“Urgent Action Is Required”

Below is the statement made by Marine Le Pen in the wake of the jihad massacre in Paris on November 13.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   We live the horror; we are living a national tragedy.
0:04   Last night the capital of France suffered
0:08   attacks of an extreme barbarism, which shows a further escalation
0:12   in the violence of Islamist terrorism. For the sixth time
0:16   in 2015 it hit our country.
0:20   France mourns her dead, and I cry with her.
0:24   I am also mindful of the many injured, some in critical condition.
0:28   I want to share with the suffering and injured families
0:32   my deepest sympathy and my solidarity.
0:36   I salute the dedication and professionalism of our forces and our rescue services,
0:40   and give them my highest consideration.
0:44   They command the admiration of the whole nation.
0:48   France and the French are no longer safe. My duty
0:52   is to tell you that. And urgent action
0:56   is required. France must finally decide
1:00   who her allies are, and who are her enemies.
1:05   Her enemies are those countries that have friendly relations with
1:09   with radical Islamism. They are also those countries
1:13   that have an ambiguous attitude towards terrorist
1:17   enterprises. All those who are fighting them are the allies
1:21   of France and must be treated as such.
1:25   The President of the Republic has announced a state of emergency and the temporary
1:29   control of the borders: That’s good!
1:33   But whatever the EU may say, it is essential
1:37   that France definitely regain control of her national borders.
1:41   Without borders, neither protection nor
1:45   security are possible.
1:50   France has been rendered vulnerable;
1:54   she must re-arm because for too long she has suffered
1:58   a programmed collapse of her capabilities for protection and defense
2:02   against threats that were predictable and growing.
2:06   She must restore her military capacity, police, gendarmerie,
2:10   intelligence and customs.
2:14   The state must once again be able to fulfill its essential
2:18   function: the protection of the French people.
2:22   Finally, Islamist fundamentalism must be annihilated.
2:26   France must ban Islamist organisations,
2:30   close radical mosques,
2:34   and expel foreigners who preach hatred on our soil,
2:38   as well as the illegals whose place is not here.
2:43   As for the dual-nationality participants in these Islamist movements,
2:47   they must be stripped of their (French) nationality and banned from France.
2:51   Dear compatriots,
2:55   we are a courageous people; the nation
2:59   must be united in this ordeal. More than words,
3:03   it is a strong and implacable actions that will protect the French people
3:07   and will strengthen this unity.
3:11   Long live the Republic, long live France.

10 thoughts on ““Urgent Action Is Required”

  1. A wonderful speech. Now watch the leftists and their supine press associates traduce her reputation and accuse her of islamaphobia and extremism. There should be a deluge of loud insistent voices in support of this lady who frankly is France’s last chance saloon if her citizens are to have any future to look forward to. Marine Le Pen has reminded everyone that a sovereign state’s FIRST and primary duty is to PROTECT its own citizens before any other consideration.

  2. Not french but have lived and worked in France, therefore I subscribe to Marine Le Pen’s statements. However the real enemy to the Christian West is not merely the Islamic State so called but ISLAM. IS is simply a conduit for Islam to further the aims of such a despotic ideology. We all should be considering; In the wake of the Islamic murders in Paris should we not be asking the question of just who are the murderers here, the Muslims for carrying out the commands of their prophet or the Western politicians who invited these medieval barbarians into our liberal democracies? Enforcing this delusion – that Islam is a religion of peace and that we have a duty of care to strapping young male Muslims – is more than just delusional and insane, it is a betrayal of everything we stand for in the West, and our politicians who are responsible for this crime against humanity are complicit in the Paris murders and are complicit in every future murder carried out by Muslims in the West. I quote-‘If we continue to import people who tell us they wish to murder us, then all of us are just as guilty as the Muslim who pulls the trigger and just as guilty as the farmer who puts a fox in his hen house.

  3. Vive Marine Le Pen.

    I hope she becomes Madame Le President, not only to see the looks on the lefties faces, but also the smug U.S. conservatives who keep prattling on about “cheese eating surrender monkeys”. That nonsense is so 2003. “Freedom Fries” indeed.

  4. This woman is a populist, she said that the achievements of François Hollande were correct, and that he should do more. She gave a vote of confidence to the actions of the French president after the attacks, and his popularity grew. I do not believe a word this woman, who besides having given a favorable opinion to François Hollande stock, still lives doing praise the dictator Vladimir Putin, calling it Christian. It is a joke. So far have not seen her say anything about pull France out of the European Union, in short, is a populist.

    • If only “dictator” Putin buckles and is replaced with a president willing to assume the role of viceroy of another American vassal. How fortunate would we be!

      • Between a dictator and a dictator reliever it is best for the American people just stay with your weapons, than to put confidence in both the nation’s enemies. It is wiser to fight with his own hands, than to trust his fate to bad leaders.

  5. It is not rocket science. The war on Islam is not that complicated. Allow me to suggest a solution. It requires political honesty:

    1. We are fighting Islam, not Muslims.
    2. Islam is an ideology based on the trilogy of the Koran, the Hadith and the Surra.
    3. Islam is taught in mosques and Islamic education facilities around the world.
    4. Terrorists attend mosques and Islamic education facilities. They are sustained by their organizations. They breed there. They are funded there. They use mosques to hide weapons. They use the religious structure for command and control.

    Close the Mosques.

    When we close mosques and education centers, jail radical preachers and investigate the remaining teachers, that will starve Islam at it roots. It is a relatively simple task to close mosques in Western nations. It is lawful.

    Islam is not a true religion. Islam is not a religion as we might define (or assume) in legislation. There is no altruism in Islam as displayed by other religions. It does not consider the welfare of others as its prime goal or even the moral health of the individual. A little analysis would provide a clear case that Islam is not a religion and has no such status anywhere in the world. It can therefore be banned and/or denied public support and denied favorable tax treatment.

    Furthermore, Islam is subversive of the constitution of any nation in that it requires its adherents to replace existing law with sharia. It is also subversive of cultures, values, etc. Therefore it can probably be banned under existing laws. If this requires further thought, just let me know.

    The immediate concern is about what the reaction might be to closing mosques. Causing terrorists to come out into the open is dangerous but we will be prepared. It allows us to fight them and to defeat them once and for all. We must engage the enemy. We are not doing that now because it requires political guts.

    Closing mosques is politically incorrect to those who burn our flag but it is essential for survival of those who sing the National Anthem. Islam will always keep coming at us in jihad because it is written. In addition, the example of Mohammad is pedophilia and genocide. We need to rid this political nightmare from the face of this earth or it will take us down. 1400 years of terror, piracy and slavery is enough.

    It is a matter on whether we want to protect France or not!

  6. All Muslims follow the same violent book…the Quran. They should be [intemperate recommendation redacted] or the world is in danger because of their existence.

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