The Counterjihad in Stained Glass

A reader in a mid-sized town on the East Coast of the United States sends the following note about the presence of Jan III Sobieski — the king of Poland and the breaker of the Second Siege of Vienna in 1683 — in a stained glass window of his (Catholic) parish church. He says:

Much of the cultural enrichment in our town is Polish. In fact, our parish is the ethnic Polish parish in town, and our big wall-wide stained glass window includes a reference to the Poles breaking the Siege of Vienna.

I enclose two photos of the window-wall in our parish church. the first is The Whole Thing. To the left of the Crucifix is Poland, Polish saints and history; to the right is Polish immigration to America, the Poles in America, etc. (The table of lighted candles was set up for All Souls’ Day — one candle for each parishioner who died over the past year.)

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The second picture is a close-up of Sobieski, a fallen Ottoman flag, and the place and year.

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It’s so encouraging to have heartening imagery in church! And we have pierogi. (Not in the stained glass window; to eat.)

5 thoughts on “The Counterjihad in Stained Glass

  1. This is exactly what we need. Western values have been under attack from Marxists for 100 years and their acolytes now occupy all positions of power in democracies across Europe to the Atlantic. Our children have become nihilists thanks to the PC brainwashing they receive at school and university.

    At the same time, in Muslim lands and in mosques throughout the West, the clerics are spewing hatred for us on an astronomical scale. Their youths are now brainwashed, robotic, genocidal maniacs, like their ‘Prophet’.

    Both young groups see annihilation as the way forward. It is not only Muslim youths who are wrecking and destroying, but also the Marxist-Rent-A-Crowd, and in the USA the slaughter of the police by African-American thugs.

    This generation, whether Western or Muslim, is the most infantile, narcissistic and destructive EVER! They create nothing. They even destroy themselves through epidemics of teenage suicide, self-harming, drug abuse and addiction to violence.

    The stabbing yesterday of tourists in Fez, was perpetrated by Muslims high on the harmful drug karkoobi, which is endemic throughout North Africa.

    These youths are infected with moral leprosy! They are being manipulated by their elders, whether the Western PC elites or the Muslim supremacists, and their end will be horrible to behold.

    It is therefore urgent that the older generation ask themselves what is worth saving from destruction by our own children. We need to open their eyes before they fall into the abyss and take the Judeo-Christian-classical-Hellenic-Enlightenment world with them!

    A good beginning is to expose the sham of PC ideology and its duplicitous alliance with Casino Capitalism, before we move onto destroying Islam.

  2. The Poles under Sobieski certainly played a major and brilliant role in 1683, however it should be noted that the large majority of the relieving force was German, with nominal command accorded to the Polish King on account of his royal status and fame.

    Just as in 1683, what we need now is a German-Polish alliance against the invading armies of Islam, one which the Poles will have to again take a leading role in, given the current insanity and cowardice of the German leadership.

    • In August when Merkel came out and said come one come all, you have a home in Germany, I was shocked. No consultation with the EC, no motion in the EP, Queen Merkel had spoken! Wicked. What Merkel has done will leave a bad impact on all of Europe, even if reversed tomorrow and borders slammed shut. Wicked.

      • Agree entirely, Poland should take a strong line against her madness, especially as she is a quarter Polish, one grandfather. Thank God the new government is taking office as we speak, and has an outright parliamentary majority, with all the other parties basically on the right, the left completely annihilated.

        The spirit of Sobieski is just what we need now.

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