No to Halal Meat in the Czech Republic!

The following excerpt from a Czech Independent TV discusses the recent appearance of halal meat in several Czech supermarket chains, and urges consumers to avoid halal and boycott those stores.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript (using times from the original program):

03:04   The retail outlet Billa started selling meat for Muslims.
03:08   It is marked by a ‘Halal’ label. Poultry,
03:13   of course, according to Halal rules, is executed cruelly,
03:17   by the Halal method, that is slaughter without stunning,
03:21   the animal’s throat is slit and it takes a long time to die through loss of blood.
03:26   So, Bon Apetit! This monstrosity is being supported by
03:30   our state, which is granting to the Muslims in our Czech country an exception
03:34   from law #246 from the 1992 collection of
03:39   laws of the Czech National Council for the protection of animals against torture,
03:43   which states that any animal at the slaughterhouse must be stunned prior to killing
03:48   in order to minimize its suffering. Another traitor to our nation
03:52   is the company DZ Klatovy, which, in order to cater to this cruel, medieval
03:56   Islamic ethnic enclave on our Czech soil, started
04:00   to practice Halal slaughter. It is immoral
04:05   and unacceptable that we, in our culture, in our country, would support
04:09   such heinous practices, such a culture where women have no rights,
04:13   where they support terrorism, paedophilia and where
04:17   they kill animals cruelly. So, we turn to you.
04:21   Please, do not support this suffering, and do not buy
04:26   meat labeled thus, and do not buy at all from the above-mentioned
04:30   companies. Of course, best of all, spread this
04:34   information among people, so they may be informed.

11 thoughts on “No to Halal Meat in the Czech Republic!

  1. One wonders if the citizens of the Czech Republic know how wonderful it must be to live in a country where there seems to be no “political correctness” and where common sense is still valued. The longer I live the more it becomes apparent that these people really know how to live without being afraid to say what they mean and mean what they say.

  2. At least it is labelled in the Czech Republic. It isn’t here in the UK and the supermarkets refuse to even contemplate doing so (with one or two honourable exceptions). Similarly restaurants, schools, company restaurants, takeways etc refuse to identify that the meat they use is halal so it is FORCED on the paying public.
    Quite apart from the killing method I object to the fact that the meat is “blessed” by a religion which I find abhorrent. No one mentions either that or the fact that a fee is paid to islamic organisations (for what purpose?) for every animal so blessed.

  3. I hate to say it, but if you see New Zealand beef and lamb you should avoid it, as the bulk of it will also be halal.

    • Quite true. Dymphna and I no longer buy any NZ meat for that reason. Locally grown lamb is the safest… for now.

      The surest way of avoiding halal is to eat pork. When I visit England, that’s all I order in restaurants and pubs.

  4. Boycott the shops that perpetuate this barbaric halal practice. What may have been acceptable in the middle ages is not acceptable in the twenty first century.

  5. Do *not* overlook the fact that there is, of course, big money involved as well. A portion of the fees paid to these butchers goes straight to the funding of terrorism.

    There is a movement in OZ that is pretty vocal about this, has a website (don’t have the URL: maybe someone can help me out here) and is part of the anti-Islam movement down under that pulls no punches. Unfortunately, much of the lamb there is halal (Trader Joe’s lamb is also halal: ne forewarned).

    • The site is:

      The website owner is also an upcoming candidate for a new political partying for the 2016 elections in OZ. It is called the Australian Liberty Alliance. The main objective is to bring back our values and get rid of political correctness. They will be fielding senate candidates in all States and Territories.

  6. Thank you for this information. I am aware of how halal meat is “produced” — ie, slaughtered. It is a throwback to a less civilized world, just as Muslims are.

    I’ll now have to check on the origin of the meat at the local supermarket or go to the local meat market which buys all its meat from local farmers — that’s my top choice.

    And eating pork, Baron, is an excellent alternative!

  7. Kosher meat exists in the Czech Republic. By definition, kosher is halal for Muslims (but halal is not kosher for Jews as it’s not as strict). Curious whether anyone here has a problem with selling kosher foods? The last time those were banned in Europe was on the eve of the Holocaust. Though I don’t keep kosher I am a Jew and I would view it as crazy antisemitic if they banned it. I don’t think the Czechs ever would because they really are the only people in Eastern Europe who have always been friends to the Jews. Now this is different because Jews never had any interest in making food for everyone else be kosher. But I worry whether the outrage at halal is not then equally applicable to denouncing Jewish customs. I think the fear of that is why you’ll see most Jews reject the idea of banning halal food.

    • Actually, while Kosher slaughter does not involve stunning, it does use highly trained persons with wickedly sharp and perfect blades. Animal cruelty is forbidden in Kosher slaughter. Animals go unconscious in seconds.

      Halal slaughter is a joke, with incompetents sawing away at animals with no standardised technique or implements–and with no prohibition on cruelty.

      • Check your facts before posting.
        Halal slaughter forbids crualty and requires perfectly sharpened blades (just as you said about Kosher).

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