Why Should Muslims Be Blamed for the Islamic State?

The Grand Mufti of Australia finds it unfair that he should be repeatedly called upon to condemn the Islamic State. According to the following news video, he thinks it is more important to look at Islamophobia as one of the causes of ISIS.

From the notes to the video:

The Grand Mufti of Australia has said he should not need to continually condemn the Islamic State following the sweeping terror attacks across Paris, and even compared himself to Jesus.

‘It is therefore imperative that all causative factors such as racism, Islamophobia, curtailing freedoms through securitisation, duplicitous foreign policies and military intervention must be comprehensively addressed.’

Hat tip: Steen.

5 thoughts on “Why Should Muslims Be Blamed for the Islamic State?

  1. Read this.

    Most of the largest UK muslim groups supported creation of the Caliphate i.e. Islamic State.

    Most muslim groups in the UK are supporters of Mawdudi, who said of his not-yet-existing Islamic State that it was “a kind of fascist state”

    So, yes: if most muslim organisations have been working to re-create the Islamic State, then they are collectively responsible for ISIS. The slave-raping state that is Islamic State is what muslims wanted.

    When I point out the above references to people, they are amazed that they are so well concealed by our media, who act like they really don’t understand where Islamic State has come from.

  2. ‘It is therefore imperative that all causative factors such as racism, Islamophobia, curtailing freedoms through securitisation.

    What does “securitisation” mean?

    New one on me.

    Does he mean “secularisation”?

      • What he means is by lamenting securitization is lamenting the increased levels of scrutiny of the Muslim community by the authorities: “We Muslims in Australia ( whilst very happy to live off the fraudulently-obtained disability pensions, unemployment benefits, state-funded housing, education and health care as well as sundry other financial benefits working Australian kuffars pay for) would be most grateful if the Australian security forces and police ignored us and allowed us to continue arming ourselves, radicalizing and militarily training our youth for jihad and collecting money for Islamic causes such as ISIS.

  3. Allah, god of Islam has defined unbelief as a capital crime through his mouthpiece mohammed, and commissions all Muslims to murder unbelievers.

    Is this too ‘fair’?

    If one embraces a fundamentally unfair religion, one should expect lop sided treatment. It is sheer hypocrisy for a Muslim to use a Christian value (fairness) to criticize a fundamentally Muslim value – unfairness.

    We must be very careful of the hypocrisy of Islam, for Islam has no morality in the house of war. In the house of war the ends justify the means.

    At the moment, ISIS claims to speak on behalf of all Muslims, it is therefore up to Muslims to demonstrate to us that ISIS is not part of their Islam, I personally remain unconvinced. When I see an army of Australian Muslims leaving Oz to fight against ISIS in Syria then I will reconsider, but in the meantime, attacking the victims by using their own value system against them is stupidity indeed.

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