Suppressed Truth: Waves of Refugees, Trafficking in Weapons and Children

The security forces on the German border estimate that up to a million firearms have reached Germany by this means in recent months.

According to Udo Ulfkotte, the waves of “Syrian” “refugees” now flooding into Austria and Germany are being used as cover for the organized importation of weapons, underage sex slaves, and other criminal activities.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this article from Epoch Times:

Suppressed Truth: Waves of Refugees, Trafficking in Weapons and Children

by Udo Ulfkotte
November 13, 2015

What our media report every day about the new folk movement is surely a small snippet of reality. Why are politicians and the leading media silent about traffic in weapons and children?

In recent days, I was in the border area of Passau/Deggendorf and later also between Graz and Spielfeld in Austria, near the Slovenian border. At both border crossings there was open transporting of weapons in the direction of Germany and of children destined for abuse. No, that is not being said by conspiracy theorists, but by government security officials on the spot.

I have spoken recently with politicians, mayors and security officials in the area of the Czech border, on the Austrian-German border and close to the Slovenian-Austrian border.

Amazed, I have heard confirmation from credible, contemporary witnesses: weapons and drugs are being smuggled in the waves of refugees.

This is obvious to the security officers in all the countries along the route of the asylum tsunami (emphasis on a final destination in Germany), but no one dares to inspect the immigrants, because politicians would see that as “provocation” which would have incalculable consequences.

It is clear that an unidentifiable portion of the “refugees” are traveling toward Germany armed and/or are transporting munitions. Moreover — in regard to “refugees,” it is also independently clear that weapons smugglers have been using the open borders risk-free for their business. The security forces on the German border estimate that up to a million firearms have reached Germany by this means in recent months.

That jibes with recent, brief reports in the media that, in isolated incidents largely unnoticed by the public, weapons have been found in the living accommodations of asylum seekers. The majority of the weapons, by estimate of the security people, are transported by people who immediately disappear in Germany, never report to a first-intake facility and apparently do not belong to any known network.

According to statements of security authorities, something similar is true in the case of more than a few of the children seen along the “refugee route.” According to these statements, the waves of humanity are misused to smuggle children into Germany who are intended for molestation. This is known from children who become sick along the way and are simply left by the roadside. It is a conclusion drawn from questioning such children, who state that they are traveling with people they do not know.

I was equally shocked by an apparently regular observation along the border crossing at Spielfeld. Politicians from nearby Graz told me about it. They documented it and can readily back it up with photographic material. Refugees stopped on the Slovenian side and waiting to be allowed into Austria, hold children up to be seen.

The border guards on the Austrian side are sympathetic and let the “refugees” with children through first. Sometimes, according to reports, after the “refugees” cross the border, they drop the children somewhere and go on their way.

The truth is, the children are not theirs at all. It is presently being investigated whether such abandoned children have been abducted for this purpose along the route through the Balkans. The observations described here are of actual incidents from recent days.

Photo credit: Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Spielfeld, November 19, 2015

16 thoughts on “Suppressed Truth: Waves of Refugees, Trafficking in Weapons and Children

  1. Weapons, drugs and pedophilia are of no consequence to the European ruling class. Those who are inside the jihad zone, and whom are still permitted to read these blogs, should make plans to leave immediately. Scrape together enough money and make it to North America or suffer the consequences. Once the wolves begin attacking it will be too late, your rulers will lock the borders and you’ll no longer be able to save yourselves.

  2. If true, then the guns are being let through because word has come down from somewhere above to ‘stand down’ — nothing to do with not wanting to ‘provoke’ them. Massive betrayal of the people of Europe.

  3. The abuse of children as human shields is well established in our neck of the woods. Hamas operatives, when crossing ground exposed to possible interdiciton by the Israelis always grab a kid as a human shield then drop him or her unceremoniously when reaching shelter. The use of schools and clinics as bases for rocketry is rife. The used of children 12-16 YO as stabbers is common. Everything you hold holy is to be abused, and everything you hold as despicable is considered honorable.

  4. It looks quite possible that there is an organised sell out of the European peoples by those in positions of power.

  5. and yet M. Stürzenberger is hauled before a court in that same city of Graz for saying that all Muslims are potential terrorists.

    see “Michael Stürzenberger: Silenced in Graz” posted here in the last few days.

    God help us all.

  6. The betrayal of European leaders is evident in all areas. They intend for there to be a demographic upheaval and now they allow the invaders to be armed. Europeans, however, must be unarmed, finance their enemies, be evicted, and give up their jobs, security, dignity, and liberties to enable this madness.

    European and British leaders must only give up their self respect, but they do not mind. After the first 500 lies it gets much easier. My current favorite is the need to wage war on Bashar al-Assad ISIS.

    I dunno. Maybe my favorite is that Obama, Merkel, Hollandaise, and Cameron are our enemies Vladimir Putin is our enemy. He’s a real mischief maker.

  7. With a million firearms coming into the EU for the jihadi’s to use in their takeover, it seems like the EU “elite leadership” would arm the citizenry to at least give themselves a fighting chance to defeat Islam.

  8. Already we know that the Mafia are involved in the refugee business, so no doubt all of the criminal underworld have correctly seen an unprecedented opportunity fall into their laps. It would be naive to assume they do not already have links with the political machinery of Europe. Now we have not only Radical Islam but Criminal Islam and corrupt criminal PC political elites to fight. It is the bastardization of Europe.

  9. When I first read this article I was shocked, especially about the children being trafficked.

    However, the part about the weapons is to be taken with a grain of salt (or maybe two or three) because the numbers don’t add up. If a million weapons are smuggled into the EU, then every single migrant would have (had) to carry at least one in his belongings. This is unlikely given the number of migrants standing at roughly 500,000. Even if there were more migrants, the numbers still would not match. In addition, I was at the Austrian-Slovenian border town of Bad Radkersburg only a week ago, where I saw with my own eyes all of the migrants being wanded by army before they entered Austria. The migrants get no choice as to which border they cross into Austria.

    There is no doubt about weapons smuggling, but a lot of doubt as to the numbers.

    With regard to the children, I was told by a high-ranking military that gypsies join the convoy or even have their children taken/smuggled to Germany by the migrants, for whatever purpose.

    • Assuming one gun per refugee, yes. But you don’t have the individuals carry the weapons all the way. If you are serious about smuggling firearms you don’t want to have to chase down half a million carriers on the other side. That works for small numbers in localized settings. For large numbers you get a few to carry a dozen or so weapons in their luggage. They may them spread them out to individuals at checkpoints. “Here, carry this to other side, I’ll pay you when I get it back.”
      Even then it makes sense to have the individuals carry two or more.

  10. Unsurprisingly! Germany is one of the countries where trafficking in arms and drugs leaves no trace. In addition, Germany is bordered by Belgium, the Czech Republic and Austria. But the fact bordering Belgium is most striking because Belgium is the center of drug trafficking and weapons in Europe. Behind her are the Netherlands and the former satellites of the Soviet Union, Czech Republic and others. What is being described can only be taken into account with regard to refugees, or to increased activity in this area.

  11. Actually I do not think the human trafficking drugs and weapons are beginning due to the wave of refugees, I think this wave is increasing, ie, has always existed trafficking it, but now the increase is exponential because the flow immigrants enables the eyes of the authorities elsewhere, and so they found a loophole to make the service more tranquility. This is all the fault of the European Union, and the own European governments that did not end with these organizations before.

  12. This is really an apocalyptic picture. What does the Book of Revelation say about Gog and Magog?

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