From Syria to Germany to do Dawa

The following video features a brief video with a young Syrian “refugee” who came to Germany for the avowed purpose of converting people to Islam. The original was in Arabic, which was translated into German for subtitles, and then into English.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation from the German, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:04   For most of the refugees Germany is their main destination.
0:08   A majority of them flee from the war.
0:11   Among them are some who have other reasons and goals.
0:16   My main goal for leaving Syria is…
0:20   … to lead people to the acceptance of Islam.
0:24   If my wish comes true, I will gladly forgo the whole world.
0:28   For this purpose I would not only sell Syria, but also…
0:33   … my parents, who are more valuable to me than Syria.
0:37   I swear by Allah, I only came here for this one goal.
0:43   But this will be very demanding work for me.
0:48   And for this reason, I have met with a few men and women who…
0:54   … who want to know more about Islam.
0:59   I have observed that they are curious and willing…
1:03   … to get to know Islam through us.
1:10   If someone would convert to Islam through me, whom I teach…
1:15   … so that in return he can bring others to Islam,
1:20   then I would be one who received the tenet and passed it on
1:25   and when he converts to Islam to then Islamize others…
1:29   … then I will be rewarded for my and for his work.
1:32   In that case I do not want to go back to my home country,
1:36   I only want to go up (into Paradise).

25 thoughts on “From Syria to Germany to do Dawa

  1. All the while living off handouts from the poor bloody taxpayer. Of course he doesn’t intend to go home.

  2. Quite understandably the young(ish) man just wants his 72 virgins.
    Until that happy day, some German or Swedish girls will have to do, blue-eyed blondes preferred. They’re kinda rare in Syria.
    Mutti Merkel says, “Come on down!”

  3. Unlike the West, Muslims actually do believe IN SOMETHING, even if it is complete antediluvian drivel.

    • Religion is “complete antediluvian drivel”… your point?

      The problem with Islam is not that people believe: faith is a process, as is love, and hope, and all the human sensibilities with which we arrive hard-wired; human beings are social animals, eager to connect and from the moment of birth…or as research has shown, even while still in utero.

      It is the content of those vessels of expression which make the difference. Islam’s juridical Shariah is a mortal affront to anyone who believes in the primacy of Reason as the fundament of human existence. From the faculty of Reason flows all the other qualities which permit us to enjoy and enjoin in life at its fullest.

      Islam isn’t a religion in the usual sense that other cultures have understood that word, certainly not as Western civilization has understood it or lived it. As Islam has intoned repeatedly, our “weakness” is that we love life; their strength is that they love death more than life. Or so they tell us. But if that were really true, they wouldn’t be so consumed with power over the living.

      Is that a splinter or a beam in your own eye?

      • Great, Dymphna.
        Islam is a set of beliefs that give sadists an excuse to look in the mirror.

      • “Islam isn’t a religion in the usual sense that other cultures have understood that word”

        I think you absolutely nail the problem here. The vacuous lefties in the West are so busy crowing over how wonderful they are to view Islam as a religion of peace that they fail miserably, and dangerously, to question whether it is actually a religion at all.

        In truth it is more of an organism, like an ant colony or The Borg in Star Trek, in which all the component muslims exist solely to serve the whole, the Islamic Collective – not themselves or their families and friends, nor their fellow men, nor any conceivable God. Islam’s only connection with religion lies in its cynical use of it to browbeat and brainwash muslims into abject submission.

        This organism is programmed to mindlessly spread itself across the Earth, like some cosmic skin disease, absorbing or killing anything in its path. And the sad irony is that the brainwashed muslims suffer almost as much as those they are instructed to kill or convert.

        As with any collective, it is impossible to destroy Islam by killing off its component parts; it will simply grow more at an ever faster rate. The West needs to destroy its central nervous system, which is what controls the ‘hive-mind’, and passes orders to the muslims.

        The Central Nervous System of the Islamic Borg is its network of mosques. The muslims are brainwashed from birth to serve this monster, and their blind loyalty is continually reinforced through endless daily prayers, much as ants are kept loyal to their colony by the constant exchange of pheromones.

        The EU must shut down every mosque, and ban the worship of Islam. European Muslims will then begin producing offspring with minds intact, and The Islamic Collective’s dangerously increasing control of the EU will wither and die. This will cause considerable unpleasantness initially, but rather less so than a hideous and pointless World War against the disposable soldier ants, leaving unharmed the malign creature controlling them.

        • Sleepyjohn-

          Excellent synopsis.

          The EU could learn how to handle the RoP from far more intelligent countries such as Japan and….Angola, of all places!

    • I’m assuming most all Europeans are agnostics, with some being atheists. Few are Catholics and protestants anymore. They don’t seem to care about anything, their families future or heritage. Soon to be a caliphate and shiria law imposed after their leaders formally convert to Islam. May cause civil unrest, but most will convert or be killed. Apathetic cowards for selling themselves out to a tyrannical future.

      • It is true that there is no shared belief anymore. However there are still many of us who refuse to give in without some sort of resistance. The problem is that we are mostly divided. Additionally, the problem is bigger than just islam, because those who wish to form a community which opposes islamization will have to face the wrath of the left first and foremost.

        It’s actually comparable in that sense with the rise of the SA, only now it’s going to be even harder since the existence of Nazism itself caused an earthquake of guilt which is still very much felt today. On top of that there’s obviously the fast-growing threat which is the cause of it all…

        Oh, and another factor in their favor is the fact that most of the hungry, frustrated young men are being recruited by the other side. Hitler had plenty of those at his disposal. We don’t, because most of us have it way too good to risk losing it, even though we refuse to surrender …in theory.

        • We also don’t have enough young men with good prospects anymore. Our leaders have impoverished them. Unless you can – or are willing to – get a job in government, many areas of endeavor are now closed. Upon graduation from college, you can always choose graduate work until the loan money runs out.

          The suicide rate among middle class men is rising.

          They recruit most successfully not among the physically hungry but among those hungry for meaning, something their own culture no longer provides.

          • If Kirsten, Maggie, Solveig or Alexandra becoming Jihadi harem brides to Muhammad, Ibrahim or Üzgül doesn’t make the young European men angry enough, nothing will.
            Quite frankly, I’m stunned there aren’t running battles on the streets of Stockholm, Malmö, Copenhagen, Berlin, Liverpool, Marseille, Lille, Brussels, Munich, Amsterdam…………..

          • Wolfie – “Quite frankly, I’m stunned there aren’t running battles…”

            Seems everyone’s too busy getting high, clubbing, travelling or just doing their daily 8, or even 12-hour shift to make ends meet, to risk getting pigeon-holed as “Nazis” by taking part in running battles with the Enrichers…

          • Your last sentence summarizes one of the West’s most foolish mistakes perfectly.

            Turning our collective backs on spirituality and community for the cult of the self and empty materialism has had horrific consequences for the West and may prove to be our ultimate undoing.

  4. In a sane society, this individual would be arrested, charged with sedition, lawfully prosecuted, and justly punished for attempting to undermine/overthrow the host society.

  5. Dymphna, your comments are great.

    But when I listened to this guy, I thought how different is he from those 19th century Christians who traversed the world to spread the Bible? He wants to convert someone, so he can go to muslim heaven. Those earlier preachers wanted to convert to bring people to Christ (but also wanted to go to Christian heaven).

    I have yet to read my book on Islam. . . I know enough from the news that I won’t enjoy the read. But I will do it so that I can speak from a small fund of knowledge.

    Can’t tell you how much I appreciate this website, where the truth is there, spoken, and not embarrassed to show it. Wish the mass media could be a little like you all.

    • The apostles taught early Christians to work for their support while the spread the word. Most of these Muslim migrants will be living off the work of their hosts.

      • Funny how we know the work of most of the apostles before they began to follow Jesus during his public life. Peter remained a fisherman. Paul was a tent-maker, at least he was until being bonked off his horse on the road to Damascus.

  6. A guy with mush for brains wants to spread Islam. Like him wanting The Black Plague for the West.

    • I’m in the west, and we have the black plague. Don’t go sniffing any mouse posteriors.
      What else he got?

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