4 thoughts on “Jellyfish Jihad

  1. To fight monsters, you have to become a monster yourself. I think this is what we are really afraid of.

    • but there is a difference between a monster from the start and a being that choses to be a monster for a while. Look at WW II. The allies did many horrible things to win the war, but once the war was over they reverted to type. They did not continue to be monsters. The fear of becoming a monster is something the elites hold over the heads of all who would try to resist globalization.

  2. You are right,, to risk the monster that can be found in our selves.

    The question is do you have faith?, that your self, family, country can find its way back?.

    Is it worth the sacrifice?, of your life, family.
    Will the survivors if we win, appreciate the sacrifice.
    That is where faith again is questioned.

    It was not easy for post WW2 Europe, Japan, etc., with some ups and downs, but they did as they followed the sign posts of freedom.
    The people believed in “a better tomorrow”.

  3. We are “correcting” natures rules. Beware. This time it’s US who are being serenaded onto the Islamic religion of peace train to certain death – in every sense of the word. Maybe Christians will just start throwing themselves off buildings, under trains, cars, boats and anything to escape the increasingly obvious dim future. There is a God and it’s Ok to defend your faith family and country.

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