For Maximum Protection, Try Pig Parts!

Illegal immigrants based in the “Jungle” camp near Calais have become increasingly aggressive when attempting to climb into tractor-trailer trucks hauling freight on their way to the Channel Tunnel leading to the UK. Drivers and trucks have been threatened and even attacked when they attempt to stop “refugees” from entering the cargo area in the back of their trucks.

The following brief video shows the reaction of an unidentified German-speaking man when he discovers a series of pig parts attached to the back of a truck trailer, put there in an effort to discourage would-be boarders (most of whom are presumed to be Muslims).

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:21   That is incredible!
0:30   I can’t believe it. Just look at that.
0:38   There won’t be a single Muslim getting on this truck. That’s just incredible.
0:59   I just can’t believe this! Just look at this! Look!
1:10   No Muslim is gonna jump on this!
1:15   This guy had the right idea.
1:22   (…) He will get through the Eurotunnel, nobody is gonna jump on that! Guaranteed!
1:30   It’s just f****ng awesome!

15 thoughts on “For Maximum Protection, Try Pig Parts!

  1. Great idea! Good be the inspiration of starting a whole new industry, supplying pig parts to European truckers. Pig farmers wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand!

  2. Nice cultural jujitsu. We knew that at the turn of the 20th century, but in our PC-ridden world forgot it. Maybe more of Europe will wake up to this as a deterrent. Just think of it, a line six feet (2 meters) wide all along any kind of border, composed of pig entrails, lard, and blood, all ground together and sprayed on the ground. the smell would disappear quickly but the “contamination” would last forever.

  3. A nice idea but the EU rules on the cross border movement of meat between member states and the permitted methods of disposal of prohibited items could mean this is a non starter, and a very expensive and time consuming mistake.

    • It would only work, if at all, with,perhaps – long, very long links of pork sausages.

      Or with plastic pig parts.

      I get the impulse though: like a crucifix waved at a vampire.

      • Waving crucifixes at vampires is a hate crime in the EU and plastic pig parts could contravene EU anti-counterfeiting laws. Very long links of any sort of sausage might constitute a materials handling work safety hazard if the appropriate training has not been undertaken, the correct certificates obtained and suitable equipment, both tools and clothing, not used.

        All of this is for your own good, whether you know, understand and accept that or not.

    • Wasn’t thinking about national borders so much as protection and restriction in local areas. Although it would be nice to be able to stop them at borders, but they would just be bussed across. the idea would work only where they had to go on foot.

  4. What’s the chance that the driver is from Eastern Europe, my guess is on Hungarian or Polish. They don’t put up with the kind of excrement.

  5. The establishment won’t admit it – it can’t – but the opposition is growing, in spite of the immense forces set against it… It bodes well.

  6. The ellipsis at 1:22 is very…ah…tactful. The speaker envisions what unsuspecting Muslims might do upon discovery of the pig parts (ham hocks or pig feet, from what I can figure out). In much earthier language than what I’m using, he posits that such a Muslim will befoul his underwear spontaneously in such a way that changing it will be absolutely obligatory. 🙂

    Of course, there’s always pig lard….heh heh.

  7. great idea .. also should place a sign that truck entrance ways are
    slathered in pig grease … there are resins that are sticky & could
    just fit the scene.

  8. Give the driver of the truck some kind of Nobel Price :o)
    A touch of genius :o)


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