Germany’s Future Explained

The horrible thing about what this culture-enricher says is that he is basically speaking the truth. Germans’ daughters are going to marry Muslims and wear the veil. Muslims are going to outbreed Germans. Germany’s future is Islamic.

And the Germans themselves will work hard and pay high taxes to fund the transition.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Now, honestly, in Germany Islam will come whether you want that or not.
0:06   Your daughter will wear a hijab. Your son will have a beard. OK?
0:10   And your daughter will marry a bearded man. And we multiply more and more.
0:14   You Germans don’t make any more children, you have maybe, tops, maybe two kids,
0:18   and we make seven, Alhamdulillah, OK, comrade?
0:21   And then we take four wives, and we have 22 children.
0:24   So you have maybe one kid and one little doggie, yeah? And that’s it.
0:28   Comrade, that’s not our fault, that’s your fault. When you exploited our countries
0:32   colonized them, so that you can drive your Mercedes and use that digital camera there,
0:36   that’s how Allah our god makes it that we will conquer you,
0:41   not with war here in Germany but with birthrates, firstly, and secondly
0:45   we marry your daughters, yeah? And your daughter will wear a hijab.
0:49   So, now you can go and lose it, OK, one can already see the hate in your eyes.

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  1. The German girls who marry f..wits like this will learn about Islam the hard way. They will leave their oppressive ‘husbands,’ who will then have child maintenance taken out of their pay, or if they are on welfare they ought to be booted out of the country! The kids will be brought up as Germans.

    Of course there will be many dramas and attempted kidnappings of children and some will be taken to Islamic lands and never see civilization again.

    Meanwhile polygamy ought to be outlawed, if it isn’t already, so that these invaders can’t get some child bride and reproduce.

    “I came to the absolute conviction that it is impossible…impossible…for any human being to read the biography of Mohammed and believe in it, and then emerge a psychologically and mentally healthy person.”

    – Syrian Psychiatrist Dr. Wafa Sultan

  2. A high birthrate is the survival strategy of a low-tech population that exists at subsistence level. The strategy assumes a high rate of infant mortality, short lifespan, and very little work on the part of the parents to raise the children.

    High birthrate cultures are no threat at all when kept in their own countries. The two factors that have made the fertile Muslims a threat is immigration and foreign aid. The appropriate strategy to interviews like that is to withdraw foreign charity of foods and medicine from the low-tech societies. They will go back to high death rates to match the birth rates.

    The problem is that the worst enemy of Western culture is itself. We have taken on the responsibility for the survival of third-world babies, the safe landing of risk-taking boat people, and the satisfaction of the wishes of every young soldier of Allah that hikes past a border. Under these circumstances, the high birthrate is deadly and fatal.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. Over 30 years ago my mother said to me and at the time I thought it to be very harsh; if we continue to feed them they will continue to breed… I think she was right in that the left has laid the bed that we now lay in.

      Africa has massive commodities ready for sale that could bring that continent out of poverty. Instead, corruption and greed chains them to poverty.

      And so, massive numbers of able aged men flee the continent to… What else but gov’t financed benefits. They know nothing other than the west will take care of them.

      And in some respects they are right. In that the economy and cultural norms of their respective countries have been so screwed up that they have no alternative but to move to Judeo Christian economies that can absorb illiterate migrants.
      It is rather sad that whole populations in Europe will eschew their heritage and allow a horde of Islam to overtake them.

      I advocate for massive refugee settlements in the third world. I don’t care what that may cost; the cost of building these refugee settlements would pale to the cost of supporting them in the west for their lives and their progeny.
      I vote for stopping the boats by what ever means necessary.

      • It is rather sad that whole populations in Europe will eschew their heritage and allow a horde of Islam to overtake them.

        Several generations of left-wing thinking have made them despise their heritage and Christianity, and makes them actually smug with moral superiority (over backward thinking “racists” like me) as they hand over their nation to invaders.

    • Agree totally. But each and every one of these idiots will have 1 vote…. just like everyone else.

      Eventually the idiots will vote themselves into prosperity. For them it is not your stuff they want. It is your flesh.

      Adult male flesh for pounding with fists, young male and all female flesh for pounding with……

      • it’ s certainly the guy speaking. Typical case of muslimic hyperbolism. No german girl in her right mind marries a muslim. So he is restricted to carry on with their eternal inbreeding. Results at hand.

        • The “right mind” part of your description is the kicker. Many, many young Western women (and men, for that matter) are now far from what used to be the median for healthy mental functioning.

          A lot of young native British girls are hooking up with and then marrying Muslims, of their own free will. I assume the same will be true in Germany, if it isn’t already.

          When a young woman feels unsafe, lives in a home without a father, and is bombarded 24/7 by anti-White and pro-Muslim propaganda, the security and protection afforded by a strong, self-confident Islamic thug is probably seen as an attractive alternative to the routine anxiety and uncertainty that she has been living with up until now.

          • Well said! When weak people feel unsafe (both physically and mentally/emotionally), then they will align with the ones that they fear. Sad.

          • Then try something else. Try prayer if you’re a believer. Surely if it were your kin you’d be down on your knees? It’s our culture, so time for some fellow-feeling and compassion. You don’t have to bring them to your house, but some petitions for them couldn’t hurt?

          • It’s not just British and German women who are going with the Tards. Polish women as well are at it. Some of my friends who’ve spent time in London tell me 90% of their female Polish friends have done so. And that’s two independent sources. (also I’ve read similar in online comments, about other parts of the UK).

            And these are Polish girls growing up in normal families with their mothers and fathers, not being bombarded by anti-white propaganda and often growing up in conservative Catholic families as well.

      • Yes. The “idiots” obviously have a very good and apparently working out really well strategy. The Muslim is a man with a plan you might say. Whereas it seems the west in general is acting out like defenseless third world natives jumping around on the beaches with no plan other than Desperate Dan. What a shame. How gutless. Our kids will pay dearly.

  3. I have a plan if Mama Merkel could bear to stomach it. Having grown up in a Communist country, she is surely tough enough to do this to save Germany.

    Every Muslim man gets a paid plane ticket and a box lunch and is sent back to where he came from. In the long run, this will be far cheaper than what Merkel is attempting to do. The women and children can stay or go, up to them — but again, if they wish to go — a plane ticket that deposits them to their country of origin.

    I can’t think of any other way that will not lead to more crime, rape, violence, and the ruination of western civilization (such as it is today) — socialism will be the death of us all. I watch the news, mesmerized, wondering what happens next and when will things get really really ugly (they are already getting ugly, but it could get much worse).

      • Board or else.
        The “else” is left to your imagination.
        I’m in no mood to play stupid to the left’s globalist tyranny that depends upon male invaders who despise their hosts.

      • If you can get them on a plane, where to sent them?, most have no papers. Even if you know from whence they came there is no guarantee the country of origin will accept them back.

        • for a decent bribe , any african or central asian would accept to take care ( lol) of the ones extradited. But my dream destination for parasites is Siberia. Come on, Wladimir, give us a hand. The transport would be rough, manu militatri, so to speak.

          • Yes, I’ve long thought the same thing. The West should have made a deal with Putin a long time ago to send it’s troublemakers to Siberia. With funding provided, for ultra-nationalist skinheads to take good car of them.

    • ‘If Mama Merkel could stomach it?’
      I think you mis-read Merkel completely—she is one of the One World Government gang; she wants this to happen.

      According to the Bilderberg gang, in order for them to achieve a one state Eurabia, all the separate countries/states must first be destroyed; that’s what is happening now, and then the ‘new superstate, enriched with muslim superworkers will arise, hallelujah!

      You know they must be completely barking mad to even listen to or contemplate such an insane scheme, yet it’s happening before our unbelieving eyes….

    • Why stop at the men? Some of the women are worse extremists than the men, and they have the influence on the young children …

      • I agree with you completely. The women are as much carriers and supporters of Islam as the males, and the children carry the inheritance of low-IQ, low skills, and a constitutional inclination to violence and acting-out.

        So, all the immigrants should be deported. Women are harshly abused in Islam, but that does not imply that women are not supporters of Islam. It’s a false assumption that they are allies of anti-sharia or anti-jihad.

        On the question of where to send the refugees, it should be considered that many of them have lost, torn up, or forged identity papers. It would be almost impossible to find their country of origin; plus, the country would not necessarily take them back. Any resettlement camps on government support are likely to become permanent, with permanent masses of radicalized, uneducated, low-skill, impossible to relocate people breeding rapidly. It’s like grafting a cancer in your own body to keep it alive until you can find someone else willing to take the cancer off your hands by grafting it on his own body.

        My suggestion is to eliminate the assumption that uninvited invaders must be assured safety. I would suggest that the Europeans find a warlord in control of some territory who likes money, say in Somalia. The warlord would be paid an agreed-on sum for every refugee dropped off in his territory…what he does with them after relocation is not our concern. Every invader of questionable or unproven origin will be assumed to be a citizen of that region, and flown there.

        This would provide a legal and efficient method of removal. It will be harsh, but once it becomes known that it is enforced, the flow of refugees will stop.

  4. I’ve heard that the birth rate in most Muslim countries is collapsing, which has only emerged in the last 18 months … Apparently Muslim nations are in denial about it and refuse to believe it.

    • As with the most devastating plagues of the past the Muslim one is entering Europe by sea as well as every other way imaginable. One by one the checks and balances are removed with force and violence by self pitying Islam mites.

    • Some months ago had a wonderful article showing the cost of imported wheat in North African and Middle Eastern countries. The article claimed that in the next 18 months some countries (Egypt for example) would simply be unable to feed it’s people as they have been. Israel, on the other hand has increasing revenue (and also a very productive agricultural sector) so it will be able to afford the wheat. SO, . . . these idiots who spend their time thinking of destruction will starve. (Non too soon in my estimation.)

      • Don’t forget the irony of Egypt’s position as the “breadbasket of the Med” before the arrival of the desert tribes. The invaders destroyed the intricate engineering of a timeless irrigation system that utilized the ebb and flow of the Nile to grow wheat, barley, and papyrus. That third crop accounted for the widespread literacy of the Med; literacy was needed for commerce and trade – and both flourished. With Islam’s arrival all that disappeared. What goat herder cared about agriculture? Or literacy. The latter remained important to the Copts who survived in rural areas. Eventually their Muslim rulers need them as a clerical class in order to do business with outsiders.

        Islam, with its supremacist ideology, managed to un-invent the cart. When your Muslim neighbor can simply take your cart from you without recompense, what point in buying/making another? Cartwrights’ skills ceased to exist. I tried googling it and the term only exists now as a name since Western technology in turn replaced carts in the West…but they put something better in their place.

        It also has to be with the nuts and bolts of culture. Islamic culture doesn’t trust curiosity or innovation. Inshallah is a type of fatalism. Our fate isn’t due to our own work but to some inscrutable action we can’t know. Meanwhile, Israelis’ work ethic continues apace – see

        Here’s today’s lead story:

        And what does Iran produce? Nuclear weapons and terror. Obama just gave them 150 billion in cash. They will buy more weapons, supply more terrorist groups and further sow dissent in the MidEast. Yet their co-religionists, in what is obvious to everyone outside their closed system (the Left doesn’t count since it only “feels”), projects its own evil onto the one democracy they know. Envy is just one of the drivers of Islam.

  5. Does anyone know the context of this video, was a conversation between a native and the muslim or a selfie video with aggressive attitude ?

  6. The short answer is, do not pay them any benefits. At a stroke you take away the pull factor and stop any more of them from coming. Without benefits and other freebies, those that are here already will either leave, die, or commit crimes. Once they start committing crimes, they can be apprehended, locked up and deported.

    Only one problem, Europe is run by bloody leftists.

  7. National Socialist Germany had a population of around 67 million it lost over 6 million during the war many died in post war anarchy.By 1960 WestGermany alone had a popuation of nearly 60 million and a booming economy It does not take long for a population to recover if the will is thier.

  8. FAZ -Merkel destabilizing Germany and Europe

    Reality in Europe of 2015 is just proving what Thilo Sarrazin is saying about Germany’s “Schafft sich ab”. Thilo Sarrazin is a former board member of the German Bundesbank.

    • FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
      Main German business paper, based in Frankfurt, city of the German stock exchange.

  9. I’m pondering Europe’s self-immolation and it’s hard to find a meaningful explanation. And though it’s a bit late, it seems the liberal elite should’ve been evaluated much like the teenagers who “cut” themselves. Nevertheless – Europe has done other Western researchers a favor by offering itself up as a anthropological petri dish.

  10. Notwithstanding the message in the video, it is usual for women from relatively poor societies to bear more children. Several factors are involved, but not least is the parents’ wish to be supported in old age when there is little or no state pension.

  11. I hope there is more than a grain of truth to this ;

    ” Israel is Developing ‘Ethnic Bomb’ for Growing Biological Weapons Arsenal ”

    The fact that the filth have been inbreeding for 13+ centuries should have created a genetic marker that leaves them vulnerable.

    As this comment says:

    ” Second is the amazing fact that without Islam we would now be living in a world almost without war. The impossible dream of world peace would actually be within reach if it were not for the existence of Islam. Human progress has made the resort to war almost unthinkable to everybody but Muslims. That’s why just about every war today is either between Muslims or waged by Muslims on the rest of the world. Curious that we never hear about this from the one-world types at the BBC or CNN.”

    • Is it really any wonder that of all the solar systems throughout the universe that could support intelligent life, and probably do, humanity is still stuck out here in the boonies a deliberately isolated system from the rest of universal life?

      If there is one thing that humanity excels at, it is killing itself!

      • But we never die out. If you’re a Christian, Nemesis, then surely you believe that it’s out of our hands anyway? Recognition of our own deeply divided Self is the beginning of accepting who and what we are. Look at Psalm 23: it’s a perfect description of our journey from infancy to eternity and the obstacles we face on that pilgrimage. Three thousand years later and it hasn’t changed.

        • It is our soul that never dies. And it is our soul that gives us life on this Earth. Everything we could want for our bodies to sustain our journey through this life is within the reach of all of us. But our species is just as likely to vanish one day through an act of stupidity that we have been trying to perfect for so long that history does not even record the previous events of the many such close and catastrophic occurrences.

          We are here to learn but many choose not to. Instead many disregard their purpose for being on Earth for the simple animal urges that last but no time at all in the real scheme of life.

          What occurs here on Earth echoes throughout the universe, and what we choose to do with our life echoes throughout Heaven. If how we live and its outcome is out of our hands then where is the purpose for our being here?

          Many live their life out without learning what it is to be human and by default fore go their spiritual advancement to a higher level or another dimension, if you can accept that.

          Those who fail to learn get to re-live their human life over and over until they do learn and become more spiritually advanced. Ever wonder why some people can recall past life events, especially under hypnosis that can be followed up and verifed?

          The Bible is a good reference source for the soul, but it is only a guide, and as such cannot guarantee a result at the end of our human life existence – it is up to us as free spirits to achieve our goal through human life experience and that is the only game in town.

  12. The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precious good, whose delicate complex of order and freedom, culture and peace, can at any moment be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within.

    – Will Durant
    American writer, historian, and philosopher (November 5, 1885 – November 7, 1981).

  13. I suppose or imagine or whatever that it may all eventually come down to kill or be killed. The “elites” and the “Muslims” will have there own private armies to protect themselves in the midst of petrified dhimmis in an all but collapsed multi cult mess.

    • Private armies for “security” are on the rise all over. We certainly saw them in Iraq. Well-paid mercenaries who don’t work for Allah. In a world largely absent of any other transcendent meaning, Allah’s killers will work for much less than the mercenaries.

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