The Two Faces of Jihad in Europe

The faces of migrants are eagerly captured by the lenses of photojournalists and videographers when they arrive in Europe. Their features — hopeful, joyful, anxious, angry, or bored — excite the sympathies of the Western public. Strangely enough, the “refugees” are generally not hungry-looking or ill-clad. They wear expensive shoes and clothes and carry the latest hand-held electronic devices. The young men look fit and trim as they smile for the cameras.

But there are sometimes other photographic images of these same young men, taken when they were back home in Syria or Iraq. Back then they weren’t wearing Nikes, and were carrying something other than babies and water bottles.

The following report from Czech Independent TV focuses on images of the former lives of some of these New Europeans — images that they probably wish had stayed safely buried.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


11:02   Here, in the next part of today’s TV
11:06   Magazine, we will show you a
11:11   series of pictures in which you can see for yourselves
11:15   those new members of this European family.
11:20   They are said to be said to be fleeing from the horrors of war, from being shot,
11:24   from destruction. Their conditions there are unbearable
11:28   as they come across the Mediterranean, crawl across borders,
11:32   and they must therefore be placed in their new homes.
11:36   Well, in these pictures, coming up soon,
11:41   you can see for yourselves who they truly are
11:45   these poor refugees, fleeing war,
11:50   and how it is necessary to help them. Just as we had said a little while ago that
11:54   NATO is letting its mask slip,
11:58   showing that it itself is the one who is supporting
12:02   the Islamic State. Turkey, which has always menaced Europe,
12:07   is taking an active part in this. Similarly, we can now look
12:11   at these pictures here. I’ll get them ready and we’ll show them in a moment.
12:15   Please, look carefully – because you will see there that refugee
12:20   as you know him today, from the photos of his arrival here,
12:24   how he is made to suffer here in the most modern and perfectly clean and ironed clothing,
12:28   equipped with iPads, iPhones,
12:32   telephones. And, at that time, we will look at his
12:37   history, what he looked like when he was still
12:41   back in his homeland, the very one he should be in now, defending it.

28 thoughts on “The Two Faces of Jihad in Europe

  1. The fact that everyone has iphones is much less remarkable than the fact that the overwhelming majority seem to be men under 40 who are on their way to Sweden, while the women and children are left behind in a camp along the Syrian border. Wonder why……

    • Has anyone considered what might be in the iPhone? Should these not be confiscated or at least issued with a wartime model where calls can only go through a national security service. Ha ha. Silly me.

  2. The one thing that hasn’t been systematically tried is non-violent direct action against journalists. Don’t laugh. Targeting them individually will intimidate them. This is good because they abet evil.

    • Do you realize what you’re saying? That you will influence people based on intimidation, just as the leftists do.

      The journalists were taught by communist professors, in a communist-run university, by leftists who worked their way up through the system. Further, the news are run by plutocrats who, while not adverse to corporate socialism, are probably motivated by the same instincts driving the political leaders who are destroying the European countries.

      You’re looking for a shortcut to truth, through “nonviolent” individual intimidation. Sorry. There is no shortcut. Your solution simply imposes one fascism over another.

  3. It is the darndest thing I see,,, many times there does not seem to be very much baggage, sure maybe on some what you would call a day pack,

    When walking a long a road or at Calais, or seeking to get onto a truck, there is no real baggage like a back pack.

    Sure there is the odd bundle wrapped in plastic, but nothing compared to backpackers going on a hike for a week.
    By the time there is a small tent, bed roll, sleeping bag, phone gadgets, a few onions, carrots, dried noodles etc, a small pan, gas burner, knife and fork, water bottle, a change of clothes, socks, jackets, some washing powder, a bit of toiletry gear, 1st aid kit, etc etc, all things for camping out, Even though you minimize this, it far too often seems as if they are just rambling along fully catered for, in lodging, and meals supplied, on the way. If there is any baggage, is that being transported by vans, trucks for another time meet up?.

    It has been pointed out that the immigrants are barely walking a kilometer even in one day, but it is so different to what WW2 refugees seemed to try to carry. I do figure the boat voyage would wipe off a lot of baggage, but for me it still seems strange.

    All the tourists I meet have a full size back pack and then often struggle to carry another large bag, which they often leave at a base.

    Yes I know they are being supplied and catered for by the “welcome committees” etc. I guess also that explains all the rubbish complained of, that bites those “do gooders” in the ‘proverbial’ having to clean up afterward. The immigrants just get up and leave it behind, sort of the ultimate use it once and if a few stains throw it away society. Everything just does not bode well.

    Why I am surprised I do not know, as in a dissonant way I was well aware of this, and knowing of the increasing stream running into Europe for decades.

    The not so real surprise is that there will be worse to come. As Baron and Dymphna have said, this tipping their hand too soon, is awakening others, even if unbelievably too slowly.

    I thought it was bad enough before Merkel called in the chickens to roost, with Europe ten years ago, and it is not a blind eye from me, but beating out a warning to anyone. who would listen. I am just frustrated I guess and the governments are blithely continuing this socialist attack on some many fronts, through global warming, social welfare+ tax adjustments, and sustainable environment issues, health and safety, education, health, transport, etc… with a university trained bureaucracy reaching and charging for their high cost jobs. It is all draining on ones energy

    The ramifications of this run deep, as one would think that the “intelligence” services would be supposedly aware of this,

    The before and after shots of the immigrants, for a few I have seen a several months ago that another journalist ran with.

    WARNING sorry Whoops
    This viral photo falsely claims to show an IS fighter posing as a refugee on Sep 7, 2015
    Just found and it has been discredited by the BBC
    That photo has been used in this Czech clip

    Will post now as I feel this is important enough as we all have to maintain our credibility.

      • This link picks up another again before/after photos (NO. 1), the same one at the top of the page, I have already pointed out, then at bottom of page before/after photos (NO.2) which is also in the Czech clip, just above the comments

        New Warning
        This one is not so cut and dried. It does seem to refer the the fighter as a kurdish militant, possibly being a non islamist group fighter, even though the site seems to be pro immigrant, they seem to have a point.

        Sorry to put you on the run with this.

        • It’s good you’re doing it. Please leave the same info at Vlad’s place, since this was his operation.

    • Why would they carry baggage when they can buy everything they need in Europe with the mysterious 500 euro notes that have been mentioned in more than one story covering this crisis?

    • A lot of these wanna be jehadists in the heartland of the used to be the homeland of the kufar may be realizing now that their Screw U street education by degrees of direct experience is a one way ticket to a life of comparative luxury as Allah’s chosen entitled. “Just love those spoilt under 30 lefties. Where do get their bs from? Just tell them anything and bingo”.

  4. These guys are bad news for Europe. No telling how many other jihadis have slipped into Europe. The police and security services can’t keep track of all these people. For Europeans the good life is over. Betrayed by their own governmental elites. However, the people bear partial blame for voting for these malevolent political parties for many, many years. Socialist thought has perhaps stuck a fork in Western Europe.

    • We are 100% responsible. The politicians are in the DNA of the ‘Grand We’. In our heart of hearts we Know but living out of our addicable heads are too comfortable still to be roused to delouse and act to punish the “evil doers” like George Bush and Anthony Blair – and expel the unconverted Islamites by fair means or foul. Plus ca change, plus C’est la meme chose? (And give la France too.)

  5. I’m trying to understand: are you saying that the refugees have so much confidence in their logistics that they are sure the infrastructure details of their journey will be provided for them?…so it is equivalent to having a printed invitation from Germany via a tour company before they depart? Or, are you implying that their home countries have assured them that everything will be taken care-of in their travels?

    Either case seems very weird to me.

  6. My friends daughter lives in Hamburg. She takes public transport and no longer feels safe. Young Muslim men (riding free) are sitting and everyone else has to stand. They get up for no-one and are very arrogant.

    Another interesting fact – many Muslims are converting to Christianity! One local Lutheran minister can barely keep up with the demand. Is this genuine or is it a ruse to ensure they don’t get kicked out further down the track?

  7. I got my first taste of the things Europe is now experiencing on a massive scale in the mid-1980’s, when I spent some time living and working in France, which I had to do as an illegal alien, since the EEC (European Economic Community) was much smaller than today’s EU. This put me in close contact and direct competition with many people (well, men) from North Africa and the Middle East. Their attitudes towards Europe, Europeans, the West, or anything that isn’t Islamic/Arab are something you have to hear and experience for yourself to even believe.
    I have to very seriously doubt the people holding up ‘welcome’ signs or feeding them en route have any clue whatsoever what they are letting into their countries.

    • Wolfie65-

      Before coming to North Africa three years ago I was a ‘welcome’ sign sort of person.

      I can tell you, the past three years have been utterly eye-opening with regard to what these people are all about.

      • Ever try to hit on a Moroccan lady (apparently single, ‘western dress’) in a café in Morocco? I did, must have been 1986. In a perfectly normal, polite way. Before she even had a chance to say anything, I found myself surrounded by a large group of men spewing expletives in Arabic (which I did not understand but got the meaning of) and French (which I did understand quite well). I’m alive today because their diet of hookah, hyper-sugared tea and date cakes had made them somewhat slow.
        Contrast that with the by now millions of Arab men hitting on European women in every bar, night club, beach or anywhere else and how European men (are allowed to) react…..

    • They did in the 1960s and 1970s and still do today. When I lived, (legally) in Paris, Tours and Montpellier Muslims were very much a known quantity. Then everybody ‘forgot’. The EU is a suckers paradise.

    • I can understand the ‘Welcome’ people. They have been brought up in a quasi-religious ideology one of whose central dogmats is that people all over the world are essentially the same despite all the outward differences – just like Lego pieces. This point of view was also an article of faith in the Soviet Union.

      This supposedly humanist dogmat denies the true uniqueness of human beings and human cultures. It also leads to painful misunderstandings. In the case of modern Europe it can lead to real disaster.

  8. Great thanks to the Czech Indendent TV for raising these thorny questions and for defying the PC establishment which is and wants everyone to be in denial of reality.

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