“We Should Not Have to Pay for the Stupidity of Angela Merkel”

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, was interviewed today by Agence France-Presse. Mr. Wilders emphatically affirmed his desire that his country leave the European Union, so that it will no longer have to pay for the catastrophic policy decisions made by Germany and other xenophilic European countries:

Below are excerpts from the accompanying AFP article:

Dutch populist Wilders seeks halt to ‘Islamic invasion’

The best way to deal with Europe’s growing refugee crisis is to close national borders to stop an “Islamic invasion”, Dutch anti-immigration politician Geert Wilders says.

As the popularity of his far-right Freedom Party (PVV) skyrockets amid Europe’s largest movement of migrants since World War II, Wilders has his sights set on becoming the next prime minister of the Netherlands in elections due in 2017.

“The only way to deal with it (the refugee crisis) is to regain our national sovereignty and close our national borders,” Wilders told AFP in an exclusive interview in the Dutch parliament.

“I’m not asking for anything strange, I am asking that our government close its doors as Hungary did …that we close our borders to those we consider to be migrants, not refugees,” he said.

Reviled and supported in equal measure, Wilders’ fiery rhetoric is finding fertile ground among working and middle-class Dutch, who fear social upheaval as thousands of asylum seekers from Syria, Afghanistan and other conflict areas reach the Netherlands.
Polls showed Sunday his PVV would win 38 seats in the 150-seat Lower House should elections be held today — its largest-ever showing in a predictive survey.

The lowlands country of 17 million citizens is bracing to take in about 60,000 asylum seekers by the end of the year with numbers climbing weekly to reach some 1,800 alone in the first week of November, according to the latest government statistics.

‘Angry, afraid’

The issue has polarised the Netherlands, which prides itself on its long, but fading tradition of consensus politics and multi-cultural tolerance.

In recent days both Dutch King Willem-Alexander and lawmakers have called for calm after rowdy gatherings about housing refugees.

“People are angry, they are afraid, they want a different policy and the political elite is not listening to them,” said Wilders, 52, sporting his trademark platinum-blonde hairdo.

“That’s why parties like mine all over Europe are getting very strong.”

He argues the refugees would be better provided for if they stayed in countries closer to home, with a similar culture and religion — and that many of the arrivals are economic migrants not true refugees.

His message may be gaining some traction, but Wilders remains wary of poll figures. The PVV currently has only 12 seats, down from 15 after a disappointing result in 2012 elections. In the previous polls in 2010, the PVV had grabbed 24 seats.

“The larger we become, the more difficult it will be to ignore us and I’m sure we have a chance to govern,” Wilders insisted.

He also put the European Union on notice that he would move to pull the Netherlands out of the 28-nation body, arguing countries are stronger outside of the organisation.

“At a supernational level in Brussels, we never had a democracy. The European Commission, nobody elected them,” he said, urging Britons to vote for a “Brexit” in next year’s referendum.


Wilders chided leaders such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her open-door policy towards refugees.

“I think it was very unprofessional and even irresponsible,” he said, adding: “We should not have to pay for the stupidity of Angela Merkel.”


Wilders said he was opposed to any violence including against Muslims — although his comments on the Koran and Islam are seen by many moderate Muslims as highly disrespectful.

“If people threaten to use violence against anybody, any person and any institution, they should be taken to court and jailed for a long time,” said Wilders.

“Nobody in this parliament and maybe in this country knows better than I do what it’s like to be threatened with violence.”

18 thoughts on ““We Should Not Have to Pay for the Stupidity of Angela Merkel”

  1. Well said Gert ,the reaction of many of Merkels colleagues has been insipid to say the least.

  2. There is an infection mammals contract, especially mice, where a one-cell parasite called Toxoplasma gondii attacks the brain and by this changes the behaviour of its host. In the case of the unfortunate infected mouse, the rodent loses its natural fear of its predator (the cat), and in some observed cases is actually attracted to the cat, and hence its doom. This also has the effect of making life much easier for the predator. Strange but true.

    This devious parasite is also known to infect humans, causing a condition known as Toxoplasmosis, which is thought to be benign, as any self-destructing tendencies have yet to be formally observed. Indeed it is thought that up to half the world’s population may be infected with this parasite.

    I have drawn the conclusion that it is the widespread infection of this parasite that is responsible for the blind, self-destructing behaviour of the West’s leaders in welcoming the unsustainable and unchecked flood of muslim immigrants to their nations. Our leaders and their followers are actually welcoming their future doom. Unfortunately, their actions will also affect those of us who still possess some awareness of clear and present dangers.

    • I had speculated upon ergot poisoning. But that goes away when one stops eating the rye bread.

    • Bob your comparison is brilliant. I have read about Toxoplasma Gondi and found It a most interesting parasite. According to some readings the mouse tries to entice the cat to eat it thus providing a new and larger host for the parasite. It has just been mind boggling for me to watch the European countries allow themselves to so willingly be invaded. They seem so totally blind to what is going on around them it defies all logic . It is both sad and scary and I can’t help but wonder who is better off those with the parasite or those without.

  3. If truth be known, non-muslims show much more respect (which they do not deserve) to muslims, than muslims ever show to non-muslims. This is exactly what islam, from the koran onwards, teaches them.
    If ever muslims show themselves worthy of respect, then they will gain respect from others. Unless that day arrives, they should expect nothing more than the total disrespect which they show to non-muslims.

    • Now there’s a prescription for reciprocity that might work, if you could ever get the Muslims to shut up long enough so you could explain the concept.

    • If you frame your demeanor towards another based solely on how he acts first, then you become the reactor, the follower, but not a leader. Since you – or anyone of normal integrity – assumes an adult responsibility for acting from within your own value system, not that of your enemy, then you have some chance of lowering the heat in an encounter…or, as Col. Boyd suggested, use your enemy’s weaknesses to your advantage by staying inside his OODA Loop.

      Also see Netanyahu refuse to rise to the poisoned bait set out by Obama, Kerry, and our vice president – this last person ending one of his tirades against our “partner” with the words “period.period.period.period.” Perhaps there was an additional fifth repetition for emphasis? I lost
      count. That’s the humiliation game as played by Leftists and as repeated by the current generation in our public and private colleges. Their antics are so illiberal they’ve left their fellow-traveling jornolists at a loss for words…

  4. I even like Geert Wilders, and I even think that Holland does not deserve a politician like him. Although I have not the same values as him, he even has sensible ideas that at least can free the Dutch people of ideals and Marxist culture to some extent. Leave the EU; for me a real political will to fight for it, fight only against immigration without going straight to the source of the problem is [expletive]. Although, I hope that Mr. Wilders faces, or get support to fight an entire socialist dome in Parliament and in the media, as it is these that will give work to him to offer an alternative to what is currently in charge of the Netherlands, and at all levels of their society.

    • The biggest problem is that he currently polls about 25-30%. That is not enough. At best (!) he can get a 1 seat majority in the 2e Kamer (congress) and NO majority in the 1e Kamer (Senate). That means that just about everything he needs to do will either be shot down in parliament.

      Before WW2 the Dutch Quislings had only 2-4 seats in parliament. Today, the various Dutch Quisling parties have an absolute majority.

      Worse: even supposing Wilders gets elected, they will rather shoot him down and destroy the country, rather than admit they were wrong.

  5. The thing that I find very disturbing is the complete and utter conviction amongst politicians that just anybody has the right to move to Europe (or the USA). and that all comers are entitled to a share in our inheritance.

    There are legal processes in place to emigrate, these legitimate processes are now just a mockery and only fit for fools.

  6. Bravo Mr Wilders! A politician who wants his own country to be a sovereign nation again. Compare this to the back-tracking speech made be David Cameron yesterday. All the problems occurring on mainland Europe due to the uncontrolled mass influx of migrants is now being totally ignored by the mainstream UK media – no reports of rapes, riots, arson, theft, disease, just that migrants might get colder as winter approaches. As Mr wilder states why should Europe pay for Angela Merkel’s stupidity! I pray that other politicos follow his lead.

  7. Merkel was tested: she was shown to be wrong, and her reaction was not to own her error and abandon it, but to dig in her heels.
    It is a matter of time before she leads Europe to avoid war with even greater appeasement. The numbers are all too much. They either print money or they cut their losses, but they are silencing the people, and history teaches us that eventually the backlash is evidenced in armed defense of homeland:


  8. Anything remotely sensible lands one on the “far right” in the thinking of the Sellout Class. When something is described as “far-right” it is understandable to the distant observer as meaning to convey that the target is “ultra-reasonable.” By way of illustration, Marine Le Pen intends to pursue a socialist agenda but she is “far-right” because she is ultra-reasonable on the takeover of France by primitives.

    The self description of AntiFa as “anti-fascist” is absurd, of course. The “logic” of it is that they are “anti-leftist leftists.” Even I can see that that doesn’t make any sense. They should be understood as ultra-left street thugs relied on by the government as paramilitary enforcers of political correctness and subservience to the government. Doesn’t everyone wear face masks and hoods to hide their identity when throwing chunks of concrete at PEGIDA demonstrators?

    The CDU in Germany that uses these ultra-leftist paramilitaries is, of course, known as a “center-right” party.

    Such is the semantic confusion of our times. Islamic violence is the handiwork of “Islamisists” who believe in “Islamisism” and who have left “moderate Islam” behind.

    America is dead set against “terror” and we fight it. Yes. We do. A breakthrough will have occurred when we find out who is causing all the terror. Which will be soon. But only after Bashar al-Assad goes the way of all “evil dictators” if our “enemy” Valdomar Putin, who is bent on world conquest, doesn’t succeed in saving his skin. Since we have a “responsibility to protect” the world (excluding the United States) this all means it’s going to get interesting. Marco Rubio — everyone’s choice for president — is going to have his hands full after he’s sworn in.

    Now, back to Geert Wilders’s trademark platinum-blonde hairdo.

    • Marco Rubio is “everyone’s” choice
      . Pardon me, I don’t think so. He is pretty, articulate, and smart. However, he is big money establishment choice. He is also the immigrant President. Thanks, but no thanks. Trump and Cruz, I hope will be elected. Tight borders are needed if you want a country.

  9. You tube has become part of the presstitute. Used by terrorists to display their totture, killings and intimidation but dare anyone speak out in defence of Christianity and they will get the cultural Marxist treatment. Europe has signed its own death warrant it is a dead man walking there for the taking.

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