Hijra, Part 1: Jihad Calls Them Forward

Several years ago we featured a four-part Israeli documentary about Islam in Europe. Immediately after the November 13 massacre in Paris, the same outfit put out another documentary about the hijra — the migration of mujahideen from Europe to Syria, and then back again to Europe.

This production includes recent footage as well clips filmed a year or two ago. Many thanks to D@rLin|{ for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   It’s a short message to the King of Belgium, the Belgian government and Belgian citizens,
00:05   and especially to Belgian Muslims.
00:08   Say “Allahu Akhbar”! — Allahu Akhbar!
00:14   There is no God but Allah!
00:18   And Muhammad is his prophet!
00:21   This flag is well known to Belgian citizens, as well as to the rest of Europeans,
00:25   since it appeared before their eyes in squares and parks.
00:28   Say “Allahu Akhbar”! — Allahu Akhbar!
00:31   This is the flag which, Allah willing, will be flying soon on the building over there
00:34   and all the castles of Europe. In today’s Europe, one can fly the ISIS flag
00:40   and talk about the Islamic State as a vision,
00:43   which one day will come true in Europe. Say “Allahu Akhbar”!
00:46   Allahu Akhbar!
00:48   HIJRA
00:52   Just three days have passed since the murderous terror act, and Europe awakened to a new reality.
00:57   After it is out of the initial shock, it will dawn on it that this reality was already waiting for Europe
01:02   in the suburbs and quarters of the Muslim immigrants.
01:05   We saw that about four years ago, during the filming of the “Allah Islam” documentary.
01:08   About a year ago, we went back, and it really could not be clearer.
01:12   An act of terror is just a question of time. We will start our journey in Belgium.
01:17   A small country, but known as a capital of ISIS in Europe.
01:20   Yes, Belgium! There the terror acts were planned, the ones
01:23   that exploded in the Europeans’ face last Friday, in Paris.
01:33   Antwerp, Belgium — this month
01:43   The streets are quiet in Antwerp, Coffee shops are tranquil,
01:47   and lots of bicycles which collide with the quiet in every corner of this picturesque town.
01:50   This is the classic European image of a quiet town,
01:53   which for years almost never lost its peace.
01:59   And, though it is difficult to believe, this is the place, this Belgian town,
02:02   the center of the diamond and gold trades, where Flemish and English are spoken,
02:06   this is where the biggest group of Jihad fighters was born,
02:09   and then left for the Islamic State in Syria.
02:13   In Allah’s name, Allahu Akhbar!
02:18   300 Belgian citizens left this small country
02:22   during last year. Most of them lived here,
02:25   all belonged to one organization, which operated without any hindrance.
02:31   Members of “Sharia4Belgium” group. They call themselves “Sharia4Belgium”.
02:35   Say “Allahu Akhbar”! — Allahu Akhbar!
02:39   It started as a local branch of Al-Qaeda and became a center of ISIS Jihad.
02:44   Around two and a half years ago in a quiet café
02:47   here in Antwerp, I met with a group of young Muslims,
02:51   who, frankly, said extreme things and we could not imagine then
02:55   how real the stuff they talked about could become.
02:58   Allah’s blessings on you, Allah’s blessings on you. Two years ago, I had a rare opportunity
03:03   to enter their ranks and witness the growth
03:06   of a Jihad group under the rule of democracy.
03:13   And how, under the cover of free speech in Europe,
03:16   there can be a group, which denies freedom itself.
03:20   Are they looking for us? No.
03:25   What can my enemies do to me? If they lock me up, I have Janna, Paradise, in my heart.
03:31   If they kill me, I became Shahid, Allah willing, and if they ban me out of this land,
03:36   I will travel the world of Allah, explore the world of Allah;
03:40   what can the enemies do to me? They can do nothing.
03:44   How in this very tolerant culture can a group flourish
03:47   that supports beheadings and oppression?
03:50   They said they will chop off my hands, and you know… They are saying, “We will chop off hands”
03:53   But did you see what they are doing in the country? They don’t just chop hands, they are taking whole… the body parts
03:58   of our sisters and brothers. They buried some brothers alive.
04:02   And that’s democracy In the name of democracy. — Yes
04:05   Freedom of expression is for Muslims…
04:08   for them to insult us, but not for us.
04:13   The news came at first from London, from this Sheikh,
04:16   Anjem Choudary. You are threatening to come and get me. Is that what you are saying?
04:20   I am saying that Sharia will be implemented in the whole world. — So that’s what you want? Thank you, you answered my question.
04:25   You want a worldwide Islamic Caliphate Of course I do, of course I do.
04:29   Here is the moment when Sheikh Anjem Choudary arrives in Belgium and tells the “Sharia4Belgium”
04:36   group the whole truth, what they really have to do. — My name is Anjem Choudary,
04:40   and I am going to be delivering a lecture, Insh’allah, here,
04:45   about the methodology to overthrow the regimes.
04:50   And to implement the Sharia, which is an obligation upon us.
04:53   I come from England in order to radicalize the youth in this country.
04:56   Say “Allahu Akhbar”! — Allahu Akhbar! — So we say in Europe one day we will become the majority,
05:00   and at that time we will take the authority and , Insh’allah,
05:04   implement Sharia. It will be mercy for them and it will be mercy for us as well.
05:08   OK? Are you happy with that?
05:12   Very happy, Sheikh. This task Choudary gave to this man.
05:16   Fouad Belkacem, a Moroccan immigrant with a criminal past,
05:20   came back to Islam, and since 9/11 is busy breaking the tranquility of the Belgians.
05:27   Say “Allahu Akhbar”! — Allahu Akhbar!
05:30   He throws in their faces the most radical interpretation of Islam.
05:33   There are many Muslims in Belgian politics,
05:36   and this is a thing that I have a very hard time comprehending.
05:41   You are either a Muslim or you support democracy. You cannot do both.
05:45   Take heed, Sarkozy, my compatriot,
05:48   we are coming. We are coming with Allahu Akhbar.
05:53   We are coming with the atomic bomb, made by Allahu Akhbar.
05:57   We are coming with our black flags. Abu Imran is openly dreaming of turning Belgium
06:02   into a theocracy so that it can be a part of the Islamic Caliphate.
06:06   He also took Muslim immigrants’ children out of Catholic schools
06:14   and started teaching them Salafi Islam.
06:18   Abu Imran does not have any doubt about us, whether we support him or not; Abu Imran knows that we support him.
06:22   Allah, keep us safe, and keep our brother safe,
06:27   Abu Imran. Amen Allah, keep Abu Imran safe and release from prison
06:31   those who were detained. Amen We see, though, that something is really going wrong,
06:36   but we did not know what was going on.
06:40   Until one day I discover that he became a member of “Sharia4Belgium”
06:45   He was a friend of your son? Yes, of course! All of them.
06:48   All of them were his friends? Yes, all of them. Abu Pares?
06:52   All of them, all of them What about this guy? All of them.
06:55   Dmitry, whose son converted to Islam, understood at once that he has to call upon
06:59   their leader, in order to get his son out of there. And then I invited the leader
07:03   to my place three times. Who?
07:06   — Belkacem. — Belkacem? — Yes I invited him three times to tell him…
07:09   To invite him and… Look, we are talking about my son. I don’t give a s**t about what you are doing with your organization,
07:15   I don’t care, But we are talking today about my child,
07:19   and I do not like it what you are doing with my son
07:22   inside your club.
07:25   Because my son has changed completely since he met your club, since he became a member.
07:30   What the leader said? And, you know, he was like, very charismatic,
07:34   very pragmatic. You know, he said, “We are peaceful Muslims”.
07:39   It was like the devil was sitting at my table. It was the devil in person who was sitting at my table.
07:44   So intelligent, so pragmatic. Really, incredible.
07:48   So, that must change. He invited me, OK.
07:51   I think , altogether, I went there 35 times, because my vision was …
07:55   35 times? 35 times in the evening, 9 o’clock and my son is not home;
07:59   I know where to find him and just go there Why? To see what my son was doing there
08:03   My vision was to trap them, to catch them doing something illegal.
08:06   But I am sorry, I never… They were clean?
08:10   Yeah, clean I never could trap them with something illegal.
08:15   It’s amazing to find out that the things you heard now from those Sheikhs
08:18   is considered legal in Belgium. They met every day, similar to a youth movement.
08:23   ”You need to come out more with your call for Islam. You need to be even more active in the public arena.”
08:28   And then went out to streets, to do “Dawa” — spread the message of Islam.
08:32   They started demonstrating in the Antwerp’s quiet streets and often went to Brussels
08:39   to interfere with other Muslims, who speak in the name of Islam.
08:42   ”I am living on one planet and they are living on another planet
08:45   and that’s the thing that constantly in the discussions about Islam
08:50   It’s not possible You are either for or against
08:53   Excuse me, excuse me sir! Say “Allahu Akhbar”
08:57   Allahu Akhbar! You don’t have leaders anymore,
09:10   you don’t have ideals anymore, you don’t really have people to look up to.
09:14   Today Europe is an empty box. You don’t have ideals anymore in your life.
09:19   So all these youngsters, the problem of these youngsters, it’s really… Idealist people. “Real freedom fighters”.
09:25   By chopping off heads? Of course they use them, Of course they use all these Western children Of course
09:32   the radical extremist organizations use them in the name of Allah. Of course they use them.
09:35   Of course they brainwash them. Once you hear their explanations after they return,
09:39   I’m gonna take my son as example,
09:43   is like an injection of drug in your arm.
09:46   But not in your arm, but here in your head.
09:50   So you are not yourself anymore, my friend.
09:56   Then, in the cafe with the red seats, they were especially militant.
10:00   ”Sheikh Osama (Bin Laden), may Allah have mercy on him, was the most wonderful person in our generation.”
10:06   This was said two days after their leader Abu Imran,
10:09   Fouad Belkacem, was arrested and they understood already
10:12   that their organization was hit hard, but decided to go on.
10:16   A good Muslim is in jail or on his way to jail That’s a good Muslim.
10:20   A year and a half into the Arab Spring it was clear to these youngsters that their
10:24   dream was not limited to Belgium’s borders, and Jihad calls them forward.
10:28   If it were possible, would you go there to do Jihad outside?
10:31   ”No comment, no comment.”
10:34   And then, in just the space of a few months,
10:37   Belgian security forces noticed that the problematic group simply disappeared from the streets,
10:41   no more demonstrations or provocations. The simply went below the radar.
10:45   Right now, we crossed the English-French border,
10:48   and we are on our way to Belgium.
10:51   We weren’t really checked.
10:55   So freedom of movement in Europe is one of the problems for the local security forces,
10:59   to follow the youngsters who simply leave the country in their car and there is no record that they did that,
11:04   and are on their way to Jihad in Syria.
11:07   Lots of people went together in small groups.
11:10   How? Some by car, some by plane.
11:13   There were four or five guys who went in two cars
11:18   all the way to Turkey and even took one of the cars, a BMW, across the border.
11:26   The car was later seen in Syria. Today, now we are in December,
11:30   Around ten a day, foreigners, pass the border clandestinely,
11:34   like we smoke cigarettes, without an international passport, without an international passport,
11:38   my friends, pass the border clandestinely, to join ISIS.
11:42   And ISIS is getting stronger and stronger
11:45   every second of the day. Allahu Akhbar!
11:48   What was the moment your son made the decision to go?
11:53   I never, I never knew about that.
11:56   You know, most of the youngsters who move up to Syria, they disappear like a thief in the night.
12:00   Some of them say they go on holiday with their friends like my son did.
12:03   Others say we are going to study in Egypt or in England.
12:07   And other ones say nothing, they disappear like a thief in the night.
12:10   You are paying for the airplane tickets. In the beginning, they did not appreciate the possibility,
12:14   admit the Belgians, that the group went to Syria and continues to attract more and more fighters from Belgium to the East.
12:19   Bart De Wever — Major of Antwerp. An unfortunate thing that people did not take these “Sharia4Belgium” people
12:25   seriously two and a half years ago. Me personally as a politician, I did, I immediately pointed out that there was a real danger.
12:32   You have the hard core of fanatics convince people,
12:35   who are often well educated, who make a conscious decision
12:38   to reject the Western way of life and our civilization.
12:41   They are recruiting more vulnerable youngsters
12:44   from Morocco they were sent, also converts, and then send off to Syria.
12:49   So that’s a phenomenon we’ve been seeing for the last two years.
12:54   I never took them as clowns. Filip Dewinter — Belgian politician. Western European politicians are very afraid
12:59   to be called racists, so they are multicultural, and so they have a lot of so-called respect
13:04   for Islam, also for radical Islam.
13:07   They don’t know about Islam They think they can still integrate Islam
13:11   into our society. Make, create a sort of European, enlightened Islam.
13:18   But Islam is Islam and will always be Islam.
13:21   So Islam hates the West. And the only goal of Islam at this moment
13:25   is to take over. Even today, members of “Sharia4Belgium”
13:29   are active inside Europe. The are spreading the terrorists’ gospel
13:33   in the service of ISIS. We then met a young Belgian man who just converted to Islam,
13:39   his name was Yunes and he went out to wage Jihad in Syria,
13:43   then came back to Belgium and talked to us.

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  1. “the only goal of Islam … is to take over”.
    This needs to become better known.

  2. Off Topic:
    We need to start understanding the Islamization of Turkey. They helped build ISIS along with many other short-sighted Western leaders.
    Here is a recent interview by Turkey’s intelligence chief to German AWD:

    A segment from above:
    “ISIS is a reality and we have to accept that we cannot eradicate a well-organized and popular establishment such as the Islamic State; therefore I urge my western colleagues to revise their mindset about Islamic political currents, put aside their cynical mentalité and thwart Vladimir Putin’s plans to crush Syrian Islamist revolutionaries,” Anadolu News Agency quoted Mr. Fidan as saying on Sunday.

    Fidan further added that in order to deal with the vast number of foreign Jihadists craving to travel to Syria, it is imperative that ISIS must set up a consulate or at least a political office in Istanbul.”

    On another note… There was a “one moment of silence” requested by FIFA to be held before all soccer matches in memory of the Paris victims. During that minute the Turkish fans were booing and “Alahoo Akbar” was heard. Several instances of this on youtube.

  3. For these young gullible youth it has become Al Sunna or the way of [Mohammed]. I have tried to convinces my Christian friend of how foolish it is to bring in the Muslim Syrian refugees but he believes bringing them in is obeying Jesus, foolish to me.

    • Ask your friend: Would Jesus tell him to bring into his home someone who threatened harm to his family?

      Many Christians have a view of Muslims that’s both naive and self-righteous. Feeling good about their own loving-kindness is elevated about all other concerns.

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