The Kindness of Strangers

We’re posting this to ask for your input on a problem we’re not certain how to address.

The problem turns on a faulty email address that accompanied a donation sent to us via PayPal. Fortunately, there is a snail-mail address in the PayPal information and so I thought to cut the Gordian knot by sending my already-written note by the USPS. I mean, one doesn’t simply ignore a generous first-time donor, and especially not one from Hollywood’s environs. How unusual is that?

However, I keep thinking worst-case scenarios, e.g., what if he gave to us without sharing that information with his mate? What if his significant other is, say, a Jerry Brown believer? Will my note thus cause domestic friction? I may be fretting for nothing: he may not even have a spouse/friend/partner. Or he may have one and they’re in perfect agreement regarding the work we do here…

Thus, I’m going to ask for feedback from our readers:

  • Should we be satisfied with the discretion of this public thank-you notice for his generosity, hoping he reads it?
  • or should we take the chance that all is well and send the thank-you acknowledgement by mail?

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Note: When I asked the Baron if I might post this instead of his doing it, I promised, promised, promised absolutely to make it brief. Well, this is Dymphna-brief, but not as short as I swore to or hoped for. Sometimes I fear I’ll get a bill in the mail from someone charging me for reading my !^#%*&?! thank-you note…

22 thoughts on “The Kindness of Strangers

  1. Had similar but different situation. I think you could post your thank you – say “an anon. donor in California (or Hollywood if you prefer) and even give the amount. That way you will thank him, he will know you received it, but be forewarned – you could get a response you didn’t expect – I did.

      • I really don’t know. Just know that the response may be something you don’t expect, e.g. – you just ruined their love-life, someone could come to murder you in your sleep, it was a nasty neighbor who sent to money in order to stir up trouble (and the victim of the prank is still scratching their head), or, or . . . – the sky’s the limit.

  2. You could do something like send a note with “Thank you very much for your recent donation. I wanted to send more complete thanks but don’t have an email address for you. Please be in touch if you can.” and then not put any other information, return address, etc.

    This way, it’s fairly deniable as having a link with anything, but he will likely remember what it was about.

  3. The street address may also be wrong. Did you look it up in something like the white pages?

    • For goodness sake, just post it! Or don’t!

      You, and many of your commenters, seem to be waffling like a politician – will I or won’t I? Should I or shouldn’t I? As we in Australia would say, Crickey! just decide one way or the other and do it.

      Me? I would post it without another thought.

  4. The discretion of this public thank-you notice for his generosity, hopefully should do the trick.

    You are much braver than I.

    Some of us try to remain anonymous. There truly are jihadis out there willing to kill all of us who dare speak the truth. Even those who financially support our efforts.

  5. I would recommend erring on the side of caution.

    Having made modest contributions myself in the past, I was glad to receive an email acknowledgement whenever one arrived, but on the occasion when one did not, I was not discouraged.

    And I certainly would not have wanted you to spend on postage and stationery!

    • Don’t agonize. Just do the best you can & let the rest go! – I’m sure most
      of us are so busy we don’t notice if we don’t get thanked for something in
      the “right” way.

  6. If the person has made a donation I’m sure he will return and see the note. He might even contact you again with a working email address.

  7. If you want to send the Thank You by snail mail, mark the outside “Personal” and then let the chips fall where they may. That should warn anyone other than the intended recipient that it is not for them.

  8. I give because I get value out of reading this site. I appreciate an email of thanks but quite frankly it’s not required. The content and information on the site is thanks enough IMO.


    • Everyone gets a thank-you note, like it or not. 🙂

      Unless my record-keeping fails, however — which does happen from time to time. Otherwise, neither snow, nor sleet, nor rain, nor hail, nor cultural enrichment can stay the thank-you note!

  9. He included a snail mail address. If he was trying to hide something, he would not have. just my 2 cents worth.
    Bert in Canada

    • On second thought and a re-reading of your text, the address was in the Paypal info.
      If there is a way of him recognizing you are thanking him personally, this may be the best avenue. And by the way, I too would like to thank him for his generosity, it helps make GOV possible.

      • Addresses are in PayPal bec they don’t differentiate between us and, say, people who sell things on eBay. So it’s as if they think we’ll be sending merchandise.

        OTOH, subscriptions come sans address or location. So I don’t know where anyone is unless they choose to divulge that.

  10. a public thank you , then throw it in the bank.
    if the amount is generous, the person no doubt knows
    he is contributing to the premier anti jihad site in the
    western world .. a little intrigue won’t hurt as it seems
    forthright enough to me.

  11. You could always snail mail a note that DOESN’T mention the donation, say, on the level of, “I have your snail address, but not your email address. If you would like further contact, feel free to send your functional e-mail address to… Have a wonderful day!”

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