A Terror Timeline with an Increasing Tempo

I ran across this at Politically Incorrect.

This is better viewed if you switch to “Theatre Mode” and watch it a few times. Doing that will allow you to see the implications of the symbols at the top of the video; they are used to indicate the number of fatalities. Especially notice the increase in tempo and size of the attacks as it moves forward in time…

Also notice that Australia never lights up at all…

The creator of this video, Milan R. Vuckovic, has an explanation of this work further down on the You Tube page: [edited for grammar, formatting, spelling, and one emphasis at the end -D ]

Important Note: Due to the large amount of data used, there are likely to be mistakes (exact chronology, location, casualties etc.). This video should serve as an approximation.

(Especially in the messy parts.)

Typical issue would be: GTD had sometimes the “at least” casualties or it has split one terrorist incident into many (Istanbul Bombings of 2003, Casablanca bombings of 2003). This is why some incidents are not accurately represented on the map. It’s a tiny fraction though.

Also, I like to point out that I used different definitions of terrorism regarding the area and time of attacks.

About the copy at the end:

Historians debate about whether terrorist groups are destined to fail or not. Some say that authentic terrorist organizations achieve partial goals only. Many regard John Brown (approx. 150 years ago) as the most successful terrorist till this day.

But you might read the essays: “How Successful Is Terrorism?” (James M. Lutz and Brenda J. Lutz) and “Why Terrorism Does Not Work” (M. Abrahms) and you will find out what this message is exactly about: Deterring potential future terrorism by education.

[Perhaps our readers would be willing to research for links to those essays he mentions.]

Mr.Vuckovic has also managed to attract far more comments that are actually interesting. That’s relatively rare in videos of this nature.

The views on this video now exceed a half-million. It was published in late November of this year and is only being spread in the manner used here: by word-of-mouth. Or if the MSM has been talking about it, we missed it.

His website is here. Lots of interesting videos. I particularly recommend the two-parter on Gender Roles.

NOTE: I’d like to see his rationale behind the claim that we can “deter” potential future terrorism by education:

1.   Whom would he “educate”? I mean who would be the “target groups”?
2.   What would be the curriculum?

Given the root meaning of ‘educare’ – to lead out of doubt – and given that both sides (the victims of the terrorists and the perpetrators) don’t have much doubt to be led out of, a full explication of his solution to terrorism would be most interesting.

If you’re interested in commenting at the source, Mr. Vuckovic has been in the comments responding to people on that YouTube page.

11 thoughts on “A Terror Timeline with an Increasing Tempo

  1. In reference to the comment “Notice that Australia never lights up at all”. I don’t think I noticed Paris light up either… Today Australia is commemorating ‘The Lindt Cafe Siege’, which resulted in two deaths, and was carried out by a ‘lone wolf’ gunman in the name of ISIS. There has been another murder committed by a 15 year old boy a few months ago at a police station in Sydney, also carri out in the name of ISIS. Australian police have intercepted a number of planned attacks in the last couple of years, including one incited by a 14 year old boy in the UK. We haven’t suffered as much as other parts of the world, but we are becoming increasinly more vulnerable.

  2. His cut off point for atrocity killing by Muslims was 21 fatalities per atrocity. That’s why so many atrocities didn’t make it to the graphic, otherwise it would just be a confused flashing red blur.

    Come to think of it, it’s nearly there as it is.

  3. Guess I’ll have to move to South America or Antactica-they didn’t light up at all.

    The video didn’t mention all the plots that have been foiled by FBI, MI5, or other world intel. agencies in that time. It must have been humdreds. This has already been called, ‘the new cold war’,

    “Those who can be made to believe in absurdities, can be made to committ atrocities”-Voltaire

  4. I’m GLAD you mentioned “education” as a solution for [fill in the blank]. It’s one of the stupider things one hears from the jabbering classes. What nobody ever says–and nobody ever asks–is HOW MUCH education is the amount after which the recipient of “education” ceases to be stupid or criminal. Pol Pot was a graduate of the University of Paris. So was Yasser Arafat. Lenin and Marx were highly “educated.” Hillary Clinton has lots of “education” but can’t tell the difference between highly classified intelligence information and an ordinary e-mail. Or if she can, her “education” has not enabled her to make sound judgments. Or if it has, she’s a criminal anyhow. All “education” does is to teach criminals how to be more efficient in committing their particular crime specialty. History is replete with the deeds of highly “educated”–and grotesquely efficient–murderers.

  5. The way education could help would be to ban all Islamic schools as the Sharia Law they teach is antithetical to democratic values and Human Right Law. The power of Islam rests in the power of the imams and mullahs!

    Secondly, we need to mandate universal education in maths and science. The reason that Islam is a threat (along with the rest of the unstable Third World) is because every Third World government is a criminal enterprise! This is especially true where the GDP has a very narrow base (natural resources or single crops) which allows a narrow elite to hijack the economy and confiscate the profits for themselves instead of building schools and health clinics which would educate their people and promote birth control.

    Instead, we have an overpopulation of angry young men (no birth control and reduction in infant mortality) who have no relevant education for the modern global economy and therefore no job opportunities. In their own nations the political elites have refused to diversify their economies – as the Saudis are now realizing too late! But with little education in maths and science, even if the angry unemployed invade the West, they still can’t get good jobs!

    This is why multi-culturalism will fail in the end because education in the modern world means WESTERN education. This assumes we can keep the West alive for long enough, which today is a moot point.

  6. The excellent effectiveness of this visual presentation makes it all the more vividly regrettable how apparently most people still haven’t realized that when we are quantitatively assessing a terror attack, we should count all the wounded as deaths — because on the level of fanatical intent and the danger that poses to us, they were meant to be dead. Had the videographers been thinking that way, they would have been able to count at least also Fort Hood, Boston Marathon (6 killed, some 264 intended to be killed but only injured), and San Bernadino.

    I’ve been bringing this up for years in various venues, and either get ignored or chided for it.

  7. “NOTE: I’d like to see his rationale behind the claim that we can “deter” potential future terrorism by education”

    No doubt education involving Moderate Muslims (or same, under a different name).

    I.e., I would be wearily, jadedly unsurprised if Mr. Vuckovic were excited (as Sam Harris is) by the new Operating System which Maajid Nawaz has developed to allow us to recalibrate and reconfigure the war on “Islamist extremists” so that we can “move forward” in our new partnership with “reformers” like Maajid along with hundreds of millions of Muslims Who Just Wanna Have a Sandwich who follow a “diverse” tapestry or mosaic of different Islams.

    • I see no reason to doubt Maajid Nawaz’ sincerity; if he’s fake, it’s his own head he’s putting on the block, maybe literally.

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