Al-Bonni bin Clyde

It’s the jihad romance of the century — the young newlyweds named Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook who terrorized Southern California yesterday, killing fourteen people and wounding at least eighteen others.

There is copious documentation on Syed Rizwan Farook — high school graduation, work history, accounts by co-workers, a driver’s license, photos on social media, interviews with family members. Plenty of grist for the investigative journalist’s mill.

But what about Tashfeen Malik?

There was nothing about her on the Internet before she was lying facedown on the street yesterday afternoon in a pool of blood. I don’t mean very little; I mean nothing.

That’s why I used the Unknown Woman for her picture at the top of this post. When I went looking for an image of her, there was nothing to be found. No photos reliably identified as Tashfeen Malik of California, formerly of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. She just wasn’t there.

Walid Shoebat has an interesting report on the Jihadess of San Bernardino. He confirms that she had no documented existence under that name prior to her death yesterday in a shootout with police. Not only that, it seems likely that the name was chosen as a nom de guerre for her martyrdom operation. It was taken from a hero of Islamic history whose victory paved the way for the conquest of Spain.

This case is getting more interesting by the hour. Reporters will be spending a lot of time trying to talk to Syed Rizwan Farook’s relatives and acquaintances and pawing over information gleaned from his haunts in San Bernardino. Let’s see how well they do digging out the real identity of his bride in jihad.

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  1. Hi. Re Bonnie Barrow aka Tashfeen Malik. One report said she came from Qatar via Saudi Arabia, or perhaps it was the other way around. There’s also a report she was a pharmacist. You’ve got to take state exams and get a license to practice pharmacy, I guess in most states. So there’s got to be a record of her true identity in that bureaucratic maze, if it’s true she was a pharmacist. Shouldn’t be too hard to find out where she worked as a pharmacist in Redlands or San Bernardino. Driver’s license? They had a kid. Hospital records? God, there are dozens of ways to check up on who she was and wasn’t.

    • I don’t think she was born here. The baby, I mean. In fact, she seems to have been born before mother and the other killer were married.

      For a driver’s license search, you need a name.

      Betcha the police know by now but if the Feds move in, people will have to file FOIA forms forever to get any information.

      • On the driver’s license: She either had one by another name, or none at all, in which case she really lucked out in not being pulled over for some traffic infraction. And I’m betting that if she had been pulled over, the copy would’ve got a slug in his face.

      • Baby was described in news stories as being six months old. The…ah…marriage was stated as 18 months to 2 years ago, non-specific location where celebrated.

        Crumbs, I know, but maybe of use to someone.

  2. As the intervals between one terrorist attack and the next decrease, the public has less and less time to investigate and comprehend what exactly has happened at each event–our long term memories cannot even be installed–until we enter a blur of disorientation and confused recollections. We are indeed frogs in the slowly heating kettle, in a fog of pre-war….and we have been incrementalized into thinking this may all be normal living, circa AD 2016.

    We have impressive testosterone in our country, an abundance of guns, and too many good, decent and steely, masculine rough men to go on accepting this disgusting effete leadership. They aren’t going to accept this style of weak PC governing….listening to failures every two weeks. No more. We were invited in our Constitution to form militias in troubled times. Expect private militias and vigilantes soon. History convulses into a new era today.

    • Sheriff Joe Arpaio here in Arizona is urging people to go about their business armed.

  3. I think the picture of the male is not Rizwan, but the brother Raheel. Rizwan’s picture has appeared in a few places (he looks similar, but still quite distinct).

  4. I am rather close to some direct sources for the background of this incident. The Mosque in San Bernardino has been on a watch list for quite some time. The FBI from the LA Office arrived almost at the same time as the Sheriffs. You do NOT mess with either of these folks. Even though we are still sorting things out, one thing is clear; Christmas is anathema to Islam. For whatever reason that there may be as the result of Friday ‘prayers’ the local Dar al Salaam feels emboldened. The weapons cache that was found at Syed’s house was sufficient to take down every shopping mall in SoCal. We can be thankful that this cache was seized and should convey our appreciation to the S. Berdoo Sheriffs and FBI that the incident wasn’t any worse than it was, as I-10 and I-215 could have been rivers of blood had things gone otherwise.
    It had been peaceful here in SoCal but it appears that we have just joined the rest of the world. Merry Christmas one and all.

  5. Like most of the other posters here I think we’re on the verge of problems in this country unlike anything since the civil rights/white backlash of the 1960s. (i can remember that era).

    WE all need to write to our state and federal representatives . Make it clear stop all refugee immigration–if they want your vote next election!

    What’s scary is how quickly someone can become ‘radicalzed’. It only seems to take a week or so-from what I read.. A different Mosque with a different Imam, maybe is all it takes.

  6. His eyes…. doped or crazy? There is something disturbing about the eyes, it is not the first time either. It is as if something disconnected inside them. Similar to the Syrian passport holders in the Paris attack.

  7. The taqiyaa artists are already hard at work pushing the, “Farook was alone and isolated, this has nothing to do with his faith!” line. This is just a variant on the good old, “No TRUE Scotsman,” fallacy.

    Really? Is it too much of a stretch to consider the idea that his faith was the EXACT reason he felt so alone and isolated?

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