Close the Borders!

The following anti-immigration demonstration took place recently in Vienna. The demonstrators simulated an execution by the Islamic State in which the victims of beheading were represented as “Refugees Welcome” activists.

Take note of the persistent attempts by Leftist counter-demonstrators to interfere with the protesters, and the equally persistent efforts by perimeter guards from the protest group to keep them out. The demonstrators seem to be familiar with the tactics of their progressive adversaries, and well-prepared to deal with them.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


1:28   …this is what can happen… (…)
1:31   …because no one knows how many terrorists really crossed the border.
1:38   We don’t know this because no one controlled who came into our country.
1:43   These people, those who now scream “welcome refugees” (…)
1:50   those are the people responsible for the danger that we are facing now.
1:54   They speak of diversity, but what we see is foreign infiltration through Islamization.
2:02   But we are the power who defend our Austrian values and our traditions,
2:05   and we will continue this until our homeland is safe again.
2:10   Fortress Europa, close the borders!

8 thoughts on “Close the Borders!

  1. Video not found. Must have been censored already. Never mind, I saw it somewhere else. Anybody know who is the organising group? I would like to support them.

    There are certainly a lot of brainwashed people in Vienna, and left liberal [epithets], Faymann being no. 1.

      • I saw if from Portland, Oregon.

        Odd how opposing ISIS would generate the same criticism and angst among Muslims as anything anti-Islam? Or anything “Islamophobic.”

        • Works for me in the US.

          ISIS is true Islam and Muslims know it, so of course they object to criticism of ISIS.

      • On the first page it wouldn’t play but when I went to the article
        from clicking the title that video played.

  2. Why do the Leftist loons protect a doctrine of evil that will ultimately destroy them. Other than having the same collective socialist ideology one will eventually destroy the other. The globalist NWO slave Masters are not stupid and I agree with Alex Jones on infowars they have a deadly agenda for humanity. I still wonder if these Leftist know their own history and the attempt twice by the Islamic Ottoman Empire to sieze Vienna twice. Are they so delusional that they cannot understand that this time Islam wants to conquer Vienna without firing a shot, called stealth Jihad.

  3. Video often does not play for me until I refresh the page with the video frame in the middle of it. Old computer?

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