Islamic Timelines Fueling Jihad

The following guest-essay by Sonia Bailley concerns the demonic convergence of the Al Qaeda and OIC timelines — which is occurring RIGHT NOW.

Islamic Timelines Fueling Jihad
by Sonia Bailley

Summary: With the convergence of two Islamic timelines (al Qaeda, OIC) to destroy the West culminating THIS month (the OIC’s timeline ending Dec. 9th), along with the Muslim Brotherhood’s engagement in violent jihad, as opposed to the softer jihad of dawah (inviting non-believers to Islam, meant only as a preparatory phase to violent jihad), Westerners, as predicted by Major Stephen Coughlin, are in for the biggest shock of their lives in the dark times ahead, beginning this week, especially now that the caliphate has been re-established.

These two Islamic timelines, in addition to two Muslim Brotherhood documents — all of which were ignored by Western leaders — are mobilizing jihadists worldwide. The Muslim Brotherhood’s primary mission of dawah, which shakes the identity and faith of Westerners, making them more vulnerable to Islamic conversion and submission, has reached its goal and is ready to be superseded by the next jihad phase, that being all-out war, or violent jihad. All Islamic groups are working together to wage violent jihad on the West. Their intention to do so began ever since the first caliphate was abolished in 1924.

All-out war with the West has begun. With the culmination of two Islamic timelines imposing Islamic law or Sharia worldwide converging this month, in fact one this week, things are bound to get worse. More deadly terror attacks are expected worldwide as a result of this, as forecasted by Major Stephen Coughlin, a former U.S. army intelligence officer and Pentagon expert on Islamic law of jihad. The timelines are building momentum in parallel, with one plan using violent jihad to destroy the West, and the other using soft jihad to destroy Western civil liberties through the use of Sharia-compliant UN resolutions and hate speech codes to curtail any discussion or analysis of Islam.

Al Qaeda’s 20-year plan to violently impose Sharia on the West in stages is just entering Phase Six (2016-2020) of “Total Confrontation”. This timeline, hatched well before 1996, was known to the West for ten years.

The other death-to-the-West Islamic timeline implemented ten years ago by a highly powerful and influential organization — the world’s second largest intergovernmental organization (next to the United Nations) and largest Islamic organization — is also building momentum in a less violent but parallel way.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the largest voting bloc at the UN (comprising the world’s 57 Islamic states) proposed a Ten-Year Programme of Action (at a two-day summit in Mecca concluding on Dec.9th) to internationally criminalize any criticism of Islam or so-called Islamophobia, culminates this week (December 8th and 9th).

Criminalizing Islamophobia[1] was the OIC’s major initiative since 1999, at which time it began pushing for a blasphemy-against-Islam UN resolution. That resolution finally passed in 2011 as UN Resolution 16/18 — the underpadding of which is to establish a global Islamic hegemony or caliphate that subjugates the entire world to Sharia. UN Resolution 16/18 and the hate-speech laws that it gave rise to simply facilitate the Islamization of the West.

Both timelines are influencing, guiding, and mobilizing jihadists worldwide to launch attacks that are gaining momentum throughout the West. All-out war has begun with more and more Islamic terrorist attacks launching worldwide, including now in the U.S.

Coughlin attributes the recent escalation in worldwide Islamic terrorist attacks to the convergence of these two Islamic timelines culminating in December, and to the collaboration of leftists with Islamic organizations that include the Muslim Brotherhood[2], which was listed as a terrorist group in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Why has the media neglected to raise the alert and publish these Islamic timelines, known for over ten years, as front-page bold headlines in every major newspaper? Al Qaeda’s timeline is hell-bent on waging violent jihad on the West. The OIC’s timeline to criminalize speech deemed offensive to a Muslim, even when that criticism speaks the truth about Islam, is already underway in some European countries as hate speech laws that abridge our right to free speech and expression. Deadlines are quickly approaching, while Islamic terror attacks are escalating worldwide.

In all likelihood, the OIC-backed-and-boosted UN Resolution 16/18 will become law not only in Canada, beginning with Quebec as Bill 59[3] (which would criminalize websites offensive to Islam with fines of up to $20,000) — but in the U.S. as well, in light of Attorney General Loretta Lynch vowing just one day after the San Bernardino Islamic terrorist attack that she will prosecute anyone using “anti-Muslim rhetoric” — although she didn’t mention anything about prosecuting anyone using genocidal or jihadi rhetoric against non-believers.

What applies to one religion should equally apply to all, but it doesn’t. Drawing a cartoon of Mohammed warrants a death sentence, whereas a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI made out of 17,000 colored condoms (Eggs Benedict), a photograph of Christ on the crucifix in a glass of the artist’s urine (Piss Christ), and a painting of the Virgin Mary made of elephant dung and clippings of porno magazines (Black Madonna) all warrant center stage at the Museum of Modern Art. The same rules do not apply for Muslims whose religion is always protected from discussion, analysis, or criticism.[4]

Lynch’s promise conforms to UN Resolution 16/18, which, if it becomes international law, would enforce Sharia against Islamic blasphemy. This will be in accordance with those laws enforced by Mohammed 1,400 years ago that condemned to hell or called for the killing of his dissenters and insulters.

Any form of expression that reflects badly on Islam, or that is offensive or insulting to a Muslim, even if that criticism constitutes the truth, is in violation of Islamic law, and is considered a criminal offense in Islam. Those forms of informative expression might include the mere mention or criticism of jihad and its cruel and barbaric torture methods, the rape and enslavement of Christian and Yazidi women, the persecution of religious minorities, gays, and apostates, to name a few, and the motivating ideology behind all these horrific acts.

None of these topics are up for discussion or analysis, as they are considered blasphemous and shed a negative light on Islam — despite the fact that they were all committed in the name of Islam, described in the history of Islamic conquest, and mandated by Islamic doctrine. Mentioning Mohammed’s marriage to a six-year old girl, or female genital mutilation considered praiseworthy and recommended in Islam, is also considered offensive and not to be discussed.

Discussing the truth about Islam is diametrically opposed to Islam. It would enable its enemies to defeat it, as well as lure away potential converts to Islam. Islam obligates every Muslim to invite non-Muslims to the true path of Islam (dawah) through interfaith dialogue or bridge-building. According to Sayyid Qutb, the revered Muslim Brotherhood theorist and founding father of modern jihad, the bridge does not allow for people on both sides of the bridge to mix, but rather only for the non-believers to come over to Islam,

The aim of Dawah, as Coughlin points out in his new book, Catastrophic Failure — Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad, is “to destroy our faith in God, our government, our legal system, our leadership, and our society” while strengthening the belief in Islam, so that we become defeated in mind and vulnerable to Islamic conversion and submission.

That is the primary mission of the Muslim Brotherhood, since the dissolution of the Ottoman caliphate in 1924 by Turkey’s first president, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Founded four years later in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood spent decades writing about reviving the Islamic faith through dawah, particularly for America.

America was viewed by the Muslim brotherhood as a powerful country devoid of human values, and therefore susceptible to dawah that would shape and direct this great country towards Sharia. Practising dawah enables the Muslim brotherhood to “destroy Western civilization from within”, as reflected in its 1991 Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the group in North America.

The sole purpose of dawah is preparing for jihad. Jihad will never end until the entire world shuns its false religious practices, accepts the one true religion of Islam, and unites under a global caliphate governed by Sharia. After all, “it is the nature of Islam to dominate and not be dominated, and Islam must impose its laws on all nations and extend its power to the entire planet,” according to the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan al-Banna.

Coughlin often refers to a key Pakistani book that analyzes the Koran’s warfighting doctrine of jihad, The Quranic Concept of War (1976) by Brigadier General S. K. Malik of the Pakistani Army. Malik writes that when the non-believer becomes demoralized as his faith and identity are being destroyed, yet still refuses to convert or submit, then it becomes time to unleash the next phase of all-out kinetic jihad. It is this violent phase that instills terror into the non-believer’s heart. It is al Qaeda and other jihadist groups launching violent terrorist attacks on the West.

It should be emphasized that Malik’s radical views on the Koran’s warfighting doctrine of jihad were endorsed as national policy in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan — a country that implements the death penalty for those who insult Islam. It was Pakistan that introduced the first anti-Islam UN draft resolution in 1999. It was Pakistan that co-sponsored the Sharia-compliant UN Resolution 16/18 with none other than the U.S. Under the Obama administration and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the U.S. helped usher in a resolution that violates the very foundation of who we are as a nation, the First Amendment, the right to free speech and expression.

UN Resolution 16/18 also violates Article VI of the Constitution, which, as Coughlin writes, “states the supremacy of the Constitution and its laws, while Sharia states the same about its own laws.” Sharia is incompatible with the Constitutional rule of law or form of government in the U.S.; they cannot co-exist, as Islamic law dictates that man-made laws cannot be passed if they contradict the undisputed rules of Islam. In most of the Muslim world, Sharia is the law of the land. Coughlin writes that Sharia subordinates national security interests and undermines the Article VI requirement to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies.

Discovered in 2004, the Explanatory Memo, which describes how to take over North America, has been collecting dust in U.S. national security agencies for over ten years. The same can be said for the Muslim Brotherhood’s worldwide twelve-point strategy for Islamic policy, better known as The Project, which was written in 1982 and discovered shortly after 9/11. Both revealing documents, which direct Muslim Brothers to infiltrate and undermine the government and all U.S. institutions (which has already been done), have been relegated to nothingness, as have the death-to-the-West timelines of al Qaeda and the OIC, rather than be taken seriously as major threats to Western civilization, and dealt with accordingly.

Muslim Brotherhood groups, as well as other Islamic groups, such as the OIC and al Qaeda (an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood and forerunner to ISIS), have been patiently planning for decades to restore the caliphate. It was finally re-established last year, as per Phase Five (2013-2015) of al Qaeda’s timeline.

Despite the fact that most Muslim Brotherhood organizations appear moderate, they are becoming more confrontational and violent against the West at the urgings of al Qaeda, who feel that the time is ripe to leave the non-violent preparatory phase of dawah and wage a more violent jihad.

Coughlin writes that it was the Muslim Brotherhood, at the urging of al Qaeda, who brought on the 2011 collapse of Arab regimes (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen). The purpose was not to promote Western freedom, as people were made to believe, but rather to do the very opposite by replacing these Westernized regimes with more Sharia-compliant ones. The events were naively portrayed by the media as the Arab Spring. That marked Phase Four (2010-2013) of al Qaeda’s timeline, and was right on schedule.

The call to violent jihad has become even stronger with the re-emergence of the caliphate, which, under Sharia, legally obligates Muslim to wage offensive jihad in non-Muslim lands through the authorization of the caliph (ruler of the caliphate). Offensive jihad first appeared in 632 AD when the first caliphate appeared, resulting in the eventual conquest by Islamic armies of Southwest Asia, North Africa, and Spain.

Today, nearly a quarter of U.S. Muslims believe that violent jihad is justified in establishing Sharia and is a legitimate response to those who insult Islam, and 51% agreed that “Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to Shariah.” (according to a June poll of 600 Muslims living in the U.S.).

9/11 was referred to as “The Awakening” in Phase One (2000-2003) of Al Qaeda’s timeline, which was hatched well over 20 years ago. And events are playing out exactly as planned by Al Qaeda, despite Coughlin’s warnings to senior Pentagon officials and Congress members to name the enemy as he names himself in order to understand and defeat him. “What matters is that we understand the enemy’s doctrines, and not whether he is correct about them.”

Coughlin taught that we must identify the enemy (jihadist or Islamic terrorist) according to his fighting doctrine (Islamic law of jihad) that he himself says he is following, fighting for, and implementing. For that reason, the Pentagon dismissed Coughlin in 2008. Three years later, at the request of 57 Muslim groups, hundreds of documents and presentations from military training and counter-terrorism material critical to the national security of the U.S. were discarded for being offensive to Islam or Islamophobic, that is, containing references to Islam or jihad. Those documents were reviewed and tossed away by those same groups.

The U.S. military and law enforcement are no longer capable of defining the enemy, as their course material no longer teaches the truth about Islam and jihad. The fact of the matter is that Islamophobia prohibits any reference to Islam or jihad, not because it is offensive, but because it is informative: because it exposes the truth about the enemies and their fighting doctrine — information that would help us win the war against them.

With the help of leftists who blame Islamic terrorism on everything but Islam, including climate change, Muslim Brotherhood groups in North America are — besides infiltrating the Obama regime, including all its national security and intelligence agencies — progressively destroying the identity and soul of non-believers by slowly instituting Sharia standards to make Islam supreme: revising school history books in accordance with Islam, forcing people to eat or purchase only unlabelled halal products, allowing Muslim students to skip music or mixed-gender gym classes, removing Christian symbols considered offensive to Muslims, closing down major streets for Islamic prayer, and now imposing hate-speech laws to censor and criminalize any discussion or criticism of Islam.

None of this would be possible without the aid of leftist organizations doing the leg work for Muslim Brotherhood groups. There is cause for great concern when one such organization, the highly influential Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) — the world’s largest security-oriented intergovernmental organization that helps shape the course of international relations and security policies — cooperates with the OIC by refusing to call the Islamic State Islamic.

The OSCE — as well as President Obama himself, along with other world leaders — believes that doing so wrongly links Islam with terrorism, despite the facts that Islamic State is what ISIS names itself and its state, and that ISIS clearly credits its acts to Allah.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and the OIC are working cooperatively with and in parallel to one another, fueling the jihadist frenzy worldwide, Coughlin recently asserted on Canada’s CFRA radio. The Muslim Brotherhood’s efforts are synchronized with those of al Qaeda’s and the OIC’s to ultimately re-establish the supremacy of Islam and gradually enforce Sharia worldwide through a more violent jihad.

The OIC continues going to great lengths to take the Islam out of the Islamic State. After proclaiming last year that the Islamic State has no connection with Islam, OIC Secretary General Iyad Ameen Madani has recently upped the ante by announcing at a UN General Assembly the establishment of a Messaging Center to counter “extremist discourse and propaganda”, meaning, any discussion critical of Islam.

Equally important, Coughlin adds, is the active alliance of hard-left groups with al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, heightened by the possibility of a nuclear armed caliphate. He warns that this is just the beginning.

As the holiday season approaches, numerous large-scale attacks in major Western cities will take place. With the final anniversaries of the two Islamic timelines quickly approaching, with one culminating this week, our submissive, politically correct and culturally sensitive politicians are still doing absolutely nothing. The clock is ticking…


1.   It is interesting to note is that Islamophobia is a term coined and promoted by a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate (International Institute for Islamic Thought, IIIT) back in the early 1990s to render the West impotent to defeat the enemy.
2.   Some of the Muslim Brotherhood’s offshoots (al Qaeda, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad) have been declared foreign terrorist groups by the U.S. and Canada, while other offshoots, such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) that deals with social justice and civil rights, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) were among the unindicted co-conspirators in the largest terrorist financing case in U.S. history in 2008: the Holy Land Foundation, the U.S.’s largest Islamic charity in Texas funneling millions of dollars to Hamas and other jihadist organizations.
3.   Rest assured that the architect of Quebec’s Bill 59, Jacques Frémont, Emeritus University Law professor at the University of Montreal, will soon bring his Sharia-compliant blasphemy laws to Ottawa where he was recently named next president of the University of Ottawa. Frémont is also president of the Quebec Human Rights Commission, which will soon initiate hate-speech lawsuits against those who express anything deemed offensive to a Muslim (decided upon by the tribunals). It is of interest to note that Frémont is also the former director of a George Soros-funded progressive-leftist group called Open Society Foundations.
4.   Is it any wonder why there are no UN resolutions to criminalize speech when it comes to advocating jihad against non-Muslims? To criminalize Muslims who deliver virulent mosque sermons that criticize and condemn to death Jews and Christians, portrayed as sons of apes and pigs, as mandated in Islamic doctrine? To criminalize Muslims who kill, torture, and terrorize non-Muslims worldwide to the point of genocide, such as the Yazidis and Christians in the Middle East, as well as other Muslims who are not considered Muslim enough by the perpetrators? To outlaw the Muslim slave and sex slave trade industry that continue to this day in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Mauritania, and in other countries where Islam has become more prevalent, as mandated by the Koran that specifically allows taking slaves as war booty from non-Muslims? Regardless, UN Resolution 16/18 is a hot item on the UN Resolution menu, as far as UN Resolutions go, with defamation of Islam being the prime concern amongst voters.

66 thoughts on “Islamic Timelines Fueling Jihad

  1. This is so depressing. Does Lynch really have the power to unilaterally f**** us? Doesn’t this have to go through Congress or something?

  2. Kyra,
    Lynch has no ” legitimate” power over us. She is threatening, but has backed off of her earlier statements, however, the agenda is set and she is supporting the administration agenda. You are your own person and you are by no means alone. There are many brave, dedicated, liberty minded people here.

    • We are only one Supreme Court appointee away from having all our rights removed, with everything done by executive order.

      Look at what Obama gets away with already, and the most Congress can do is sue him. It’s pathetic.

      • The last 2 republican presidents nominated poor SCOTUS candidates; Bush 1 – Souter and Bush 2 Roberts…

        • Yes. That’s why it doesn’t help to vote for Republicans.

          The Democrats are piloting the ship of state at 40 knots towards the iceberg. The Republican promise to cut that speed to 38.

          • Voting for Republicans got us Thomas and Scalia and Alito, who sometimes pull a couple of others with them. With Democrats, we’d have a markedly worse Supreme Court.

          • The time has passed when we could get appointments like that from Republicans. There will be no more.

        • Which is simply a continuation of the same deadly problem: allowing the Executive to make law by fiat — or ukase, as it was known under the Czars.

          The solution lies with Congress, but to implement it the voters would have to hold their congressbeings to account, which seems unlikely to happen anytime soon.

          • To ManinthePub: that’s pretty much the same principle as the Dem-leftists have been using. Dictatorship for me but not for thee?

        • He wont, they never do. One administration to the next talks about how they are going to undo all the bad things the last one did, the Dems say they will roll back what the Reps did and the Reps will roll back what the Dems did but THEY NEVER DO! The reason is because they are both pushing the same agendas that are formulated by the people they work for……the CFR and Tri Lateral Commission and the international bankers. All the shouting in between is just BS designed to create the belief in the public that we have a representative government and there are differences between the parties splitting the populations opinions down the middle……..divide and conquer.
          Trumps administration will be dominated by CFR members and will do the CFR’s bidding same as Obama.
          If I would expect anything from Trump it would be a gun grab after a terrorist attack with a complacent right agreeing to it, thinking Trump is “their guy” and surely would not do it if he did not have to…….then you have a consensus of manufactured consent. Trump will be a CFR flunky or he would be breaking a mold that goes all the way back to Woodrow Wilson.

          • Outside of GoV, I don’t “live” in/on right-wing-oriented websites. If I could find a good old-fashioned *conservative* website, that would be nice (think Wm. F. Buckley or Barry Goldwater).

            So it may not come as a complete surprise that I need help….

            What is the CFR? What does this acronym stand for?

          • Cynthia
            Barry Goldwater was one of the first politicians to expose the CFR and Tri Lateral Commission and he was relegated to the “fringe” because of it. Buckley WAS a CFR member and a Skull and Bonesman and therefore knew of their plans and was just the type to relegate these observations and Goldwater to the “fringe” so to my mind Buckley was indeed a “crypto fascist”

            For more information
            Google Tri Laterals Over America and The Tragedy and The Hope by Carrol Quigley…..Quigley was a well respected history professor and a CFR member and mentor to Clinton and TTATH exposes the entire structure of this group and their plans. Both are available free online.


      • Recently a French editor of a small magazine was fined €4000,- because he noticed that Jewish organizations in France are at the forefront of combatting the free speech of French citizens. And he was right, the three main organizations in France responsible for legalizing and enforcing censorship laws are LICRA, CRIF and SOS Racisme. All Jewish-run organisations.

        If the editor had been convicted because he criticized Islamic organizations dedicated to destroying our democratic rights, then GoV and the rest of the counterjihad would display outrage and disdain for the French courts. The fact that an 87-year old German lady was recently sentenced to ten months in jail(at her age!) because she questions the Holocaust-narrative as established during the Nuremburg trial was even more upsetting for anyone who actually believes in free speech. But again, nothing but silence.

        What hypocrisy. If Lynch wants to curtail constitutional rights in the US she should simply find a handful of Jewish organizations and start implimenting the same laws we can thank the highly influential LICRA and CRIF for in France. You wouldn’t hear a peep coming from the counterjihad. I should send her an e-mail with this suggestion.

        • There are six million reasons why Jews as a group are suspicious of certain forms of free speech, but take note, whilst the Jewish organizations may have been unhappy, they were not responsible for the conviction, this was done by the state judicial authorities which are not Jewish…..

          So what is the point you are trying to make, is it that Joos are Christ killers?

          • You get around, MC. Guess we won’t be having that beer anytime soon.

            Don’t see how you can make such an accusation based on what Ozuah has actually written.

          • The comment singles out Jewish organizations as uniquely ‘responsible’ for convictions, fines and gaol time in the French republic, in the same way that for hundreds of years Jews were deemed to be Christ killers by, particularly, the RC Church. Vatican II in the early 60’s announced that the Roman authorities killed Christ not the Jews and this should have put an end to this type of accusation which was the excuse for many pogroms. But I was last accused of being a ‘Christkiller’ by an RC in York about 4 years ago, so the thought is still there.

            Yes, Jewish organization may well have pushed for restrictions on free speech, but did any Christian or Marxist/socialist/Islamist/Buddhist/Hindu organizations also join in the chorus, if so then why uniquely blame the joos?

            The final arbiters in these cases were the French lawmakers who drafted and approved the legislation, and the French Judiciary which enforced it on behalf of ALL the people of France, not just the Jews.

        • Even your post proves that anti-semitism is real, as Islamophobia is invented. Jews are not imposing their beliefs on non jews. Islam, on the other hand, wants us dead, if we don’t confirm to their beliefs. But no, start with the jews.
          Non moslem anti-semitism is one of the main reason moslems are winning the war. In many stupid heads it works like this: yes, moslems are no good, but at least they are against the jews and we know well, that the world will be better without the jews.
          Moslems did start with Israel and the world did nothing, though they could be stopped. Even now, every time bashing of Israel by the west is a small victory for Islam.
          This post is not for you. Anti-semitists cannot be persuade by reality and non moslem are even worse than the moslem ones (at least for the moslems it is a religious matter).
          I even don’t hate you [ad-hominems redacted].

          • Actually secular Jews are imposing their beliefs on others through the mechanisms of the courts, the ACLU, and the media. Of course they have substantial help from liked minded leftists who are nominally Christian.

            That this is done despite the opposition of the masses, is not something new. It is usually the ‘elites’ who try to change established norms in their quest for additional power and control. What was true during the time of Martin Luther (and the German princes) or Henry VIII, is true today. In both instances the masses did not want to see their traditional religious practices overthrown. But their leaders, because of their avarice and desire to control Church property were under no such compunctions.

            While I am no apologist for anti-Semitism, I would suggest that it is peculiarly strange that Jews are over-represented on a liberal Supreme Court and Christian evangelicals not at all. And it is through the actions of this self same Supreme Court that we get pronouncements favoring same sex ‘marriages’ and abortion ‘rights’.

            In closing I also want to point out that these pronouncements do not reflect traditional Jewish religious beliefs, but are a reflection of a belief system held by liberal secular Jews who probably have lost their belief in divine revelation. As such they have arrogated to themselves the right to define good and evil. In this they are not different than secularists derived from different religious strains who have lost their belief in God.

      • Congress is bought off with federal grant money and other perks, to do nothing to benefit Americans, and Obama may end up staying in office by some executive order based on national emergency. Loretta Lynch is pushing to outlaw so called hate speech like in the EU. No one then will report suspicious activity to police because like the woman in San Bernadino, she was worried about being accused of racial profiling.

        • Who said anything about the government having any power? The government has no power above the people, the president has no power above the people. All that is needed is for “THE PEOPLE” to stop voting for any of their picked runners, and just say NO! “WE THE PEOPLE” SAY NO MORE GOVERNMENT and replace every damn one of them by force. And run all their Liberal backers out with them all the way to a Sharih nation and we’ll see how they like living with those barbarians. Now what the [dickens] is hard about that?

  3. “The U.S. military and law enforcement are no longer capable of defining the enemy, as their course material no longer teaches the truth about Islam and jihad. The fact of the matter is that *Islamophobia* prohibits any reference to Islam or jihad, not because it is offensive, but because it is informative: because it exposes the truth about the enemies and their fighting doctrine — information that would help us win the war against them.” [Emphasis added]

    Is “Islamophobia” a misprint for something else?

      • To me the “phobia” is a false concept in this usage. Phobia’s are inherently irrational fears.

        Fearing cold blooded mass execution from the current high score record holders is completely logical.

    • Some people use the term islamophobia to refer to those who kowtow and submit to Islamic blasphemy prohibitions (for example) out of a fear of Islam, that is the fear of offending Muslims and the fear of what Muslims would do them should they tell the truth about Islam and Mohammad.

  4. Islam and the Left can burn in Hell for all I care! I loathe both as absolute Evil abominations. The more they try to intimidate and threaten, the more I will resist! [redacted]the pair of them and Victory to Christ!

  5. If they want war then they can come and get it! I will happily oblige their cravings! Absolute scum!
    I will never bow to their Pisychopathy.


    • “Al Qaeda’s grandiose vision of global domination through a violent Islamic caliphate. That vision is absurd … a feckless delusion that is never going to happen.”

      Correct. This lot are all shirt and no trousers – they couldn’t organise a p*ss-up in a brewery (maybe that’s not the best analogy!). They are where they are not through their own efforts but because of the traitors within our own walls. The establishment is the problem; it is so determined to hang on to power it enlists the enemy against its own.

  6. Muslims are reasonably effective at blowing up or machine gunning innocent men, women and children who are unarmed – but they fall to pieces when they are opposed by individuals who are well armed and trained. The caliphate is NOT going to be re-established because there are still too many people in the West who are equipped and motivated to oppose them, and the power and wealth of the West is at least a hundred times greater than that of the muslim world.
    If the premise of this article (which is good) was going to be realized, Egypt would still be in Muslim Brotherhood hands – it isn’t, in fact the MB is a banned terrorist organization in Egypt now.
    The Radical jihadists overreached themselves once again and the terrible power of the secularists is now mobilized to crush them remorselessly. Already millions of young jihadis are flooding in to join ISIS – they think they are joining a holy army that will sweep all before them, but in reality they are plump pink frankfurters being tossed into the boiling pot.
    Oh well, they can try again in another 100 years..

    • I agree with your analysis — and I pray that we are both right.

      The part about “plump pink frankfurters” is delicious; thank you for the imagery, including the boiling pot part.

      I also see a reckoning coming soon to our arrogantly treasonous leaders.

    • Muslims are not organizing this, the CFR Tri Lateral Commission and Bilderberg Group are organizing this…….the central bankers that have been manipulating politics for a 100 years or more are behind this. Islam couldn’t have gotten into Europe if they weren’t behind this. The massive ponzi scheme they created in 1913 using Wilson (Rockefeller dupe) with the founding of the Fed that has exponentially accelerated after Nixon CFR closed the gold window is coming undone…..200 trillion in current personal, corporate, government accelerating ever higher at an exponential rate is coming undone. They know this so they have decided probably 20 years ago or more ago, to bust the west out and move their “interests” to Asia. So they are using Islam as part of this plan.

        • Absolutely, through the Saudi’s ….look for the anomalies and you will see it.
          All of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi’s yet Bush (CFR) inexplicably ignores that and we attack Iraq…..the Dems never press the matter, thereby ignoring the obvious as well, and now that is completely forgotten. At the time of 9/11 there was much talk about Saudi’s, Wahabism, madrassas and the like……that was quickly buried and forgotten starting with Bush CFR and continuing under Obama (Bilderberger via Soros)……and now western governments are allowing the Saudi’s to build hundreds of mosques and madrasas all over Europe. The Saudi’s are very high up in this CFR Tri Lateral Bilderberg Group scheme of mass importation of Islam to the west. Percy Sutton claimed that Saudi Prince Bin Talal actually financed Obama’s Harvard education…..Sutton was a huge Obama supporter so the story may be credible. You can see the video of Sutton making this claim on youtube. Much of this is counter intuitive and seemingly senseless at first glance but that doesn’t mean these things aren’t true.

          • Harriet
            This article sounds over the top…….but Bin Talal has bragged in the press about changing a NY Post story with a single phone call to Rupert Murdoch…….seems crazy no? Rupert Murdoch the right winger that owns the dreaded right wing Fox News?……but here is the thing……Rupert Murdoch is a Bilderberg Group member. The NY Post was also caught recently scrubbing a story from around 9/11 that confirmed Trumps claims about Muslims dancing in the streets in Paterson NJ on 9/11…….Murdoch owns the Post as well and that paper is considered very right wing as well.


          • When I wrote cahoots, I meant it.

            The red-green axis is the perfect storm condition to take down the west. The red part is certainly CFR, Bilderberger, and all the rest of the Comintern — all allies with different motivations but one goal: to pick dry the lush tree of Western Civilization.

            And no, the article is not over-the-top for me; I have the benefit of being long- and well-acquainted with Diana West’s work, Stephen Coughlin’s, David Woods’, and Dr. Bill Warner’s, to name some you may also know. And let’s not forget our esteemed hosts here and vladtepes.

          • Well the [Muslims] have terrorist training camps all along the coastal states and are a threat to National security, therefore “WE THE PEOPLE” have the right to protect our Constitution from foreign and Domestic enemies. So let the chips fall where they may and start hanging all intruders including Obama the Saudi [Muslim] terrorist traitor, imposter in our Country. Let’s not wait till Obama has our service men tied up by taking ours and their people hostage forcing the servicemen to back off from protecting the Constitution, Obama and his minions from hell all have to be forced out not asked out. They can kill this body, but never my soul, and if they get to me, I will be sure to take several with me.

  7. Personally, I have absolutely no problem with being called the son of a pig, ape or whatever. Certainly beats being the son of Mohammed.
    Anyway, if I could make a suggestion to the FBI, CIA and other similar agencies around the world, it would be to put a team on numerology research.
    Those Arabs/Mu[lim]s LOVE their numerology and symbolism, so any numbers, dates, anniversaries that are somehow significant in Islamic culture and history could very well provide clues as to when or where they might strike.

    • Absolutely true, but even our government has followed all this superstition too like little idiots of Rome. All symbolism without form. Take away their rewards and they will break apart. Do everything you can with any part from pig meat, and contaminate every border with it and they will run as fast as they can. Coat your door ways as was done to Caesar and they will die without firing one shot. Patriots keep plenty of pork at hand and contaminate every inch of your land and they will just pass you by. Go to the upper floors and shoot paint ball guns loaded with pig blood in the paint balls, at least they will go directly to Hell. Pig lives matter. Pig blood above your doors will protect you from Islam invading your land.

  8. I truly feel we are doomed. I remember thinking that after 9/11 and 3,000 dead, this country finally woke up to Islamic terror. But then Bush responded with a shariah compliant war with rules of engagement more befitting a San Francisco cop, calling Islam a Religion of Peace, and inviting even more Muslims to our shores. Then offense to Islam became more of a crime than Muslim terror. Soon after the worst terror attack on civilians since 9/11, our pres is more concerned with what we think aboutMuslims, and our AG is threatening to crack down on speech that makes Muslims upset. Not a word about the legitimate fear of Muslim terror and how to protect us. At the rate we are going, if the terrorists nuke one of our cities, our leaders will have us all convert to Islam to show our respect for Islam.

    • Trainwreck-

      I feel that our response to 9/11 was completely ludicrous and wasteful.

      We could have spent far less of America’s blood and treasure by swiftly mobilizing all of our special operations teams to find OBL and abduct him in the middle of the night.

      Sending the SEALs, Delta Force, Marine Raiders, CIA direct action teams, etc. would have cost far less than the trillions we’ve wasted on the twin disasters in Afghanistan and Iraq.

      Then, we would return OBL to the US and put him on trial, followed by his eventual capital punishment. None of this being feted and molly-coddled by Pakistan for a decade nonsense.

      • If only the U.S. *had* responded in this way. Thousands of veterans would’ve been spared gruesome, life-changing injuries, TBIs, and even death.

    • Bush is CFR…….the entire Bush clan have been Rockefeller apparatchiks going all the way back to the early 1900’s starting with Samuel Bush working for John D Rockefeller’s brother at Buckeye Steel……all if this is a CFR Tri Lateral Commission plan…..and both parties at the top level work for them and always have…….Obama is just another in a long line of sock puppets working for the international bankers that predates the turn of the last century…….in recent history Nixon Ford Carter Reagan the Bush’s (of course)….the Clinton’s ALL trace their beginnings to David Rockefeller and the CFR and Tri Lateral Commission.

  9. Is anyone else starting to lose hope?

    I mean, the amount of dhimmi-fied virtue signaling from my left-leaning friends on social media is getting absolutely nauseating. They literally have no clue about the future that is coming, nor do they want to get one.

    Even more disturbing is the growth of dhimmi-fied, conspiracy-driven elements on the right, who think the Ummah are just fine, peace-loving people and that the recent attacks are all government-driven false flag events specifically designed to expand the police state and limit everyone’s rights.

    • That’s why we Americans must roust them all out to [Muslim] controlled lands, then [intemperate recommendation redacted] and send them to their Virgins.

  10. This is depressing indeed. But I believe there is hope. Citizens everywhere are now feeling unsafe and that will concentrate their attention more than intellectual debating. The more Islam perpetrates violent jihad, the more outraged and willing to take action people will become. Look at the huge support for Trump’s advice to end Muslim immigration.

    The irony is that the icon of the Left – Jimmy Carter – ended Iranian immigration in response to the Iran hostage crisis and further, deported many Iranians! It just shows how far PC has undermined our political culture in those intervening years!

    Perhaps bringing the conflict to a head is the best way to deal with it once and for all. When it becomes clear to every Western mind that their trip the shopping mall could be the last one they ever make, they’re not going to continue to cooperate in their own extermination. As we know gun sales in the USA have doubled since Obama’s Presidency. Even little old ladies are learning to shoot! Army recruitment has sky-rocketed in France since the Paris attack.


    • I believe there is hope, too, DiMu, and it comes from the same observations you’ve made. When the history comes to be written, will we find – *they* find, since “we” will be long gone – that Communism and the Muslim Brotherhood joined forces in the U.S. long before anyone but intel specialists knew about the MB? The Left by itself is not enough to account for the top-down muzzling of ‘safe’ subjects that can be spoken out loud.

      • Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch led seminars on Islam and jihad for the FBI, Central Command, Army Command, US Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group, the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) and the US Intelligence community.

        Muslim Brotherhood linked groups like CAIR complained, requesting his removal. Finally, in October 2011, John (Traitor) Brennan (Homeland Security Advisor) terminated Spencer’s work about the belief system of jhadists with the JTTF agents.

        That says it all. The Obama administration is rife with CAIR toads. They are the first to complain about anti-Muslim backlash after every Muslim atrocity and their organisation has been cited for its terrorist links!

        This makes Obama a traitor. I wish Trump would call him out on that as none of the others has the [male organs of reproduction]!

        • Trump is unlikely to do that because he doesn’t seem to understand the nature of the problem, or to have done much looking into it. Otherwise he wouldn’t have followed up his proposal for (temporarily) blocking Muslims from entering the country with: “until we figure out what the he!! is going on.”

          He hasn’t done enough study to have a sense of what’s going on.

          • Never give your battle plans away. Keep your mouth shut and wait for the right time then strike while the iron is hot. Wars are only won by surprise attack, as Japan and the Banking cartels, when everyone was home with their families on Christmas. The Fed was born from the Bush line of traitors including Bush’s grandfather who supplied Hitler his arms.

    • I concur that bringing things to a head is a must. The Ummah only understands raw, naked force. It sees tolerance and kindness as weaknesses to be taken advantage of to spread the RoP.

      The sooner we familiarize ISIS with the concept of, “Be careful what you wish for…,” the better.

      Putin understands this. The Western leaders do not.

    • Jimmy Carter Tri Lateral Commission
      Jimmy Carter was a Rockefeller sock puppet…..Jimmy Carter got his start in national politics starting with a direct relationship with David Rockefeller…..same as every politician you ever heard of both Dem and Rep.

    • Another irony: Jimmy Carter’s brain cancer is apparently in remission, thanks to a new treatment developed in- yes, you guessed it- Israel!

  11. Its amazing to watch all this. A truly bent cast of characters on the current world stage. Only Putin seems to make any sense.

    • It would be uncanny if 25 prime ministers from 25 different European countries with theoretically 25 different point of views, US president, Canadian PM….ALL somehow joined this Islam is peace, wide open immigration policies all at the same time…..but it is not uncanny because in Europe the Bilderberg Group rubber stamps this in Brussels and the CFR rubber stamps it here…….and the European PM’s going along with it there are Bilderberg banker sock puppets and our politicians are CFR banker sock puppets and all these groups were founded by central and international bankers.

  12. Part of the problem is that we have such a tendency to let the media frame our terms of discussion. One relatively minor example was that big story by Newsweek some years ago about how Islamists at Gitmo were being tormented by having Korans flushed down the toilet. Everybody was screaming about how awful it was and comparing it to flushing a Bible down the toilet, taking sides about how offensive it was or wasn’t. Nobody at first seemed to share my reaction to the effect of “how in heaven’s name could one flush a Koran down the toilet, let alone a Bible, or even an ordinary smallish paperback.” I wouldn’t want to try it with any book unless someone else guaranteed the plumbing bills.

    • Well, one *could* flush one such down the toilet, but not (as it were) in one…ah…go. 😉

      I imagine that, at some point, Armed Forces Logistics had a minor blip in the system and the humble roll of toilet paper became scarce. Although no doubt somewhat scratchy, individual pages of a Koran or (I hope not) a Bible could be commandeered for personal duty at such a time.

      Thus, after many, many such toilet-paper shortages, a Koran was finally “flushed” down the toilet. Of course, the “religious and observant” Islamists wouldn’t ever do this to the Koran/Q’uran; they’d do it to the Bible in a New York minute. But I wouldn’t put it past American GI’s to use their “holy book” (nausea ensued; took a deep breath and continued typing…) in such a way. 😉

      But who let the cat out of the bag about the purported t.p. shortage? or whatever it was?

      Not even a small paperback book would make it through the 2-inch pipes that drain my toilets into the lateral, thence to the main sewer line in the street. I always wondered about this allegation in Newsweek.

  13. In reply to manatthepub…Democracy must never be got rid of as a strong man will always abuse his power. Lord Acton’s saying that ‘power corrupts and absolute power has a tendency to corrupt absolutely’ is true. What we need is MORE democracy, not less. Obama is already acting like a Dictator and so is Merkel.

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union dictatorship what emerged in the former Soviet lands was a complete criminal take over of the economies of Russian and Eastern Europe – and having put down roots within the first few years after that collapse, they have now spawned an enormous international global crime industry of drugs, guns, human trafficking, theft and money laundering. CRIME CARTELS EVENTUALLY TAKE OVER WHERE DEMOCRACY IS ABSENT.

    • Hi. Have we ever had real democracy? Isn’t it just a means by which the establishment legitimises itself – when has the ‘voice of the people’ ever made a blind bit of difference to what the establishment intends? Imagine an army run on democratic lines – how long would it last against a determined enemy? Democracy is for the good times, these are bad times and we need someone to take charge.

        • Yes, you make a good point. One that I can only answer with another question – how do we throw out the establishment?

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