Angry Migrants Kept Out of Macedonia

In the last few weeks watertight doors have been clanging shut all along the route taken by the “refugee” flood of that’s been overflowing Europe since the middle of last summer. The point of entry is Greece — specifically, the Greek islands in the eastern Aegean — and the last border that has been tightened is the first one the migrants have to cross, the one between Greece and Macedonia.

The Macedonian government has put up razor-wire barriers and placed restrictions on which asylum-seekers may enter. Needless to say, the “refugees” are unhappy, and are making their feelings known. “Open [the border] or die” — yep, that’s the sort of sentiment that’s bound to melt the hearts of Europeans and cause them to welcome the “New Europeans” into their homes and larders.

Culture-enriching “youths” at one border crossing tore down part of the razor-wire barrier, attacked police, threw stones, and engaged in some of the other high-spirited antics that have made them so popular all over Europe.

Many thanks to Andrej Turjaški for translating this brief article from the Slovenian tabloid Slovenske Novice (click the link to see more photos):

Photo: Migrants tear down a part of razor-wire fence, throw rocks at the police

Others shouted “We want to go to Germany!” and “Open borders!”

Athens: More than 200 migrants on the Greek-Macedonian border tried today to forcibly cross to the other side of the border. In their attempt they tore down a part of the razor-wire fence. At least five migrants made it to Macedonia, but were captured and returned to Greece, according to the French press agency AFP. Some protesters threw rocks at the police; others shouted: “We want to go to Germany!” and “Open borders!”

Macedonia, which is being crossed by multitudes of migrants on their way to the North, from the middle of last week has only been allowing entrance to migrants from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thus more than 800 people are stuck on the Greek side of the border, mostly Iranians, Moroccans, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis.

Translator’s note:

I use the expression “Macedonia”, which is correct. The problem with the name is than the Greece, from the position of power as a member of the EU, blocked it, and they don’t allow Macedonia to use it.

Thanks to Macedonia for protecting its border. If it weren’t for them, those migrants would have made it to Europe. According to the news on our TV, that is happening near Gevgelija border crossing. The Greek police required the stranded migrants (at one point more than 6,000) to clear the border area and return to Athens.

Hat tip: Green Infidel.

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  1. What the hell makes them think they have the right to barge in wherever they want? Answer: Muslim ARROGANCE!

    I’m surprised Merkel hasn’t been politically lynched.

    • You’re surprised Merkel hasn’t be politically lynched ?

      I’m surprised about the political part.

  2. “Open or die”, considering these muslim thugs are the enemy, how long will it be before the various border guards, police and military load with real ammo, and start using it!

    Violence is the ONLY thing they understand; they despise the weakness the west is exhibiting–and so do I!

  3. Can Europe manage without all these Engineers, Doctors, Nuclear Scientists, Dentists, Economists, Professors, Teachers that Frau Merkel would have us believe are so desperately needed? Or could it just be that they are simply criminal thugs who wishing to expand their evil antics as far into Europe as possible? Wake up Europe, Merkel didn’t even consult her own Government when she arrogantly and insanely invited the whole of the third world to come to Europe. How she is still a free woman and hasn’t been impeached for treason or at the very least removed from office for sheer incompetence is beyond me!

  4. I’m surprised Merkel hasn’t been physically lynched, or at least hanged in effigy all over Germany. This entire travesty is on her shoulders and she will be known in history as the first in Europe to abandon Europe to the Muslim hordes. Forgive me for being politically incorrect, but unlike our “leaders” I have read history and know about the Crusades. Richard the Lion-heart, among others, must be turning in his grave.

    • It’s worse than that. These people read the same history books. Education and intelligence don’t seem to have anything to do with it.

      If you read Merkel’s wikipedia entry, especially her youth, nothing in it prepares one for the woman she would become…she was religious; her father studied theology and she was confirmed. She has a doctorate in physics…

      Insanity is the only answer to her flip.

  5. 200? That’s less than a drop in the ocean. There’s coming 200 “refugees” into Europe every dog gone *minute*.

    Europe is doomed. I suggest you Ami’s stock up ammo and beans because you’ll be next on the invasion-list.

  6. Oh, “open or die,” eh. No “Pleas let us in. We are poor just widows and orphans and we belong to the religion of peace.”


  7. So you think insanity is the only answer to what’s going on now? I believe but not positive that I read of mass insanity at some time in European history, perhaps sometime in the middle ages. Could it be happening again? What else can you call it when you not only open the gates and the doors, but strew flower petals (ie, free food, shelter, clothes, money, etc) in front of the invading hordes of barbarians at the gate?

    May God help us.

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