Edelweiss is Racist!

Multicultural Political Correctness has infected a school in a town near Zurich. It seems any evidence that a student is proud of being Swiss is now verboten, and must be suppressed.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

Swiss Teacher Bans Edelweiss Shirts

GOSSAU. A Swiss teacher prohibited her students from wearing Edelweiss shirts, because she says they are racist. Around ten teenagers at the Gossau high school were wearing the shirts to show that they were “proud and patriotic Swiss”. The teacher ordered the students to immediately change their clothes.

The Swiss People’s Party (SVP) was appalled over this ordinance; they called it “mega-temerity”. It is “questionable, that Swiss traditions are now labeled as racist and are even banned,” said party Member Lukas Reimann (SVP). He noticed that especially Albanian youths everywhere “show their eagle”. That right should go for everybody.

Twitter Text:

Claudio Schmid @claudio_schmid
We Swiss are abolishing ourselves and it looks as if schools and courts are helping.
Permitted: Hijab
Not permitted: @EdelweissShirt

Many Swiss Canton councilmen were wearing their Edelweiss shirts out of protest at the last Parliament session.

The students who wore the shirts were invited by the school for a discussion, and they were asked to justify their behavior. But later the school principal admitted the teacher had overreacted with the ban, and she has realized that herself. Apparently, the driving force behind all this is rising tensions between students from the Balkans and indigenous students at the school.

Afterword from the translator:

Gossau, the town where this happened, is a hop and a skip away from where I went to school in Wetzikon, four kilometers away. This is the Canton of Zurich we are talking about. Actually, it’s called “Zurich Upperland”, because it is north/east of the city of Zurich towards more alpine, mountainous regions. Zurich Upperland used to be amazingly magical, with mysterious valleys, hollers and roads leading you uphill at almost 60-degree angles.

The region has in the past largely depended on traditional Italian immigration, and the towns could easily be mistaken for small Italian towns sometimes. But in the past fifteen years or so, the immigration of Balkan and Middle Eastern and even African people has completely changed the landscape. What once was a cute little Swiss town such as Gossau is now a devil’s armpit.

Sure, on the outside it all still looks fine and well, but you can’t leave anything unlocked, you can’t let your dog sit outside the grocery store (they get stolen and killed) to wait for you, you can’t ride your horse undisturbed anymore (they are afraid of horses and will yell at you and throw rocks at the horse), and most children are now brought back and forth to school by car, even though walking would often only take five to ten minutes while driving will take up to twenty minutes. But when your little kids get harassed by Balkan Boyz on the way home… it’s the only option. Unless you’re itching for a fight, of course.

Traffic is insane, people are unfriendly, and foreigners wherever you look. These Zurich Upperland towns are now nothing more than foreign pest holes. They are dirty, filthy, unfamiliar, and have become anonymous. It’s the reason I left my hometown Wetzikon again last March and came back to the USA.

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  1. I wasn’t aware it had gotten this bad in CH. I though the Swiss had firmer control over these immigrants, having read that mosques had been banned in several locations. I’m sorry for you and for the Swiss who had no choice in this, especially ones that knew it was a bad idea but were powerless to stop it.

    • Mosques have not been banned, but the minarets on top of mosques, as they are a sign of dominance.

      There are still a few parts good in Switzerland, but not in the Zurich region, and not in the Aargau or Luzern region. Anywhere where there are bigger cities nearby, and especially in the french and the italian part of Switzerland, the balkan boyz, middle eastern and african men and their ninja women all clad in black take over.

  2. Eine grosse Schade. C’est une grande dommage. (Sorry, non parlo italiano.)

    Umgotteswillen, that’s awful. In every respect. 🙁

  3. No more patriotism, folks!

    Our masters who gather in their little secret Bilderberg meetings have decided that separate nations no longer exist.

    They just haven’t gotten around to telling us yet.

  4. For years I’ve said that as rotten as these ‘refugees’ are, our own people who appease and enable the rabble are infinitely worse–they are traitors, in the very worst sense.

    Nevertheless, I cogitate endlessly over how certain people can actually be so thoroughly rotten through, that they can and will betray their own kith and kin in favour of murderous uncultured savages from other countries, following a demonic ‘religion’.

  5. Thanks for the translator’s afterword, which is even more informative than the article.

  6. Once the surviving Europeans fight off the invaders and reclaim their identity I imagine they’ll relinquish liberals to women’s wok.

  7. I had no idea that the Swiss had stopped being Swiss either! So sad. I have picked up a new descriptor though, Devil’s armpit, that certainly nails the origin of the immigrants.

    • Hasn’t Switzerland admitted the most invaders per capita in Europe? For a while it seemed the Swiss were putting their foot down but it appears it was just an inconsequential fuss over minarets. Or was it parking spaces? Littering? Recycling? Slaughter of cows in the streets?

  8. I first visited Switzerland in the 1980s. Its beauty, cleanliness & order (no graffiti) quickly made it my favourite bolthole. I then visited Lucerne, a major tourist town, in the 1990s. I was shocked to find that the centre was dirty & litter strewn, & like the rest of Switzerland by this time, full of graffiti. One of the popular cheaper restaurants was a Middle Eastern cafeteria. The centre was full of people who appeared to have come from the Middle East. There isn’t a corner of western Europe that hasn’t been trashed (literally).

    • I agree with you… there are regions left that are “almost” pristine, but very few. Most of the Bernese upper lands are still as they used to be, and when you go deep into the heart of Zurich upper lands, there too are spots where you don’t have to look at dark faces.

      But the minute you’ll stop, after a day of beautiful hiking, at a mountain restaurant, a “Berg Restaurant”, you will be served by Serbs, Croatians, Africans, and sometimes Pakistanis, if they feel like working. There will not be any indigenous service personnel, but of course you’ll hear the Swiss chef and the Swiss boss barking orders at the “stupid outlanders” from the office and kitchen.

      And therein lies the problem. There are an awful lot of VERY arrogant swiss people who own restaurants and stores, who LOVE to boss around people, but Swiss personnel won’t be bossed around. The tone and atmosphere in many touristic restaurants is anything but friendly with personnel. A lot of those mountain and tourist restaurants and hotels do not allow personnel to leave the site, so they have to live in a small closet somewhere under the roof, live and breathe work all day, and there is no deprive.

      I don’t feel sorry for them, for as far as I’m concerned they can all go back if they want to. They actually perpetuate bad employer manners that Swiss business owners suffer from already.

      The nicest foreigners I’ve had the experience with are Tamils. They weren’t very liked when they first arrived in Switzerland in the 70’s I think. But they assimilated to a point. And when they work, they are hard workers, even as they were treated like [solid waste] sometimes.

  9. I can understand the teachers view point; the Swiss are, after all, notorious as racist with a heinous reputation for exploitive colonialism in order to exert their White Privilege of imperialism over the Other. [sarcasm off]

    All liberal thought is rooted in self- loathing, projected. Liberals are neo-Flagellants.

  10. On one hand, you can’t really blame people like the school teacher for being afraid, those Balkan and Middle Eastern guys are extremely aggressive – even the children – and almost always run in hordes. On the other hand, what a bunch of wussies the western Europeans have become!
    They really must look like sheep to the Easterlings, Southrons and Orcs.
    Killing dogs and throwing rocks at horses sounds familiar, I guess if the police can’t or won’t do anything about it, you’ll have to take matters into your own hands.

  11. OMG Switzerland too? I heard a long time ago that they have problems with Albanian mafia but I never knew why. Are they going he same way as Sweden?

  12. What race is Islam? Especially referring to those from the Balkans – I wasn’t aware they were black people. And being patriotic isn’t racist or xenophobic. Maybe they should teach those dogs to bite and the horses to kick.Most likely this is the fault of governments that decide to dump “refugees” on these little towns.

  13. All Third World cultures are now constituted along the principles of organised crime, which after the collapse of the SU took root in the Balkans and Caucasus like terminal cancer – the Albanians being among the worst. ‘Devil’s armpit’ is exactly correct!

    If the teacher banned the shirts out of fear, it means that the state can no longer protect its people, which is now evident throughout the West.

    It is only FEAR which will deter these bottom feeders. The best thing would be for a group of local Swiss lads to beat the living daylight out of them.

    By the way, Muslims now want the Swiss to remove the cross from their flag!

    • Oh heck, the Muslims want! WANT! And WANT!

      They are CRIPPING for ANY AND ALL CROSSES to be removed from ANY flag it appears on in Europe…. ESPECIALLY the British one.

      In fact, they prefer the EU idiot flag to be used… well, at least till they get sharia firmly clamped onto ALL of Europe. Then they can have a head chopper ISIS flag over all….

      JUST YUK!

  14. Switzerland home of the *ITWMNBM……..I predicted several years ago that Switzerland would be one of the few EU member states to somehow miraculously buck the Islamic immigration and open border edicts being rubber stamped at the EU parliament in Brussels and it looks like they are doing just.

    *International Those Who Must Not Be Mentionders
    : )

      • Thanks, like many in the US European politics is new to me…..it fits my theories even better though that the Swiss somehow managed to miraculously avoid getting roped into the EU plan, I guess they like sovereignty and border controls for themselves but not for anybody else…….NIMBY for the rubber stampers themselves!

  15. Who the hell did this us??

    Who worked through the night, plotted, designed, and poisoned our culture, systems and dignity with this evil evil doctrine of poisoning our minds with guilt, and shame, and using this wicked tool called “political correctness” to cow our people into fear of even speaking our own thoughts, through fear of being labeled as racist!

    Who are the engineers and architects of this genocide against white western europeans??

    Can someonecstart putting names to faces?? I want see a list of these murderers and plotters who havecengineered our demise.

    Can anyone here put the faces and names??

    Addresses too would be appreciated.


    • Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism is the root. Gramsci another huge player. Attack attack attack everything at the root of Western liberty and individuation. Never stop attacking and instilling guilt for the very cultural traits that sustain free inquiry and decent tolerance. It works.

    • People who worked in complete safety, because the stupid masses laugh when they hear of a conspiracy.

      When people laugh at the word “conspiracy,” I ask them, “So you think your enemies are all above board with everything they do? You think they’re going to call you a give you a year’s warning when they want something you have?”

    • Uhhhhh………..*redacted*……….and that is who it is.

      : )

      Saved you the trouble….heh

    • Atlee (I think), Blair, Cameron, Sarkozy, Hollande, Merkel, Johnson, Carter, Reagan, the Bushes, Clinton, Obama, Palme, the Trudeau’s, Barbara Lerner Spectre, Abe Foxman, the Koch brothers, David Gelbaum, Disney Corp., Soros, Ted Kennedy, Rick Perry, Eric Holder, sponsors of the 1965 Immigration Act, Paul Gigot, Rupert Murdoch, libertarian morons, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, inter alia.

      Every politician maintaining cowardly silence on immigration, excepting Enoch Powell and Donald Trump.

  16. Albanians are very dangerous immigrants . LIKE wolves in a pack they attack anything and everything NOT Albanian. They say being ALBANIAN is more important than ANY religion.

    Even in the USA, in the Bronx especially, the Albanian gangs have taken over the illegal drug trade and the child and “grown-up woman” prostitution rackets.

    EVEN The police are afraid of the Albanian gangs and make great efforts to avoid conflict with them. Was told by one relative who is an older detective that it is impossible to go undercover in those gangs because they do everything with ONLY people in their own clan or family and they have a death code of silence worse than the Old Italian gangs.

    We have relatives, born and raised in the Bronx and Yonkers, who are members of the NYPD and they can hardly wait to retire to FLORIDA or get another job elsewhere in the South. I suggested they get OUT now and just LIVE their lives outta’ NYC.

    I can imagine this same stuff is going on in Europe too.

    • LOL – I grew up near Yonkers (it was at one time a beautiful area w/ excellent public schools ) . I hate to think of what it ‘s like now. The first hijabs I ever saw were kids in the Yonkers’ school system ( probably Albanians ) I spent almost 10 years in Western Europe and I never saw a veil or headscarf there.Islam must’ve still been in its “dormant phase” (that is post Ottoman Empire and colonialism?) All the Muslims I knew were probably apostates or seemingly had no interest in Islam. There were already lots of Algerians in France and Turks in Germany, but they were still minding their p’s and q’s pretty much – after all they were still in the minority. I think Europe has invited trouble in looking for cheap labor.

  17. France started screwing itself over after the Algeria debacle in the early 1960’s, Algeria having been considered (by the politicians) an integral part of France Métro, or The Homeland. Not sure why the British began inviting millions of Pakistanis and Indians to Old Blighty, but as soon as they got their independence from the Crown, they all moved to Birmingham. In the 1970’s, the number of Turkish ‘guest workers’ , as they were called at the time, in Germany and Austria was still fairly low, and problems few, but I never quite understood why they were there in the first place. Sure, WW II had produced a pretty big hole in the population, but the really large numbers of Turks only started arriving AFTER the hole had already been filled and the place was overcrowded yet again.
    And why, oh why Denmark, Norway and Sweden want to seemingly replace their native population with Iraqis and Somalis is completely incomprehensible. For MANY reasons.
    Switzerland used to consistently top those ‘Best Places to Live’ charts published by magazines such as Forbes – it is (or was) very quiet, staunchly conservative, highly educated, very modern when it comes to creature comforts and technology, in other words, if you’re a 50-something investment banker who wants to spend the rest of his life looking at mountains & lakes and send his only daughter to a hugely expensive private school where she will learn Latin and French, you can’t (or couldn’t) beat Switzerland.
    I’ll have to look where Die Eidgenossenschaft (~ ‘Oath Brotherhood’) stands today.
    136th, just before Ruanda?

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