The Final Solution to the European Problem

The following video is a compilation of footage related to the European “migration” crisis taken in the last five or six years. I’ve seen most of these clips before, and Vlad and I have done our own subtitled versions of some of them. The person who put the video together recommends that viewers download it and mirror it, because it probably won’t stay up on YouTube for very long.

Yes, I know it’s got a section with Nick Griffin ranting on about Zionists and banks and whatnot. But not counting that, it’s a pretty good collage of what’s been going on:

Hat tip: Green Infidel.

75 thoughts on “The Final Solution to the European Problem

  1. The most disgusting scene in that video was those pathetic brain-washed native Germans wallowing in their moral vanity over by being ‘compassionate’ welcoming the ‘refugees’.

    Clearly their compassion does not extend to their compatriots who will have to live with those barbaric people. They probably hold their fellow Germans in as much contempt as Angela Merkel clearly does for the German flag.

    • I agree. It’s like celebrities (and others no doubt) who ignore children in need of adoption in the West in favour of adopting African children – obviously this says more about the adoptors than the adoptees.

    • Clearly their compassion does not extend to their compatriots who will have to live with those barbaric people.

      Worse still, their compassion does not extend to their children or grandchildren, who will probably grow up Muslim.

    • There is an infection mammals contract, especially mice, where a one-cell parasite called Toxoplasma gondii attacks the brain and by this changes the behaviour of its host. In the case of the unfortunate infected mouse, the rodent loses its natural fear of its predator (the cat), and in some observed cases is actually attracted to the cat, and hence its doom. This also has the effect of making life much easier for the predator. Strange but true.
      This devious parasite is also known to infect humans, causing a condition known as Toxoplasmosis, which is thought to be benign, as any self-destructing tendencies have yet to be formally observed. Indeed it is thought that up to half the world’s population may be infected with this parasite.
      I have drawn the conclusion that it is the widespread infection of this parasite that is responsible for the blind, self-destructing behaviour of the West’s leaders in welcoming the unsustainable and unchecked flood of muslim immigrants to their nations. Our leaders and their followers are actually welcoming their future doom. Unfortunately, their actions will also affect those of us who still possess some awareness of clear and present dangers.

      • Interesting supposition. Many would just laugh this one off, but there has to be some yet undiscovered reason why so many of our co-travelers are so totally lacking in guile, and will not see the approaching catastrophe; terminally naïve.

  2. The Nick Griffin comments were obviously made when he was a Euro MP and what he said looks pretty tame now bearing in mind things have changed in Europe. He is also no longer the Chairman of the British National Party (or a Euro MP), his place as Chairman being taken by Adam Walker, an ex squaddie. The BNP has always had a bad press, most of it undeserved but it is true that the image suffered somewhat because of Griffin’s perceived anti Semitic comments. That aside, his solution to the problem sounds reasonable – but would never be implemented. The real problem in Europe is not only to stop the flood of invaders but to get them out. How do you get rid of an infestation ? Talk to it ? Ask it to go away ?

    It is interesting to note that in all the European countries but one, Nationalist, anti immigration, anti muslim political parties have made significant gains. The exception is Britain where the British National Party, LibertyGB and Britain First are subject to continued vilification in the press and harassed by the police.

    Incidentally, it was an investigation by BNP members Marlene Guest and Nick Griffin that outed the Rotherham scandal – for which Griffin was charged with Race Hate. That was fifteen years ago.

    • Simple. Tell it it has to leave. Help it to leave, make leaving as painless as possible, but insists it leaves.

      • Without the slightest doubt there would be chaos if the ‘nice’ muslims were asked/told to leave, but the way I see it this can only be done using good old firearms–and NOT rubber bullets, but real ones.

        It would come to war–but then it has to anyway; the alternative is for Europe to capitulate completely and become an islamic state. (which, at this time, Europe is busily doing)

        • Chaos would only occur if the establishment was unwilling to back up its request with the necessary force.

          • germany alone has 1,5 millions of mostly moslem immigrants in 2015.

            60% of NL moslems according to Mr. Wilders are sympathizing with ISIS. We can assume that the same number is true in Germany too.

            That makes at least 900.000 in the ISIS sympathizers wich you have to ask “please go or we will do this to you…. (well do exactly what?) Even if right wing parties are taking power it will not be possible to get rid of these people in a democratic system. They simply will NOT obey and go. These 900k in Germany will hide, they will protest and they will fight against. Also leftwing and NGOs which have the media power will prevent violent deportation.

            My prediction is: we have to change our political system in order to expel the invaders.

    • Yes, I’m well aware of what Nick Griffin said and did back then. But twenty-five years ago he was singing a different tune. Since then the political winds have shifted, and Mr. Griffin’s ideological banner has shifted with them.

      Check out this video that Vlad compiled several years ago.

      Yes, that’s right: Nick Griffin made common cause with Qaddafi and Iran, and said he would work with the Muslims.

      But that was then, and this is now. My, how times have changed.

    • For what it’s worth, Britain First just reached, and surpassed, 1 million “likes” on Facebook last night. Their current total is 1, 004, 345 followers. This from even a mere year and a half ago when they barely had 1000. They’re growing at an exponential rate, and on Facebook, out of all counterjihad groups (PEGIDA, Generation Identiaire, Front National etc) they’re the most popular. Take that for what you will, but I think it’s a pretty significant milestone.

      • the pegida movement is pathetic. in its high times only 30k people were demonstrating. thats ridicolous regarding the threat our society is exposed. Even 300k are too few let alone 30k. Noone in the gov [remotely cares] about 30k demonstrators.

        In the meantime the enemy is growing its numbers. Up to 10k/day are entering germany. Thats 3 mio per year which shows, that we dont have that much time. When 2020 finally 1 mio germans are going to the demonstration its already too late.

    • I’m using MP3 Converter Plus PRO. It’s available as freeware but I paid the $30 to upgrade to PRO so I could convert my CD rips to MP3 at 320 kb/sec. It has the capability of downloading Youtube videos in several formats but I don’t know if the free version has that capability.

      I’ve used it to download Jimmy Braddock and Max Baer boxing matches so I could burn them to disc.

  3. I support everything that you are doing, Baron, but I question the wisdom of circulating this video here. The negatives outweigh the benefits. Readers don’t need to be convinced of the awful danger unleashed on Europe. They’re already aware of the horror stories depicted. But the video also repeats the antisemitic meme that behind mass immigration is a communal Jewish intention to destroy Europe (rather than liberal Jews & some liberal Jewish organisations, conveniently omitting to mention the role also played by liberal Churches & individual Christians, as well as the existence of anti-mass immigration websites run & staffed by Jews).

    Since the beginning of the migrant crisis people have been looking for an easy scapegoat & I’ve noticed a big upswing in Jew-blaming. Reproducing this video simply feeds this without any worthwhile positive gain.

    • Dear Diotima

      although you have the name of a wise woman who plays an important role in Plato’s”Symposium”,you don’t seem to understand what the jewish lady says at the end of the video.

    • The problem with what you are suggesting is that you would have to decide to overlook Barbara Lerner Spectre’s stated intentions, as a Jew, advocating the mongrelization of Europe. She proposed essentially the same thing as Sarkozy, but with a specific declaration that Jews, as Jews, must be in the vanguard.

      You can’t get away from this. It’s a fact; she said it. Consciously, knowingly, and intentionally for public consumption to an interviewer making a Swedish documentary. We featured that clip here when it first came out, and I discussed it at length back then.

      When I first saw it, I said to myself, “Oh, no! This woman is God’s gift to David Duke!” And indeed that was how it turned out — within a few weeks the clip was circulated by David Duke, and spread rapidly among the neo-Nazis and other groups preoccupied with Jewish conspiracies.

      The big question remains: Is Barbara Lerner Spectre representative of a larger, self-consciously Jewish movement in Europe and beyond? Or is she an army of one?

      I don’t know the answer to that question. But we do ourselves and our cause a disservice if we cover it up and pretend it doesn’t exist. Because I guarantee you that David Duke and his ilk won’t.

      • “Is Barbara Lerner Spectre representative of a larger, self-consciously Jewish movement in Europe and beyond? Or is she an army of one?”

        I don’t know the answer to that question. But I do know that many Gentiles are as hell bent on the ‘mongrelisation of Europe’ as Spectre is – is that name for real?! And although it makes more sense for Spectre to adopt this position than it does for Gentiles, nevertheless in the longer term it is harmful for both.

        • Spectre…. I would change MY name. WHAT A ghastly name.

          Empty-headed SCARECROW would suit her better

      • I have relatives with this view, but they are Jews in name/race only, being, on the whole, secular humanists in belief.

        All are devout socialists and are quite happy to redistribute my meagre wealth to those who are their favoured victims.

        • But do they advocate for their positions as Jews, that is, with the public declaration that Jews are in the forefront — the revolutionary vanguard, if you will — of those who want to implement such policies?

          This is what makes Ms. Spectre unusual. You’ll never catch George Soros, for example, saying that “Jews must be in the forefront of the Global Governance movement.”

          • Soros is an evil one world-er like his old man. He is a Satanist in theory. He does the devil’s work on this planet.

            I think I mentioned once long ago, I knew a man who was the same age of Soros and who knew him in Budapest.

            That man knew Soros from School in Budapest. But he also knew Soros because he GAVE HIS FAMILY their NAZI instructions to go to the train station!!!

            This man and his mother survived, barely. His dad not so lucky.

            Like Soros he eventually came to the USA.

            This man worked for the US Army and then the CIA for years. He hated SOROS with such an intense hate it was SCARY!

            He told me stuff about Soros LONG before SOROS became known to most Americans. He called him the “devil Mr. Black”. This was in the late 1950s.

            We all know who SOROS is now and some folks do not care. But mark my friend’s words carefully, “THAT MAN WANTS TO END THE WORLD JUST BECAUSE HE THINKS HE CAN.”

        • At the risk of teaching my grandmother to suck eggs, MC, being “Jewish” may refer to one’s ethnicity, or religion, or both. The Nazis hated Jews for the first, many Muslims do for the second.

          Should Islamists come to power in the UK, I daresay they’ll be happy to try to treat me as a “Christian” (ie a “person of the book”, like yourself), and force me to convert or submit, or as an “unbeliever” (ie atheist, which I am) and behead me.

          You should be less disparaging of secular Jews; notwithstanding their politics, I prefer them to the intolerant, arrogant, separatist, fundamentalist variety who bring Israel into disrepute.

          I note that you’re writing from the UK; if you’re here for a while longer, please email me via the Baron if you’d like to get together for a beer or two and an exchange of views!

      • I first saw the interview in a documentary made by the English language section of the Israel Broadcasting Authority. I was under the impression that it was a direct interview with the IBA. The programme was about Muslim anti-semitism, in Malmo particularly. Although I thought Spectre’s comments were stupid (I’m strongly anti-multiculturalist & anti mass-immigration), I took them to mean that multiculturalism would solve the problem of Muslim anti-semitism.

        That was stupid enough, but at the time I didn’t understand her to be doing anything more than talking about relations between Muslims & Jews in Europe. The video has since gone viral to make the far right’s point that there is a Jewish conspiracy to make Europe multicultural for the benefit of the Jews. That’s not what I heard.

        And of course, even if that was what she meant, it’s completely mad because the Jews of Europe were the first to suffer from Muslim immigration.

      • I should have added: I’m shocked that you have even asked the question, ‘Is Barbara Lerner Spectre representative of a larger, self-consciously Jewish movement …?’ Jews should not have to defend themselves against the comments of one individual or even several individuals. Jews hold a whole range of political positions, from left to right. In the US Gatestone Institute & Frontpage Mag are led or staffed by Jews, & they’re strongly opposed to multiculturalism & mass immigration.

        You don’t seem to find it equally significant that many if not most Church leaders in Europe are fawningly pro-mass migration – I presume you don’t because you understand that they only represent themselves.

        • Actually, the question is a valid one. It would be worthwhile to have reliable statistics. What percentage of Jews advocate for a borderless multicultural Europe open to Muslim immigration, specifically as Jews — that is, citing their status as Jews as an explanation for their advocacy?

          Of those, how many are observant, and how many secular and/or atheists?

          These questions haven’t been answered, to my knowledge. I suspect the percentage is very small, but the Aryan advocates obviously suspect otherwise.

          As for Christianity — yes, it is even more significant (because they are a much higher percentage of the population) that Christian leaders are doing what they are doing as Christians, claiming that their faith requires the destruction of their own ethnic group. They have a lot to answer for.

          We’ve discussed the Christian role in multiculti madness numerous times in the past; it’s just not the topic of this essay. You must have missed all those earlier posts.

          • The reason I’m so upset about this, Baron, is because the last time that Jews were blamed for Europe’s problems it did not end well.

            There’s nothing in Orthodox (real) Judaism that promotes open borders & multiculturalism. Indeed, they sometimes talk about the God-given boundaries of the nations, each with its own guardian angel.

            Wanting to know what proportion of Jews speaking as Jews believe this or that once again puts the onus on them to prove their loyalty. They shouldn’t have to &, as I’ve already said, the last time these questions were asked (& distinctions made between ‘good’ & ‘bad’ Jews) it ended very badly.

          • Diotima,

            I don’t need Jews to “prove their loyalty”. That’s hardly the issue. But it’s important for everyone to understand whether Ms. Spectre represents a trend, or is an outlier. I suspect the latter — after all, how many others like her have appeared? — but I have no data for or against that view. And it’s data I’m looking for.

            When she appeared in that documentary, it gave the Jew-haters exactly what they had been longing to hear. It’s almost as if she were a paid Aryan Brotherhood agent assigned to run a false-flag operation for the good of the cause!

    • Once again the poor old Jews are being brought into this, when they have absolutely nothing to do with this betrayal of not only Europe, but the entire western world.

      • Maybe not ‘nothing to do with’ but certainly not as much as the Western establishment has.

    • “Readers don’t need to be convinced of the awful danger unleashed on Europe.”

      Perhaps it would be appropriate to defer to the MSM to expose us to these
      vignettes of muslim love for his brother(jihad) with his right(obligation) under sharia to the conquest of the infidel as any means justifies the end from seduction to torture to murder. That thesis would last a nanosecond at an editorial roundtable effectively censoring a balanced, if terrifying, understanding of the imminent smothering of Western Civilization. Mere sound bites, headlines, if you will, do a disservice to not only the viewer/auditor in a lack of substantive information but also a greater disservice to those whose lives are directly impacted, in this case, in Europe, by failing to sound the alarm. Readers of this blog may need not enjoy the spectacle of a ghastly train wreck in slow motion, but there are those who will not believe and understand until its too little, too late. Time at the tone: 11:59.

    • I do not blame the ALL the Jews. I also see an uptick on blaming them for everything wrong in the world. NOT RIGHT at all.

      I blame certain people and some of them call themselves CHRISTIANS or atheists, socialists, anarchists, commies and so forth.

      Muslims are their TOOLS and weapons against humanity . Muslim “religion” fits in that job as it so evil in practice and theory.

      VIOLENCE, VIOLENCE and more violence.


      YES indeed.

  4. Watching that video, particularly the closing statement of the founding director of Paideia, who claims to be “Jewish” and suggests that her Marxist insanity is inherent to Judaism.
    Though, very colorful and derogatory terms flow more easily when describing this villain, for that is what she is, that woman is INSANE. Questions about the sanity of those who provide(d) her a platform to profess such treasonous ideas should be raised and addressed appropriately as well.
    How many of us have pondered the idea, if given the opportunity to go back in time, would eliminate Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, Che Guevarra, Mao Tse-tung, Fidel Castro, Tôjô, Muhammed etc. – imagining how many lives would have been saved? How many lives would have been improved had their lives not been cut short by those annihilated by hate? How many of us have pondered how it was that Jews didn’t refuse to simply board those cattle cars destined for their ultimate extermination during the period of the Holocaust?
    Today, we are not only witnessing the resurrection of meat grinder political ethics, we condone it by allowing these demented individuals and deadly ideologies to persist uncontested.
    Barbara Lerner Spectre is but one prime example of those responsible for the current hijrah/attempted destruction of European culture – she and all those of like mind should be forcefully placed in a padded room, permanently restrained in a straight jacket until each yields their final breath, to put them out of their miserable disdain towards all humanity. That padded room, of course, should be located within the cultural confines of those populations they chose to inflict upon civilization. Spectre deserves to share/endure her personal final confinement in the company of a cultural enricher, such as the one depicted in the film above at 1:49.

  5. When suicide is posed as a threat, the typical response is to seek medical attention immediately.
    Who are we to call to prevent cultural suicide?
    An alternate use for those migrant camps could provide useful quarantine centers to isolate those delusional folks holding balloons, banners and conducting impressionable children with syrupy melodic lyrics inviting their own cultural suicides.

  6. How to get rid of them?

    Take the army out to deal with them.

    You should know that islamic people are brutal but not brave.

    When they see army or individuals with guns they will start running.

    The problem is the european goverments.

    • Western governments/establishments are increasingly finding themselves between a rock and a hard place, acting as arbiter between the competing cultures that have come to inhabit their national sphere. As arbiter they seek to give the appearance of impartiality and thus feel unable to favour their own over the other – indeed they have adopted a position where they no longer recognise ‘their own’.

      • I believe the arbiters as you call them have simply been BOUGHT OFF by the Saudis.

        Greed is the root of all this mess.

        THOSE Europeans are traitors for MONEY, GELD or whatever riches they can get! IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO MONEY AND WEALTH!

        • Greed comes in a number of forms, including the dated but useful term, a “lust for power”. Or the inordinate desire for position as the one who knows all the secrets and will dole them out to a select few. You’ll see a version of this phenomenon among jornolists (and some bloggers) who pursue self-aggrandizement in the form of “exclusive” stories. It’s aggressive, clique-driven and hostile. They live in a world of scarcity no matter how much stuff – money, women, toys, influence – they acquire. Bottomless pits.

          Interestingly, the EU is going to push its so-called “Constitution” to prevent users of the internet from linking to others. Not taking others’ material without attribution (which they can’t control) but forbidding the “fair use” tradition that has worked so well. The point is control and state-owned news sources will love this “law”. It’s an unjust law so it won’t stand for long.

          PS Here’s the link:

          • Yes, my dear you are completely right.

            Greed , lust for power and STAYING in power seems to me to be the driving forces behind this entire situation.

            I am trying to figure counter measures with my meager brain cells… looks like there may be no “STOP THE WORLD I WANT OFF” solutions,
            other than prayer and faith in the Almighty .

            Those two are easy but being the pro-active on an earthly level, this makes me impatient. Typical human nature though.

            What about those who ALSO do not like this situation of forced JOINING TO THE BORG and do NOT believe in God , Jesus , Angels and miracles??? How can they help us in these times of mutual trials ???

            Maybe they can just THINK POSITIVE! And not poke at us while we pray and BELIEVE in miracles. No offense to the non-believers meant. : )

  7. Pity there isn’t a video like this without the Nick Griffin bit. I’d like to pass it on, but I won’t because of the anti-Jewish stuff.

      • I’m in the same spot as postergirl Baron. I’d love to forward this as an interesting compilation and expose but I am already suffering from criticisms of xenophobia and racism – and this while I focus on Islamic theology, scripture & history and their relationship to current observable activities!

        I also already have a huge problem with people finding the information just all too depressing and negative – especially Christian friends who are sick of bad news and want good news. It is a grief. We do follow in the noble steps of Jeremiah, do we not?

        Keep up the good work!

        • Yes, this video is rough to watch. The current news coming out of Europe is almost unbearable to assimilate.

          A lot of people will turn against us because they cannot bear what we have to say. It’s all true, but it’s so horrible — “Let’s not think about it.” It puts us in a Cassandra-like position, because the catastrophe is looming, and can no longer be stopped.

          It’s not a pleasant thought.

          • I suppose you’re in a tough spot.

            But I’m not sure I know what I just watched. What was the central theme, i.e. what is the editor trying to imply? Yes this is a chaotic end to the European continent. Yes it is sad and pathetic. Is it a wake up call to nations that have yet been invaded? If that’s the purpose, it won’t take long before the major outlets begin broadcasting Stockholm and Munich in flames anyhow.

          • As I was typing my last response I actually had an older lady from church email me asking that I cease sending on any more info about the civilisational jihad. Here’s her email:~

            “Thank you for having me on your mailing list re world issues, but I would like to be removed from it pleased.
            I try to get a true understanding about what is going on and I certainly feel deeply for all sorts of reasons about is happening in this sad, violent, hate-filled, dislocated world. I have read /listened to most of them. However I find that a continuous diet of very negative communications, the majority of which stem from one academic/financially supported source in the US plus its off-shoots, does not give me a balance I seek.
            I think I am one of those ‘despised lefties’ that are so often alluded to!”

            I weep. I groan under the weight. Reality is too hard, tell me some soothing lies.

            Pre WWII history is repeating – willful ignorance, appeasement, wishful thinking, the desire to avoid conflict at any price. Nevertheless "there are yet 7000 who have not bowed their knee to Baal nor kissed his lips" Elijah. We are far from alone. The support will come when we need it.

    • The Alt-right tends to get a bad case of ‘Jews on the brain’, which hurts its appeal to a larger audience. Per the Alt-right it seems every bad event or bad actor get pinned on ‘the Jews’. I based this on my observations of the comment sections at such as Takimag, RamZPaul, etc…

      However, the anti-Jewish factions do seem to get a boost on a regular basis as Jews are a seemingly over represented in the ranks of Cultural Marxists. One of the latest was the woman, a former member of the Stasi, has been hired to censor ‘anti-immigrant’ posts on Facebook.

      My own experience has been that the Jews I know are really, really far right or really, really far left. Not a whole lot in the middle.

    • Has anyone done in-depth research of the players behind her organization Paedeia? The firestorm resulting from the capture of her comment, which as I understand went viral, seems to suggest other more serious participants lurking spectre like behind the scene. Since there has been no further malaprop communication from her since the date of her original comment in 2010, the implication is that she has been muzzled. While I am loathe to see a conspiracy behind every poorly expressed or timed opinion which leaks to the internet the words she utter leave me exceedingly uncomfortable….. in case they have been forgotten, ignored, or never heard before I give you..

      “I think there’s a resurgence of anti-semitism because at
      this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural,
      and I think we’re gonna be part of the throes of that transformation,
      which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic
      societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be
      at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make.
      They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be
      resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role,
      and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”

      Sorry if this post is a redundancy. So many astute observers predate my late appearance.

      tks for any correction or criticism.


  8. In the end Leftist Jews count for little (if nothing). Their reproduction rate (compared to practicing/Orthodox Jews) is at the bottom. What pool can they recruit from.

    Like so much of the poison that is fermenting this crisis, Leftist Jews are very much bonded to academia (and the rippling spawn it forwards into society: central governments, foundations, NGOs, the media).

    Leftists sincerely believe that that preserve of theirs will last forever, sustain any crisis they disdainfully thrust upon the rest of us. Yet, it is that world which – in the next few years (almost said decades) will receive a jolt.

    To a Leftist Jew being Jewish is a tool, a means, a rippling stream in the inevitable forces of history. She’s in the vanguard because, in the pit of her abysmal soul, she wishes for all that inevitability to wash away anything Jewish about her. To drown dead who she is.

    Ms. Spectre is a Jew who would toss Captain Dreyfus on the pyre. The woman needs to read 1 Enoch.

    • Aw, heck!

      I got the impression that the woman was heavily sedated or on morphine….” loopy” as my hubby calls it.

      I could not take that doped-up look in her eyes. It was so annoying. I expected the eyes to start rolling around and spinning at any minute!!!!!

      Whatever that hogwash-swill she was saying , went right along with the DOPED up look!

      Sorry , I know…do not judge a book by its cover, but MAN, that EMPTY LOOK went well into the core of her “BOOK”. EMPTY! COO-COO!! EMPTY!!

      LIGHTS ON , NOBODY HOME!!! woo hooo.

      MAYBE she is a robot or one of those ” pod people” from the movie , INVASION of the BODY SNATCHERS”????

  9. Is it just me, or are the Swedish children around the 6:40 mark making the one-fingered “Isis salute”? This gesture seems to have been emphasised repeatedly by the author of the video.

    Would anyone from Sweden know more about this? Were Swedish kids really directed to make such a gesture, or is this a coincidence?

  10. My boyfriend sent this to me this evening, and it’s going viral on social media. I already see dozens of copies on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and the like. He’s a German, who has the pleasure of watching his country turn into a warzone. His tiny village is so far untouched, but a refugee center is slated to open there in March. His village is furious about this. The center was supposed to open earlier this year, but their vehement protests halted construction until this month. I’m not sure protests will halt it again.

    I’ve seen many of these clips before, and this isn’t anything I didn’t already know. Yet, seeing them strung together somehow makes it all the more terrifying. And, it only hardens my resolve to hit back hard against these traitors. I’m 23 years old, and I will not allow Islam to be my future. If I go down, I go down swinging with all my might for Western Civilization.

      • He lives in South-West Germany. While his village is untouched for now, nearby villages have already had their government-mandated quota of invaders dumped on them. His aunt for example, was already confronted by a Muslim woman, who grabbed her arm and screamed, “You German! You bad! All German bad!”

        He has no idea how many this center is supposed to house. Hard figures are being kept from the public.

        • That’s terrible. I spent time in Rottweil and a few nearby places, 17 years ago. Was a really nice area…

          To deliberately “transform” such undisturbed villages borders on the criminal. Especially as Frau Merkel has already stated “multiculturalism is a failure” and “we have to admit that among the [migrant] youths there is a very high level of criminality”.

          What do we call a leader who knowingly and deliberately imports criminality into areas where none had existed? Surely not incompetent… so maybe a traitor?

          • Traitor seems apt. Him and I reason she’s deliberately targeting little villages, because they’re some of the last holdouts of the old Germany. I’m not sure where in Europe you live, Green Infidel, but perhaps you can appreciate just how much an ecosystem these communities really are. They all look out for one another. An individual’s wedding is the village’s wedding, and same with any funeral. Even 200 “refugees” can have a devastating impact on a village of 2000, even if the villagers are still the majority.

            It’s the kind of community where a Canadian like myself stuck out, and often got curious stares.

  11. The situation is too far gone to do anything about it. Over one million Muslims have arrived and thousands more are arriving every week. How are you going to send them anywhere when they don’t want to go? Europe is lost to Islam. Hopefully North America will not make the same mistake.

  12. In Canada, our new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to import 25,000 “refugees” before the end of 2015 to fulfill a promise he made during the recent federal election. He also promised to run endless deficits which he has labelled “investments”; change Canada’s former positive relationship with Israel to a positive relationship with Islamists, pull Canada out of the war against ISIS, break defense contracts with US companies, make the fake “climate change” issue his number one priority (a sexier issue than preventing raw sewage being dumped by the boat load into the St. Lawrence), and legalize pot. Canadians have drunk the cool-aid and look backwards to the days of Trudeau’s father, PM Pierre Trudeau, when they were irresponsible hippies who could turn on, tune in, and drop out at will.

    The young Trudeau (with little experience and very some questionable advisors by his side) wants to be stroked early in his backwards career. Instead of looking for the real victims of the ISIS war, such as the Christians, Yazidis, Kurds, etc., this new leader is looking to extend a generous hand with money from the Canadian taxpayers to bring in Islamists because, like his father before him who waved swastikas during his formative years and then befriended Fidel; and his brother who thinks that Iran needs nukes to counter Israel, Justin Trudeau thinks that extremism is cool and that all one has to do is extend a helping hand to those who feel excluded and their terrorism and violent behavior will suddenly melt away as if by politically correct magic.

    • Yes – seems like Canada has elected someone completely clueless, for whom the biggest problem is that people are not legally able to buy cannabis – while being happy to transform previously peaceful areas by importing masses of new “refugees”.

      Just wondering if Canada’s one saving grace may be the fact that it lies thousands of miles of Europe, instead of being 10 miles away from the Turkish coast – and hence is kept well away from the bulk of the Hijra? (who size may well mushroom in the next few years)

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