The Greens: Fighting for Your Right to be Cold!

The following video features clips from yesterday’s demonstration by global warming activists in Ottawa. In addition to their leftist knee-jerk racism — why are Indians touted as having a unique moral authority on “climate change”? — they are volunteering to fight for the right of their comrades in the Frozen North to remain frozen.

With an agenda like that, how can they lose?

Many thanks to Victor Laszlo for recording these clips, to Xanthippa for the interviews, and to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading the video:

16 thoughts on “The Greens: Fighting for Your Right to be Cold!

  1. One of my cats sat in the cat box and watched that with me. He looked very concerned. Mind you, I don’t have a science background, but I do my best to understand the fact that there are untested assumptions and missing parameters in the climate model preached by the warmenists. I don’t have a science background, but I can tell that it isn’t as hot as it was meant to be, or that records have only been kept for a twinkling of geological time, or that even historical climate differences we know about–the medieval warm period, the little ice age, the warmer weather during the period of the ancient Romans–are themselves so recent that they don’t form the basis for long term modelling.

    • “The medieval warm period”; must have been all those medieval cars….
      But seriously, who do these arrogant people think they are, that they can change our planet’s climate? We all know we shouldn’t pollute, and yes, we should try to get off vehicles that burn hydrocarbons, but according to these nutters we should all drive small electric powered vehicles which are only capable of about 70 miles or so before they need a re-charge, but they’re ‘oh so clean!’ It doesn’t occur to climate change nutters that the electric power has to come from somewhere–that’s right, a power station, fueled by? Not to mention that at this time those small, cute electric vehicles cost at least twice as much as a RELIABLE petrol driven car.

      At the end of the last ice-age the climate warmed and glaciers started to melt and are still doing so, and are now considerably smaller/shorter than thousands of years ago. Our weather has gone in cycles-warmer and cooler, and it continues… And the sea level? The nutters would have us believe it has already risen dangerously—-where? Not here; and bearing in mind the oceans are interconnected and if it comes up one inch here in Victoria, it will also rise one inch in London, Tokyo, Buenos Aires and Melbourne—it hasn’t.

    • These are the same useful idiots who recently voted against our very capable prime minister Harper in favour of a Liberal with name recognition, but no other qualifications to actually run the country. It is both shocking and sad.

      • The USA did the same thing , voting for an unknown with a gift of gab, and no record or substance. A completely manufactured product of the MSM (the government media complex). Sadly even today most of these fools and dupes are living in a state of denial. still waiting for that ‘change’ , the promised Socialist Utopia. I fear for my country, the ‘handwriting is on the wall’ in giant sizes letters , however few will choose to read or heed it.

  2. Representatives from our NZ Green Party have gone there too. What does it say to the commitment of these people that Greens have travelled from around the world to attend this meeting on reducing emissions? Haven’t they heard of teleconferencing/skype etc?
    How much carbon was released into the atmosphere as a result of their trips? How much hot air was produced at the meeting itself?

    It’s infuriating to listen to these people talk, they all talk about reducing emissions in industrialised nations, practically ignoring the third world where increasing numbers of factories are being set up, often with less emission controls than in the developed world and more inefficient transport networks.
    What they don’t talk about is the annual global increase in emissions. If they were serious then they should be campaigning for as much manufacturing to be done in countries with strict laws that are enforced.
    The only thing that makes sense is that global warming is a cover for redistributing wealth out of the developed world and into the third world. We’re already seeing this in the decline of the middle class and the spread of impoverished communities, communities that can’t think for themselves or fend for themselves – international socialism at its worst.

  3. Al Gore and John Kerry, flying off to global warming conferences all over the world, when there is indeed teleconferencing and skype as mentioned above. Who do they think they are kidding?

    I know, a lot of people. The ones who don’t pay attention to some little example like this one: John Kerry lives in a huge mansion with no trace of energy-saving devices, as well as a heated pool. George W Bush lives in a well-designed energy-saving house in Texas. Who’s the energy hog? Yep.

    It’s the hypocrisy that really annoys (stronger other word self-redacted, Baron) me, you see. If you believe it, live it. Otherwise you’re just a hypocrite and liar.

  4. IMHO all of these ‘Green’ movements are cleverly disguised ‘Red’ movements, with all of the propaganda and guilt thrown in.

    • This is certainly a cryptic comment. WHO is coming for your cats? Greenies?

      Please supply a link for your claim – I’d be most interested. I do know – from having attended some of their weirder events – that they want to reduce/eradicate humanity. Didn’t know about the felines, though.

  5. I’m about as green as anyone can possibly be in a modern society, but I’d also like to know why these people insist on ignoring the fact that the Earth’s climate has never been constant? Must have been a lot warmer and more humid when the dinosaurs were alive – plants with leaves the size of a school bus – and if some islands disappear, others will appear. One Japanese island is currently being enlarged in a perfectly natural, volcanic way. You might say their sea levels are dropping…..

  6. when you have vegans discussing how to ween cats from eating meat then satire is truly dead.

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