will because of the Schengen convention again and without hesitation return to the country of their dreams. In light of that, do the quota regulations make any sense?

At a future moment, there will be border fences everywhere. That is when people will have to realize that not only migrants cannot enter the EU, but also the whole of Europe.

The Visegrad countries (Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia) are cooperating in the current crisis. Do you think a basis was created for a later effective bloc of political and economic interests?

I hope that the partnership will expand in the future to include Slovenia, Croatia, and Rumania to defend their interest in and against Brussels, on the grounds of shared interests.

How do you think the EU and the nation states should act to get a grip on the immigration crisis?

The Dublin III Convention and the Schengen system are dead, and therefore the Geneva Refugee Convention should also be scrapped, because this was created after the Second World War for totally different circumstances and totally different solutions to the problems of that time. Now crisis reigns everywhere; soldiers in the streets, locked-up schools, fear and powerless anger, reaching into the hearts of people. The whole world is in the grip of great changes; the situation reminds me of that of WWI. The pope is right: it is WWIII. And it is not just a battle against terrorism, but the war also encompasses other areas: economy, valuta wars, arms dealing, media, and propaganda wars.

What the German press — exceptions prove the rule — writes about emigration has in many instances nothing to do with the truth. The German people are in fact dictated to by the journalists what to think about the refugee situation.

Many media outlets lie in total conscious knowledge of their opinionated influence. They should receive much criticism and they should be taken to court.

The Austrians are nice, well-meaning and pleasant people. They don’t raise their voices against the “shifty” politicians, or against the representatives of art and culture with their unrealistic opinions. Why?

There are many things people do not agree with, but in Austria an opinion terrorism reigns. In businesses, in offices, and in banks workers are not allowed to express negative opinions about migration. Those who nevertheless do risk losing their job.

That also existed in Hungary and was called Communism.

What is happening in Austria these days is in many aspects way worse. For example, one has to rat on those colleagues who say negative things about migration. A network of snitches is being build up.

Freedom of expression is without doubt the most important aspect of a democracy.

That does not interest the people. Instead they are silent, because they afraid to lose their job. Freedom in the West does not have any value anymore; only security.

Where can we find the origins of this curtailing of freedom of expression?

After WWII the people were re-educated. The Germans are not capable of independent thinking anymore; there is no political party that defends their interests. Also in Austria there is a “dumbing-down” in the political arena, maybe the FPÖ is the only party that represents the interests of citizens.

Oh, now many will try to pin you to a certain political party…

I represent no party politics and will never do that. My work is of course also political, but when I get involved in some issue, then it is always for justice and this will always be so in the future. Because I am totally independent, I can afford that luxury.

36 thoughts on “Opinion Terrorism in Austria

  1. Finally a refugee lawyer who speaks sense.What the world really needs is clearly more Hungarians and more people of Hungarian decent.

  2. Good stuff, but I have a question. I keep reading about this Thomas Barnett guy, is there a link to his writings and/or a detailed analysis of his policy prescriptions? Also, if quoted accurately why is his opinion not considered crazy talk that is of no effect? Where is the credible analysis that lays out how his prescriptions are making it into U.S. policy?

    Occam’s razor says that mass migration into the West, especially Europe, is driven by the wealth differential first and foremost, and that the vast over-representation of Muslims among the migrants can be explained by the hatred and contempt of Islam for “unbelievers” plus money and ideology from Saudi and Qatar.

  3. “immigration … will destroy the European social system, and ..Europe’s ability to defend itself”.
    These are well advanced already. The native Corsicans are showing the way. After muslim “youths” attacked and injured firefighters and police the Corsicans defied a ban on demonstrations, invaded and vandalized the Islamic prayer room, and gathered outside a civic building shouting “Arabs Out!” (http://www.barenakedislam.com).
    As Barki says, “civil war will come”.

    • “civil war will come”

      My question is, in the case of civil war, is there any scenario under which the indigenous European culture and people will come out on top, meaning they maintain a territory and government identifiable as European?

      The biggest problem, in my view, is the likelihood of intervention by the governments against any armed resistance by Europeans. In the case of France, Holland, Germany, Austria, Britain, etc, the government has already shown itself to be thoroughly aligned with open immigration and the dilution of European peoples. Under what scenario would they not undertake armed intervention against resistors? I can’t think of any.

      Under the worst circumstances, governments embattled by their own peoples would call in neighboring armies for assistance, or perhaps even the armed forces of NATO, including the United States. This happened with the Serbs.

      Part of the doctrine of jihad, led by the Muslim Brotherhood and other Muslim organizations, is to prepare for the takeover by Islam through covert stealth jihad, and systematic lies about the true Islam. But, the doctrine of creeping jihad subversion has been very successful. The purpose of the stealth jihad is to sap the ability of the targeted, non-Muslim societies to resist violent jihad.

      The Muslim Brotherhood has obviously penetrated the government in the US, but the establishment Republicans are just as penetrated, if not more so. Also, since Islamic doctrine of conquest is rooted in canonical Islamic texts and law, the Muslim Brotherhood is not the only Islamic group aiming for penetration and subversion of Western governments, leading to Islamic dominance.

      In my opinion, it is a fatal mistake for those talking about civil war to assume that their governments would be favorable to the assertion of European identity, or even neutral to the question.

      • A pertinent warning, thank you.
        On whose side will be employed those paramilitary armoured personnel carriers bearing armoured uniformed personnel, indistinguishable from the Army’s except for being black? Remember Boston in lockdown after the Marathon jihad bombing.

      • I would advise not to use that “indigenous European” wording

        (unless you have satisfactory definition for it)

        just use “Western”
        everyone knows what that means

        about 20% of Physics/Math/Engineering students in the university I work for, are from China/Taiwan/South Korea/Singapur/Japan/HongKong – not “indigenous European” by any definition
        they are very important part of Europe’s future – much more important than muslims, I would say

        • Indiginious european is perfectly fine as a description. Germanic tribes/Anglo/Saxon/Danes/Franks/Swe etc etc..

          White, basically.

    • Let’s stop calling this a “civil war”. The enemy is not a “civilian entity”, but an invading army.
      It’s simply a war of occupation and attrition.

  4. As a former Austrian myself, I think the nicest people in Europe are the Irish, followed by the Swedes, who can be rather aloof.
    Having said that, Austrians do tend to be very non-confrontational and accommodating, sometimes to an almost self-damaging degree. They are also extremely law-abiding, ‘correct’, authority-trusting and deeply in love with academic titles, making someone with a ‘Prof.’ or ‘Dr.’ in front of their name practically a demi-god who can do no wrong.
    These character traits have hurt them very badly in the fairly recent past, the last couple of times the Austrians (and Germans) did not rebel, they ended up following groups of incompetents or megalomaniacs through the very gates of hell into almost total annihilation.
    Looks like they’re fixing to do exactly that again, although in a different way.
    In the 1970’s and 80’s, the FPÖ (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs ~ Austrian Freedom Party, a slightly awkward translation, but good enough),a.k.a. ‘The Blue Ones’ was kind of a joke, hovering just below 10% in elections, their voters pretty much limited to arch-conservative small towns in Alpine regions. The SPÖ (Socialists, ‘Red’) ruled the roost because Austrian elections are simple majority and Socialists will virtually always win big cities (Vienna alone accounts for almost 1/4 of the total population), The ÖVP (‘People’s Party’, ‘Black’, conservative) would occasionally manage to mount a valiant charge, and there was also the tiny KPÖ (communists), a laughing stock at below 1% and fairly obviously kept alive by funding from Moscow.
    As far as I can tell, the Socialists have lost a LOT of ground to the Greens and various other smaller new parties that have appeared since the 1990’s, the Conservatives have become ossified and irrelevant in a similar way to the US Republican leadership, largely due to many of their voters simply dying off while the young people no longer feel a connection with them, and the Blue Ones are rising, portrayed by the overwhelmingly left-liberal press as a mixture of Hitler, Satan, Nero, country-bumpkin idiots, racists, xenophobes and other bottom-feeding vermin.
    Mrs. Barki might want to consider hiring some bodyguards, because she will be associated with the FPÖ after this, regardless of where her political affiliation may lie.
    Newspapers and TV will tear her to shreds.

  5. This lady is 100% correct in all she says. I work in Vienna and see that people are afraid even to discuss the immigration topic. Many are brainwashed and many more stick their heads in the sand. If Faymann & Merkel are not stopped, they will soon get a rude awakening.

    • Now we learn that Frau Merkel’s New Year address to the German Nation will be sub-titled in Arabic and that fireworks will be banned in most areas as they could upset “traumatised” migrants! Has there ever been a more blatant attempt to further humiliate her own people? What she is really saying is “Get used to it! My priority is the welfare of our third world arrivals, not those who have dutiful rebuilt a nation after the second world war, worked hard an paid their taxes.” Hubris is a powerful force. 2016 could see this stupid woman’s fall from grace.

  6. To those deficient in a grounding of our HISTORY, here in the good ‘ol U, S, of A:

    Do you now see the advantage that the 1st amendment to the Constitution gives to our people? It is true for all who are simply PRESENT on our shores, and they need not be citizens. How it allows us to survive (at least mentally, but also politically and economically) rather than embrace your typical schizoid EUropean thought and behaviour on Economics and immigration (among MANY other topics)?

    ……AND howsabout that pesky, other, UNMENTIONABLE 2nd amendment? The one that allows one a chance to actually fight back–rather than cower in fear awaiting the result of a 911 call?
    That’s your choice, of course. But it is a choice that you actually HAVE (unless the gunstore is out of stock, that is).

    • Oh. . you can mold your own ammunition for your guns. I watched my
      father, a WWII combat veteran, pour his melted metal into bullet molds
      at the kitchen table. We can do that.

      My great-great grandfather was a lightkeeper on the Tennessee River.
      He carried the Smith & Wesson revolver. You don’t go on the river

      Today, I sit at my home in the sticks of Tennessee where I was born.
      We set back off the secondary road quite a way, on a hill above the
      river. There’s a snake pit sinkhole between the road, beside the long
      driveway leading to the compound of houses and outbuildings on our
      place. If someone ventures past the “posted” signs, there ain’t any
      easy way out of here.

      I don’t want to hurt nobody; but seeing the websites showing the
      jihadist training camp here in our state and the Muslims crawling
      around in their woods dressed in combat fatigues; we are prepared
      to protect ourselves and our neighbors.

      I’m amazed anyone would be so foolhardy as to crawl through that
      sinkhole that’s just working with rattlesnakes and copperheads!
      Never mind, if they make it up as far as here; our big old dog, Dub,
      would go on the defense.

      Husband’s a better shot than I am; but I’m working on it. He’s
      always said they *might* take his guns from his cold, dead hands;
      but that he’s gonna take a few of them with him when he goes.

    • While I love the Constitution and its Amendments and am very, very glad we have a first Amendment, the sad reality is that if you have an opinion that your boss disagrees with you they will simply lie to get rid of you. You might be hired and do an excellent job and never break a single rule – yet they will claim you were constantly late (or something). The left is all about pushing their agenda and winning. They have no God, no morality all they have is revenge and hatred. God spare me from the left.

      I do see the advantage of a first Amendment but in reality it doesn’t protect that many. God help us and let’s get rid of the POTUS POS and his gang so we can get back to being who we really are and not some stupid slime he thinks he has a right to lecture. I call him “the schoolmarm.”

  7. Europeans are indigenous to Europe. Why aren’t European nations protected under the United Nations Declaration on the Right of Indigenous Peoples?

    61/295 , Annex Affirming that indigenous peoples are equal to all other peoples, while recognising the right of all peoples to be different, to consider themselves different, and respected as such. Solemnly proclaimed in Article 8 Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of culture.
    2, States shall provide effective mechanisms for prevention of, and redress for;
    a. Any action which has the aim of or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or identities.
    b. Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of their lands, territories or resources;
    c. Any form of forced population transfer which has the aim or effect of violating or undermining any of their rights.
    d. Any form of forced assimilation or integration;
    e Any form of propaganda designed to promote or incite racial or ethnic discrimination directed against them;

    Seems pretty clear cut to me. Merkel and all the other traitors should be charged.

    • You can’t make this stuff up.
      Hear Nicolas Sarkozy, when President of France:
      “Racial INTERBREEDING is NOT a CHOICE. It’s an obligation.”
      “If Volunteerism does not work, then the State Will Move to Still More COERCIVE Measures.”

          • still not sure – the video is cut in pieces and reassembled.
            there is clear interrupt between “Métissage” and “obligation”.

            don’t think Sarkozy is such a cretin.

          • It was widely reported at the time, in print and on video. The news stories are mostly gone now, because it was so long ago. However, try his Twitter account:


            And see what Christine Tasin says about it:


            It is a theme he had discussed previously. See:


            Les civilisations sont grandes à la mesure de leur participation au grand métissage de l’esprit humain.

            La faiblesse de l’Afrique qui a connu sur son sol tant de civilisations brillantes, ce fut longtemps de ne pas participer assez à ce grand métissage. Elle a payé cher, l’Afrique, ce désengagement du monde qui l’a rendue si vulnérable. Mais, de ses malheurs, l’Afrique a tiré une force nouvelle en se métissant à son tour. Ce métissage, quelles que fussent les conditions douloureuses de son avènement, est la vraie force et la vraie chance de l’Afrique au moment où émerge la première civilisation mondiale.

          • (sorry can’t reply to the last entry)

            thanks for the links.

            the closest I’ve got among all refs, is
            “Crossbreeding enriches societies, consanguinity kills”,

            which isn’t exactly right – from biology viewpoint, not every crossbreeding “enriches”.
            also – only if by “consanguinity”, he meant very close relatives, then he is right. obviously he didn’t – so it was really very, very stupid.

            but I’ve nowhere seen the citation at question, literally –
            “Racial interbreeding is not a choice. It’s an obligation.”

            unless I see the direct citation, I will still presume it was made up.

            In Dakar debate as I understood, Sarko was criticized for imperialism. 🙂

          • Sarkozy says exactly that in the video. You can watch numerous versions of the same clip, cut in different places. He said it; no one is making it up.

          • Baron, I read Sarkozy’s tweet that you reference —

            Le métissage enrichit les sociétés, la consanguinité les tue

            which I also found quoted (with additional text) on the resistancerepublicaine.eu website:

            “Le métissage enrichit les sociétés, la consanguinité les tue… Les sociétés meurent de la consanguinité et n’ont rien à craindre du métissage”, a poursuivi Nicolas Sarkozy, mais il faut débattre “de la mesure du nombre de gens que l’on peut accueillir et de la manière de les accueillir”

            Now how to translate this? Taking the longer quote, a literal translation could be:

            “Crossbreeding enriches societies, consanguinity kills them… Societies die from consanguinity but have nothing to fear from crossbreeding,” continued Nicolas Sarkozy, but [added that] there needed to be debate “about how many people we can accommodate and how we are going to do so.”

            But was he using consanguinité and métissage literally or metaphorically? To find out, I looked at the lengthy quote from French Wikipedia that you also gave. Now, my French is wobbly so don’t shoot me if I make a mistake, but my translation would be something like:

            The greatness of civilizations is measured by the degree to which they participate in the grand intermingling of the human spirit.

            (Note: Here it is obvious that métissage is used metaphorically, hence I translated it as “intermingling”.)

            The weakness of Africa, which has known so many outstanding cilizations on its soil, was due to the length of time that this continent did not participate in this grand intermingling. Africa has paid dearly for this detachment from the world which has made it so vulnerable. However, from its misfortunes Africa has drawn new strength and begun to re-engage the world. This intermingling, notwithstanding the painful circumstances in which it arose, is the true strength and the true chance of Africa while the first-ever worldwide civilization is emerging.

            Okay, so we’re agreed that métissage is used metaphorically, not in the biological sense of “crossbreeding”. But what about consanguinité, then? I think it’s obvious that it, too, is used metaphorically: consanguinity –> inbreeding –> ? Maybe “insularity” works.

            Then we can re-translate the first quote:

            Intermingling enriches societies, insularity kills them… Societies die from insularity but have nothing to fear from intermingling,” continued Nicolas Sarkozy, but [added that] there needed to be debate “about how many people we can accommodate and how we are going to do so.”

            Again, I don’t use French professionally, so don’t take my word for it. But I think it’s close to the meaning that Sarkozy wanted to convey: he’s making a plea for multiculturalism here.

            In any case, none of the quotes you gave supports the quotation from Michael Copeland “Racial INTERBREEDING is NOT a CHOICE. It’s an obligation.”

          • Note: Google translate renders métissage as “miscegenation”, and NOT as “crossbreeding” or “interbreeding”. That has a significantly different resonance than the other two words.

            I’ll leave it up to our French-speaking readers to elaborate on what they think Mr. Sarkozy meant.

          • Sure, “miscegenation” is one of the many possible translations for métissage, but depending on context “crossbreeding” or “interbreeding” may be more accurate. “Hybridization”, “mixing”, “cross-fertilization”, even “melting pot” are also possible … as is “intermingling”. It all depends on context. (See this page for a much better overview than Google Translate can give: http://www.linguee.com/english-french/search?source=auto&query=la+m%C3%A9tissage)

            And here is an example of consanguinité being used not in the literal biological sense, but metaphorically: http://forum.canardpc.com/archive/index.php/t-56768-p-12.html

            In a 2011 message board discussion, a bunch of people are griping about a TV program they are watching where journalists interview each other.

            One says:

            Mais c’est quoi le concept de cette émission de merde ??? Tout ce que je vois c’est 6 “journalistes” qui s’interviewent entre eux… Mon impression est un mélange de festin cannibale et de consanguinité…

            and someone else agrees:

            C’est vraiment la définition de la consanguinité dans toute sa splendeur.

            My attempt at translation:

            What is the idea behind this s–t TV program? All I am seeing is six “journalists” interviewing each other… My impression is of a mix between a cannibal feast and incestuousness

            and the reply

            Right, it’s the very definition of incestuousness in full regalia

            I agree, a bilingual French-English person would be helpful here. (I suspect that Sarko actually wanted to use consanguinité metaphorically and at the same time preserve the biological (or pseudo-biological) connotations of unhealthiness: “incest”, “inbreeding”, with all that entails. However, such a level of subtlety in French exceeds my meagre proficiency in the language.)

          • “cross-pollination” is another translation for métissage that just came to mind. It’s not on the Linguee page, but it might work best here, because this English word, too, does double duty as a biological term and as metaphor.

      • Michael, are you there? You’ve been awfully quiet.

        Don’t you think it’s way past time that you either provide a checkable, authoritative quote for that alleged Sarkozy quote about “racial unterbreeding being an obligation” or retract unequivocally the very likely false quote… and apologize to us for having fed us false information?

    • “United Nations Declaration on the Right of Indigenous Peoples” – this document looks very fishy to me, frankly

      “Merkel and all the other traitors should be charged” – this sounds reasonable, they do deserve it, but there is no need to refer to any identity racket, even if UN-sanctioned. OIC racket is of the same type..

        • I don’t dispute that it is genuine.
          I just meant, that it is flawed.

          Canada, USA, NZ and Australia were criticizing it, but were forced to sign.
          USA signed under Obama.
          I really think it is of the same sort as OIC resolution.

          • I think everyone knows perfectly well why Europeans aren’t protected by the Indigenous People Act.
            My question is who is going to provide the Protected Ones with money, technology, charitable aid, medicine, doctors, and all sorts of other stuff once the last Indigenous European (yes, I went there!) is either killed or bred out?
            China and Japan might be willing to sell them tech gear, other than that…Go Ebola!
            Mr. Sarkozy does seem to be a cretin – he’s a politician, so no surprise there – but it is hard to believe he would actually say something like that with microphones or pens present.
            There was a story some time ago about a doctor in Normandy who said all conservative French women (FN voters) should be raped by African and Arab guys and forced to have bi-racial offspring, but I’m not sure that was genuine.
            Maybe Frau Merkel took it at face value and liked the idea.

  8. “The Muslim nation is one nation to the exclusion of all others” (placard in Oxford Street https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rq4el7gyPas at 0.31)
    Islam has no use for nation states, and no plan to keep them. Attacking police is part of the jihad to enforce the Global Caliphate. Jihad is a communal obligation, and “means to war against non-Muslims” (Manual of Islamic Law, “Reliance of the Traveller o9.1, o9.0). The Manual is available as a free download.
    See “Mr. Cameron, Islam is Hostile” at Liberty GB:

  9. “Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Juncker only entertain opinions that are dictated by Washington.”

    These Euros refuse to take responsibility for homegrown idiocy. SINCE WHEN does the US have such power?

    Euros who are not morons should read Bat Ye’or’s book Eurabia.

    • What I’d like to know is where do they find these American ‘thinkers’ who have these weirdo genocidal ideas for Europe?
      I’ve lived in the US for 25 years and have never come across anyone – not even in academia – who thinks that way.
      There are certain segments of European society who love to hate America, which is usually rooted in a ton of envy.
      Btw, there’s another book called ‘Eurabia’, a collection of articles and essays, edited by Andreas Mölzer, for those of you who read German.

      • I agree and also noticed that.

        there exists one well-known third party, with essentially hegemonic pretensions, which is interested in undermining the unity of EU and NATO.

        Mr. Putin tries to buy as many politicians and hysterical MSM mouths in Europe as possible for this purpose – on the Left, or on the Right, and especially among separatists, and especially among anti-Americans.

        that is done even not in postmodernist, rather in schizophrenic style – Putin’s media on the one hand, at any opportunity accuses USA or/and EU or/and NATO in “creating and arming” ISIS, and on the other hand, proposes “coalition” with Russia against ISIS – by that Putin wants to lift sanctions imposed by the West on Russia after the Crimea/Donbass affair.

        I don’t suggest that Mrs. Barki is on Putin’s payroll, but her mental space might be obscured by all these decoys and distortions of Russian propaganda.
        people quite often look for news in RT because legacy media exclude non-PC materials. but that RT news always go with drop of poison.

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