Jihad Attack in Paris

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10:31pm EST — From Vlad: A suspect arrested in Paris reportedly told police: “I am from ISIS.”

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9:48pm EST — Jihadi suicides? From Nick:

9:01pm EST — Photo via Vlad:

His caption: “Definition of ‘idiot’: A guy in a CSI outfit treating an act of war as if it was a domestic assault”

8:41pm EST — From Le Figaro, translated by Oz-Rita:

Commentary from the translator first:

This President Hollande actually says this in front of the Bataclan — where he has gone very quickly with his whole circus, the execrable Minister of Interior (who has TWO complaints against our friends from Riposte Laïque before the courts for having called him “friendly towards Islamists”) included, and of course the first whore for Islam, the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo.

Text with translation:

Devant le Bataclan, François Hollande assure : “Nous devions être là parmi tous ceux qui ont vu ces choses atroces. Nous ne nous laisserons pas impressionner. Nous allons mener le combat. Il sera impitoyable”. “Quand des terroristes sont capables de faire de telles atrocités ils doivent être certains qu’ils auront en face d’eux une France unie et déterminée”, a ajouté le chef de l’État, qui évoque un acte de “barbarie”.

Before the Bataclan, Francois Hollande reassures his audience: “We must be there among all those who have seen these awful things we will not let ourselves be intimidated. We will lead the fight. It will be merciless…” “When terrorists are capable of such atrocities they must be certain that they will have to face a united and determined France , added the Head of State who evokes an act of “barbarism.”

7:53pm EST — Geert Wilders on Twitter @geertwilderspvv: Paris under attack. This is war. Nothing less.

From Le Figaro, translation by Oz-Rita:

Bataclan : une centaine de morts, trois terroristes abattus, Hollande se rend sur place. Selon des sources policières citées par l’AFP, une centaine de personnes ont été tuées dans l’attaque de la salle de concert du Bataclan. Selon les mêmes sources, trois terroristes présumés ont été tués. François Hollande, Manuel Valls, Bernard Cazeneuve, le ministre de l’Intérieur, et Christiane Taubira, la ministre de la Justice, se rendent sur place.

Bataclan: Around a hundred dead, three terrorists killed, Hollande is going there. According to police sources quoted by AFP, about 100 people were killed during the attack at the Bataclan. According to the same sources, three suspected terrorists were killed. Hollande, Manuel Valls (Prime Minister), Cazeneuve, minister of the Interior and [the ghastly] Christian Taubira, Minister of Justice, are going there now.

Also: The Paris Metro has been closed, according to the Australian Foreign Minister.

7:21pm EST — From Vlad: Sky News just said 100 people may have been killed in the concert hall.

7:17pm EST — Sky News live

From Oz-Rita:

Clément Martin @clement_martin_

J’ai entendu des tirs aux niveaux des Halles, on a du partie en courant (ordre des flics)

“I have heard shots (explosions?) at the level of ‘Les Halles’ (2nd arr.) we had to leave running (order of the cops).”

Gateway Pundit: Geraldo Rivera’s daughter was at the stadium where one of the attacks occurred, but was reportedly unharmed.

7:03pm EST: — From Oz-Rita:

Bd Beaumarchais bouclé proche #Bataclan policiers en civils crient : “rentrez chez vous, il y a des terroristes”

Bld. Beaumarchais (between Bastille and Jewish Quarter – Le Marais) is in lock down. Civilian police shouting “Go home, there are terrorists”.

00h48 – Le GIGN vient d’être envoyé dans le quartier des Halles, dans le centre de Paris.

The GIGN [Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale, counter-terrorism forces] have been sent to “les Halles” in the centre of Paris [near the Town Hall]

From Vlad Tepes: “Sky News in Australia is reporting two terrorists have been killed at the Theatre. Footage of hostages escaping theatre.”

6:53pm EST: — From Oz-Rita:

I have just heard BBC say the following: “We have to announce that apparently according to a witness the attackers have shouted Allahu Akhbar. HOWEVER, we cannot say what kind of allegiance — if any — that signifies.

The attackers at the Bataclan: Two young ones; one of them has explosives strapped to himself — suicide bomber?

Video interview: Police have stormed the Bataclan. They say new attack took place near the Bastille, which is close to a traditional Jewish area.

6:32pm EST — More explosions have been heard. Muslims in Paris have reportedly been observed celebrating.

Hostages are being murdered one by one at the Bataclan.

From Oz-Rita:

Les hôpitaux de Paris ont déclenché le “Plan blanc” d’urgence et de crise.

Paris Hospitals are on the “White Plan” for urgency and crisis.

French Schools closed tomorrow Saturday (usually they have school on Saturdays in France).

Additional links:

A major jihad attack was launched tonight in Paris, and is ongoing as I write this. Dozens of people have been killed (more than 40 the last I heard) and hostages taken in a theater. Bodies are lying in the street. As of five minutes ago, more reports of gunfire were coming in from different locations.

President Francois Hollande has declared a national state of emergency. France will reportedly close its borders.

From Oz-Rita:

“In the Bataclan [theater] the shooters shouted ALLAHU AKHBAR according to a witness who sounded very emotional having just escaped from there.”

See The Daily Mail for more.

I’ll add more information and links as they come in.

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  1. TRACterrorism.org @TRACterrorism
    First #ISIS video release in Swedish: “Eid of a Mujahid” – the video shows Swedish fighters in #Syria
    23:27 – 12 nov 2015
    56 56 retweets 14 14 gillanden

    • Right on cue: I just read that the Guardian is fretting about “Islamophobia” in the wake of the attacks.

      • Yep, it didn’t take long for the usual suspects on Facebook to crawl out of the woodwork bleating about “react in love, not hate!”

        The most nauseating post I saw tonight was some Muslim who ranted about how this was only going to make things harder for Muslims in the West, including “encouraging Europe to listen to right wing racists and turn back the Syrian refugees”. Even when 160+ French are murdered en masse, it’s still all about the precious little Muslims!

        • Wow, that sounds exactly like the Muslim listener phoning BBC Fivelive early this morning.

        • The worst part are the mass of ostensibly ‘western’ cultural Marxists that are serving as a fifth column/useful idiots for the Ummah while blaming the real victims in this tragedy.

  2. Very sad for the victims and their families. Is this a harbinger of what is to come with massive Muslim immigration or really invasion? The Qu’ran says they are to strike terror into the hearts of the Kafir. They are following the way of Moo-HAM-id or Al Sunna. Since Al Sunna means the way of Moo-HAM-id shouldn’t we call them Al Sunna Muslims instead of radical Muslims. In their own Orthodoxy this act of violence was not radical.

  3. If hollande isn’t forced to resign after this the French people are not interested in survival. The same could be said for Merkel and the Germans.

    • Hear, hear.

      Can France and other countries please produce an Interior Minister who can run a competent security, counter-terrorist policy? I am so tired of politicians expressing shock and outrage – what I would really like now is competence.

        • I agree Baron! I do not believe that the French have inexpensive blood to allow Hollande to continue in office, they have to act immediately, and not give chances for him to use public sentiment to continue in office, even accounting right for this atrocity.

      • You wanna see their present “Minister of the Interior”?

        The captions read: “It’s not an offence to advocate for Jihad.
        the second: “Evoking the Christian roots of France is re-writing history to a point of making France increasingly nauseating.

        This moral dwarf has also so much time on his hands that he has launched not one but two prosecutions against some of the few truly courageous activists/bloggers against the the Islamisation in France (*) He has tax-payers money to indulge in personal vendettas (their crime was to call him a “collaborator with Islam” on their blogs and some carricatures – much milder than Charlie Hebdo’s were) they dont.
        (*) http://ripostelaique.com

    • Don’t forget all the other friends of Islam and the caliphate across Western Europe and North America. Muslims are nicely situated for victory in Europe. Thank you all you newly ignorant backward dhimmi governments from the Atlantic to the fringes of free Eastern Europe. It seemed like an impossible dream back in 1964. Somehow after working on it long and hard it’s finally happening. 911 really got the Muslim ball rolling. Just don’t spoil all the progress now by banning the Koran or closing the Mosquitos and moving again the ruthless cruel infidel hating Muslim occupying and attempting to decapitate our countries.

  4. I wonder who will be the first Western politician to assert that this these attacks have nothing to do with Islam?

      • I swear I’ve just heard a talking head on Australian TV describe them as “lone-wolve teams”…..

        • One has to admit it is a bit of a classic that one.

          Next it’ll be “lone-wolve divisions”.

          Or how about “lone-wolve army groups”?

          • How’s about that grand old Turkish saying “If you find yourself going down the wrong road, turn back”. Serious delirious insanity giving Muslims and their raving lunatic supporters the keys to the kingdom. Enjoy partition everyone. “EU” – what a laugh.

          • “Sleeper cell” implies the ability to plan months or even years ahead. “Lone wolf” implies someone suffering from mental problems. The term “sleeper cell” will certainly not be used by the likes of Hollande.

        • Maybe when the Time Person Of The Year 1938 (Adolf Hitler) attacked the Time Person Of The Year 1939 AND 1942 (Joseph “Uncle Joe” Stalin) in Operation Barbarossa he actually did so with Love-Wolve Army Groups North, Centre and South?


          Shortly after Guderians Lone-Wolf Blitzkrieg incident in France the year before that is (excluding the Vichy bit).

          Maybe everyone was just mentally ill until Eisenhower’s 101 massed nursing group went in and treated them.

          What interesting times we do live in.

          Will those truly responsible be brought to account?


          A few more lone wolf public halallings and beslan’s in the streets of Europe will unfortunately be required to turn the mad crowd around however.

          • your lone wolf analogy is funny,but following my local morning paper, these attacks have nothing to do with you know what.Not one word with ” I” or ” M” . By the way, Enola gay was a lone bat operation.

    • Imam Obama says he’s not jumping to conclusions! His statement paraphrased Mohammed. He said: “all of humanity was attacked” not to worry though because per the 0 Isis is contained.

  5. While they won’t be laughing in Budapest because they are decent people, I’ll bet they’re saying:

    “Now tell us we’re wrong!!”

  6. [Multiple intemperate suggestions redacted]!

    None of that will happen and so we will go along with the same stupidity. Next time it will be London, Rome, Berlin of NY. What a shame Merkel wasn’t at the concert because she deserves to depart this world immediately.

  7. Despite the recent EU submission to islam (surely one of the most subservient submissions ever recorded in history), jihadists have nevertheless decided to kill a couple of hundred kafirs more. Well, in the future nobody will be able to say: “them Europeans, they were deceived”. Nazis were deceiving Chamberlain in Munich and Stalin has deceived Roosevelt over Eastern Europe, but we have to admit that jihadists have never tried to deceive us. Even now, when the EU is practically begging them to say something PC/MC, they are killing us without mercy. Even Jews were being deceived with “resettlement plans” and “working camps”, but this is the ultimate frankness, along the lines of Genghis Khan. So rarely recorded in history.

    • It *was* at least minimally encouraging to hear that Hollande closed the French borders. Some atavistic nationalistic streak, no doubt, which Mme. Merkel will have talked him out of by Monday?

      God, I hope not. All the European countries need to close their borders and require proper passports/traveling papers pronto/stat/RIGHT NOW.

      • Hollande has not closed the borders. Just stepped up checks and patrols etc. Which means precisely zero anyway. A physical “response” is needed. By the French people. But it will probably take a lot more than this for it to happen. Here in the UK thousands of young girls have been raped by Muslim gangs and there has been no “response”. Now hundreds murdered in France. Things might be coming to a head, little by little. It is better than the slow lingering death of our countries, sad to say.

  8. Fox News is reporting that one jihadi (“shooter”) said that this for “for Syria.” And that another said they were ISIS recruits.

    If–and it’s a big if–this has the effect of making the stupid Europeans stop the influx of “Syrian refugees,” then perhaps the poor people who have been slaughtered (or maimed) will not have died in vain.

  9. This is like a living nightmare, watching the death toll climb and the chaotic scenes on television. It looks like a scene from Lebanon, not what is supposed to be peaceful, first world country.

    But of course, that’s exactly the point, isn’t it. Are Hollande, Merkel, Cameron et. al happy with themselves? Do they sadistically enjoy watching their own innocent citizens get slaughtered over and over again?

    Closing the borders, what a joke. The barbarians are already inside the gate, Mr. Hollande. You’ve got the highest Muslim population in Europe. Closing the borders may stop the tide, but France is already drowning.

      • My bus coming accross a demonstration of mainly black and some Arabs shouting: FRENCH GET OUT OF AFRICA !!! … Not being very courageous, I only whispered my response under my breath; it went: AFRICA GET OUT OF FRANCE ! Someone heard me and winked…I was lucky, she was a REAL French person. 😉

    • The politicians do not like this. Nor does the Muslim Brotherhood. It might wake up the sheeple and they don’t want that until it is too late for them. (Of course it may be too late even now.)

      • With my chotki, today I have been altering the time-honored “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me” prayer to the following:

        Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.
        Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.
        Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on France.
        O Holy Theotokos [Mary, mother of God], spread your compassion over the French.
        O God, please save the West.

        repeat, repeat, repeat.

        Anyone care to join me?

    • We need to bring back our elders and leaders from exile. Step aside ladies. Sooner or much sooner the tele tubbys are going to have to get off their assets and [engage in intemperately described behavior]. Whatever it takes. Simple primitive choices. Now.

  10. Joys of multiculti. Who wouldn’t appreciate a cute nice beheading? Or a siege? Or kidnappings? Or rape of the infidel whores? Eo, these are religious and cultural traditions, they have constitutional right to them. Only bigots would want these guys out.

    • That have been at war with us for a long time but I fear the brain dead idiot left still won’t understand. Possibly these poor jihadis just needed better education and a job and none of this would have happened! ??

    • War has been ongoing for decades.

      Sadly, only one side is actively fighting, and it’s NOT the forces of light.

  11. All western countries have a responsibility. That the Muslims and their totally unbelievable [offensive material] of an ideology is tolerated for a second is a mind duckling in itself. The most difficult to comprehend is that we literally hang around waiting for the next Muslim fifth column atrocity. These are transient perverts of the lowest mental order without countries or borders. All they understand seemingly is debilitate and try to dominate or obliterate until stopped. Patriots need to clean house. We owe our ancestors – big time,

  12. Saw Hollande making some sort of a statement on TV. Looked shell shocked. Which is to be expected. But showed no anger. When anger is REQUIRED. If that will be the ruling class response and the socialists are not overthrown then Europe dies.

  13. Welcome to Islamic multiculturalism.
    It is clear that the French government can no longer provide basic safety to French voters and should resign or be thrown out by the masses.
    Resignation, massive demonstrations, an army coup, for heavens sake, something has to give here to put Islam back in its box – and it won’t be pretty as it isn’t anywhere in the world.

    • And yet I heard something on fivelive this morning from a ‘witness’ who said the gunmen said nothing.

  14. Quelle surprise.

    This is horrifying and tragic, but in no way unexpected. If anything, I’m surprised it took this long to happen. NOW will European governments actually freaking *DO SOMETHING* about this invasion?

    Marine Le Pen or someone similar had better be the next president of France or the French deserve whatever happens to them. They know better, now.

    • Hah! They arrested her for daring to suggest there might be a wee problem with uncontrolled Islamic immigration into France …

    • No sorry, nothing will be done this time around, either. Although if I had my druthers… nevermind, I can’t say it out loud. But I suspect more people are beginning to think the same kind of thoughts as I am.

    • Won’t happen, the French people like Hollande and his policies. It would perhaps dozens of such attacks before the French notice something wrong. Even then I doubt they’d support Le Pen.

      But don’t worry a lot of Americans love Muslims too. You can find them in your local Christian church, in your city council, in every college across the country, in the news media, most Democrats are overjoyed by their mere presence.

  15. If a lot of folks carried guns… all over the world–like we carry keys and money–much of this terrorism would be aborted. But it has to be a sort of universal habit, like wearing clothes and shoes.

    • You really don’t have the foggiest idea about what is going on – do you? Not a clue. Wide brimmed hats and ‘cowboy’ boots too. Yeah that will show ’em. JC wept.

      • Do you believe that terrorists aren’t at all emboldened by the knowledge that their chosen victims are unlikely to have any way to fight back?

      • I beg to differ. It may be a crude way of stating a basic human right of self defense but nonetheless it should be a consideration. Here in the US a non-felonious citizen has the right to apply for a permit to carry a firearm and in most cases it is granted. Anyone in the US who cares about the safety of their family should absolutely own and responsibly carry a firearm for their protection. Or become a victim – which I am not.

      • Morally preen much? How’s the weather up there?

        “JC wept”?

        You mean the JC that said sell your cloak and buy a sword?


        • If one person had been armed, lives could have been saved. Perhaps if you had been there lying on the floor bleeding, you might have wished for a cowboy!

  16. The next step as this all escalates will be a pseudo civil war. Martial law. Maybe not this month or year.

    It is what nobama wants here also. He was hoping to get it before his term ended.

    The politicians are criminals and too many of the people are like trusting sheep.

  17. Anyone talking still about the Charlie Hebdo victims? No.
    Six months and a year from now, this incident will be history too. Everybody, us excluded, will be back to business as usual.

  18. according to the conservative treehouse …
    they just dumped 10,000 young, strappin’ male jihadi’s in new orleans
    destined for USA parts unknown .. this fraud in the wh can do a lot in the year
    + he’s got left .. god help us all

    don.t think i can post a link here

  19. Right. Tomorrow I will go to my local bookstore and buy a copy of Quran. Then I will use it as toilet paper for following days.

  20. The war has begun for the soul of Europe. Within a year or two the decision will be made. Sweden and Germany are already lots and already de facto crypto Islamic states thanks to the willingness of their politoon class.

  21. How much of this are normal, civilised people expected to take before we remove our leaders from their positions and fix the problem?

  22. Do you think that anyone in the French government took the ISIS plan seriously, the talking heads are focussing on the “This is for Syria” comments and not really commenting much on the Allah Akbar part, that really being a political attack on Hollandes support for the limited bombing in Syria. A few more distortions and it will be because of poverty and our racism towards them, nothing changes until the full blown civil war is well under way.

    I watched Hollande come on TV and he looked upset, he is not going to the Conference in Turkey now and they have closed all schools and universities today, they have also put a ban on large events like concerts. They have also closed the border, but that’s a bit late.

    I wonder how much of the material used in this attack came from the military base in Marsaille?

    The attack has two real targets, the first is to terrorise, the second is to say to all the dissatisfied ‘youths’ this is what you can do to La France, 2016 is just around the corner and ISIS want victory in Europe by 2020, they have to tap into that Muslim underclass which is why France was first, you can be sure that they will be in the suburbs extolling Islam and their contempt for French law and order, what there is of it.

    So it begins…

    • Been watching media reports on and off throughout the day ……it looks a very supine response from the French general public so far, if TV reports are to be believed. I half expect them to be holding up cups and saucers and muttering “Je suis cafe au lait” in defiance.

      Can’t be too critical though. In the UK we have had 7/7, Muslim gang rape of thousands of British girls, beheading of Lee Rugby. The response from the public was zero. Muslims know we are frightened of them, and they are right. In any sane society, acts such as those, and the latest mass murder in France, would be met with massive public rage, leading to … well you know what. It didn’t happen and it still isn’t happening. That should tell us, and them, who has got whom by the [masculine reproductive organs].

      Maybe we will be surprised over the next few days. I hope to see reports of large groups of young French men, congregating, preparing to take revenge. That’s what we in the west want. Revenge.

      • ah but thats the point

        “watching media reports on and off throughout the day ……it looks a very supine response from the French general public so far, if TV reports are to be believed.”

        the real mood of defiance is NOT shown on your TV screens. Last night was a interesting situation. Taking cue from Lyon, people were asked to leave a candle on a window. I live in a “quartier populaire ” with a fair sprinkling of Maghrebians so you can guess who actually left candles out in the night. And despite the fact that the Paris attackers did kill & maim fellow arabs. The hypocrisy is thick in the air.

      • Going for revenge is plain stupid, what I want to see is going for victory against the Islamic ideology and revenge is actually going to work against victory.

        I studied Islam in great detail, but I also know some Muslims, the ex-Muslims are great and brave people. What you have to understand is that you have to deal very harshly with the fundamentalist, then attack the stupidity of Islam itself, you do know that there is a significant number of cultural Muslims who may leave Islam if it had the contempt it deserved. Go and understand the concept of many Muslims having their own personal Islam…, they are Christians, they just don’t know it!

        • Thanks for your reply. Please keep us updated with reports from France as to how the situation is developing. When I watch BBC news I am aware I am getting the usual most-muslims-are-nice propaganda. And France24 is just an out and out lefty disaster.

          • I can tell you some things that will make you feel better, we had planned to register for a shooting club on the 14th, nothing to do with this attack by the way, we found a massive waiting list to get in, and its been like that for a couple of years and its directly due to a feeling that people want to defend themselves.

            At my wife’s work they all know that it is going wrong and many people are scared and hate what the politicians are doing, which is why the FN has over 30% of the vote.

            I can assure you that around 40% of the people are pretty much where you and I am, at around the same level of the UK by the way IMO.

  23. First mourn for the innocent dead of Paris and offer condolences to their families and friends, pray for the recovery of the injured and the safety of the security personnel charged with investigating this attrocity, pause and then get angry. Revenge is a dish best served cold! I would like to think that the European Politicos could show their contempt of Angela Merkel at the next Summit by turning their back on her or slow hand clap her when she has the temerity to lecture us on her struggle to realise her vision for Germany and the EU.

  24. You and Vlad are waiting for the usual American media warnings of “black lash”? Well, then, let’s have some good old back lash!! Waiting for the news media to slap Obama silly about who was responsible for Paris?? You’ll die of old age, first.

  25. What is mind-boggling is not “how so many Westerners keep trying to convince everyone that Islam is really much better than the behavior it inspires and the societies it breeds” BUT that they do it despite all Muslim proclamations to the contrary:
    See this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnYY4T4YwJw&feature=youtu.be

    What’s the Greek proverb: “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad”

    • Well they need to act like its a bloody war, I can say that as an Englishman living in France…

      • no the wilting roses in government won’t. Instead they’ll increase harassment of ordinary folks, at public spaces, airports & train stations and add a dollop of more surveillance measures on top of the ones brought into law, after Jan’s attacks. Not that it was by any stretch of the imagination useful on friday.

  26. The French government has banned all public events etc in Paris until at least Thursday. Supposedly because of concern about further Muslim attacks.
    But I get the impression they are more concerned about huge demonstrations by people screaming Hollande out! Muslims out!
    These events, combined with the ongoing invasion, might just be the catalyst for change in our favour, all across Europe.

  27. Our supreme leader prime minister Rutte today declared war on Islamic State. Mr Rutte- peace be with him- stated: “we are not at war with islam.”

    If we can prove Islamic State equals islam, our prime minister unknowingly declared war on islam. That silly clown..

    • I just realized mr Rutte gave me a free card to kill anyone who shows the IS signs anywhere! I used to be a conscript in the Dutch army. When that period ends the send you a letter saying: you are on grand leave. That means you are still a conscript, just not active. And now he declared war!

      Mr Rutte gave me free card to kill any IS member i see on the Dutch Streets! Thanks man!

  28. It will not take long for the media to mention the increase of “Islamophobia”, and try to shield Muslims. Therefore, they will urge the public not to feed the prejudice against Muslims, and thus launch a joint offensive against terrorists and against the alleged hate speech. The media and leftist politicians only know how to do it, make fun of people’s faces.

    • They’re already doing it.

      The U.S. State Department responded to 9/11 by saying that we needed to bring more Muslims into the country, the better to “understand” them — i.e. figure out how to stop making them mad. Since then, nothing has been learned by the ruling and chattering classes.

      They still believe that Islamic atrocities call for more coddling of Muslims, on the mutually contradictory grounds that Islamic terrorism is an understandable response to Western oppression of Muslims, who thus need to be appeased, AND that the vast majority of Muslims had nothing whatsoever to do with atrocities committed by a tiny minority who hijacked their religion and made them vulnerable to a backlash by bigots.

      Muslims exploit this confusion by asserting that the vast majority of Muslims are completely innocent of acts of terror, AND that anything done to rein in the “radicals” is necessarily hurtful to all Muslims. Even commemorating 9/11 has been deemed an act of anti-Muslim aggression.

      • Coddling is exactly the wrong response because the Ummah, perhaps rightly, sees it as weakness.

        This is because the RoP is a supremacist, paternalistic ideology based on negative reinforcement from a vengeful father figure, i.e. the only thing truly understood by the believer is raw, naked force.

      • I see the opposite way: the leftists promote Islam regardless of how poignant is the threat. It is not appeasement, they do not want to apologize to do, thinking that may offend, and so they need to appease. Or they believe it. You need to understand the revolutionary mentality. Today in Europe the majority of leaders is made up of former Communists, or declared leftist, pro-EU, and against sovereignty and nationalism based on the culture of the past, based on Christianity. I know that some are reluctant to say this, but Christianity is being purged so that this scenario be given exactly.

        You need to understand that since the European Union was proposed, and since she could adhesions, sovereign states will lose sense. The European Federalists gave the kickoff to this movement of unification of Europe, however, until today idiots praising Winston Churchill, the man who united Europe and idealized the European superstate. I can not speak of Islamic supremacy, and say that the leaders are blind. You are not so foolish! You saw how Hollande reacted after the attacks in the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, it continued flattering Islam, and even with these attacks he brought more Muslims into the country, regardless of the consequences. The French fell in the left game and in solidarity by the march of the leaders in support of Charlie Hebdo, and in the end, what happened? It happened that other attacks occurred, and Hollande said he will keep closed borders, and calls on the people to join him in a sense unit to address the crisis. The French are being made fools again!

        The problem in Europe goes far beyond Islam. And what the guy said about Islam being patronizing partly true, but not so that European leaders sighted: this paternalism of speech and supremacy is only used against Christianity, which happily tired of all Europeans use against. You did not understand? The leaders are not going to demonize Islam, only Christianity, as you focus on Islam and its supremacy, European leaders will focus on an alleged xenophobia and European white supremacy, the Judeo-Christian heritage of misogyny and “Islamophobia”, I will never use such labels against Islam. The problem is not Islam; how many times do I have to say it? The problem is socialism, they, European leaders have stated several times that will end ethnic and cultural separations; they already took the sovereignty of all European countries, now they will undermine the other ethnic and cultural identities. The French are making petitions to ask François Hollande to close mosques. It will never happen: it is easier for a European leader close churches than mosques. You think everything is solved by voting, you need to recover before the culture of liberalism, secularism before, otherwise you will just delay the inevitable: death of Europe.

        There would be no Islam if there were no secular European superstate that demonizes and is anti-Christian. Fight against Islam and not fight political correctness and the Cultural Marxism is like trying to catch the shadow with his hands. You are experiencing only one of the heads of the Chimera, or you cut the spare, or will be eaten by the Chimera.

  29. Just watching the TV this morning, (Canada) CTV and CBC–NOT ONCE did either channel mention the words islam or muslim, only ‘terrorists’.

    FOX did, however, and many here wonder why we watch FOX…

  30. There is only one way to deal with these inbred mutants, their supplies, finances, and suppliers must be cut off, they must be beaten down so hard that they cannot fight. Until we in the west take the hard line it will be business as usual.

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