Just Who Are the Murderers Here?

The following talk by Paul Weston, the leader of Liberty GB, focuses on the role of Western political leaders in the mass importation of hostile aliens into the heart of Europe. Their actions have made violent conflict inevitable, and unless Europeans rise up and demand political change in the near future, the demise of Western Civilization becomes a real possibility.

Mr. Weston warns European public officials, and particularly those in the UK, of the judicial consequences that await them if they continue on their current path:

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB, his website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

10 thoughts on “Just Who Are the Murderers Here?

  1. Great speech. Deliberate, measured, foreboding. Establishes a clear link between the real perpetrators (politicians) and the crime (terrorist rampages). Modern liberal politicians are complicit in murder and murder is a direct consequence of their decisions. They are traitors too, but that accusation has unfortunately lost much of its former severity. Today, “traitor” sounds like a bureaucrat selling some military designs to the KGB i.e. a threat out of this day and age. Complicity in murder is however a clear threat to everyone, impossible to misunderstand and very difficult to underestimate.

  2. The voters who vote in these politicians. The voters who do not take part in mass protests against being placed in the Muslim cult’s violent life threatening dangerous way. Voters who do not insist on monitoring and English only in the mosquito nets. Voters who do nothing to demand the end of Muslim preaching holocaust for the Christians, Jews and everybody else, banning of the Koran and monitoring of the mosques until closed. Believe the Muslims really do want to destroy humanity. Leave now and don’t trip on your burka or back stabber on your way out. Perhaps we could help you on your way.

  3. One of Paul Weston’s best; not least because he doesn’t pitch his argument along racial/ethnic lines, as he is sometimes wont to do.

    • To separate race and ethnicity from the fight against Islam is quite dishonest. Large numbers of blacks see Islam as a perfect vehicle through which they can get back at whitey. Look at the”Muslim youth” fast expanding numbers in all western European towns and cities. You see lots of young white men making common cause with the invaders? Or are they all black? We all know the answer.

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZekdb3yIHE

    An admirable speech, delivered without notes, marking the double anniversary of the day in 1939 when the Nazis closed the Czech universities and the 1989 Velvet Revolution.
    The tone is dignified, patriotic yet without a hint of rabble-rousing, but the words are frank and unambiguous. What a refreshing contrast with the mealy-mouthed, content-free platitudes we’ve heard in recent days from David and Theresa Chamberlain.
    The president must have said something right because those useful idiots and chums of radical Islam Hate not Hope have started a petition to the Czech Ambassador in the UK complaining about it.

    • “mealy-mouthed, content-free platitudes we’ve heard in recent days from David and Theresa Chamberlain…”

      May I say you’re misrepresenting, with no ill will on your part, the name of Chamberlain?

      Chamberlain was a patriot, although a gullible one. His mistake was, he believed Hitler’s promises, and although it seems insane now, he believed his actions were best for England. It was Chamberlain and not Churchill who declared war on Germany. Chamberlain invited Churchill into his cabinet once the war began. Churchill always maintained respect and friendship for Chamberlain, although they had policy differences.

      The present crop of politicians and “leaders” are entirely different. For them, the primary opponent is the electorate rather than the other governments. They maintain failed policies long after it is completely obvious that these policies are leading to disaster.

      Chamberlain personified naivety and blindness, but not the quality of being a traitor. The present leadership is far worse, by magnitudes, than Chamberlain.

      • It’s not clear that Chamberlain actually believed Hitler. He was not of Churchillian quality, but the common historical judgment of his character may have done him an injustice.

        There are indications (based on later memoirs whose source I can’t recall) that Chamberlain understood what was coming fairly well, but he knew that Britain was too weak militarily to confront Germany in 1938. He wanted to buy time so that his country could rearm before the inevitable war began.

        At Munich he may have thought that he had bought himself more than a year (because Britain was not even ready by 1940, much less 1939), but I doubt he believed that Hitler would be permanently deterred. I think he understood all too well that he had merely been granted a temporary truce — a hudna, if you will.

  5. I’m coming to agree with the view that at least some of the present leaders need to be tried for treason.

    It’s important that policy differences not be criminalized, so simply advocating open immigration should not in itself be evidence of treason.

    I think the tipping point should come when a leader ignores clear evidence of danger, lies about it, and actively takes steps to advance the dangerous situation. Statements of allegiance to “humanity” and acting by reasons of doing the right thing, should be taken as supporting, not primary, evidence of traitorous actions. The loyalty of a leader must be to his people and country. The definition of being a traitor should include not only harmful actions, but intent to cause that harm. I think for a western leader at this point to act to facilitate immigration, after the latest murderous incidents by immigrant Muslims, is almost prima facie evidence of being a traitor.

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