Open Season on Christians in Berlin-Tiergarten

The following news story from Der Tagesspiegel sounds like the Westgate Mall massacre in Nairobi, only not as deadly. “What religion are you? Christian? Well, then, we’ll teach you a lesson!”

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation. A slightly different version of this article appeared previously at Vlad Tepes:

Muslims Beating on Christians

“I am Muslim. What are you?” After asking this question, Muslims beat up Christians at Berlin Mitte on the second day of Christmas, at Potsdam Platz.

At least five men were injured as the result of a fight on early Sunday evening in Berlin-Tiergarten. The police are still investigating, But what they know so far is that five men, after leaving the Club “Adagio” at 17:20 on the Marlene-Dietrich-Plaza, were accosted by a man and asked about their religion. The police report said that the unknown man said, “I am Muslim! What are you?” The question resulted in a verbal shouting match. Suddenly more people arrived on the scene and together with the unknown Muslim they started beating on the men aged 20, 24, and 25.

A 19-year-old man who tried to calm the men down was injured in the face. The perpetrators fled the scene just before the police arrived. The injured young men did not want medical treatment on the spot and said they were going to go to the clinic themselves. According to police, the young men that were attacked come from Serbia and Montenegro, and are Orthodox Christians. The office for political crimes within the police has taken over the investigation. The “Adagio” held a “Balkan Party” on December 25th.

19 thoughts on “Open Season on Christians in Berlin-Tiergarten

  1. I’m always so disgusted when news reports describe ATTACKS as ‘fights’. Those young men were attacked, plain and simple.

  2. How to reply when someone asks your religion:
    Who’s asking?
    Why do you want to know?
    Sorry, my Mother told me, don’t answer questions from strangers.
    Sorry, I’m in a rush; I’m late for an appointment with my psychiatrist/lawyer/[you name it].
    I’m sick and I’m contagious.

    • I prefer “None of your damned business, and get the [expletive] away from me BEAST, before I make you choke on your own crushed fangs.” They love that, it’s pretty effective.

    • Pardon me, but I don’t answer questions from a complete stranger. Unless I’m in a witness box and am legally compelled to. Capiche?

  3. There are precious few Christians left in Europe. Those who remain should make plans to leave as quickly as is practical or arm themselves.

    • Heard on the BBC a couple of days ago, that two thirds of Swedes (yes, Swedes!) pay the voluntary levy which supports the Church. Maybe some do it for sentimental reasons, but surely not all.

      • it may be the kind of inertia “selling” in which you would have to actively opt out…in other words, you might have to check a box on your income tax return or your voting ballot to indicate you did NOT want to pay the levy. Which would make you stand out…in a not-nice way.

        Ah well, it’s just a matter of time until the Church morphs into the Mosque in Happy, Contented Sweden.

        • The national church of Sweden was separated from the state in year 2000 which made it possible to opt out to avoid the 1% church tax and instead only pay a 0,25% burial fee. However, if you require services from church as a non member there will be additional fees.

          A former 95% church membership is now down to 65% last year. It might not be only a monatary issue but one of loss of confidence in a church striving for political correctness…

  4. A scenario repeated thousands of times a day in schools – as early as grade schools – all over Europe.

  5. This is not about theocratic conflict or emotional hate crime, it’s about taking territory by brute force. It’s invasion and conquest, and the sooner everyone wakes up to that fact, the better.

    Muslims see mosques and their ghettos as THEIR territory. They are not ‘no-go zones’, they are mini-Middle Easts and North Africas, lodged like malicious spores all over the Western body politic.

      • I don’t see how you got that (“not about Islam”) out of a comment about how “Muslims” go about taking territory through their mosques & ghettoes — unless you stopped reading after “not about theocratic [theological?] conflict.”

        I assume that DiMu is emphasizing that invasion & conquest are as integral to Islam as any theological argument.

  6. At least we know what the assailant’s religion was. Imagine, earning your way to heaven through violence to your neighbor. I always thought that the way to heaven was love and care for your neighbor. Both can’t be true.
    OK, which is the way to heaven that declares the future in advance. Only the one true God can know the future so I will follow that God’s path. I hope that it is the path that cares for your neighbor because I don’t like the violent path. I don’t want to need to always fear for my life.
    Happy New Year, I hope. 🙂

  7. If someone you don’t know, who appears to be Muslim, walks up to you, you’ve already done one thing wrong … you allowed them to walk up to you. You’re already in danger.

    If that person states “I’m a Muslim” … You’re already in a psychological fight for your life.

    If that person asks “What are you?” … The fight has just escalated to a higher level and is about to become physical.

    All LEO’s and self defense experts say to NOT engage in dialogue with a perp and or someone you don’t know on the street. The perps perpetrate for a living, you don’t. If you engage them verbally, they’ve got you right where they want you. Simply walk away and report them if you can. Otherwise, train in martial arts and firearms incessantly for the rest of your life.

    • How many times your home door noked by those Evangelical missionaries , dose that also “The fight has just escalated to a higher level and is about to become physical.”?

  8. I am basically a non violent person, however how much of this BS is the general citizenry supposed to take? The primary duty of a government is the security of the country and the safety of the citizens, in many parts of the EU this is a a dismal failure. My European Brothers and Sisters will soon have to step up and first try politically , if that does not work civil disobedience , and lastly I hate to even think this ,take care of business including calling out the ‘football hooligans’. Just observing the recent incident on Corsica shows they have a lower tolerance for the ‘migrants’ and their uncivilized behavior.

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