9 thoughts on ““Europe Has Been Betrayed”

  1. Yes, but how is he going to institute that democratic referendum? Merkel won’t allow it.

    As Islamists have repeatedly, ad nauseam, declared they wish to destroy us, all Muslims ought to be considered POWs, thus turning Europe into a gigantic POW camp. Any infringement – like rape or theft – ought to be considered a war crime and come under a military tribunal and dealt with accordingly. Or perhaps the culprits could be given a choice – exile or death – which ever comes first after the count of three!

    Quisling politicians should be tried in Nuremberg-type trials.

    • I can understand your anger, but Orban has called out those who have brought this trouble to Europe, and that is a start in the right direction.

      • Agreed. This is an important step on the way – instead of bemoaning the fact that it’s not as big a step as we’d perhaps like, surely it’s better to celebrate yet more evidence that this great force Europe is slowly but surely setting itself in motion. The inertia was difficult to overcome but doesn’t that mean that the movement will be hard to stop?

    • The Caliph of Islamic State has declared war on the West.
      Britain is taking part in bombing Islamic State. Those are acts of war.
      The Caliph has commanded muslims to conduct attacks in the West on civilians as well as armed forces and police.
      Islam is permanently at war with non-muslims, who are “Dar al Harb”, the Realm of War. “Britain has always been Dar al Harb”, says Anjem Choudary.

      Cameron has not recognised this war. He has failed.


      • Michael-

        You’ve really nailed it in this post.

        We are engaged in a decisive phase of holy war, but only one side fully recognizes this and is actively fighting for their interests.

        Unfortunately, that side is the Ummah.

        Russia and Eastern Europe seem to be fairly awakened, but the Western powers are currently acting like a bunch of disgraceful, self-loathing sheep eager to be led to slaughter.

  2. A true Statesman in the midst of the discredited political elite of the European Union! He is absolutely correct that citizens voices must be heard in the length and breadth of the continent. Passivity is not the answer, yes you will be accused of being “racist” if you are against this mass influx of people from the 3rd world but persist! Government officials at both local and national levels are there to represent you so be heard. If your arguments fall on deaf ears deselect them. Their first duty is to PROTECT their own citizens and it is apparent they have no wish to do so. I would urge people to Google Coudenhove-Kalergi and you will see why that there is an air of inevitablity about this situation which can and should be halted in its tracks.

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