38 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: “An Islamic State Like Turkey Does Not Belong To Europe”

  1. The USA wants Turkey in the EU. Until the USA collapses Mr Wilders is simply a voice in the wilderness.

    • This is quite true. And voting Republicans in won’t change the policy — it was the same under Bush. Both parties are captives of the NWO/Muslim Brotherhood.

    • Two things could change that: a Trump presidency (or perhaps another Republican or two), and even more likely: the collapse of the EU. And besides, a single EU state can block Turkish accession, and there would likely be quite a few who would volunteer their veto if it came to it.
      Turkish accession would kill Europe in one blow.

  2. Wilders speaks the truth – for which he will be severely criticized.

    The heavy influence of Islam in Turkish affairs effectively makes the compatibility of Turks and Europeans impossible. Of course there are secular Turks, and 15 years ago there might have been hope that Turkey would enter the modern world; but the continuing victories of Erdogan have diminished the secular voices and the path for Turkey is downward from here on in.

    There seems to be in Turkey a peculiar (at least that how it seems to Western eyes) acceptance of authoritarian government, a passivity in the face of outrageous violations of human rights, a fear of authority, and somehow a poor understanding of what true democracy means.

    The fact that Turks allow their Religious Directorate to create the weekly sermon that is delivered in 80,000 mosques across the country every Friday speaks to an obvious acquiescence to thought control. This would be anathema to any freethinker.

    The lesser status of women in Turkey is alone reason enough to show that there is a basic – and short of a miracle, insurmountable – divide in the values held by each culture.

    • There is nothing peculiar about Turks accepting authoritarian rule. Muslims can accept only authoritarian or totalitarian rule. When Western-style democracy is imposed of them, they start quarrelling and fighting each other.

  3. What a contrast the truth Geert Wilders speaks is to the lies and half truths that creepy gang of bent weaklings and quislings who have willing intercourse with the carriers of the halalah sharia and the koran disease. The little ISIS termite Erdogan has found his nemesis in a straight talking Russian Christian. Be safe – good Mr Wilders.

  4. With any luck the EU will collapse soon. Luckier still if the US again changes its mind and goes in the opposite direction.

  5. I just love this guy. Pulls no punches. And he’s absolutely right: Turkey is about as European as Indonesia or Malaysia. Unfortunately, there’s no one like Geert Wilders in America. Trump comes close, but he has trouble thinking about the subject of Islam. So does Cruz. This man is one of the most courageous men on the face of the planet which Islam wants all to itself. Over my dead body, as well.

      • Well yes, both are for different reasons. In Indonesia the practice of Islam has been heterogenous and the wealthy tend to pay only lip service to it. In Malaysia, the substantial Chinese minority, which runs all the private enterprise and without which Malaysia would collapse economically, have since the time of independence acted to keep Islam from being pervasive. That, however, is changing. Malaysian Islam is resurgent and the Chinese are fearful. Those that can afford to have “bolt holes” in Singapore just in case things turn nasty. It is very common for upper middle class Malaysian Chinese families to have Dad working in Kuala Lumpur running the business during the week whilst the wife and kids are safely ensconced in Singapore.

        • Turkey and its Constantinople, Armenian and now ISIS problem. Indonesia under Suharto murdered probably a lot more than “500,000”. Probably millions more in smaller bites since. Sweden’s “I just wanna to be like you” Malaysia is as lame and murderous as Islam can be. As the Turkish monster has warned us infidels, “There is no moderate Islam – only Islam”. What’s the definition
          of insanity again?

        • … and we now understand why Singapore cares so much about its military might. It’s the only way to be safe when the country next door has heavy Islamic influences.

          I’ve come to understand Singapore’s take on things a lot more over the last few years.

        • Singapore, astonishingly, has the islamic crescent in its flag, though it is less islamic now than the netherlands. As for indonesia, here’s a good cocktail party question: Which country has sent more fighters to isis, indonesia (population well over 100 million, world’s largest muslim country), or sweden (population under 10 million, world’s largest collection of useful idiots)? Right first time. Sweden.

        • They are not Arab either.

          South East Asians are brighter and more innovative.

          Ethno-national difference here.

        • Nevertheless there has been a big increase in Islamist activity in Indonesia especially in the last couple of decades, including at one point an internal jihad against Christians in Maluku, and of course things like the Bali bombing. It has settled down somewhat, but could always blow up again.

    • Like most Americans, Mr. Trump’s knowledge of Islam is probably extremely limited, he is from a generation who may have seen the movie ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, that’s likely about it. Historical knowledge and knowledge of the world in general are woefully ridiculous in the US, including leaders and politicians.
      Americans tend to think in terms of individual bad guys – if we remove Saddam, Iraq will be peaceful & democratic, if we remove Gaddafi, Libya will be peaceful & democratic, when Khomeini dies, Iran will be peaceful & democratic, if we take out Osama ben Laden, Al-Qaeda will disappear, if we kill a couple dozen Taliban leaders, Afghanistan will be peaceful & democratic, when Evil President X is voted out of office, country Y will become peaceful & democratic, etc. etc. etc.
      The concept that every man, woman & child in country Y may be a Soldier of Islam is completely alien to Americans, they don’t get it and I don’t think they want to get it.

    • Never too late!

      I’d issue an interpretation of Article 5, making it clear that an attack on the non-European part of Turkey isn’t covered by NATO obligations. Maybe even a bit in there about how the Bosphorus are considered to be Asian, not European.

      Then I’d make sure that Vladimir Putin is sent a copy.

      Putin might be brutal, but he’s not *stupid*. He’d know what to do.

  6. I remember an “incident” with the first airbourne division not being allowed on Turkish soil in 2003. The islamic state of Turkey wanted to protect their precious ummah in Iraq.

    • Good memory. Turkey reneged at the last minute, betraying those already landing in Iraq. His treachery put allies permanently one down in that war.

  7. Ten million Turks in the EU is just part of that ‘diversity’ that enriches all of us. Among the other 40 million [redacted] Muslims and black Africans you’d hardly notice them, not unless they wave their flags and riot in large numbers. There are many in the EU for whom this cultural enrichment is not fast enough….

  8. Isn’t it refreshing to hear a man speak plainly. No ambiguity. No pussy-footing around. Just the truth.

  9. The only future for Western civilisation is one in which we improve our networking together.

    Tommy has finally got the gist and is working in Europe, a good start.

    Is there some umbrella group, some flag we can ALL attach to? If not our days are numbered.

  10. The Netherlands were already on a dark (ahem) path back in the 1980’s, I’m not sure I even want to know what it looks like there now. I’ve ordered Mr. Wilders’ book, cant’ wait to read it.
    I think the EU was originally a very good idea – freedom of trade within , freedom of movement within, no more wars between European nations, all wonderful things – but sometime around the 1990’s or so, they poured the baby out with the bath water and made an absolutely unbelievable mess.
    At this point, the best thing would probably be to just scrap the whole thing, go back to individual, sovereign countries, clean up said mess and then start thinking about starting over from scratch.

    • No going back that far. Europe is just one level above victim mode now. Survivor mode that is. The lot who executed on the plan got confused about the original who, what, why, when, where and how. Was this EU thing put together for the complete emasculation of White western Europe and the eventual resettlement of a Muslim horde majority led by Turkey. Many years ago I remember listening to a Frenchman on the BBC Workd Service pleading with the British not to join the EEC. The Commonwealth was way ahead of anything the EEC might have now or in the future accomplished. Certainly trade wise.

  11. God bless this man! Whilst the inane Cameron and Merkel may wish to see a further 75 million muslims, most of whom voted for a radical leader determined to radicalise what was once a secular state, enter the EU the rest of Europe will surely rebel against it. Who will they suggest for membership next , Libya, Morocco, Egypt, perhaps the whole of the African continent? They are arrogant and stupid enough believe me so be on your guard!

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