Jihad: The Erdogan Family Business

The following video clarifies and confirms what has long been an open secret: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has not only tolerated the Islamic State, he has supported it and allowed it to do business using Turkish territory. Ever since ISIS first took over oil refineries in Syria, the scuttlebutt has been that the Islamic State was distributing its oil through intermediaries using a Turkish port, and that the Erdogan family was taking a cut of the proceeds. The report below gives details about these arrangements.

Yes, I know this information comes from a Russian news program. But that doesn’t mean its false — it just means that the Russians find it expedient to release the material now, after the Turks shot down one of their jets. One must assume that the Russian intelligence services have had access to evidence of these relationships for a long time.

Turkey is our much-trumpeted “staunch NATO ally”, which means that the CIA is also well aware of what Mr. Erdogan is up to. And the use of TOW missiles by the “moderate” Syrian “rebels”, as well as American-made ammunition by ISIS itself, suggests that the CIA is actively aiding the Islamic State and other mujahideen in Syria and Iraq.

This is the horrible truth of what the Obama administration is up to in the Middle East: our government is not just turning a blind eye to what ISIS is doing in the failed states of the Middle East, it is assisting them in their jihad operations.

Many thanks to D@rLin|{ for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Today we have new proof that ISIS’ existence and Syria’s unstable situation
0:05   is extremely profitable for Turkish authorities, and especially for the family of its President.
0:10   Erdogan’s son, Bilal, apparently has close ties with the ISIS fighters, going so far as
0:15   posing with them in the photos, happily smiling.
0:19   We know that Bilal Erdogan is the one in “de facto” control of the oil that flows to Turkey,
0:24   and he buys the oil from ISIS on the black market. The shipping companies, which belong
0:28   to Erdogan’s son, have private docks in Lebanon’s Beirut and Turkey’s Ceyhan —
0:33   the contraband raw oil is shipped from there non-stop and this fact is no secret , especially for Turks.
0:39   So when the Russians bombed the oil reserves of ISIS, this was the last straw.
0:45   Ankara saw that it is about to lose a very big income source.
0:49   What other secrets has Erdogan’s family? Anna Redkina reports.
0:53   Anna, good evening. Is it true that Erdogan’s son in law is the Minister of Energy?
0:58   Yes, Alexey. Apparently, politics are not only for Erdogan Père — his daughter and son in law
1:04   are also in, the whole family in fact. The owner of factories, newspapers and shipping companies, and, as a side hobby, a big friend
1:08   of ISIS fighters, who are outlawed in Russia — here he is with dear friends at dinner,
1:14   and here he is listening to the Imam, as are all the others, gathered here.
1:19   And all would be well, but the black flags are not the best background for the Erdogan’s second son — Bilal.
1:24   The photo is from August, 2013 — almost a year before
1:28   ISIS started actively expanding and occupying new territories.
1:33   The Islamization of Turkey started when Erdogan came to power.
1:37   When Erdogan’s wife started to wear a head covering, started to cover her hair,
1:41   it was a sign to Turkish women, something to be emulated. As their support of the Islamists grew,
1:50   so did their financial relationship. Erdogan’s son is most likely the one who is in control,
1:58   or was in control until recently, of the contraband oil imports from ISIS.
2:06   The second son of Erdogan is quite successful.
2:10   Born on 04.23.1980. In 2004 he graduated from Harvard School of Political Studies,
2:13   internship in the World Bank. In 2006 he went back to Turkey and straightaway
2:17   joined one of the most profitable Turkish industries – maritime shipping.
2:20   The main thing his companies are transporting is oil, usually from the Middle East,
2:24   including Iraq. What is interesting that nothing changed after ISIS came to power.
2:30   And why would it? An illegal terrorist barrel is cheaper.
2:34   And all would be well, but the info about such imports became known to the public.
2:40   Here is the phone call, which was leaked by some miracle,
2:45   between Turkey’s president and his son, and it was not about the weather.
3:10   And then the curious journalists uncovered the scheme, by which Erdogan’s family gains
3:13   its illegal profits. Oil is transported to Turkey by trucks, which, as you remember,
3:17   were recently bombed by our air force. When in Turkey, the valuable load is distributed
3:21   to local ports, then to European tankers and then to Japan. However, oil is not the only
3:27   source of profit — Erdogan’s family also makes money selling Syrian antiquities,
3:32   illegal weapons trafficking and all the rest on the list of forbidden things.
3:37   This is the info from our Turkish colleagues’ research.
3:40   Erdogan’s scheme includes all of them — dad, two sons, brother Ahmet, who is dealing in gold,
3:46   uncle Mustafa and even his daughter and her husband. Family business —
3:51   that’s what makes it so effective.
3:57   The Turkish family, as opposed to the Western one, consists of several generations:
4:03   there is an older head of the family; sons and daughters stay with the family
4:13   until they get married. Everybody has to obey the head of the family,
4:24   and the head of the family takes care of the young and the old.
4:28   Whether it is tyranny or love is for the family to decide, we just wanted to add that besides family members,
4:34   Erdogan’s scheme includes big business and even intelligence.
4:38   When Mosul was occupied , the Turkish consulate was occupied, too.
4:43   But it was very quickly freed without any ransom demands,
4:48   and the Turkish intelligence agency played a key role in getting the consulate back.
4:52   Turkish intelligence participated several times lately in transporting the Islamists.
5:01   There is indirect evidence that it is Turkish intelligence which is responsible for
5:04   all the logistics of ISIS.
5:09   The Erdogan’s family goals are clear: Neo-Islamism and making Turkey great again.
5:14   The goal apparently justifies the means, even terrorism.
5:17   What is unclear is why they allowed ISIS to grow into such a monstrosity,
5:21   and why Turkish president is allowed to suppress the voices of those
5:24   who try to talk about his ties with ISIS? Where are the hallowed human rights?
5:29   Today Turkey is a close US ally, and this is why it can do whatever it wants, with a tacit US support.
5:36   But if we talk about internal problems, this is the place where human rights
5:42   were always suppressed. All Turkish governments always persecuted independent investigative journalists,
5:46   who wrote about corruption, human rights violations.
5:52   The journalists are arrested, imprisoned, tortured and sometimes even killed.
5:57   If we look at foreign policy, Turkey always was the source of unrest in the region.
6:05   To wrap this up, I want to give you a tidbit from the life of Erdogan’s youngest son.
6:09   Today he published on his Facebook page pictures of bloody women and children,
6:14   supposedly victims of the latest Russian bombings of the peaceful Turkmen villages.
6:20   We know it did not really happen.. However, about the thing that did happen
6:24   — dead Russian pilots — he did not say a word.
6:28   Anna Redkina “Why is ISIS profitable for Erdogan’s family?”
6:33   I just want you to draw your attention once more to this photo, taken during prayers.
6:39   This is Bilal, the son of the Turkish President. In the upper part of the photo are
6:43   the black flags of ISIS, forbidden in Russia.

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  1. Does anyone know where this oil – which is certainly crude when taken out of ISIS-controlled places – is taken to be refined? Which other countries have the refining capacity?

  2. Ask UK PM Porcius Felatius Capito i
    The whole lot of them should be arrested for High Treasonn Londinium if he’s involved? He’s always on about Turkey joining the EU……I feel ashamed to be British these days….
    The whole damned lot including “Miranda” should be arrested for crimes against humanity…..

    • Cammie must have known about these ‘tankers’ and where the oil is going. So he too is guilty of treason, along with most of the EU leaders.

      If true, then Turkey too, is part of the ‘Axis of Evil’ and should be isolated.

      Instead the EU is going to do a deal; a finger in the dyke to stop the flood, unfortunately the rest of the dyke wall is rotten too, and the heroic little boy is going to perish……

  3. Something tells me Assad will survive and Syria will know peace again. Erdogan on the other gland will not survive and Turkey will start looking a bit more like Syria today. Europe and the West of course already stupefied from politically correct tinkering of course will be too multi chopped, dazed and stupefied trying to be all things to all and Muslims to even give a wild guess.

  4. I’ll never be able to guess what happens next; but it sure does seem to be shaping up along the old WW-1 lines.

    • Except that now we have the internet. Wanna be sixteenth century Mohammedans like Erdogan don’t stand a chance. Obama non plus.

  5. Ataturk must be spinning in his grave. He worked hard to westernize Turkey, especially the women — in his day the women learned to wear western clothing and hats. He also rewrote the constitution (I think) to be more western.

    All gone now.

  6. Those who do not learn from history – or are too short-sighted to draw the right conclusions from, what they [I]have[/I] learned – are forced to repeat it. In the final analysis, it doesn’t matter if Turkey was or is an ally or not, the only thing that matters (to them) is that they are Moslem, which means they will stand by other Moslems when the proverbial doo-doo finally does hit the fan. EU? NATO? They mean nothing. The absolutely only thing that means anything (to them) is Allahu Akhbar.
    One thing I have found to be a really major stumbling block towards getting people to understand what’s [I]really[/.I] going on here is their complete lack of knowledge (or refusal to consider) of history beyond 1939.
    Which is sort of understandable in the US, public schools being what they are and Americans’ knowledge of history being what it is, but not understandable at all among Europeans, who really ought to know better.
    Everyone seems hell-bent on relating absolutely everything to WW II, which is not only myopic, but, in this current case, completely incorrect.
    What you are looking at here is nothing other than the Saracen takeover of the Iberian peninsula, subsequent attempts to take over France, Ottoman takeover of the Balkans and various sieges of Vienna.
    The difference is that instead of spears and bows or scimitars and muskets, this time the Sultan’s conquering army are carrying smartphones and asylum petitions.
    The basic principle, however, hasn’t changed.

    • Sorry to be picky, but I believe the Saracens were Kurdish. I believe their descendants would be content with their homeland.

      • ‘Saracens’ was a medieval European catch-all term for Moslems, be they the Ummayyads who captured Spain, North African Berbers, Saladin (who was indeed Kurdish) fighting Crusaders in Palestine or something else.

  7. Anyone see George Galloway on the Andrew Neil programme this morning? He was allowed to say some interesting things about Turkey and Erdogan. Worth a watch.

    • I never thought I would be agreeing with Gorgeous G, maybe I am getting too old…….

      I see no point in bombing Syria, especially after the revelations of the last two days. I would rather the resource be spent in removing illegal immegrants and sending a real message to the invaders.

  8. Are there still people in Europe intelligent enough to want Turkey join the EU?
    And Europeans happy to enjoy her company in NATO?

  9. Oh yes. Ask the average petrified in denial with a slightly or intensely furtive look on his average consumer on the street visage.

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