Trouble in the Jungle

The following news report from RT discusses the recent clashes between police and a rioting mob in the makeshift “Jungle” migrant camp near Calais. Prior to this report there had been three successive nights of violence in the Jungle (and tonight may have seen a fourth; I haven’t heard any reports yet).

Watch carefully all the way to the end of this video. Just before the end it looks like the situation for the reporter, Laura Smith, may be turning ominous. It makes you wonder what happened to her a second or two after the camera cut off:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

15 thoughts on “Trouble in the Jungle

  1. Are you surprised that they don’t want people like that in the UK? They obviously don’t want them in Calais either but the hands of the French authorities are securely bound by the EU.

    • Bibb…but they do and masses of them are imported legally and by every other way imaginable. This is just a very temporary order until the villages and communities of locals for occupation are identified. Surrender to lose?

  2. The EU is not lifting a finger because they want to crush the spirit of the local authorities and the local people and put pressure on the UK to take the Muslims.

    A PIGIDA rally was cancelled because of a terrorist threat! This was a big mistake, in my view and a victory to Merkel and Islam – now one and the same.

    All the towns’ people should meet together and decide what to do. What can they do? Ban all migrants from the city precincts, petition their politicians threatening to turn them out of office if they don’t do something. Invite every news outlet into the city to see for themselves what the future of Europe will look like. Make connections with other anti-Islamic parties, both inside France and outside – like PIGIDA and Bjorn Bocke’s party, Alternative Germany – for advice. As a group, issues statements condemning Merkel.

    The problem is they are a small town of less than 130,000! They need to join forces with larger groups, or they are sunk – and this is the EU’s deliberate policy – to place migrants in small communities away from the large cities, where those communities are too swamped, too drowning and too small to resist!

    For sure, this is a putsch and a coup and a swindle!

  3. They sent a blonde woman in there to do that report?


    That’s like sending a gingerbread man in to interview the Cookie Monster.

  4. I visited Calais in 1993 and it seemed like a pleasant place, but today with all these invaders I have no desire to go back. I feel sorry for the indigenous French there.

  5. What Europeans need is a show of force, such as occurred by sovereign militia in defense of the Bundy Ranch. Not hot-head hooligans, but mature men in control of themselves.

    Does a force like that exist in Europe?

    • Probably meeting in country houses right now. And probably not just talkers or looking good types. I imagine.

  6. Laura Smith: “…….boys riding their bicycles……”

    We can’t protect people from their own willfull cluelessness.

  7. Of course we in the UK don’t want these dangerous, aggressive Jungle dwelling potential jihadists in the UK at any price.

    It’s time for the French to bring in the army and deploy lethal force when justified. Then the jungle should be cleared and all the inhabitants deported with the choice of back to their home country OR to a suitable prison colony on a remote island – I’m sure France has one.

    After the Paris massacre yesterday it’s surely time to deal with our enemies in a more suitable way.

    In WW2 we interned German and Italian residents and the US did the same with the Japs. Muslims are at war with us.

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