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The European Union is now predicting that another three million “refugees” will arrive in Europe during 2016. Between 700,000 and 800,000 have landed so far this year.

Meanwhile, Denmark has declined to help Sweden with its migrant load. And Sweden has told immigrants that they should stay in northern Germany, rather than come to Sweden. In contrast, Germany is still willing to welcome anyone who manages to cross its borders.

In other news, the name of the young man who attacked four people with a knife at the University of California at Merced has been released: Faisal Mohammad (Mohammed Coefficient: 100%). The chancellor of UC Merced cautioned the public not to draw any unwarranted conclusions from his ethnicity. She said the incident had nothing to do with terrorism. Or Islam, for that matter.

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Financial Crisis
» Bank of Ireland Bans “Small” Cash Withdrawals at Branches
» Details of Controversial Pacific Trade Deal Are Released
» ISIS Praises California University Attacker
» Professor Fired for Being White: ‘Black Power’ Administrator Costs University $4.8 Million
» Sheriff Clarke: Obama ‘Is Hallucinating if He Thinks He Has Improved Race Relations in America’
» State Law Makes it a Felony to Touch a Police Officer Even Off-Duty and Out of Uniform
» UC Chancellor: “No Reason’ to Believe Attack Related to Terrorism
» VA Tells Florida Veterans They’re Dead, Cuts Off Benefits
Europe and the EU
» Britain Wants Every Website People Visit Recorded
» Muslims in Germany: Your Children Will Pray to Allah or Die
» Seven Major Takeaways From the U.K.’s Proposed Surveillance Rules
» UK: Ex-Deputy Director of MI6 is Named by MP as ‘Key’ Figure Who ‘Manipulated’ Westminster Vip Paedophile Ring
» UK: TalkTalk Offers Customer £30.20 ‘Final Settlement’ After Crims Nick £3,500
North Africa
» ISIS Bombing of Metrojet Flight 9268 Poses a Global Airline Security Threat
» Reports: A Bomb Destroyed Russian Airliner
» Russian Plane Wreckage in Egypt Appears to Show Shrapnel Damage From Within Jet
» Source: Obama Fears Muslim Brotherhood Link to Downing of Russian Airliner
Israel and the Palestinians
» Showdown at the OK Corral
Middle East
» Amid Anti-ISIS Airstrikes in Syria, Thunderbolt Raids Islamic State Militant Group
» Combat Report: Russian Jets Hit 263 Terror Targets in Syria in 2 Days
» The US is Worried That American Cash is Flowing to ISIS and Iran From the Fed
» U.S. Prepares War Against Russia in Syrian Battlefield
» Denmark Rejects Sweden’s Refugee Appeal
» European Union: Three Million More Migrants Could Arrive by End of 2016
» Refugees Will Boost German Economy: EU
» San Francisco Sheriff Known for ‘Sanctuary City’ Defense Loses Re-Election Bid
» Sweden: Police Action as Malmö Roma Protest Continues
» Sweden Tells Refugees to Stay in North Germany
» Texas Governor Abbott Issues Warning Over Immigrant Detentions
Culture Wars
» Christians Are at War With One Another as Americans Leave the Church in Droves
» Gender Unicorn: Fantasy Definitions and Sexes Validate Feelings
» Planned Parenthood Says Harvesting of Organs From Murdered, Partial-Birth Aborted Babies is a ‘Humanitarian Mission’

Bank of Ireland Bans “Small” Cash Withdrawals at Branches

As central planners the world over grapple with the effective “lower bound” that’s imposed by the existence of physical banknotes, there’s been no shortage of calls for a ban on cash.

Put simply, if you eliminate physical currency, you also eliminate the idea of a floor for depo rates.

After all, if people can’t withdraw paper money and stash it under the mattress, then interest rates can be as negative as the government wants them to be in order to “encourage” consumption. If, for instance, you’re being charged 10% for saving your money, then by God you will probably spend that money rather than see the bank collect a double-digit fee just for holding on to your paycheck.

In the absence of physical cash, there’s no way for depositors to avoid that rather unpalatable outcome unless the public starts buying hard assets like commodities with their debit cards. If you think that sounds far-fetched, just consider the fact that everyone from Citi’s Willem Buiter to economist Ken Rogoff to the German Council Of Economic Experts’ Peter Bofinger have now floated the idea.

“With today’s technical possibilities, coins and notes are in fact an anachronism,” Bofinger told Spiegel back in May.

Now, in what should be a wake up call to the world, Bank of Ireland has banned branch withdrawals of less than €700.


[Comment: Customers should being withdrawing ALL their money from Bank Of Ireland in response. The Bank of Ireland will change its tune VERY quickly.]

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Details of Controversial Pacific Trade Deal Are Released

Details of a sweeping Pacific Rim trade deal released Thursday set the stage for a raucous debate in the U.S. Congress but also may provide reassurances to those who worried the agreement could gut protections for the environment, public health and labor.

The text of the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement between the U.S. and 11 other Pacific Rim countries runs to 30 chapters and hundreds of pages. It is mind-boggling in its detail, laying out plans for handling of trade in everything from zinc dust to railway sleepers and live eels.

Governments of the 12 member countries released the complete text online Thursday, making public the specifics of an agreement that critics complain was forged in secrecy.

[Comment: This abomination should be flushed down the toilet where it belongs.]

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ISIS Praises California University Attacker

ISIS has allegedly posted a tweet praising Faisal Mohammad, who was killed by University of California Merced police after he stabbed people on the campus Wednesday.

ISIS-linked tweet praises #California university stabber Faisal Mohammad:

— Fox News (@FoxNews) November 5, 2015

“May Allah accept him,” read a tweet in Arabic from a Twitter account that terrorism experts say has carried previous ISIS propaganda, just minutes after Mohammad’s name was divulged by campus authorities, according to Fox News.

Little is known at this point about the computer science and engineering major. So far, he has not been linked to jihadi activity or is it known if he made statements in support of the Islamic State.

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Professor Fired for Being White: ‘Black Power’ Administrator Costs University $4.8 Million

A historically black college in St. Louis, Mo., has been forced to cough up $4.85 million to a fired professor when a court found the woman was fired for being white.

Beverly Wilkins was a professor at Harris-Stowe State University’s College of Education from 2001 until 2010, when she was fired. In 2012, though, she struck back with a lawsuit, saying her departure wasn’t for budgetary or performance reasons but instead was due to an administrator’s vendetta against the white race.

According to Wilkins’ lawsuit, she started to be pushed out at Harris-Stowe after the college hired Latisha Smith as a faculty member in 2007. Smith was quickly promoted to assistant dean and then dean of the College of Education, and Wilkins said she subscribed to a “black power” ideology that drove her to purge the college of all whites. In 2010 Wilkins was fired, with Smith blaming the move on state budget cuts. Wilkins says every white professor at the school was ultimately let go, except for one protected by tenure. Meanwhile, only one black professor was let go, and it was due to a sex crime conviction.

While Harris-Stowe’s budget was used to justify Wilkins termination, shortly after she was let go the school hired two new (black) professors to teach her classes, at a combined salary higher than what Wilkins earned.

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Sheriff Clarke: Obama ‘Is Hallucinating if He Thinks He Has Improved Race Relations in America’

As for President Barack Obama’s claim that his presidency has helped “mobilize America on behalf of issues of racial disparity,” Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. said the opposite is true and Obama is “hallucinating if he thinks he has improved race relations in Ameirca.”

On Hannity on Tuesday, part of the discussion focused on race relations in America under Obama. The host, Sean Hannity, and guests Sheriff Clarke and Geraldo Rivera agreed that race relations had become worse under the current administration.

“But as for President Obama, he is hallucinating if he thinks he has improved race relations in America,” said Sheriff Clarke. “The polling shows otherwise. He’s delusional if he really believes that.”

[Comment: This was one of Obama goals — to “improve” (in the bankster way) race relations. Enlarge racial strife so Americans do not unite against the banksters is an intended gaol.]

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State Law Makes it a Felony to Touch a Police Officer Even Off-Duty and Out of Uniform

Two short-tempered men run into each other in a bar in Enid, Oklahoma. The combustible mixture of alcohol and ego produces the predictable reaction — a brief, stupid, and inconclusive fight in which neither side is seriously injured. When police officers arrive on the scene, onlookers expect that both parties to the altercation will be hauled away in handcuffs.

However, after one of them produces a police credential, he is allowed to handcuff the other and place him under arrest for a felonious assault on an off-duty law enforcement officer. It doesn’t matter that the individual making the arrest might have been the same one who started the fight.

This scenario is made entirely plausible by a newly enacted Oklahoma statute that makes any “assault” on an off-duty law enforcement officer a felony — and it is standard practice to treat nearly any physical contact with an officer as an “assault.” The law, which passed the legislature unanimously (always a bad sign), went into effect on November 1. In effect, this measure extends the cloak of “qualified immunity” to cover every aspect of a law enforcement officer’s life.

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UC Chancellor: “No Reason’ to Believe Attack Related to Terrorism

Sheriff says evidence suggests attacker intended to “go farther than he did”

UC Merced Chancellor Dorthy Leland said there was no evidence to believe Wednesday’s attack by a freshman computer science student from Santa Clara was “in any way related to terrorism.”

Preliminary evidence, she said, suggests 18-year-old Faisal Mohammad “appears to have been motivated by personal animosities, not a political agenda.” She said, “it would be irresponsible” to draw any link to terrorism “based solely on the ethnicity of the suspect.”

Speaking to reporters Thursday, Sheriff Vern Warnke echoed Leland’s statements, saying evidence gathered suggests the attack was an “act of an individual for a vendetta — nothing to indicate there was any political or religious motivation.”

Investigators seized numerous items from the backpack Mohammad carried into the classroom, including several zip-tie handcuffs, petroleum jelly, a night-vision scope, a safety hammer, and rolls of duct tape, among other things.

Warnke said it remains unclear precisely what Mohammad had planned. Local and federal authorities, including the FBI and U.S. Department of Homeland Security, have yet to find anything to explain his motivation.

“We have nothing to indicate this person was on anybody’s radar,” Warnke said, “absolutely nothing they could find to indicate he was doing anything other than being a college student at UC Merced.”

Mohammad was shot and killed by UC police Wednesday after he stabbed and wounded four people in the ramapage that began in a second-floor classroom.

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VA Tells Florida Veterans They’re Dead, Cuts Off Benefits

Mike Rieker, a 69-year-old Vietnam Navy veteran, relies on his Veterans Affairs benefits to get him through the month.

That’s why the Pinellas County, Florida, resident was alarmed when his VA check didn’t show up in his bank account Monday. He called the Department of Veterans Affairs office to find out why, and their response was stunning: The benefits had been suspended because he was dead.

“Well, I’m not,” Rieker retorted. “I woke up this morning and I’m feeling rather chipper, in fact.”

As it turns out, Rieker is one of six Tampa Bay area residents who were getting veterans benefits, but then were declared dead — despite being very much alive.

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Britain Wants Every Website People Visit Recorded

The British government plans to make telecommunication firms keep records of every website that customers visit under a new law regulating cyber-snooping.

The draft Investigatory Powers Bill is designed to regulate authorities’ access to Internet activity, replacing a patchwork of laws, some dating from the Web’s infancy.

Home Secretary Theresa May said Wednesday that the bill would let police and spies access Internet connection records — a list of websites and social media apps someone has visited, though not the individual pages they looked at or messages they sent.

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Muslims in Germany: Your Children Will Pray to Allah or Die

Radical jihadi Muslims in Germany are warning their hosts what they can expect in the future.

“euer Kinder werden Allah beten oder sterben” (das hängt an der autobahn ok…)

— ashley (@soccerkink) September 13, 2015

The banner above was attached to an autobahn overpass in Sindelfingen, Germany, near a Mercedes Factory.

It reads: “Your children will pray to Allah or die.”

There was no claim of responsibility for the message and the threat was not reported by the German media.

The media, however, has reported on opposition to the Muslim invasion in a negative light…

Security sources in Germany, which has taken in more migrants and refugees than any other European country, say they have seen a sharp rise in violence linked to right-wing extremism in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, violence and rape committed by illegal immigrants has been largely ignored. A few headlines from over the last few weeks:

[Comment: Check out the list of articles with links at the end of the article.]

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Seven Major Takeaways From the U.K.’s Proposed Surveillance Rules

The British government on Wednesday published a proposed new law to reform and dramatically expand surveillance powers in the United Kingdom. The 190-page Investigatory Powers Bill is thick with detail and it will probably take weeks and months of analysis until its full ramifications are understood. In the meantime, I’ve read through the bill and noted down a few key aspects of the proposed powers that stood out to me — including unprecedented new data retention measures, a loophole that allows spies to monitor journalists and their sources, powers enabling the government to conduct large-scale hacking operations, and more.

Under the proposed law, Internet companies in the U.K. would be forced to record and store for up to 12 months logs showing websites visited by all of their customers. The government has tried to present this as “not a record of every web page” accessed (emphasis added). This is technically true, but it’s also extremely misleading. The logs will show every web site you visited — for example, — as opposed to the specific pages on that website, for example,

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UK: Ex-Deputy Director of MI6 is Named by MP as ‘Key’ Figure Who ‘Manipulated’ Westminster Vip Paedophile Ring

A former deputy director of MI6 is ‘key’ to allegations surrounding a VIP paedophile ring in Westminster, an MP has claimed.

Labour MP John Mann said the late George Kennedy Young, known as GK Young, was involved in ‘dubious’ political activity, including establishing a ‘private army’.

He added Mr Young, who later became involved in right wing politics, was a ‘manipulator’ who controlled groups of people within which there were paedophile rings in the 1970s or 1980s.

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UK: TalkTalk Offers Customer £30.20 ‘Final Settlement’ After Crims Nick £3,500

‘Good will’ gesture, but WON’T waive contract breakage fee

TalkTalk is trying and failing to mend its broken customer relationships following the recent mega breach, in one case offering an individual who had £3,500 stolen from his personal bank account £30.20 as a “good will gesture [and] final settlement” by way of compensation when he tried to get out of his contract.

Ian Rimmington, based in Ossett, West Yorkshire, told The Register £3,500 had disappeared from his account on Friday, 23 October. This was two days after the telco had been hacked and hours after it claims it had informed banks that punters’ personal information had been compromised.

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ISIS Bombing of Metrojet Flight 9268 Poses a Global Airline Security Threat

Saturday morning, October 31st, Flight 9268 a Metrojet Airbus A321 with 224 largely Russian tourists, and crew aboard were bound on a course for St. Petersburg from Sharm el-Sheikh on Egypt’s Sinai Red Sea. The aircraft reached an altitude of 31,000 feet at 430 knots, when something catastrophic occurred at 23 minutes into the flight. Communications with the pilot abruptly ended, the plane struggled to gain altitude and just as suddenly plummeted earthward with the tail section broken off and the rest of fuselage sent crashing into the desert and mountains were a flash was seen via satellite. All 224 passengers and crew aboard were killed. The crash occurred less than 300 miles from the resort area at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula at the mouth of the Red Sea. The passenger remains and aircraft debris were scattered over a wide area. All of this was recorded in real time on satellite flight status internet reports and satellite imagery. Forensic teams from Egyptian, Russian and Airbus air safety organizations were dispatched to retrieve the flight data recorders. Egyptian military and Red Crescent teams were engaged in recovery of the remains, personal effects and luggage of those killed in the crash. Grief was overwhelming at funerals held in Russia this week with the arrival of the remains of the victims. The immediate questions were what caused the aviation catastrophe and who may have been behind it…

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Reports: A Bomb Destroyed Russian Airliner

U.S. and European intelligence agencies now believe that the Russian airliner downed in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on the weekend was probably taken out by a bomb planted onboard by an Islamic State-affiliated terrorist group, according to media reports. The Russian airplane may have been attacked by Islamic State (a.k.a. ISIS, ISIL, and Daesh) because Russia is waging war against it.

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Russian Plane Wreckage in Egypt Appears to Show Shrapnel Damage From Within Jet

Images show holes in the wreckage of the Airbus A321 that crashed on the Sinai peninsula Saturday, killing 224, which appears to have been caused by something from inside the plane.

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Source: Obama Fears Muslim Brotherhood Link to Downing of Russian Airliner

With the Obama administration remaining tight-lipped on speculation surrounding what caused the downing of Metrojet Flight 9268, one source suggests a Muslim Brotherhood link could be the reason behind the silence.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has been vocal in asserting that a bomb on board was a likely cause for the plane crash, moving to suspend all flights from Sharm el-Sheikh, but Barack Obama has refused to explicitly comment on the cause of the disaster.

That could be due to concerns that the Muslim Brotherhood, which has enjoyed close ties with the administration in the past, is responsible for the terror attack, reports the DC Whispers website.

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Showdown at the OK Corral

Whatever he says before the cameras next week when he meets with Netanyahu, Obama has no intention of letting bygones be bygones…

Friday Makor Rishon’s military commentator Amir Rapaport detailed how the US assiduously wooed IDF senior brass on the one hand and harassed more junior Israeli security officials on the other hand.

Former IDF chiefs of General Staff Lt.-Gens. Gabi Ashkenazi and Benny Gantz were given the red carpet treatment in a bid to convince them to oppose Israeli strikes on Iran’s nuclear installations. More junior officials, including officers posted officially to the US were denied visas and subjected to lengthy interrogations at US embassies and airports in a bid to convince them to divulge information about potential Israeli strikes against Iran.

Sunday, Channel 2 reported that the IDF’s Intelligence Directorate’s information security department just issued guidance to all IDF soldiers and officers warning them about efforts by the CIA to recruit them as US agents.

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Amid Anti-ISIS Airstrikes in Syria, Thunderbolt Raids Islamic State Militant Group

The U.S. Air Force’s A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft has taken part in a “devastating” raid against the Islamic State group in northwestern Syria, while supporting a group of U.S.-backed Syrian-Arab fighters on the ground, according to a statement from a Pentagon Spokesperson Wednesday. The A-10, which has been the target of proposed defense budget cuts over the last four years, was joined by an AC-130 Spectre gunship as it helped take the town of al-Hawl and around 250 square kilometers of surrounding area, said Army Col. Steve Warren, a spokesman for Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve.

[Comment: Making sure only their radical Islamist gang wins.]

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Combat Report: Russian Jets Hit 263 Terror Targets in Syria in 2 Days

The Russian Air Force has carried out 81 sorties hitting 263 Islamic State (IS) targets in two days in Syria, the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Russian jets hit targets that mostly belong to Islamic State and other militants in such provinces as Aleppo, Damascus, Deir ez-Zor, Idlib, Latakia, Raqqa, Hama and Homs, Igor Konashenkov, a Defense Ministry spokesman, said Thursday. After their combat missions all the jets returned to the Russian Khmeimim airbase in Latakia, he said.

Russian Su-24M bombers destroyed IS repair facilities with seven armored vehicles near an airport in Aleppo province, Konashenkov said.

“In the area of the populated locality of Raqqa, SU-34 bombers hit two fortified block posts belonging to the terrorists, located on the outskirts of the city. Direct aerial bomb hits destroyed the terrorists’ fortified structures housing four units of automobile and armored vehicles,” the spokesman said.

He added that Russian airstrikes also hit a base belonging to one of the ISIS-affiliated gangs in the gorge of the Jebel-Mgar mountains near Damascus, destroying a ammunition warehouse, command post and hidden military equipment.

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The US is Worried That American Cash is Flowing to ISIS and Iran From the Fed

The US Federal Reserve is worried that American currency is falling into the hands of ISIS militants and sanctioned regimes, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Cash shipments to Iraq have dramatically increased in recent years despite a sluggish Iraqi economy, and officials are concerned that some of the exchange houses that buy this currency are funneling dollars to groups like ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, and sanctioned governments like Iran.

Emily Glazer, Nour Malas, and Jon Hilsenrath described in The Journal how the cash flow works.

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U.S. Prepares War Against Russia in Syrian Battlefield

On Tuesday November 3rd, U.S. Defense Department spokesperson Laura Seal told The Daily Beast that twelve F-15C air-to-air combat planes are being sent to the Incirlik Turkey Air Base for deployment in Syria against Russia’s Su-30 air-to-air combat planes. Neither the F-15C nor the Su-30 can destroy ground-targets, only air-targets — enemy planes.

In other words: U.S. President Barack Obama is telling Russian President Vladimir Putin that unless Putin is willing to go to war against the United States, he must stop what he’s now doing in Syria. Obama is saying this in the only language whose meaning cannot be denied or misinterpreted: sending in counter-force to specifically what Russia has already sent into Syria.

If it were not the case that both the F-15C and the Su-30 are equipped only for air-to-air-combat, then the meaning of Obama’s move here wouldn’t be so clear and unambiguous. Ms. Seal made her point even clearer by volunteering to tell The Daily Beast’s reporter David Axe, “I didn’t say it wasn’t about Russia.” Axe then commented in his article, that this statement of hers “hinted at its the deployment’s true purpose.” But one would need to be a fool in order to deny it. The only real question here is why Obama has made this decision, which is quite likely to be fateful. So: that’s the subject: Why did he do this?

[Comment: Bankters and puppet obama looking to trigger WWIII.]

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Denmark Rejects Sweden’s Refugee Appeal

After Sweden appeals to other European nations to take some of its refugees, the Danish foreign minister made it clear on Thursday that the only thing Denmark will offer is inspiration from its more hard-line approach.

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European Union: Three Million More Migrants Could Arrive by End of 2016

Autumn economic forecasts show extra three million people expected to reach 28-nation block by end of next year as arrival rates unlikely to slow

The European Union is predicting that three million more migrants could arrive in the 28-nation bloc by the end of next year.

More than 700,000 people have come to Europe seeking sanctuary or jobs so far this year, overwhelming reception centres and border authorities.

EU autumn economic forecasts released on Thursday say that, based on current migrant entries and a “technical assumption” about future flows, arrival rates are unlikely to slow before 2017.

The EU’s executive Commission said that “overall, an additional three million persons is assumed to arrive in the EU over the forecast period.”

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Refugees Will Boost German Economy: EU

The European Commission predicted that large numbers of refugees arriving in Germany will boost the economy by a significant amount over the coming years, in a new economic forecast released on Thursday.

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San Francisco Sheriff Known for ‘Sanctuary City’ Defense Loses Re-Election Bid

The San Francisco sheriff who over the summer became embroiled in a national debate over “sanctuary city” policies on Tuesday lost his bid for re-election amid a host of local controversies.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, 54, was defeated by Vicki Hennessy, a former sheriff’s official who had the endorsement of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and the sheriff deputies association. As of early Wednesday morning, Hennessy had received 62 percent of the vote to just 31 percent for Mirkarimi.

Mirkarimi was the subject of national criticism after Mexican illegal immigrant Francisco Sanchez allegedly shot and killed 32-year-old Kate Steinle on San Francisco’s waterfront July 1. Sanchez had been released from Mirkarimi’s jail in March even though federal immigration officials had requested he be detained for possible deportation.

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Sweden: Police Action as Malmö Roma Protest Continues

Police have removed a number of protesters from outside Malmö city hall, where a group of several dozen Roma migrants spent the night after a controversial shanty camp in the city was bulldozed.

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Sweden Tells Refugees to Stay in North Germany

Sweden’s Migration Minister Morgan Johansson has urged refugees in northern Germany to stay put, after declaring that the Nordic nation is now unable to guarantee beds for all asylum seekers.

Sweden is struggling to provide enough beds for the record number of refugees crossing into the country from Germany and elsewhere, the government confirmed on Thursday.

At a press conference, Migration Minister Morgan Johansson told reporters that there was no longer a guarantee that all asylum seekers could be offered emergency accommodation.

“We are in in a very dramatic situation, it has become even more dramatic in recent days. Last week we saw a decline, but now the past few days, we see an increase,” he said, referring to the ongoing arrival of refugees fleeing war-torn nations to seek new lives in Sweden.

“I can’t see how it would be any better here than in Sweden — people are already sleeping on camping mats in empty market halls,” Anke Erdmann, a Green Party state parliament member for the north German state of Schleswig-Holstein told The Local.

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Texas Governor Abbott Issues Warning Over Immigrant Detentions

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Wednesday threatened to withhold state grant money to Dallas County if the Democratic sheriff there does not detain undocumented immigrants as requested by federal authorities.

Analysts said the warning that extended to sheriffs across the state was mostly aimed at placating Republicans, many of whom want a special legislative session to crack down on cities they see as offering sanctuary to immigrants.

“He’s throwing them a bone but not doing much,” said Southern Methodist University political science professor Cal Jillson.

Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez has said her office is abiding by federal guidelines.

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Christians Are at War With One Another as Americans Leave the Church in Droves

Christianity is under attack from a thousand different directions all at once, and yet many believers have turned their guns on one another.

This war among Christians seems to intensify with each passing year, and believers are often fighting for some of the stupidest reasons you can possibly imagine. Meanwhile, people are leaving our churches in droves and church attendance is way down. This is especially true of younger Americans. According to an incredible new report that was just released by the Pew Research Center, only 27 percent of all Millennials (U.S. adults born since 1990) attend religious services on a weekly basis. When you go into many churches in America on Sunday mornings, all you see are “the greys”, and I am not talking about space aliens. But instead of focusing on fixing what has gone wrong, many Christians (including a number of very prominent ministers) spend most of their energy savagely attacking their brothers and sisters in Christ. This is absolutely disgraceful and it needs to stop.

America is on the exact same path to secularization that Europe has already gone down. The Pew Research Center discovered that the percentage of Americans who are “absolutely certain” that God exists declined from 71 percent in 2007 to 63 percent in 2014. Meanwhile, the percentage of those that are “religiously unaffiliated” rose from 16 percent in 2007 to 23 percent today.

Atheism, agnosticism and other religions are on the rise in America, and Christianity is in decline. And as I noted above, this is particularly true among our young people. Here are some more numbers from an excerpt that I pulled directly out of the Pew report…

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Gender Unicorn: Fantasy Definitions and Sexes Validate Feelings

The confusion induced in these youngsters is producing one effect — the demolition of social mores and, eventually, society itself. All of it based on a fantasy of language, animal allusions and contrived sexes

The crime is how a group comprising less than two percent of the population is being allowed to insinuate their self-indulgent ideas into classrooms full of prepubescent children. And it is occurring under the guise of science when there is no science supporting the non-biologically designated sexes. The only data, applying the term loosely, derive from subjective studies of emotional behaviors, most of which are expressions of self-determined choices.

G.K. Chesterton had this insight regarding will (emphasis mine):

It is the existence of this negative or limiting side of will that makes most of the talk of the anarchic will-worshippers little better than nonsense. …Anarchism adjures us to be bold creative artists, and care for no laws or limits. Art is limitation; the essence of every picture is the frame. If you draw a giraffe you must draw him with a long neck. If, in your bold creative way, you hold yourself free to draw a giraffe with a short neck, you will really find that you are not free to draw a giraffe. The moment you step into the world of facts, you step into the world of limits. You can free things from alien or accidental laws, but not from the laws of their own nature. You may, if you like, free a tiger from his bars; but do not free him from his stripes. Do not free a camel of the burden of his hump: you may be freeing him from being a camel.

In other words, you may imagine something to have the attributes of something else, such as an invented sex, but that cannot and will not free it from its true nature, for a loss of identity will follow. Additionally, an emotional response to reject one’s physical anatomy as not reflecting what they want to believe does not replace a true nature, it is only an expression of will. Artistic license is not license to change what God created, and just thinking something, including yourself, to have special or different characteristics, does not make it so, otherwise some of us would have the power to fly, wings notwithstanding.

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Planned Parenthood Says Harvesting of Organs From Murdered, Partial-Birth Aborted Babies is a ‘Humanitarian Mission’

(NaturalNews) A Camino Public Relations document, speaking on behalf of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, defends the organization’s recently exposed practice of harvesting and selling fetal body parts. As revealed in this video, Planned Parenthood is engaged in meticulously removing and preserving fetal organs, donating them to affiliates, and then collecting money for them. It’s all being done in the name of medical research and is being applauded as a “humanitarian mission.”

What it really means is that Planned Parenthood is working for the biotech industry. This represents a dark conflict of interest, especially since Planned Parenthood is supposed to be all about women’s health. How can Planned Parenthood help women make healthy decisions if the enterprise is being pressured to encourage women to give up their baby’s organs for sale to the biotech industry?

And it doesn’t matter if the organs are being sold or donated — Planned Parenthood sells the body parts to for-profit and non-profit organizations. Human lives are being discarded in either case all for the sake of industry. Sadly, pregnant women are being thrown in the middle of this game, as their womb, emotions, and the life inside them is abused for another’s gain.

The most disgusting part of it all is that Planned Parenthood is calling this practice a “humanitarian undertaking.”

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3 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/5/2015

  1. And what, pray tell, is the EU planning to do with these additional, “expected” 3 million migrants? Airlift them? Stop them from illegally crossing borders? Or use this figure as the basis for another round of talking about “quotas”, while leaving these migrants to complete gruelling journeys, while making the smugglers rich?

    My guess would be, that option 1 would have some support on the radical left, option 2 would be an unthinkable “horror of horrors” to most in the EU. Which leaves option 3 – “business as usual”, with quotas designed to (in the long run) ensure that every EU member ends up being in the same mess as Germany, even though it was only Mama Merkel issuing the “invitation” to migrants she now doesn’t want.

    Incidentally, the EU summit is scheduled for 12 November – the day of opening of the new Polish parliament, following the elections. Is this merely a coincidence, or would the EU bigwigs prefer not to see any Polish presence during these discussions?

  2. “Gender Unicorn: Fantasy Definitions and Sexes Validate Feelings”

    BBC article the other day extolling the fact that teenage girls are far more ambiguous about their sexuality than of yore. Of course they are – they are being told that this is how it is. FUBAR.

  3. Sweden and Germany must be brought to account for their reckless arrogance, their failure to consult the rest of Europe, their disregard of existing EU rules and their self-destructive incompetence and lack of foresight. Both countries have turned themselves into international laughing stocks. Their governments have behaved like Marxist students’ unions at some provincial technical college, pubescent useful idiots who unfortunately actually have power. Neither country of sanctimonious cretins and moral fascists deserves one euro of help. Let them stew. Don’t often rant like this but what they done this summer surpasses belief. I want to see both peoples pay for it.

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