The Left Hand of Darkness

As Muslims frequently remind us, Islam is more than a religion; it is a complete way of life. All significant actions or activities — and many that have no significance at all — are regulated in minute detail by the sharia, or Islamic law. And that includes which hand is used for what.

The following video was originally in English, part of a larger documentary. This brief exchange with a British Muslim convert has been translated into German, and now back into English again.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Everything good we do with the right hand. When we go to the toilet we use
0:04   the left hand. The right hand is something like the clean hand.
0:08   So, for certain things we never use the left hand, only the right hand.
0:12   Is that why Muslims sometimes greet me with their left hand?
0:16   Yes, I would do the same if I had to shake hands
0:20   with a kafir. So one gives the dirty hand to the kuffar?
0:24   Shake hands with the dirty hand, is that true?
0:28   The left hand, yes, if you want. The clean hand is for
0:32   the clean people, that’s the Muslims. And for people
0:36   like me you take the dirty hand? For the non-Muslims, yes.
0:40   All the best to you, Brother,
0:44   visit us soon again, insh’allah, let’s speak on the phone.
0:48   (Name?) told me that he only touches me with the hand
0:53   he wipes his a*** with. First I found that funny,
0:57   but it’s not a joke; he is deadly serious.
1:01   The more I think about this, the more it hurts me.

21 thoughts on “The Left Hand of Darkness

    • One most popular Chinese saying regarding muslims: “Make friend with a Tibetan, you get a free horse ride; befriend with a muslim, you get skinned alive.”

    • Best is no NEVER shake hands with a Muslim or let it near your food or water. He will understand. Same goes for the Turkish barbers who hang around the useful idiot customer’s head and neck with blades and sharia.

  1. Genuinely clean people wash their hands after going to the toilet, they also use toilet paper and not their hand, left or right.

    • He is chewing [offensive material]. After so many years of “democracy, age of reason, and renaissance” is this type of perverted minds is what we get? How can they see something diabolical so agreeable? Now I really adopt the idea that satan has [vulgar anatomical reference redacted].

      Is he not disappointed that his parents did not embrace such a wonderful peaceful “religion”?

      When traitor class do what they are doing that’s what they create: goats like him.

  2. Must be a bit cumbersome for someone naturally left-handed.

    What’s the penalty for using the wrong hand?

  3. Haha, I especially enjoyed the scene at 0:13, in which it is demonstrated how a proper Muslim picks his nose with his left hand. (And disposes of the detritus where?)

  4. Do you mean to say Muslims STILL use the left hand for toilet paper; but without the
    paper? My husband was in Turkey 50 years ago; and he said that was what they did
    then! Disgusting! I’d have thought there would at least be an improvement in that
    area; but, guess not! (He also said that it was rude to wave to anyone over there with
    the left hand.)

    • To insult someone, you wave your shoe at them, or throw it, or hit them with it. And to be REALLY insulting, you use the left shoe!

      • The implication escapes me. Since shoes are rather essential, it’s hard to imagine how they would carry the notion of something like rotten tomatoes or eggs or worse.

        Admittedly, given the long history of the mores in this world, the “traditional” insistence well-entrenched in the Christian world that even “lefties” should use their right hands for things now makes a lot of sense.

      • I await the fatwa clarifying that Allah does not personally guide the flight of every bullet to its Allah-determined point of impact. Allah wants lots of bullets to strike rocks, trees, earth, donkeys, and bystanders. If you scratch your nose, Allah wills it. This is a good use of available divine time.

        But no doubt about it. The bathroom tissue initiative is BIG.

  5. It’s only very recently that they’ve climbed out of trees or surfaced from caves. Once can’t expect them to THINK!

  6. For those who need to know, it is a clip from “My Brother the Islamist” which showed on BBC TV a while ago. The web site has a link to a YouTube copy of it, but YouTube say it is blocked by BBC Worldwide on copyright grounds. The BBC web site says that it is not currently available for viewing on-line (and of course is never available for download). It does seem to be available on the torrents.

  7. ‘Only Allah can judge me’: Muslim convert Richard Dart refuses to stand in dock as he is sentenced to six years in prison for terrorism offences

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    That’s the boy, right enough.

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