Happy Chanukah To All

I missed the Sinterklaas celebration in the Netherlands on the sixth of December, and I plan on sleeping through the by-now painfully p.c. Santa Lucia’s Day in Sweden. But I did remember Chanukah this time – with thanks to Israel Matzav for posting the link:

I’m a fan of a capella music, no doubt due to my own years of singing Gregorian chant (note: when you can’t sing, Sister Marie Therese puts you in the alto section where your noises are more easily drowned out).

I’m equally a fan of latkes. Once I figured out how to keep the shreds of potato from turning brown, I was in like Flynn. Or perhaps “in like Hammerstein” would be more apropos? At any rate, latkes it shall be tonight. Hold the applesauce.

9 thoughts on “Happy Chanukah To All

    • You’d love my latkes. Since we’re Southern ’round here I’m also making fried chicken. Why waste all that oil?? Oops. Just realized: my “oil” is organic lard. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts if you’re not keeping a kosher kitchen. I can barely keep the one I have…

  1. Sinterklaas is 5th of December….A month (and different country) after Guy Fawkes if that helps? Think of V ….in December 🙂


  2. …by-now painfully p.c. Santa Lucia’s Day in Sweden.

    Yes, p.c. gets everywhere, doesn’t it? Strangely though, I’d heard of Passover long before I heard of Hanukkah. What were the odds on that, given the relative importance of the two festivals in the Jewish faith?

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