France: “Going From Dreadful to Nightmarish Under a Veneer of Everyday Routine”

Our French correspondent Madeleine sends this brief account of conditions in France both before and after last night’s horrific jihad massacre in Paris:

The only thing I can say for sure is that the French police (CRS) knew that something was imminent. It would appear that they didn’t know the exact location, and were on alert.

My sister left Paris at 6am on Saturday [today, November 14] because of the attacks and met a dentist on the train who had planned to demonstrate with others in the health sector against some plans by the government which would dictate what physicians would be allowed to prescribe, and would allow the government to have access to all the health files of French citizens.

He asked a CRS where he should go to congregate with other health practitioners, and was told to give up his plans and go home, as something was about to happen.

As far as I can forecast, nothing will change, the government is too riddled with foreigners who do not have the best interests of France at heart, and socialists who will fill their pockets until the very last moments. They even have female Moslems in ministerial positions!

The situation is going from dreadful to nightmarish under a veneer of everyday routine. It can be quite surreal sometimes.

The university hospital in my home town in Western France, a town martyred during WWII (razed to the ground by Allied bombings), is run by a posse of traitorous socialist scum. There are gangs roaming the wards, stealing from the patients’ rooms, breaking into the nurses’ cloakrooms and breaking into cars a few yards from the doors to the different buildings. The police cannot arrest anyone unless they catch them red-handed, and the security guards are never there when you need them.

Succeeding governments have allowed a state of lawlessness to prevail all over the country. Africans and Arabs get away with arson, murder, assault and battery scot-free, or near enough, but woe betide a true Frenchman who defends himself or his property!

We have a terrible problem with brainwashed masses. Look at this idiot, playing bloody “Imagine” by that horrid little socialist John Lennon. As an hommage to those metal fans mowed down by machine guns in the Bataclan venue, it’s more like a kick in the face.

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  1. “We have a terrible problem with brainwashed masses. Look at this idiot, playing bloody “Imagine” by that horrid little socialist John Lennon”

    Yes, that song is a pet hate of mine, too. “no religion, no countries, no possessions” basically your communist/internationalist nightmare. Yet some idiots actually see it as a symbol of morality!

    • Yes. Lennon forgot to mention no PC or slobbering losers grovelling in the face of adversity.

    • Pet peeve of mine too! I cannot bear to listen to it.

      Never forget that the writer and singer of “Imagine” was the ultimate hypocrite. Hypocrissimo, if such a word exists in the Italian language.

      Lennon spent many years trying to get US permanent residency for one reason only: to escape the punitive income taxes of his homeland. So he would have actually hated there to have been “no countries” as different countries with different taxation systems suited him just dandily. The unthinking idealist might counter: yes but with no countries, ie one world government, the taxation system might be fairer. Yeah right. The tax burden on those in the productive parts of the world, the same places where people actually pay income tax, would rise massively. After all Lennon sang “…sharing all the world, whoo, hoo-ooh [etc]”! And dear Yoko, when asked about how they structured their tax affairs in the States and how much tax do they pay, stated that “we tithe”, ie they arrange matters so that they pay no more than 10% of their (his) income.

      • Lennon had an entire air-conditioned apartment, reserved just for his fur coats.

        Imagine no possessions.
        I can’t imagine a bigger hypocrite.
        He wrote the swan-song for the progressive era.
        They are too busy signalling their virtue to recognise their hypocrisy.

  2. November 13, 1918 marks the anniversary date of the post WWI occupation of Constantinople/Istanbul by allied forces for two years. The Agia Sophia or church of the Holy Wisdom was given back to the Orthodox Patriarch for the two years of allied occupation. Istanbul was the Caliphate of the late Ottoman Empire, think about how significant this attack was to ISIS.

    • Thank you for this historical information. It’s good to know that the Hagia Sophia was in Christian hands, for at least a short period, at a time after May 1453.

    • The E.U. will soon be an Islamic Caliphate with Shiria law run by elitist Arabs. Europe is a trashed third world hell hole, not resisting any Muslim takeover as invaders keep pouring in. Europeans are unable to think critically or care anything about protecting their heritage, future or children. The males are cowards and passive. Apathy and idiots prevail. The Marxist E.U. leaders will be executed soon as these useful idiots serve their purpose. Mass killings will take place soon, also mass destruction of churches, historical places and monuments, etc. Europeans will not resist. I have studied history, and can’t figure out why they fought against Muslims for centuries and have now given in or why they put up with their sorry leaders..

      • ” I have studied history, and can’t figure out why they fought against Muslims for centuries and have now given in or why they put up with their sorry leaders..”

        Back in those days when they fought bravely against Islam, Europe was for the most part a Christian continent. They have rejected Christianity now and have no heart left.

        • You don’t have to be religious, FGS!
          Yes, our ancestors fought the islamic trash on (mainly) religious grounds, but today it’s simply a matter of knowing right from wrong–a look at the contents of the koran should decide one very quickly.
          The koran is simply a hate filled terrorist manual; so bad I’m constantly amazed the western world tolerates it, or it’s adherents.

      • Previously they were Christians and fought for the faith. Now they believe in nothing but themselves.

        • The French and the other Europeans let the pirates have their way for a long time. it was young America who couldn’t afford the bribes paid by Europe that put a stop to the Barbary pirates’ taking of ships and making slaves out of their crews and passengers that led to the decline of piracy. I can’t remember when the (mostly British) seamen, objecting to the conditions in the British navy, became pirates themselves. Theirs was a strange kind of “democracy” among the crew.

          The French also left the Austrians hanging in Vienna, waiting to see who won – the Viennese or the Ottoman Empire. The Viennese were rescued subsequently by Sobieski, much to the dismay of the ever-warring western Europeans. Too bad the Treaty of Westphalia never really “took” -any more than this supra-national E.U. will last. Like much of Europe’s metastasizing bureaucratic governance it’s corrupt.

          So is America’s federal permanent and bloated rule-by-regulation corrupt – not as much class division here, but our crony capitalism has made a mockery of the electoral process. Fewer and fewer people will vote this year as the magic Negro exits the stage, leaving a ruin behind him. One advantage we do have, that I wish Europe were able to invoke/evolve: our separate states. You’ll notice that many governors, including Michigan’s Republican, are saying they don’t want Obama’s 100,000 per annum Syrians.

          At the moment, the number of governors saying “no” are up to 24 and likely to rise.

  3. You are absolutely correct that nothing will change in France, despite chest-pounding threats of all-out war against the ISIS machine. Yes, the French masses have been cowed into submission, but there are flickering lights of hope. Perhaps Ms. Le Pen is one of them.

    • Nothing will change …until suddenly it does.

      Like all those who speak out, Marine Le Pen has to be willing to face court and criminal charges. Each new travesty against public safety will increase the numbers of average French people moving toward her ideas.

      The French governments have been prosecuting people for years – Brigitte Bardot on trial for “blasphemy” for decades in a country known for its aggressive atheism??
      One of the surviving Charlie Hebdo cartoonists drew her newest, telling people to leave off with the praying for France, that instead of prayer France needs “champagne and kisses”…She has my sympathy, kind of (though her substitutes for prayer are trite). My sympathy because this is just one more episode of muslim murderous mayhem, gruesomely disturbing.

      Religion is dead in Europe (and being beaten into silence in America’s public square). Our aesthetic responses to grave events may have degraded but the need to do *something* symbolic in the aftermath of brutality remains hardwired (if dumbed down).

      What are we to do? Oh never mind. Here come The Brigades for Flowers, Candles, & Teddy Bears, Inc. strewing the sidewalks with trashy clumps of kitsch. They’re followed predictably by the cellphone cavalcades and endless photos of me w/candles, me w/ flowers, me, me, suffering vicariously…

      By that point the #JeSuis[InsertTragedy] hashtags battle it out for predominance.Then the public calls for prayer start, though these fervent pleas appear to be of the foxhole faith variety – they quiet down as the headlines move on to the latest football scores. God yawns and returns to bed.


      • My son and I were having the same sort of conversation, what makes it even more fascinating is them putting out candles for the dead which is a Roman Catholic tradition.

        One of these left wing cretin female socialists who he was having to do some university work with did one of these self serving social network pictures, my son said that just said it all. Two months ago that same cretin had tried to tell my son that he had to vote against the FN because they were nasty racists when my son said he was not voting because there was no one he could vote for.

        Before people start saying FN, their economic policies are extreme left and complete nonsense.

        I can say that quite a few French people are aware of this threat, not all of them are brain dead socialists, some are taking personal measures to be ready and many see it for what it is, but their voices get drowned out by the hash tag cretins.

        From what I can see this was a very deliberate attack on young French in Paris, carefully aimed at areas only frequented by young French people.

      • You are right: religion is dead in Europe. That is exactly why Europe is dying. It is already like a painted corpse – un cadavre bien maquille, as the French say with their inimitable Gallic humour.

        Europe has followed the example of the Soviet Union – it renounced Christianity, which is the foundation of the whole Western civilisation. And a building without a foundation is flimsy and will fall down at the slightest provocation. It is really amazing that Europeans have drawn no lessons from the example of the USSR.

        As for Charlie Hebdo, it is, in fact, one of the most poisonous and dangerous agents of Europe’s degradation. By attacking Christian faith with cretinous and nauseating cartoons, it helps destroy France and Europe as a whole. I wonder if this filthy rag will be cynical enough to make another revoling cartoon making fun of Friday attacks victims?

        I am sure that people like those Charlie cartoonists are more harmful to their country and to their civilisation than any ISIS murderers. If France wants to survive, the first thing it should do is to shut down Charlie Hebdo and reduce its staff to the status of social pariahs.

        • Let me get this right, Anton. Christianity is the true faith, yet its God is so weak his followers can’t withstand satire? Seems to me I’ve head the same said of Allah…

          • No, God is far above all that goes on in this wicked world. He laughs at those that hate Him for He knows their day of judgment coming. Read Psalm 2 in the Bible.

          • God is not weak. No amount of human blasphemy can harm him in any way. The problem is not with God, but with human beings. Cynicism kills human souls. If people lose respect for God, they lose the feeling of what is right and what is wrong, their value system gradually becomes lop-sided. And if their children and grandchildren do not return to God, their value systems become even more perverted and they degrade even further.

            Europe is a very good case study of this process. Its degradation began during Renaissance when it began to shift its focus from the spiritual dimension of life to the material one. This inevitably to Reformation, which introduced a simplified and materialistic version of Christianity.

            Later came the Enlightment with an even more crude approach to life, which demoted man to a talking animal with no need for spiritual life.

            This spiritual blindness reached new depths in the doctrines of Marx and Freud, while Romanticism started resurrecting dark diabolical superstitions thus being conducive to the development of various neo-pagan and occult doctrines whose political embodiment was Nazism.

            We see that this slow process began with weakening of Christian faith, it was followed in the late 19th and 20th centuries by the crisis of the traditional family, as well as of culture and arts. Now, Europe has finally reached the stage of political and economic weakness. It has lost its spiritual health, its fighting spirit. Look at young European men and women – they are so absorbed with themselves that they look almost autistic. They are easily manipulated by political elites. They have weak, senile souls. They are often psychologically incabpable of starting a family, of raising children. They are too weak for real hard work. They are not interested in fundamental knowledge. And the idea of self-sacrifice is alien to them.

            Can such people defend themselves from a strong, savage and fanatical enemy who despises weakness more than anything else?

          • Anton, scepticism is not the same as cynicism. The Enlightenment had many beneficial consequences, not least the freedom of speech we’re both enjoying here.

            Regarding Christianity, part of me would like to believe, but the idea that a perfect God would create imperfect humans, then blame them for their transgressions is ludicrous. Since many other sane, reasonable and decent people (if I may include myself in such company) also find themselves unable to believe, people of your faith would be better employed trying to pass on the best values of Judeo-Christian culture, rather than lamenting the decline in Christian belief itself.

          • people of your faith would be better employed trying to pass on the best values of Judeo-Christian culture, rather than lamenting the decline in Christian belief itself.

            Why is that “employment” a better choice for Anton? If Christian faith is declining then for some believers lamentation is certainly in order. Check The Beatitudes – the 8 of Matthew rather than the 4 in Luke.

            [BTW, the whole of Matthew 5 is considered by some scholars to be a Christian constitution. I prefer to see it as being embedded in what the author of Matthew considered to be his own Jewish tradition since that was his point in compiling this version].

          • people of your faith would be better employed trying to pass on the best values of Judeo-Christian culture, rather than lamenting the decline in Christian belief itself.

            Why is that “employment” a better choice for Anton? If Christian faith is declining then for some believers lamentation is certainly in order. Check The Beatitudes – the 8 of Matthew rather than the 4 in Luke.

            [BTW, the whole of Matthew 5 is considered by some scholars to be a Christian constitution. I prefer to see it as being embedded in and an elaboration of what the author of Matthew considered to be his own Jewish tradition. Especially since that was his point in compiling this version].

          • The Enlightenment had many beneficial consequences

            Those “consequences” would’ve happened anyway. The bloody French Revolution, akin to what happened under other tyrannies, did a great deal of harm the karmic reverberations of which are still playing out in France.

        • Anton

          “I am sure that people like those Charlie cartoonists are more harmful to their country and to their civilisation than any ISIS murderers”

          You cannot be serious.

          “If France wants to survive, the first thing it should do is to shut down Charlie Hebdo and reduce its staff to the status of social pariahs.”

          Charlie Hebdo is not to my taste. It is a coarse, juvenile, unfunny publication. But shutting it down is not the first thing France should do to survive. Or even the 1000th. Let the tasteless little rag be. It won’t last much longer anyway.

          What France should shut down is every mosque: where the imam preaches in Arabic; the construction of which was funded by a Gulf State’s petrodollars; and receives any funding from any Islamic country. And all the rest and their congregants should be closely monitored by the French security services.

          • and their congregants should be closely monitored by the French security services

            That’s the hard part. Monitoring means constant surveillance, both physical and electronic. That’s a VERY expensive and labor-intensive proposition, even with the help of AI.

            Furthermore, it’s impossible under the current regime of political correctness to just monitor one ethnic or religious group. I assume that’s true even in France. That means expensive surveillance will have to be used against thousands of ordinary ethnic French people, in order to be “fair”.

            In other words, none of this is going to happen. I don’t see any choice but to lurch from one bloody crisis to the next even bloodier crisis until the system collapses. The system has no give in it, but it cannot hold; therefore collapse is the only way change can begin.

        • FGS, defending ourselves against barbaric muslim savages has nothing to do with religion.
          Being ‘god fearing’ is not going to make anyone a greater warrior, and Europe is NOT going under because people have given up the nonsense of religion, but because people have become gutless and can no longer differentiate between right and wrong.
          The French should be attacking every mosque in France right now, in cold, vengeful fury; instead, they are cowed and beaten. Merde!

      • Superbly put, Dymphna !

        Brain-dead insanity is becoming more firmly entrenched, I fear.

        The future for rational human beings and their children looks bleak indeed.

      • When I read Charlie Hebdo artist Joann Sfar’s statement, “ ‘Pray for Paris’ seems a cruel slogan to direct at a country whose very existence is a mass secular revolt against religious authority,” I was taken aback by her pointed politicization of something most people are expressing with polite perfunctoriness. “Cruel”? Perhaps insincere or insensitive, but “cruel”?

        Cruelty is what The Reign of Terror of the 18th century French Revolution unleashed, her “mass secular revolt,” and that’s an understatement. Her celebrated revolt with its terror tactics and mass murder, secret police apparatus and genocidal campaign against the Vendée are the template for the modern secular terror states, such as Bolshevik Russia and its Red Terror. It’s was the end of the Enlightenment (such as it was) and gave rise to Hegelianism, Marxism and other statist ideologies that would provide the philosophical rationale for much of the secularists’ horror perpetrated in the 20th century: Stalin’s Holodomor, Mao’s Great Leap Forward and Pol Pot’s Year Zero, to name just a few.

        So, no thank you, madame Sfar, the French Revolution is nothing to celebrate, rather it is one the great tragedies of Western history: it is when the West lost its soul.

        • “… a country whose very existence is a mass secular revolt against religious authority,”

          It’s a country that gets a lot of tourist money from people who want to see, first of all, its magnificent cathedrals and churches — the ones that were spared revolutionary destruction because the common people treasured them. It’s a country where the capital city’s major airport offers a Catholic mass on a weekday mornings.

        • Craig, I totally agree with you. It is a consolation to know that there are people who think like you in the modern West.

          There is an interesting book on the subject by Fr Seraphim Rose entitled Nihilism: the Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age.

          Yes, the problem of Europe is not too much Islam. It is too little Christianity. Having lost its Christian faith, Europe lost its immunity to alien faiths and its staying power necessary to repel alien invasions.

      • #JeSuis Tired Of Raving. Yeah raving by Hala Gorani and the Big Mouth C Amanpour, and other so-called reporters of the Free Press on the west, who blame anyone except the Right Dishonorable Traitor Class: they blame going to Syria and being trained, they blame radicalization, they blame Assad, they blame false passports. But they never blame that horrible ally Turkey for building a firm, which produces those false passports.

        And the poor, helpless indigenous people who will save us from our own elected tyrants, and despots? Assad Qaddaffi?

        Nothing will change because they don’t blame the real cause: importing muslim invaders. “Democracies can start something bad, but have no will to ever stop something bad especially if it concerns their beloved muslims. Do we need all these legions of muslims on welfare to suck the very life out of, not only France but every so horribly called democracy?

        Muslims are not radicalized: they do exactly what their Pirate and his book tell them. Salafis, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood and all imported invaders, Lefties/ socialists, and the Traitor Class have all the same Goal: to facilitate the submission of the west, the utmost aim of defeating the House of War.

        Traitors are radicalized in their excess illicit love affair with muslim countries and individuals, in oppressing their own people: imprisoning and fining them. They humbly GIVE French kisses to Muslims Males even when the muslim hold a dagger behind Traitors’ Backs.

        The west is so radicalized in stupidity, inaction and confusion that the Traitors see it as an honor to have muslim/s in their cabinet: as if saying to the world: look what superior values we have, when every one blames us for lack of values. That ‘s radicalization.

        Radicalization in the west also exists in the Radical Rhetoric that is used to brain wash the helpless voters. Hollande came showed his ugly face and just described the incident, how many were, and expressing a pale, crappy sympathizing radicalized empty attitude towards his victims.

        Victims of London Bombing, Madrid Bombings, and others…. are all the victims of the Traitor crappy Class. And the poor western population, radicalized into helplessness, don’t know.

        • I agree with The Baron in that the whole system will have to collapse before anything can be done. Not until the entire western world have been thrown into a state of chaos, with a nice dose of bloodshed and general suffering, will the creative impulses of the people be awakened. Only then can the traitor class be seen by all for what they are. Many of them, I suspect, are already seeing the writing on the wall. A heard a rumour that Angela Merkel had bought herself a house in Paraguay, so she has apparently planned for a quick exit.

    • Ingrid, I agree 100% . Those who show any objection to the Islamization, the ‘bogus refugee crisis’ or dare to state anything opposing the ‘official’ narrative, will be marginalized, harassed, and become a de facto ‘enemy of the state’.

      • The video on Vlad’s site of the large crowd of Frenchmen menacing the v. small group of Frenchmen holding a banner calling for the expulsion of “Islamists” perfectly illustrates your point exactly.

        The large crowd effectively acts like the body’s immune system to expel a foreign element. The larger group was there to show support for the victims but they ensure that there will be more victims. The people who have the solution to prevent more victims, well, the larger crowd is furious with them.

  4. Poor France, once more betrayed and occupied by adherents of political religion. The Goddess of Reason had proved to be highly corrosive. In 1940 France crumbled before the National Socialist Jackboot; it had lost the will to resist and to survive, it could not face another Verdun.

    That same France was unable to throw off its socialist mind yoke, and the disease lingered and festered. So the country has heavy baggage across its shoulders which it must carry as it trudges its beautiful poplar lined roads, while the muslim stukas wheel and roar overhead, bombing and strafing at will; shouting at the devil does not bring peace.

    When will we ever learn?

  5. OK, someone asked for it and here it is:

    Imagine there’s no Islam
    It’s easy if you try
    No jihad to scare us
    Everyone an ally
    Imagine all the people living without fear

    Imagine there’s no Jihad
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no Sharia too
    Imagine all the people living life in peace

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope some day you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one

    Imagine a free market
    I wonder if you can
    No need for left or right wing
    A brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people sharing liberty

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope some day you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one

  6. Of course the most disgusting spectacle is yet to come.
    Next week all the EU government leaders will assemble, arms linked, for a protest march thru the streets of Paris. Just to show their solidarity with those [low IQ] serfs they claim to rule.
    It won’t take long though, after five minutes they quickly shove their [swollen fundaments] into their pre-heated limo’s cause dinner is awaiting.
    It wouldn’t do to let all that good food go to waste now would it.
    So if you happened to watch this spectacle you are well advised to keep a pail handy for puking.

    • And since the problem can’t be addressed at its source, it will be tackled in time-honored ways: more surveillance, more checkpoints, further loss of personal liberty, etc. For everyone, because one must not discriminate, must one?

  7. Surely anyone calling for no borders should be treated as an anarchist and be put on trial and convicted of treason as they are effectively calling for the downfall of their own country. When Mr Hollande states that there is now a state of war between France and terrorism I hope he means it. Gloves off, arrests, deportations and for pity’s sake makes the left wings pathetic hand wringing about there could be more islamaphobia a thing of the past. ALL thoughts and sympathy should be focused on the victims of the Paris attrocity and also their families, friends and other dear ones.

  8. “France is riddled with foreigners who don’t etc?” In my travels around Europe it looks every single west Euro country is. The home fronts are looking and feeling and being foreign parts. Foreign a la [Muslims] that is.

    • Every foreign war to “combat terror” has brought muslims flooding into western countries. Somalis, Afghans, Iraqis, and now “Syrians”.

      About 10 years ago, I was back in my home town. The town centre was inundated by foreigners from a score of different countries. Almost all were muslims.

      The foreign wars are there to distract the population from the influx of muslims to their homeland.

  9. What I don’t understand in the article is the reference to 6am train and the date of 14th Nov. The fact that the CRS were on alert, of course,they were, there is a state of emergency and no protests are allowed in Ile de France, so that is why the CRS said to go home.

    There is no conspiracy to this story as far as I see. Maybe some clarification is needed?

    Here in the provinces, there is a distinct feeling that something needs to change, what & how remains unknown.

    • The dentist was referring to what happened to him the DAY BEFORE. Madeleine’s sister met him on the train out of Paris.

      • thanks for the info. Even Marc Trevedic, the anti terrorist judge remarked back in September in a Paris Match article, that something big was in the making in Paris. He has made some very pertinent comments about the “political executive” being totally out of sync with law enforcement & judges on the ground.

        • There is no real reporting on the man arrested on the 5th November with a car full of weapons in Germany which was set for Paris with the satnav. One would think that this would be embarrassing for the government.

          Anyone who knows just how long it takes will understand that the French were on high alert ready for an attack, I think there is profound shock that even though they were on alert for an attack that the sheer number of soft targets enabled a very heavy death toll.

          I think they realise that policing it is not going to work, the question is how far will they go with this is a war comment, their balance is not to upset the cultural Muslims, but I think that we have to say enough is enough and define the issue. It is Islam and some moderates are moderate in spite of Islam being extreme. It then becomes a matter of choice, but it will be bloody, I do not see the French government and the Sarkozy group having the guts to go for it.

          In any case 2016 is just around the corner, it matters not in one sense, the Islamics will ram it down their throats…

          • go to RT and there is more information on the circumstances.

            Scary thought, Hollande is said to want the state of emergency extended for 3 months.

    • Cher Le Dahu,

      Le dentiste était dans le TGV le samedi matin à 6h. Il était à Paris le vendredi pour les manifestations des médecins et personnels de santé libéraux.
      What this points to is that they kinda knew that something was gonna happen but didn’t have enough information to pinpoint the exact locations of the attacks and then come up with a counter-strategy.
      PS: with such an alias, are you Breton, by any chance?

  10. For your information, Serbian Blic has published a passport photo of one the suspected attackers:
    Ahmed Almuhamed

    He first registered in Greece, then in Serbia but subsequently went to Croatia, Austria

    He is one of Two migrants that have come through the Balkans to be implicated in the Paris terror attacks.

  11. I like your hashtag! I am tired of idiots? Not sure of exact translation of cretins but we have the English version spelled the same. . .

    I don’t agree that God sleeps. He watches. Unknown whether he ever does anything, though. And thank you for reminding me of Brigitte Bardot — I had forgotten.

  12. She forgot to mention that the get away with rape, as well.

    Perhaps under the pressure of these events, there will develop a critique of Marxist PC policies which are destroying our societies and that critique will gain traction. We need a new John Locke.

    • There are things I don’t like to think about and write about, which I why I didn’t mention the violation of European women and girls.
      It just makes me sick to my stomach.

  13. Did you note the reason the doctor was going to protest: plans by the government which would dictate what physicians would be allowed to prescribe, and would allow the government to have access to all the health files of French citizens.
    More government intrusion, more government control.
    Sounds like a version of obamacare. Coincidence? Or conspiracy?

    • The doctors are protesting about the system of payment being changed, currently when I go to the doctor I pay €18 then get paid back, the new system would involved the person not paying and the social security system and mutual paying the doctor, the issue is that the doctor will have to vette the person and chase them if they have no cover creating a huge amount of admin when they don’t actually get paid enough as it is.

    • It’s a socialist government, what do you expect?
      They are collectivists and they believe they know better.

      I’d like to add something though, compared to the total lack of healthcare in Great Britain (I have tons of examples), there are still some good remnants of the excellent Healthcare system we used to have in France.
      Even though the listed front of the CHU (university hospital) is actually crumbling down, the doors are broken and when people smoke outside, the smoke wafts in inside the ward!!! (where some patients have severe pulmonary problems). One visitor today turned round as I stumbled when trying to push a half broken door, and said talking about the whole entrance: “c’est glauque” meaning : “it’s creepy, gloomy, run down and a bit chilling and makes one feels uncomfortable”.

      • A word that packs in so much meaning is certainly worth adding to my modest French vocabulary.

        • it’s one of those words used colloquially that you will translate differently depending on context.
          its first meaning is: pertaining to the colour of the sea, whitish green, bluish.
          I don’t use it much colloquially. but it does conjure up a feeling of uneasiness because something is seedy, or something is not quite right but you can’t put your finger on it…

      • Here in Norway, there is another type of problem in the socialist healthcare system: the constant filling out of forms and reports. Doctors don’t have time to attend to patients because of all the administrative work they have to do. Patients are aptly called “units” while cured patients are referred to as “products”. The goal of Norwegian hospitals are consequently to make as many “product” as possible in the shortest possible time, sometimes by throwing people out of the hospital before they have been properly treated. The elderly are not treated very well either, because they cost way too much and are not productive anyway. In socialist healthcare systems, people are treated like cattle. No one must recieve better treatment than anyone else, because that would violate the holy socialistic principle of equality. “Equality or death!” That was the battlecry of the french revolution, wasn’t it?

  14. This is in today’s NY Post.

    Hope it all fits. URL:

    The jihadis’ master plan to break us
    By Amir Taheri November 15, 2015 | 5:40am

    PARIS — Still under shock from Friday night’s terror attacks, Paris may need a few more days to regain its signature mood of defiant dignity. Almost everyone had expected an attack but most still hoped it would never come. Now they are all asking why it did.

    It happened because the Islamic State, the latest version of the Islamo-apocalypytic movement, has decided that Western democracies, representing the “Infidel” world, are no longer prepared to fight even to preserve their comfortable lives. The Paris attacks came on the first day of the Muslim lunar month of Safar, which coincides with the anniversary of Prophet Mohammed’s first successful “ghazva” (raid) against the “infidel” at Safwan in 623 AD.

    Islamic State is already referring to the Paris attacks as another “ghazva,” promising many more. The aim is to terrorize all mankind into submitting to the diktats of The Only True Faith.

    This is how Sheikh Abu-Bakr Naji, the late theoretician of the Sunni version of the Islamo-apocalyptic movement, put it: “No one should feel safe without submitting, and those who refuse to submit must pay a high price. The aim of our movement is to turn the world into a series of wildernesses in which only those under our rule enjoy security.”

    The sheikh’s neo-jihadi theory was explained a decade ago in his magnum opus “Governance in the Wilderness” (Edarat al Tawwahush). The book rejected al Qaeda’s theory of war based on the assumption that “the infidel” would succumb to Islamic rule with a few spectacular attacks such as 9/11 against New York and Washington. The sheikh further examines what he calls “the five schools of jihad” to reveal their inadequacies.

    According to the sheikh, in a world dominated by “Crusaders,” it is not possible to create a proper Islamic state in a single country. He cites as example the Taliban government in Afghanistan. Although a proper Islamic regime, it did not survive “infidel” attacks and opposition by Afghan elements. The Islamic movement must become global, fighting everywhere, all the time, and on all fronts. He wants neo-jihadis to create an archipelago of “wildernesses” in non-Muslim countries, especially in the West, turning them into parallel societies alongside existing ones. They do not set up formal governments that could be vulnerable to economic pressure or even military attack.

    To our neo-jihadi sheikh these parallel societies could resemble “liberated zones” set up by Marxist guerrillas in parts of Latin America in the last century. But they could also exist within cities, under the noses of the authorities, operating as secret societies with their own rules, values and enforcement mechanism.

    The “wilderness” will provide cover for operational bases. Jihad would be everywhere rather than in just one or two countries that the “infidel” could hit with superior firepower.

    The sheikh recommends “countless small operations” that render daily life unbearable rather than a few spectacular attacks such as 9/11. The idea is that the “infidel,” leaving his home every morning, should not be sure whether he would be alive in the evening.

    Islamic State is already referring to the Paris attacks as another ‘ghazva,’ promising many more
    The sheikh believed that if subjected to constant intimidation and fear of death, most non-Muslims, especially in the West, would submit to Islam in exchange for a minimum of tranquility. The only Western power still capable of resisting was the United States. But that, too, would change with a new president.. (That was before Obama was elected). In any case, the sheikh quoting historian Paul Kennedy, has no doubt that “America is destined to fall.”

    The sheikh’s theory is built on the concept of terror as the main organizing principle of the mini-states he hopes to set up in preparation for the coming caliphate.

    Islamic State’s message is stark: Western civilization is doomed. Its last bastion, America, lacks the will for war. The infidel loves life and treats it as an endless feast. Jihadis have to ruin that feast and persuade the “infidel” to abandon this world in exchange for greater rewards in the next.

    The Paris “ghazva” used a tactic that some call “symphonic” because it offered several forms of terrorism in different themes, mixing regular military-style assaults with classical terrorism and kamikaze operations. Thus we had suicide-attacks aimed at a sports stadium packed with 80,000 people, random shooting from at least two cars on people in restaurants and terrace cafes, a raid on a concert hall and the holding of hostages, and a gun battle with the security forces.

    Terrorism is a beast with an extraordinary ability to mutate. As soon as its victims have learned to cope with its methods, it develops new ones. Groups of anarchists throwing bombs follow the lone assassin who targets a king or a political leader. The hijacking of passenger jets is replaced by the transformation of aircraft into missiles against fixed buildings. All the time, the intention is to terrorize the largest number of people, eroding the ordinary man’s confidence in the ability of the authorities to protect him, and, in the long run, persuading a majority of the people, who just want to live their lives, to trade their freedom for the security that the terrorist promises in his utopia.

    Paris was attacked not because of what the French do, as some Blame-The-West intellectuals claim, but because of what the French are: infidels who refuse to see the light of Islam. The hope is that just as the Prophet forced the Arab tribes to accept Islam in exchange for protection, the “infidel” nations will also decide that it is in their best interest to submit.

    Today, however, I see no sign the French tend toward submission. As always, the terrorists may end up like the man who, having won a great many tokens at the roulette table, is surprised when the casino tells him his winnings cannot be cashed.

    • A side note: ghazva was borrowed into the Italian as razzia, “raid”. However, contrary to erroneous folk etymology, “raid” is not related to either word.

    • What stands out here:

      ISIS as “the latest version of the Islamo-apocalypytic movement” (I read in ‘blocks’ of lines so that term first caught my eye as “Islamo-pathological movement”)
      “Terrorism is a beast with an extraordinary ability to mutate.”
      “The Paris “ghazva” used a tactic that some call “symphonic” because it offered several forms of terrorism in different themes…”

      Note the differences between this symphony and the last one – i.e., Mumbai. In India Catholics (Xavier College) and Jews (Mumbai Chabad House) were targeted, though I have no information on the former.

    • Thank you much for your exposition and synopsis of Islamic terror theory, Bill C.

      This seems to be an operational definition of guerrilla warfare on steroids. There are doctrines for fighting guerrilla movements, but they inevitably involve large ratios of government fighters to guerrillas.

      The big difference between neo-Jihad and jihad, as you pointed out, is that jihad, as expounded by theorists such as Sayub Qutb and S.J. Malik, is that jihad envisions a movement towards traditional war, while neo-jihad describes an eternity of pinpricks, until the infidel submits through pure exhaustion.

      I wonder if this isn’t the type of situation that got Spain to finally expel all the Muslims, every last one of them, in 1609. The Muslims presented an internal security threat that simply wouldn’t go away.

      Let me put forward a proposition: it is very much in the interest of Muslims who are already established citizens in Western countries to oppose the admission of more Muslims. The reason is that once masses of Muslims, many or most of whom tacitly or explicitly support jihad violence, are present, the only real solution would be to expel every single Muslim. It would be that or the suicide of the West.

      • “The big difference between neo-Jihad and jihad, as you pointed out, is that jihad, as expounded by theorists such as Sayub Qutb and S.J. Malik, is that jihad envisions a movement towards traditional war, while neo-jihad describes an eternity of pinpricks, until the infidel submits through pure exhaustion. ”

        The “neo-jihad” is doing this only because Muslims currently can’t mount a conventional military invasion — not because they don’t want to or wouldn’t in a Constaninople Minute if they could.

        This terminology of “neo-jihad” and “Islamo-apocalyptic jihad” by the Good Cop “Reformist” Muslim pundit Amir Taheri smacks of distancing these attacks from garden-variety ordinary mainstream Islam.

        Better to dust off Ecclesiastes along with Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and remind ourselves that, especially with Muslims, “there’s nothing neo- under the sun”.

  15. A paradigm is fueled by its ability to answer the questions asked of it. And the more removed from reality an explanation of what is is, the less convincing it becomes. It’s obvious.

    The argument that Western political social and intellectual establishments have allied themselves to is running out of steam. It can’t answer the questions being asked of it – that’s why it won’t answer them. If it could, it would. Doing so would strengthen its position.

    And its answer to any question that threatens the prevailing paradigm is increasingly to silence it – ignoring it no longer works for them.

    But silencing it isn’t going to work either. The establishment governs according to its explanation of ‘reality’ and which it expects the rest of us to live our lives by. It’s what society bases its existence on. And if the establishment’s reality doesn’t match the reality the rest of us experience, how long can it last? It’s got to be doomed.

    And some of them must know it. It’s a wonder they manage to keep a straight face when talking their talk. Still I suppose that’s a job requirement. They’ve got to have the ability and willingness to put the case for the establishment’s take on things – that’s how they climb the greasy pole towards establishment’ acceptance. That’s all that’s keeping this increasingly unstable edifice upright.

    The establishment’s explanation of things just isn’t how things are. Theory becomes practice: Their adeherence to a kind of ‘liberal Marxism’ hasn’t produced the utopia they promised – they’ve created a nightmare – which they are nevertheless committed to praising. Couldn’t happen to nicer folk.

    The ‘refugee’ crisis and the latest Paris massacre pose questions that the establishment can’t answer without stepping outside its prevailing paradigm – which as we all know, it is tied to. That’s got to prove fatal. They’ve lost the argument.

  16. I wonder if it’s not the case of a false flag operation here, since the victims again as in the case of the attack against Charlie Hebdo were mostly young, hip left wingers .
    The aftermath will allow Holland and his ilk to call for unity of the country around them, exactly one month before regional elections where MLP is credited with a high score : isn’t it strange ?

    • Figures. Normal practice by the elites fearful of having their sweaty hands wrenched from the levers of power and wealth.

      I would suspect that we all, at a subliminal level at least, understand that there can only be one course of action that may, and I emphasise ‘may’, save us from the depredations of the New World Order and the depredations of its Muslim foot soldiers.

      Easy it is not going to be, but it is the only course left open to us if we can find the moral and physical courage to take it.

  17. Why is it that Islamifascists never, ever target the political class with these attacks? It’s always just regular folks out for the day, or going to work.

    With all their planning amd sophistication, they can’t pull off a coordinated attack on the EU parliament, for example, and for once make the people actually responsible, pay for their actions?

    I am beginning to seriously question why the terrorists never do the obvious – whack out the top ranks, the way Western governments do to them. Could there be some kind of “understanding” between them? It raises a lit of questions, no? I mean a well-planned attack nails a hundred or so politicians, and the EU will bug out of the ME right quickly. What am I missing here?

    Instead, it’s the working stiffs that are always getting butchered. If ISIS wants to be effective, they need to make EU politicians scared, not powerless, voiceless minions, surely. I just don’t get their tactics…

    • Until now the possibility of coordinated attack on the political class was out of Islam’s reach – mostly a lack of experienced operatives and planners. ISIS changed all that.

      Now with the massive flood of military age Muslims into the U.S. and Europe, they’ll have the manpower to pull more Paris style assaults instead of being relegated to one man hit and run attacks by violent morons.

      Which is really scary, because it allows them to go after larger targets.

  18. “Why is it that Islamifascists never, ever target the political class with these attacks?”

    Because they are surrounded by men with guns.

    • Yes indeed. And that’s why a similar attack in the United States would have a much lower casualty rate — assuming it occurred outside a “gun-free zone”.

    • “Why is it that Islamifascists never, ever target the political class with these attacks?”

      The political class is already fully surrendering to hijrah, the advancement of Islam through migration. Why would terrorists target the political class which is cooperating fully with them already?

      One point of the attacks is to make the common person lose faith in the ability of the government to protect them. They have an interest in maintaining the traitorous, incompetent leaders already there. There is no reason whatsoever to replace them. In fact, targeting the political classes effectively could quite possibly bring a different government, say a military dictatorship, which might actually take effective steps against Muslim subversion.

    • Those at the very top are, but between them and the plebs at the bottom there’s a lot of political/social/intellectual beings on whose support the establishment relies.

  19. François Hollande declares state of emergency in France, for a period of three months. Hollande is about to make the French people have to face more rounds of attacks. The biggest problem of Europe is called Socialism, Socialism in the form of political correctness that can only be established with the Cultural Marxism, which bears fruit so fast in the soil of Secularism. If not for that, Europe would not be in this situation. Hollande said he would be only three months at the most; I doubt very much! It will not just three months. France suffered five attacks this year, almost uninterrupted, and Hollande only spoke what came into his head, so as not to criminalize Islam and Muslims. While the French remain silent, and asking for things at your scoundrel leader, they will never be rid of Islam, and more deaths will occur.

  20. In all the interviews of attack victims and others, has anyone seen any anger?

    The victims are shell-schocked and crying and fearful. That’s understandable. But I haven’t seen one smidgen of anger against the Jihadis from them, from their families or from the authorities.

    Have I missed it?

      • I’m in the U.S. and I see that the French all act like Democrats–that’s Obama’s party for you Europeans. Or like a beaten wife who has been beaten into submission. They are already starting to appease. Junker has announced that the importation of “refugees” will continue.

        It’s true that the French are flying a few sorties against ISIS. Let’s see how long that will last. Even if the “caliphate” disappeared tomorrow there are so many jihadis and potential jihadis in France that it might not make much of a difference.

        This kind of large attack may be the only chance Europe has of enough people waking up to the danger and to the only solutions.

        But I’m not betting on it. I’d like to be wrong about this.

        In the U.S., according to the Drudge Report, Obama is planning to accelerate the importation of “Syrian refugees.” There is resistance here, but with a largely spineless Republican party, I don’t know how far the resistance will go.

    • It’s all that’s on the news, but nary a mention of Muslims or Islam.

      ‘A 26 year old from Brussels’ etc … the usual mealy mouthed intellectual and moral COWARDICE!

  21. The reasons why the West is crumbling down before our very eyes are manyfold but interwoven:
    We’re being invaded for reasons that are not so difficult to fathom: we’re weak, feeble, have lost faith in ourselves and have allowed socialist brainwashing to start eating away at our defences.
    Some of the rot came from the USA with the apparent idyllic melting-pot (it was quoted in our geography books, I remember it well) and the appeal of modernity and New Things. If you weren’t modern, you were a sorry relic from the past, to be left on the shore when everyone else would have left for a shiny happy New World of technology and United Races and Colours.
    So an old enemy forever waiting at the gates seized an opportunity to come and strike at the heart of a civilisation it loathes, for the old enemy vaguely understands that they are inferior to us.
    The first time they started crossing the Mediterranean with their sob stories, I wondered why the navies hadn’t at the very least returned them to their lands or frightened them away with warning shots. Because if there had been a will to defend our lands, they would never have come.
    They are all of them, Arabs and Sub-Saharans Africans, here, because the Body of Europe is sick, weakened by two dreadful wars (WWI & WWII) and the viruses of Materialism, idiotic Pursuit of the shiny baubles of Technology, stupid belief in the God of Progress, Marxism and Collectivism.
    The Body of Europe is near moribund and the only question we must ask ourselves is: Can we, or the next generation, make it rise again from her ashes, rise like the Pheonix, purged of the lethal ideologies that have blighted her.
    I myself believe that we can, and that we must.

    • I’m gonna blame that bl**dy French keyboard for the typos on my posts…
      I meant to write Phoenix…

    • “Can we, or the next generation, make it rise again from her ashes ….”

      The odds seem worse than after the World Wars, since the “we” in question hasn’t just been reduced in numbers and in vigor, but changed into a very different “we,” with different priorities.

      • well, the Resistance wasn’t the majority in France either,
        if people were brainwashed, the process can be reversed in the next generation.
        I’ve stopped caring about white liberals and leftwing sympathisers, as far as I am concerned they can all be slaughtered in the name of “Diversité, Egalité, Fraternité”, I won’t shed a tear.
        I’ll even say “Bon Débarras” (Good riddance)

        We have no option but win, at whatever cost, even though sometimes I do think we have to start secreting away all Western knowledge until such times when we can rise again.

        • Good riddance indeed. No reason to shed any tears for those traitors. After the war, we convicted and executed the traitor Quisling here in Norway for having participated in handing our country over to a foreign power. Now our politicians are doing the same thing. Surely handing over the entire Western Europe to barbarians from the Middle-East is as much treason as Quisling was accused of?

          Yes, it is a good idea to start saving as much as possible of our knowledge. The physical destruction of Europe will probably reach catastrophic proportions and there isn’t much we can do about it, I’m afraid. But we must save whatever we can of our intellectual heritage.

          Europeans may rise again, but not until a total collapse has purified europeans from the socialistic infestation. People will not wake up until it’s too late. But after much bloodshed and suffering, the creative power of the european people may be activated, and leaders will appear on the scene.

          Leadership is perhaps the thing we need more than anything right now. Or am I hoping for something impossible?

          Have the socialist illness destroyed too much?

          Are we at all deserving to survive when we so willingly sacrifices everything our ancestors left us?

          I don’t now. It’s all so bewildering and unreal. It’s like living in a lunatic asylum where the lunatics have locked in the guardians and are running the asylum themselves.

          [edited for paragraphs. Please do this for those readers who have great trouble with large pieces of text and no separators]

          • At least Quisling betrayed the country to Germans, a similar people, racially.

            Norway’s previous leftist lunatics have done a far worse thing, as you must know.

            ‘Jern Erna’ and Siv could and should be doing more, IMHO. mvh, Peter

      • The problem now as different from after the WW’s is that the enemy is within and entrenched, in addition to all else that ails the west..

  22. We have a terrible problem with brainwashed masses. Look at this idiot, playing bloody “Imagine” by that horrid little socialist John Lennon.

    If they had changed the lyrics, it would have been most fitting:

    Imagine there’s no Islam
    it’s easy if you try
    Less of a hell on earth
    above us planes can fly

    Imagine all the people
    living without Jihad….

  23. It is amazing that, even this horrible attack, Western politicians still refuse to understand that they need to support Assad and help him suppress all his rivals. In their blindness, they refuse to see that Assad did his best to keep his country secular and livable for Christians and other minorities.

    If a supposedly democratic faction topples Assad (I am sure there is no genuinely democratic political group in Syria), this will not result in any kind of Western-style democracy but in a new round of bloodshed and persecution. A Muslim society can exist only in one of three forms: repressive theocracy, secular authoritarian regime or bloody anarchy. The West has largely contributed to throwing Syria – a country with relatively high living standards and equally high degree of religious tolerance – into the abyss of murderous anarchy. Which, in its turn, forced millions of people to become refugees.

    • Of the refugees now flooding Europe, only a small percentage were forced to leave Syria (or anyplace else) by violence. The rest seized the opportunity when it came along — that is, when Turkey decided to stop interdicting the smugglers’ boats.

      Make no mistake about it: What is occurring right now in Europe is the Hijra.

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