Forget Climate Change — It’s Jihad Time in the Maldives!

The following brief documentary clip from German television concerns an investigative mission to the Maldive Islands, not far from the southern tip of India. The filmmakers made their pilgrimage there to do some fashionable research into “climate change” on the low-lying islands, but discovered the Great Jihad instead. And got themselves thrown out of the country for their pains.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript (times based on the original program):

17:56   This picture here, this is what we think of the Maldives, holiday dream destination,
18:00   near the southern tip of India, with more than one thousand picturesque islands.
18:07   In the coming March, the Maldives will become partners with the International Tourist exhibition (ITB) in Berlin,
18:13   and again thousands of guests will travel to this paradise under palm trees, and dive into the turquoise blue ocean.
18:18   Some of them may know that the Maldives due to rising ocean levels, are critically endangered.
18:27   But hardly any tourists would know that compared to the 330,000 inhabitants,
18:34   the Maldives have the highest ratio of Islamic extremists.
18:38   Markus Spieker experienced a country that was anything but a paradise.
18:44   Streets narrow and overfilled, not very paradise-like.
18:48   Almost 150,000 people live on relatively few square kilometers on the main island Malé.
18:52   Malé was the starting point of our excursion.
18:56   We wanted to report about the consequences of climate change, the rising ocean level,
19:00   but we noticed early on that on a political level things were “going under” as well.
19:04   One of the notable things about living here are the many extremely well-visited mosques
19:10   Officially there is no religious freedom here, only Islam, and shariah is the law.
19:15   Strictly forbidden for instance: the wearing of bikinis, and apparently as well, to film signs like these,
19:21   as the police intervened and forced us to shut off our camera, filming out in the open – VERBOTEN!
19:30   At our hotel, we meet a woman critical of the regime in power. She tells us that there is less and less
19:35   freedom of opinion, and that the opposition gets relentlessly squashed.
19:40   Rather than about global climate change, this woman is far more concerned
19:45   about the growth of Islamism. Over 200 men and women have joined the Islamic State.
19:50   When compared to the entire population, this is the highest ratio of all countries.
19:55   Many here sympathize with Islamic State, because they are frustrated about
20:00   the repression in their own country.
20:05   Also imams supporting IS are openly contributing to the problem.
20:12   The next day we got on our way to an island that is expected to soon be swallowed up by the ocean
20:18   We had requested permission for filming. The approach and the whole island seems dreamily beautiful.
20:25   There are no luxury hotels, simply a guest house. More are planned;
20:29   tourism is expected to become the island’s main source of income.
20:34   As of now, most of the inhabitants live from fishing and crafts.
20:37   Climate change is not a topic here; what moves the people here is that
20:40   quite a few young people have left to join the jihad in Syria.
20:46   Those who join the jihad are wrong, because the jihad destroys our community.
20:52   Those who follow the IS are following a wrong Islam, because
20:56   true jihad means to help people, that is true jihad.
21:02   We ask around some more, but we meet a wall of silence.
21:06   The men are busy fishing, and many women do not want to be interviewed by strangers.
21:11   But then we meet a young woman. She, too, at first didn’t want to talk to us, but then…
21:18   From the island people you will not hear anything; I am the only one who will talk to you.
21:24   We agree with the jihad. Me too, and my own brother fought; he became a martyr.
21:30   So allah willing, he immediately went to heaven when he died.
21:38   Before she can continue talking, the interview gets cut off by the island police who arrest us.
21:44   Our last pictures, secretly filmed with my cell phone.
21:47   Again they accuse us of not having permission to film. Through the grapevine we learn
21:50   that our questions about the IS angered the government.
21:54   My three Indian co-workers are being brought back to Malé by boat, accompanied by
21:57   a watchdog from the police.
22:00   After long interrogations, they bring us to the airport on a truck,
22:04   and there, they impose a ten year entry ban,
22:08   our passports receive the stamp “deported”.
22:13   A brute expulsion from the paradise that the Maldives like to present themselves as,
22:20   and soon, in the spring, as the official partner country for the German Tourist Exhibition ITB.

17 thoughts on “Forget Climate Change — It’s Jihad Time in the Maldives!

  1. It is irresponsible of Western Tourist agencies to promote the Maldives. A bunch of tourists on an island resort are sitting ducks for a Jihad attack.

  2. The solution is, of course, to bring all the Maledivian men under 40 to Germany for climatic asylum, and have Germany’s taxpayers spend a few trillion on trying to prevent their islands from sinking.

  3. Boycott the Maldives and anything being imported from that country.

    “Agriculture and manufacturing continue to play a lesser role in the economy, constrained by the limited availability of cultivable land and the shortage of domestic labour. Tourism gave a major boost to the country’s fledgling traditional cottage industries such as mat weaving, lacquer work, handicraft, and coir rope making. New industries that have since emerged include printing, production of PVC pipes, brick making, marine engine repairs, bottling of aerated water, and garment production.” (

    Other muslim countries might as well visit and spend their money. When western tourist revenues dry up, we’ll see how things change, if they change.

      • “Boycotts are a leftist tactic”?

        That’s hard to believe. I’ve seen boycotts organized by people of every possible viewpoint, from completely left-oriented, atheistic types to very right-wing, evangelical types. (I also think that Western tourists avoiding–boycotting, if you will–Muslim countries and thereby removing themselves as potential targets of terrorism not only has the power to be economically harmful to those Muslim countries, but is downright intelligent.)

        Recall what happened when “young” Mr. Duggar’s disgusting, illegal, and unethical conduct with his OWN SISTERS became public–many conservative and evangelical believers were up in arms and threatened to boycott any and all advertisers on the TLC show featuring the Duggars. The advertisers withdrew their support for the show, and the show was cancelled. A successful threat of boycott, I’d think.

        The first organized boycott I remember hearing about in my own life was from the left: Don’t buy grapes from non-unionized growers. I was living in Atlanta, so the issues were rather remote geographically, but I do know the boycott was called for by union-organizer types, so maybe a left-ish (but not extreme) political stance?

        The historical Mr. Boycott and the generalization of his name to this kind of “don’t do business with…” action is discussed at . Listed boycotts cover many points on the political spectrum.

        I straight-out don’t understand why participating in a boycott would show a lack of integrity. It’s non-violent and *usually* happens only after other attempts to resolve an issue, e.g., discussions by the leaders, public forums involving members of the affected communities, have failed.

        Thanking you in advance for any elucidation….

        • I’m not feeling well enough for any elucidation. But your point is taken. I was thinking of how Alinsky used it, and how it is employed in our current culture – particularly the wide-spread academia’s BDS tactics against Israel. Ignorantly depriving Palestinians of jobs…

          But more later, when I’m feeling better. You know how it is: when you’re in it, seems like it’s permanent and will never be ‘better’.

          • Ah. Understood. Writing while in flare is an ungratifying experience, for sure. Sending warm, fluffy, and *gentle* thoughts for you to feel better soon.

            From a fellow FM/CFS target…

  4. Yes, let’s send Merkel down there.

    And I will drive non-stop with my car around the block to make climate Change work while she’s there.
    And get’s washed away into the Indian ocean.

  5. This hits home for me. My only daughter and her husband have been surf-guides there for over a decade now on one of the smaller Southern islands. I have written to her about the growing threat of jihad both on the streets of Malé and in the government. When she comes to Carlsbad (CA) I always go see her, but I have to tread lightly. Her fallback position, when I get too close to hitting home, is hubby would never allow her to go into danger. When the season ends there they go to Indonesia and do the same (thankfully, the resort there is pretty isolated).

    Over the years she has made her liberal position known to me. Her husband is a liberal from NZ, his mother a liberal Brit (he retains duel citizenship). She has lived as a de-facto ex-pat for about 20 years now.

    Even the Bali bombing didn’t open up her eyes. 

    You just can’t reason someone out of a position taken without reason.

    So all I can do is sit here with 64 years under my belt and hope and pray they somehow don’t get swallowed up.

    • Mmmmm, you might well hope and pray, for all the good it will do.
      Look the Maldives pop. is 100% muslim. You know what muslims do, by now, you should also know they all follow ‘mad mo’s attack manual’, yes even the so-called ‘moderates; which means that you can NEVER trust a muslim, particularly since ‘mo’ tells them never to be friends with us and to ‘smite us, kill us, etc.,’
      Why am I even saying this; point is anyone who goes on holiday to any muslim country is just asking for it. And they work there? Must have a death wish. Indonesia is no better.

      • I know lots of people like that.
        They think if they just show the 3rd World/Muslims/drug cartels how nonracist they are, how much they hate themselves for being White and how much they hate the European/American/Aussie culture that raised them, they will be loved.
        If they’re guys, it’s 1960’s brainwashing run amok, in the case of girls, it’s another version of Ye Olde ‘[Redacted] you, dad’.

  6. Don’t ever get tempted to get married in the Maldives

    Couple branded “infidel pigs” at their
    Maldives wedding ceremony

    “In the 15-minute clip, employees at the Vilu Reef Beach and Spa resort abuse the couple in their native Dhivehi tongue.

    The hotel’s food and beverage manager Hussein Didi is heard hurling insults at the pair as he conducts the service pretending to be the celebrant. He even declares their marriage to be illegal.”

    “Ahmed Shaheed, the Maldives’ foreign minister, said he was ‘horrified’ by the video.
    He added: ‘I could not see the entire video because my children were around and I didn’t want them to hear the bad language that was used.’”

    • Yeah, right. One of the worst things of holidaying in a muslim country is the fact that sooner or later you have to eat….

      Need I say more?

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